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7:16 PM
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Hey, endless typing does get in my list of tortures; YMMV
With someone besides your shoulder whipping you if your speed ever gets slower than five letters per sec
And what you're typing is Trump tweets
In Arabic.
Which would be brilliant since it would also torture Trump!
Hmm, what's "covfefe" in Arabic, hmm
7:34 PM
@M.A.R. efefvoc?
That didn't took 3 hours ....
کاو فه فه
@rene Who said it would?
@rene hey don't judge me
@M.A.R. It does look nice... A bit like three sail boats, and the one on the right is falling overboard :P
7:37 PM
@Tinkeringbell M.A.R
That kinda sounds like how he ran the office since he got elected.
Coincidence? I think not
@rene Ohh..
Missed that :)
yeah, another joke ruined :(
My apologies. Though you should know by now jokes don't work on me :P
Yeah, that is confirmed ;)
7:46 PM
@Mithical It's called a vicious cycle, not a catch-22.
You of all nitpicks should know that.
@Tinkeringbell am I off-base here?
@Rubiksmoose Ehh, the part about writing a new one isn't very useful... There's been a bit too much of 'why was I/he suspended' lately. People should use their mod-message replies or Contact-Us when they're suspended and don't understand. The rest should just wait or reach out some other way.
(I dropped that in a comment there ;) )
@Tinkeringbell thanks. Yeah I didn't think asking a new question would be useful. In retrospect I should have just said that we shouldn't be talking about it anywhere.
It's okay.
There's ... I'm reading this book called 'making evil'. Quote: 'More poignantly, the offenders people choose to idolise, those who have fans, are those who embody other characteristics that society values'.

Seems applicable. There's a lot that people value about Robert.
I think there's a lot there to value.
8:09 PM
Marzipan impistachioment.
2 hours later…
9:57 PM
10:09 PM
@Rob That sounds really yummy
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