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12:06 AM
@Glorfindel Out of curiosity, did you receive any sort of private message relating to the deletion of your non-hat answer?
12:29 AM
Explanation for should be fixed now that notices are above the posts instead of below.
1:30 AM
@Alex You are allowed make the edit, it goes into the suggested edits review queue when your reputation isn't enough for an unapproved edit.
1:54 AM
Hey y'all. It looks like the "Drones and Model Aviation" site is likely to go into beta soon. I've got a question on Aviation.SE which is about a model aircraft and which is reasonably well received (with a score of 14 as of this moment).
Would it make sense to migrate/copy/something the question from Aviation to Drones if the latter site goes beta?
@TannerSwett It could take some time for it to end Commitment, and three weeks to finish private beta (during which inbound migrations aren't performed as a matter of policy). You sure the question wouldn't already be 60 days old by that time?
As far as re-copying it to the new site, that would be cross-posting and wouldn't be allowed, unless you deleted the question on the origin site in conjunction.
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog The question I asked on Aviation.SE? I asked that back in May; it's well past 60 days old.
@TannerSwett So then it can't be migrated by any community member, even by a moderator. You'll need to find a Stack Exchange employee willing to migrate it, and those migrations are performed only in extremely rare, exceptional cases.
When Stack Overflow in Spanish was launched, weren't some questions and answers copied (and translated, obviously) from the main site, in order to give the new site some additional relevant content?
I was just wondering if that sort of thing is commonly done for new sites, on the off chance there are questions elsewhere on the network that happen to be good content for the new site as well.
@TannerSwett That's not technically cross-posting, since the question is being posted in a different language.
You could ask a similar question, with the same foundation but a slightly different ending question.
2:01 AM
Well, the question I asked is really the only question that I have. I don't have any slightly different questions.
Anyway, it kind of sounds like you're saying that that was done because it was a site in a new language; we wouldn't repost a question in English on a new site in English.
As an example:
Q: How do I tactfully ask a flight attendant what's going on if I know my plane has a problem?

gparyani I think it's worth explaining that I fall on the autism spectrum, so certain answers that may seem extremely obvious to others are not at all obvious to me. So I was on a flight recently (let's say, leaving from Los Angeles). I fly this route quite frequently, and I also happen to be an aviat...

Q: What do flight attendants do if a passenger asks what is going on in case of a potential emergency?

gparyaniThis is related to, but not the same as, another question I asked on Interpersonal Skills. I was on a flight last year, on a route I fly on a fairly frequent basis. Shortly after takeoff, I heard the three double chime signal, which is commonly used by airlines to indicate to the crew of a poten...

@TannerSwett Exactly.
Good to know, thanks. :D
2:39 AM
> The word orange derives from the Sanskrit word for "orange tree" (नारङ्ग nāraṅga), which in turn derives from a Dravidian root word (compare நரந்தம் narandam which refers to Bitter orange in Tamil).[27] The Sanskrit word reached European languages through Persian نارنگ (nārang) and its Arabic derivative نارنج (nāranj).
@TannerSwett Here is Robert Cartaino's answer about copying questions to populate a new site. He is one of the CMs whom serve as moderator prior to a site's first election.
3:19 AM
@Rob Ah, good to know. It sounds like the overall point of the answer is that reposting the question to the new site isn't really helpful.
3:47 AM
@TannerSwett whooooo
4:23 AM
@TannerSwett I think the idea behind not migrating questions is that a new site needs to get traffic and questions 'organically'
Yeah. That’s what I’ve heard.
Oh, my first diamond was SR.SE and its one of those sites that could have been 'easily' pump primed with questions from other sites
@Aibobot Exactly right. Hence SE's refusal to set up a migration path between Travel and Expatriates
3 hours later…
7:07 AM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog no. Whether that answer actually answered the question is a matter of opinion, I guess.
8:12 AM
@Tinkeringbell grumpy because missed bedtime?
8:28 AM
@rene brr, coffee in the morning. Black tea is so much more majestic.
8:42 AM
@rene Coffee and hot chocolate. And sugar.
@Magisch Yeeep.
@Tinkeringbell speculaasje bij?
Yes please!
knew it ...
rummages through backpack... There's supposed to be a chocolate letter in there.
@rene met sambal?
8:45 AM
Speculaas with sambal? ... genius.
@Gimby Frikandel?
yes please.
I'm going to get kroket for lunch. That's for sure.
That's my Friday, then they serve snacks in the cafetaria.
Luckily, they have snacks here everyday. But you need to be extra careful on Mondays, somedays they like to 'surprise' you with 'gefrituurde groentepuree' instead of kroket.
8:48 AM
@Gimby o0
no snacks for me
only mint tea
"Luckily", that stuff is too addictive. I'd eat it every day.
although I did buy a variety selection of candied almonds with special flavors
I have a bag of chips I bought yesterday and have been too busy to eat
Fried vegetable mash still sounds awesome by the way, because fried.
8:50 AM
@Gimby Meh. Imagine olvarit but fried, it's ... niet te nassen.
okay fried baby food is pushing it
@Gimby Oh, they do hide it in a very unreachable corner so getting one requires some effort I'm not all that willing to spend XD
Besides that, I'm only at this office twice a week so it's easy to stick to just once a week for snacks ;)
Twice a week? What a life.
Three office days, two at this one, one at another... and two work from home days :)
Life is good :)
Though some days I could do with a bit more socializing, I guess.
@Tinkeringbell other then nutella flavor they had honey, vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, citrus and cinnamon
for the almonds
8:53 AM
@Magisch That sounds lovely!
So you got more?
I got a selection of each flavor
they last a long time so I can eat them through january and february
"gefrituurde groentepuree" (obviously had to look it up), so if it was boiled instead of fried it would be baby food. The mocha java sounds so much better.
@Rob Actually, a puree is often boiled then pureed ;)
At least over here.
@Rob And yeah, coffee is always better :D
as long as it's not deep fried butter with chocolate and sprinkles:
that is an abomination onto the lord
8:56 AM
Nothing beats chocolate and sprinkles.
I think that picture does not do it's best to sell the product :)
They're prime ingredients for my own favorite recipe: Strawberry salads :P
@Gimby Yeah, looks like someone already ate off all the sprinkles and most of the chocolate...
And then sneezed on it. I'm keeping it kid friendly here.
@Rob Poor kid.
@Tinkeringbell I'm vegitarian and I agree 🤣
I know that you need that for a quest in Stardew Valley :P
I ate it once... Can't say it was horrible but it wasn't the tastiest ever either.
It's ok cooked
I think they mixed up the meals.
9:09 AM
@Tinkeringbell Only once? No boerenkoolstamppot?
@JAD Since when is boerenkool the same as kale?
Is it not? Dictionary says boerenkool = kale
Kale is that stuff people hype about. Boerenkool is just boerenkool, the stuff Dutch people have eaten without a fuss since the dark ages XD
It is ;)
That's the thing. I just expected those silly Americans to finally have seen the light
But I feel boerenkoolstamppot doesn't count :P
9:12 AM
kale is supposedly a superfood
I have managed to fully convince myself ;)
because everything needs a prefix or suffix to show how hip it is these days
boerenkoolstamppot is definitely not a superfood, Hollywood should stop appropriating our cultural heritage!
@Magisch exactly. Kale, sausage and potatoes, what can stop that monstrous duo?
9:14 AM
7/10 with rice
It's like the TV show Cheers Episode: Veggie-Boyd - Woody has to eat kale --- No one in North America knew what it was before that show, and we still don't eat it (decades later).
It tastes just like a unrelated Indian green
But veggies are chewed not drunk
9:16 AM
@JAD How are three things a duo? :P
@Tinkeringbell they are mashed together. Hard to tell them apart
Don't tempt me! I can be picky enough to sort it out XD
@Tinkeringbell :grabs staafmixer:
Cheat. That's no longer mashed together. :P
Also, we have gone full circle and ended back at Olvarit
9:21 AM
I don't really do boerenkoolstampot anymore, I turn it into an oven dish with mushrooms, goat cheese, apple, walnut, a little ground beef spiced with cumin and coriander seed and then cheddar on top. Still Kale goodness, but I don't hate myself after eating it :)
I just like rookworst too much :P
Waaahhh... you ruined a perfectly fine dish!
boerenkoolstamppot goes with rookworst, not mushrooms!
@JAD I can still add that as a side dish :) I can't add pork in my dishes, I have someone at home that refuses to eat it.
@Tinkeringbell Not sure how to star two messages as one :/
9:24 AM
@Gimby Oh, there's a vegetarian rookworst these days XD
yeah it's pretty vile
there is a beef and a chicken version as well... just no
@JAD Star them both. I split them so I could earn extra stars? :P
@Gimby Really? The family in the ads looks so happy! Like there's no difference in taste at all!
I like the spicy ones Unox has. Although they are a bit pricey
@Tinkeringbell all lies. The vegetarian kroket from Mora on the other hand... I thought I was being punked, it tastes like the real thing.
easy, it's just salt :P
9:27 AM
@Gimby Wait. So you like the fried olvarit but not the rookworst?
eh no fried baby food sounds even more vile
I thought it was vegetable mash, not vegetable mush
Well, in case of kroket, I dislike both :P
9:56 AM
@Tinkeringbell you dislike crochet, got it.
btw, there was a typo in your message. Luckily I was still able to understand what you actually meant.
@Hitodama Noooo. Though I don't like (most) vegan yarn, that's true :P
@Tinkeringbell I don't know you that long and all... and I hate to break it to you but... you're not supposed to eat the vegan yarn.
@Tinkeringbell Come on, no need to hide that. If you prefer knitting, just say it :P
@Tinkeringbell since you're interested in crocheting, my aunt is too and I need some advice
I'm getting her some yarn for christmas, where do I find out what to get
@Magisch What does she like to make, is probably the first question :)
10:00 AM
items of clothing, apparently
mitts, headbands, scarves, hats
think she makes desk covers ornaments too
@Magisch For mitts, wool is often a good option because it is naturally warm already, but can also be felted to be even warmer...
@Magisch doilies?
For hats, you're going to want something that's a bit elastic, that can hold shape but also stretch a bit for a snug fit.
these very small rugs you put on a table or flat surface to decorate it or make it more cozy
with interesting colored patterns
Yeah, sounds like doilies or crochet mandala's ;) Those are often made with thread instead of yarn, but for those I'd go with cotton either way.
sounds like I just walk into the nearest specialty store and pick some?
Sounds like, yeah :P
10:08 AM
You can ask the person behind the counter, in my experience people who run such shops know their stuff
I... would ask the help there, yes. They can tell you if a certain yarn makes a good scarf, and if you need 1 skein or 2.
Maybe they have a fun pattern book to go with it, and you can buy the yarn so she can make that particular pattern?
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/340227/rename-htmllayout is this a MSO question? I'd invoke the don't migrate c... rule but...
Definitely looks like it, unless the tag should be created on all sites :)
The Show off your hats! (2019) is attracting invalid close reasons again:
People looking for a review ban/audit.
This has happened pretty much every year.
...I'm still getting downvotes on the 2017 one.
10:23 AM
I noticed that you were the brave one a couple of years ago.
That's a positive gain.
Of course, the environment then was slightly less bitter than it is now.
They are the Fashion Police. They expect us to believe that IRL they go around sharing their advice, and that it's well received.
Like a reverse panhandler. They stop people in the street but instead of asking for money they tell them what clothing to wear. They think it's OK because there's no backlash until they get to the Police Station, or Redneck/Biker bar.
@Rob some may be mad about Glorfindel deleted post too. Won't stop very soon I guess.
It would be simpler to just protect it, but I don't think there is a "no closure" lock type.
10:38 AM
I can't see if he deleted his own because it was hypocritical or someone NAA'd it. Certainly mean spirited for how we've come to know him. That Q&A is nothing about taking anyone's side.
@Hitodama there is not
well other than bounties
I think featuring it does that (now) but I'm not selfish enough to ask.
@Rob It was deleted by employees, don't know if they just noticed it or it was flagged or reported in any way. Still, I guess users got angry about it.
The 'Sweater Q&A' doesn't seem to be taking flack, but hats are objectionable ... Go figure.
Objections probably fall into the unfriendly/unwelcoming category. What are new people supposed to think when there's a fun event and protesters show up, try to pop all the balloons.
@Rob That the site is not healthy and perhaps it is insensitive and inconsiderate to try and pretend everything is fine and celebrate it with silly hats?
I completely understand that feeling, to be honest. I chose to express it by simply not participating in hats this year, but I can understand those who downvote and object more loudly.
It feels like a slap in the face to have hats this year.
10:50 AM
@terdon-stopharmingMonica and yet - it feels like everyone who's actually worked on it have been considerate and communicative
something something about pooping in bathwater then complaining about throwing babies away XD
Dosen't particularly seem fair to them
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Do they call into work and tell their boss that their not coming in until everything is to their satisfaction.
They punish the baby first
@JourneymanGeek Yaakov has been great. But it still feels really, really wrong to me that we're doing it at all. I completely get that Yaakov was stuck between a rock and a hard place: if we do nothing, we piss off that part of the community that just wants to have fun and if we do something we piss off the others.
@Rob Sorry, I have no idea what that means.
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Does stopping hats and knitting and whatnot... well heal the damage in any way?
10:54 AM
does going on like nothing happened?
as I already said in another room, I am not wearing hats this time.
I respect Yaakov choice to still try and have the event running but I prefer to personally stay out of the competition. Yet, I won't really get mad about what other do, not will I try to make them do what I want.
@JourneymanGeek A little, actually, yes. In my opinion that would at least show that the company is aware that things aren't just fine. And that could be a healing thing, yes.
They could have said "sorry, but we feel it would be insensitive to have a winterbash this year. We don't really feel like there's anything to celebrate"
As for the knitting, I get to choose what to knit, so I will knit that according to my own reasoning.
@terdon-stopharmingMonica We'd then have one group of people angry that there's no winterbash
a second that is angry anyway
10:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yes. Isn't that what I wrote above?
> I completely get that Yaakov was stuck between a rock and a hard place: if we do nothing, we piss off that part of the community that just wants to have fun and if we do something we piss off the others.
(which might partially overlap with the folks who are angry now)
@terdon-stopharmingMonica So here's a fundamental disagreement here.
I'm not saying I have a perfect solution. I am simply expressing my feeling that the solution that was chosen is the one that makes me feel ignored instead of the one that would make another group fee ignored.
I don't think everything should stop until the mess with Monica is fixed
and that pressure needs to be directed.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I know. I think it should absolutely stop.
Anything else is hiding your head in the sand and hoping the bad things will magically disappear.
I would have accepted either way but I don't think one group should try to make it less fun for the other group.
10:57 AM
There's... this theory about 'disaster tourists' visiting 'traumascapes' to process and heal. I get a bit of a feeling that because people on here don't have the real traumascape to visit, they might want to create their own?
@JourneymanGeek I am not advocating that. But I absolutely understand the downvotes. And I really don't get why they'd delete a perfectly civil answer simply stating that the OP isn't participating here.
In any case... there's not much SE can do to rectify the situation that most people are annoyed about at the moment. While they may have had ample opportunity to to so beforehand - an opportunity they did not avail themselves of - that has passed. Things have become involved in legal processes and SE now has their hands tied. There are other things they should be doing, in my opinion, but that one major point is now beyond the reach of an easy conclusion.
That really feels like corporate whitewashing: nothing to see here, we're all happy, move along.
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Ah, well that I can't answer on.
@Mithical True, but my only answer to that is "tough". Just because you screwed up so monumentally badly that you can't even fix it doesn't mean I should suddenly forgive and forget.
@JourneymanGeek I know :/
10:59 AM
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Forgive and forget, no; focus more on what SE can do, on the other hand, might be a better use of energy.
@terdon-stopharmingMonica I ask not for forgiveness. More that there's more than one way to do this.
For instance... laying out a plan for how they intend to improve the safety of their users would solve most of my issues. (Note "most".)
One I might have asked for trust, but that's a rarer coin tha forgiveness :D
@Mithical Not really. I mean, for some it is and that's absolutely fine and great and good for you. For me, there is nothing they can do. Unless they fix the fundamental ethical issues (Monica and licensing) nothing else can help.
So I no longer whine about it on meta, I don't post, I just ignore the company as much as I can.
And vent in here every now and then :)
That's reasonable.
I intend to raise my voice where possible on issues that SE can and should take action on. It might not do anything, but... the sunken cost fallacy is playing a role here.
11:13 AM
Hello, @Amy! Welcome to Meta.
Hello @Mithical! Welcome to meta
@M.A.R. Hello, squirt ;)
11:55 AM
Who's familiar with myHermes?
Now would be a good time for one of those chat pile ups ;)
They decided not to ring my doorbell this morning, but to leave my parcel in the bin. On the kerb. With the bin lorry approaching.
Christmas presents for kids.
Now sold out
Wow... that's just stupid.
Do you have one of those fancy cameras that you can prove this with?
Well they left a slip, and the tracking page has a photo of it in the bin...
I'd file a complaint then.
12:08 PM
already did
all caps? :P
Happily the vendor is not hot garbage, actually answered the phone, and offered equivalent value products, expedited delivery, at no cost
But still won't be what we actually wanted
Yeah, that sucks :(
@StopHarmingMonica time to burn the parcel service, salt the earth and rain a thousand curses upon their descendants
@StopHarmingMonica DHL : Faked the delivery attempt (they never came - I was in the garden with visibility on the road), never left the "attempted delivery" card in the mail (since they never visited the address in the first place), has a "track your package" page that only reports the CITY the package is waiting for pickup (problem: they have 8 different pickup point just in my city) and to get more info you have to call a phone number. A PAID ONE.
12:12 PM
I DESPISE that company with all my heart.
I had a problem with a faked delivery attempt at amazon once
and amazon resolved it quickly
@Hitodama The only beef I have with DHL is that they open up all the swag packages SE sends me.
@Magisch I'm British. I'm this close to writing a letter.
I'm german. I would have rained a thousand curses upon their descendants for late delivery, let alone ... this
12:13 PM
@Tinkeringbell they do? Wouldn't it be customs doing that?
@Magisch basically same here . But trust me, if there was an option on Amazon "Please avoid DHL" I would pay for it.
@StopHarmingMonica Probably :P
But I blame DHL :P
@Tinkeringbell they stored a package with "FRAGILE" written on it... under three other packages.
honestly I would like the amazon owned delivery service for everything
@Hitodama :|
12:15 PM
I'd pay extra too, the amazon people are usually quick, find where I live, don't do BS and delivery on evenings too, ready for after I get home
That last bit is nicest.
Delivery on evenings is the best.
No picking up packages, or hoping they won't be delivered to your wrong neighbors.
@Hitodama I had to mail some unique artwork signed by game developers to poland. I had to send it as a parcel. The post counter lady called me paranoid for wrapping them in lots of padding and two perpendicular hard plastic clipboards to avoid them getting smushed.
@Hitodama A statement made by at least one person about every delivery service that ever existed in the history of the world :)
@Magisch I'd've used a tube, but maybe it was too fragile for that?
@Gimby so far, they have been the ones winning the "Worst ever" award every time. Others don't even get close.
12:21 PM
Aye, I have the same relationship with DHL. Its still the delivery people though, not the company. Sometimes someone gets it right.
@Magisch see this:
and this
in Not a bar, but plays one on TV on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Sep 19 at 8:28, by Derpy
If I really wanted the poster, it would be far more economic to have the picture printed on laminated paper at any local print shop
People on amazon really sell prints of anything :|
12:40 PM
I mean. Someone bought a banana taped to a wall. People sell anything because people buy anything :)
And someone else ate it, which was even better.
@Gimby then someone ate it
I'm still grinning about it
@Gimby cue anything banksy makes
@Tinkeringbell I hope that was one of the original free prints distributed at the con
still, doesn't change much.
12:44 PM
@JourneymanGeek Performance art...
Then they just replaced the banana
The buyer doesn't care, they're just laundering money
All of this actually does make more sense than it appears.
I even read an article that there were three such taped banana's, and that two were sold and the third still on sale?
<-- has been going out with an artist for the past 5 years and is still struggling, but starting to get it a bit.
@Gimby something something potato salad kickstarter.
12:47 PM
@terdon-stopharmingMonica the artist or your artistic eye?
@Magisch I have seen actual banksies
They are actually pretty good
@terdon-stopharmingMonica I've read somewhere there's a bit of 'showing that rich people are willing to pay a huge amount of money for a custom made banana' involved?
@JourneymanGeek just starting to understand the context around modern art. It really is less crazy that it looks to the uninitiated.
@Tinkeringbell I'm sure that's one interpretation.
Can you stop being vague and just explain already? :P
No! If I could explain, then I would actually get it, not "begin" to get it.
The other interpretation I read was about performance art, and how everyone writing/talking about it, and posting pictures of their lunch taped to the wall on instagram, is now also 'part of the art'.
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Yeah, that's true I guess... Can you get the artist to explain in here? :P
12:51 PM
But when I tape my poo to the wall, all of a sudden I'm a delinquent. I don't get the world today.
@Gimby Eat more fibers... if you can tape it to the wall...
And you do it on the floor and suddenly 'bad dog'
@JourneymanGeek yeah!
(actually house rules are the dog finds it embarrassing and never does it.)
Christopher Ofili, (born 10 October 1968) is a British Turner Prize-winning painter who is best known for his paintings incorporating elephant dung. He was one of the Young British Artists. Since 2005, Ofili has been living and working in Trinidad and Tobago, where he currently resides in Port of Spain. He also lives and works in London and Brooklyn.Ofili has utilized resin, beads, oil paint, glitter, lumps of elephant dung, cut-outs from porn magazines as painting elements. His work has been classified as "punk art." == Early life and education == Ofili was born in Manchester to May and Michael...
best known for his paintings incorporating elephant dung
12:57 PM
Artist's Shit (Italian: Merda d'artista) is a 1961 artwork by the Italian artist Piero Manzoni. The work consists of 90 tin cans, each reportedly filled with 30 grams (1.1 oz) of faeces, and measuring 4.8 by 6.5 centimetres (1.9 in × 2.6 in), with a label in Italian, English, French, and German stating: Artist's ShitContents 30 gr net Freshly preserved Produced and tinned in May 1961 == Inspiration and interpretations == At the time the piece was created, Manzoni was producing works that explored the relationship between art production and human production, Artist's Breath (Fiato d'artista), a...
Seems more apt.
"Punk art", I like that.
1:48 PM
@terdon-stopharmingMonica heh. Once read about artist using real human feces (well, his own) to draw stuff. Now that's a smelly line to cross! :D
@Tinkeringbell isn't it the opposite? Read about it long ago and might have forgotten or got it wrong, but think I read that fibers makes the poo softer, not harder, i.e. more "healthy".
All this talk about brown reminds me of....
@ShadowThePrincessWizard brews a cup of Ristretto for @ShadowThePrincessWizard
And of course, @JoshDarnell! :D
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Yeah so if it's hard enough to tape to a wall... more fibers!
@Tinkeringbell ohhhh lol, true!
I find it hard to imagine the technical process of taping it to a wall though. :D
Yeah we're not going to :P
1:59 PM
Two bananas, one wall? runs away :D
Any popcorn around?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Tis true. It's perfectly balanced when you can tape it to a wall, but you're not constipated.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard you're planning on stirring stuff up?
@Gimby thanks, so I'm perfectly balanced! :P
Huh. Searching by "Watched tags" has a limit of 50 tags
You just called yourself a piece of poo.
2:09 PM
@rene nah, saw @Glorfindel did, a bit... :)
@Gimby well, I can
No? :D
CoC doesn't mention self offense. Or does it?
just so we're clear about what you are communicating and what is in my brain.
@Gimby dunno what's in your brain.... take it out, take a pic, and send. ;)
I'm not allowed.
to take or send?
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica think it's recent, used to not be limited and cause trouble.
@Gimby or, you can do MRI
2:12 PM
It makes it hard to find questions on Arqade, where I have a watched tag for games I've played
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica you might have more luck with se.com filter then
Think it's not limited.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard How do I use that?
It's not a search, but a list of questions with the tags.
And you can get email daily/weekly with the recent changes.
2:14 PM
My tag list only makes it from A-G
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica Create a sock for the others? :P
I'd need something like 4 sock accounts
Nothing says you can't :P
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Is there an option to only show favorite tags on a specific site?
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica nope... you'll have to manually add all of them.
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica does [bios*] work?
that would reduce the amount of tags but I doubt you'll ever manage what you set out for
@rene You can use tag stars, but I believe it gets extended to the full tags when you do a search by watched tag
Ah, yeah. There was something unexpected with it
sorry then.
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica That tag list is epic.
2:20 PM
@Gimby Thanks
Arqade is my most active site by a large margin, so I've got a lot of tags
Amusing to specifically see an old game like Another World in there.
Pretty sure this spammer forgets to add links: meta.stackexchange.com/a/340255/158100
The full tag list is significantly larger
@rene Not sure it's a spammer, seems just asking off-topic questions.
@Tinkeringbell it's pretty clear the only purpose of the answer is to have a link to the spammy profile page.
2:26 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Oh crap... I only checked the network profile, that one was empty. Oh well... we'll see in 7 days, I guess XD
@Tinkeringbell lol thanks
2:41 PM
@StevoisiaksupportsMonica you play Google Maps?
@StopHarmingMonica It's for the yearly April Fools minigames. (Where's waldo, pokemon search, etc)
A: Where’s Wally’s secret location? (level 6)

StevoisiakDepending on your version of Google Maps, you can find Wally/Waldo's final location in one of two ways. (Desktop) Visit the Moon while in Satellite View Switch to Satellite View and zoom all the way out until a list of planets appears. Select the Moon and locate the Picard Crater, then tap Wall...

looking at the tag, there's no etc. on that :)
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