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12:12 AM
@user58 Oh and by the way ... Answer courtesy WSE (W = M 🔃): #1: "That's going to drastically slowdown the job I was hired for" or #2: "Don't bring that up again, you're interrupting my work".
When you possess the skull that understands the mistake that was made one realizes the cost.
12:27 AM
@user58 I'm not sure how much they helps
@JourneymanGeek It doesn't look like it it would be much help unless you were on the council. If I seriously thought it would improve my chances of saving this burning, sinking ship I'd do it, but I don't think it will, because the indications are that SE doesn't really care what its moderators are saying anymore.
@user58 at this point, I'm not even sure how much actual influence said council would have
Agreeing and agreeing vigorously are guaranteed to be options.
2 hours later…
3:05 AM
hi tavern! is there a current reference for all community site blogs? I know of a few sites that have them, but couldn't find anything complete by searching (this was the closest and both links are dead now :P). wanted to double check before I write a whole ...
3:22 AM
@EmC official SE community site blogs are essentially dead and archived. All "community" site blogs are hosted externally now.
@MetaAndrewT. yes, I'm aware. I'm looking for a list of those
Searching for Stack Exchange/Overflow Blog/twitter turns up a list that you can pick through. You can ask and answer your own question on Meta, thus creating such a list. Here are two I found quickly by following that suggestion: thesffblog.com twitter.com/stackoverflow?lang=en
ok. yep that's what I'm doing right now
Thank you for doing that, upvotes (likely) will be your reward.
3:35 AM
@EmC There's no easy way, but perhaps the last 100 meta questions tagged with 'blog' might help
(MSO and MSE are excepted because they dilute the result)
@MetaAndrewT. thanks! that's really helpful
now I'm not sure whether to include Retrocomputing's blog in the "active" or "archived" section, since it's hosted off-site, but hasn't been updated since 2017..
maybe it would make more sense to list as "off-site" vs. "blog overflow"?
I don't think retrocomputing ever had a blog overflow blog
they stopped new ones a fair bit before killing it off
yeah, it's hosted on wordpress
eh, posted what I got, if anyone wants to take a look - meta.stackexchange.com/q/339115/401104
That would actually be a great community-faq or wiki, though I feel the latter is obsolete
@EmC . . . What does it say about me that I actually forgot we had an Astronomy blog? :P
3:47 AM
@HDE226868 haha! I even remember you tweeting about it :P
(Also, kudos to you for putting the list together!)
@JourneymanGeek what's the difference between a regular FAQ and community-faq?
I did tag it if that's what you mean
Its the same ;p
ah cool :D
3 hours later…
6:30 AM
@BryanKrause how would you recommend Monica respond to defamation. How long should she have waited? She gave them every opportunity to resolve this without lawyers.
6:54 AM
25 messages moved to Chimney
The mobile site loads rather fast under a dial-up Internet connection
7:06 AM
@SmokeDetector There is an SE site about community building? I think my irony meter just broke.
Its not that busy actually but used to be moderators.stackexchange before people realised it would be confusing
@Raedwald yeah, there are some amazing sites in the SE network that some could benefit from more then others ...
better mood today, and the weather isn't as bad either
@rene like Beer Wine and Spirits :)
7:29 AM
> We know that during times of change, communication is important; you’ll be hearing from us the entire way.
One side communication is not a communication.
@mag :) Glad to hear!
I resolved to not go on passive agressive rants anymore so I'll leave that uncommented :D
Good morning to you too ;)
7:58 AM
@Tinkeringbell how's your week so far?
8:20 AM
@mag Good enough. Mom has the flu but I'm still standing, work goes fine... I broke a crochet hook this weekend but the new one will arrive today... Nothing really bad, nothing very perfect ;)
you broke it while crocheting or were you poking your brother with it?
8:37 AM
@user58 I foresee another issue in this council thing, but you know... they told me I'm cynical so probably is just humbug.
8:49 AM
@Tinkeringbell not anymore it's not. I was the last year that got stufi for my master without it being a loan. Bachelors is getting leaner and leaner as well.
(been reading transcript. Seems like another bombshell landed)
@rene While crocheting ;)
@JAD That's true... but while I was studying, graduating without a loan wasn't a privilege... it was something everyone could do.
Right now it might be more of a privilege, but it's still not as bad as America where you'll basically only succeed in doing so if your parents are rich.
true. The loans are also relatively cheap. The big cost is in the hit you take in the amount you can loan for a home. It's created a situation that you have pretty much no chance of buying a house if you have student loans in the current housing market.
@Tinkeringbell at least y'all don't have to pay above market rate interest for the loans
I know someone who has 7.5% interest on their student loans
of over 100k
9:02 AM
well it's actually several loans totalling over 100k with an average interest rate of that, but the point stands
they're also not dischargeable in bankruptcy and guaranteed by the federal government
essentially free money for the lenders
hmm, here student loans are loans from the government. First couple of years after graduation you pay 0% interest
If I recall correctly, you can ask for a delay in payments if your income is lacking
and after 30 (?) years, the debt is gone
something like that
student loans if you can call them that here only need to be repaid when you make enough and they're 100% interest free
with additional discount if you pay them off early
an issue with the loans is the max mortgage one can get. This is based on income minus debts. Student loans count, based on the initial amount, not the remaining balance. So loads of people find that they have to pay off their loans entirely in order to be able to buy a house in the current market.
most people here rent
there are like 4 people in the whole company who own a house, save for the owners
many here are forced to. But rents are much higher than an equivalent mortgage would be
9:07 AM
personally owning an apartment would be significantly more expensive for me then renting, even if I found a really cheap one
so it's creating a situation where people are forced to rent due to their loans, have higher costs due to renting, so not being able to pay off those loans, being more stuck in renting, etc etc.
I mathed it out some time ago with a comparable apartment instead of the 375€ all utilities included rent I pay now I'd pay at least 550€ in additional obligations, utilities and interest on the mortgage. That is not counting principal payments
sure the interest would drop over the loan but this is all assuming the ridiculously high housing prices here hold so in reality it'd be an even worse deal
well, because renting out appartments is so lucrative, loads of investors are buying them for more than market value, making it even harder for people to buy.
I'm pretty sure my landlord is taking a loss
@mag Before I bought a home, I rented an apartment of 65m^2, which cost €850 a month. Buying a similar apartment in that block would cost me €400-500 in mortgage
9:11 AM
@JAD my apartment has 55m^2 and costs 375 with internet, electricity, warm water, trash service and taxes included
good deal
that's where the difference in the markets lies
signed a new lease a couple weeks ago and locked in another year without rent increase.
here, the shortage for apartments is sufficiently high that landlord can pretty much ask whatever they want
granted, it's a sort of backmarket deal. I'd have never gotten the chance to rent this if my dad didn't know the landlord from school
paying 850€ rent would seriously eat into my savings potential, although I could afford it
We lived pretty frugal, and when my gf graduated, we could save up her entire income
that helped a lot when buying a house
9:19 AM
I don't know what I'm saving up for yet
trying to wait how brexit shakes out to see if I can move to scotland
@mag I do! A washing machine, a dryer, a couch, a TV, tv stand, bed, closets, extra desk, dining table, kitchenware :P
ah you bought your apartment?
or is it included in the kitchen?
I think so? I'm still waiting for the legal stuff... but at this point, I don't think it'll fall through. Worst that can happen is that my application for a home-loan expires, in which case I'll have to spend another 750 euros on the advisor/new loan.... I have that lying around somewhere too ;)
I have to admit I have never used my dishwasher in the 4 1/2 years I've lived here
washing by hand is just faster and I only have 1 of each utensil anyways
9:23 AM
hmm similar. We only use it when we had visitors over for dinner
@JAD The kitchen I picked out is all inclusive ;)
living alone is oh so worth it
I'm getting a dishwasher too, but that's mostly because of my bad skin washing by hand means I'd either have to wear gloves or wash without soap (and even then hot water makes my skin dry and eczema play up). So... dishwasher ;)
@mag living together with someone you love works for me
I'm getting a small one though... and I can always save up ;)
9:27 AM
so far I like owning a house, simply because the house is so much better than the old apartment I used to live
bigger, better isolated, quieter, parking space on property :)
@mag Well, as I said before, maybe you could try this.
Nov 14 at 10:30, by Hitodama
@Zoe more like We Happy Few.
9:42 AM
@JAD I don't mind my neighbours especially because since the fighty couple moved out they're all quiet and I dont see them often
hmm, our upstairs neighbors had two whiney kids
I am wondering... just to know... the diamond given to mods.. does it by any chance look like this?
because that could explain a lot of the recent events.
my first association there was bowser shells for some reason
One (Diamond?) Ring to bind them all...
10:12 AM
Be careful, power can corrupt.
@Hitodama It's usually just a boring grey, sometimes it's blue... and in very rare occasions, orange ;)
or green
for green parrots like @tink
pecks at eyes
10:33 AM
@mag I am tempted to suggest a community ads to try to fill in the missing mods positions. Something like this.
@Hitodama I honestly don't know what they'll do in january
the elections will be an unmitigated disaster
10:58 AM
Just make me mod on ALL THE THINGS ;)
@mag they'll need to deal with it.
@djsmiley2k-CoW Okay. And what would you do if you were given that power?
@Tinkeringbell hmmmm ALL THE THINGS?
(if not obvious, I am joking).
There's a lot of things to do
I'm not taking you seriously, don't worry ;)
What's your impression of 'All the things', what does that entail? :P
11:09 AM
1. Grab Broom
2. Raise broom in air
I mean on a serious note. I'd love to help, but I'm likely not the best of candidates.
Likely not the worst either.
@mag trust me, will only mean less competition for the ones that don't know, don't care or are fine with this.
I don't think the elections will go without any candidate.
Simple enough, some will avoid them. And others will fill the gap.
@djsmiley2k-CoW Well, for one you missed the part where mods get a mop, not a broom ;)
^ you heard the parrot here. Forgets moderation, apply at your local witches/mages school. More fun.
I always assumed as a mod you were to use the stick part of the mop
11:25 AM
Yep, the pointy end is for poking at things :)
@Hitodama I apparently attracted a witch as a follower on Twitter yesterday...
11:39 AM
@Hitodama I'm thinking that a lot of people will run on the "oppose and obstruct SE in everything they do" platform
or a modern form of abstentionism like seems to be the case on code golf
@Tinkeringbell not like you need that being a parrot and all parrots have beaks
@mag I'm not sure at this point that would do anything. That requires the people in power to care.
Most of the network has been running itself with not all that much support
typing raw anger into notepad and then not posting it helps
@mag I'm getting raw anger from typing anything into Notepad ...
@Glorfindel did you try typing some more into Notepad?
@Glorfindel type it into notepad++ then
11:47 AM
++ is infinitely better, yes.
@mag How many pages did you write? ;) I'm at around 7 over this whole mess, I think ;)
@mag Meh, parrot beaks are great for cracking tough nuts... and pecking a bit... but not so much for poking.
@Tinkeringbell I don't actually remember but I did type a lot yesterday and then discard it when I went to bed
@mag :) Glad to hear it helped!
See if I do that, I just get angry at myself for wasting my own time, as I retype out everything and still post it
the trick is to treat it as self care rather then constructive criticism
11:56 AM
@mag Yep. I also find it useful to figure out if there's points that I can turn into either constructive criticism or actions...
because constructive it is not and it's not something you do for SE management to listen to (as if they even would) but for yourself to vent some anger
Sometimes I'm just writing and it's like 'hey, but this isn't so bad...'
@Tinkeringbell I have no special access to anyone who decides anything here so what I write is not just useless I would have to kafka trap something to say the opposite to even have a glimpse at getting a word in
Yeah, perhaps notepad is a better option then...
It's sad, but useful :(
I can still listen and pass stuff on ;)
What can I do? Answer the survey? I'm pretty sure nobody actually reads that except for categories. Post on meta? If anyone reads that it'll be in the frame of toxic meta users.
Even mods feel like they can't get a word in what hope does a non mod user have?
11:59 AM
@Tink you bring a good point on your comment but we don't know when it's actually going to take place :\
@CaldeiraG Yeah, that's... I don't know that either :/
I have a sneaking suspicion that the working group and its recommendations will be fully private
@Tinkeringbell Portuguese is included in the same thing (as both are very similar)
@CaldeiraG I figured as much. There's a bunch of languages out there where words have both a masculine and feminine form of writing them...
I can't read Spanish but I recognized the pattern there ;)
12:03 PM
@mag Also, the survey is just a very tiny high-level thing-y... the one linked in the blog post, that is. There might be others that rely more on 'we're (planning to start) working on this, what do you think should be improved' (I did one of those already).
Taking those can't hurt. :)
I was a bit offended by the race questions though
that is probably cultural though. In germany asking that evokes quite unpleasant imagery from times past
I don't even know where I fall under there without googling
@JourneymanGeek East Asian?
I guess everyone with white skin counts the same, even though ethnicity makes such a massive difference on the continent. In experience, viewpoints and perspective
12:06 PM
that's chinese, japanese and korean
It's... a bit like using location tags on IPS to indicate culture.
do... people even remember WW2?
In germany yes
@JourneymanGeek I think grandpa has stories ;) /s
it's a main subject in civics class during the whole school time
12:06 PM
I have people my age holding a grudge over a massacre that happened here in WW2
But hey, its ok. They all look the same right?
Nah, that probably isn't true... but I do agree that question could probably be improved... I just don't know how.
in my experience ethnicity is a bigger predictor of viewpoint diversity then race, anyways.
I guess for the US, this classification makes more sense than for The Netherlands?
But i'm not american so I don't get SE's corporate culture either
My cultural background is distinctively different from most folks from my region
and a ton of my folks are devs
12:09 PM
2 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
It's... a bit like using location tags on IPS to indicate culture.
So south asian...sure,what does that tell you?
You can't buy stroopwafels at the local store?
I mean, how can you talk about diversity without knowing anything about it?
@Tinkeringbell that ... that hurts ...
Actually I know a dutch expat off SE. If anyone knows....
12:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek I don't know. The categories they have are too broad and lacking to give useful insight, I feel
there wasn't even african on there. What's someone from africa supposed to pick?
Unless the goal here was just to shake out the process
@mag It was later added, and was claimed as a "mistake".
@Bart I'm sorry... it sounds like you're out of zoute drop already? :)
@mag dark skinned?
Or white, of course. Depends on your skin color. ;)
@Tinkeringbell I am!
12:19 PM
another mod resignation as of 15 minutes ago
actually 2
@mag I found one...
Where's the second?
J.R and ColeenV on ELL
@Tinkeringbell one two 1 minute between the posts
Ah... yep..
I only saw the edit from Colleen
@JourneymanGeek you reside in south asia?
you were born in south asia?
I can't remember what the question said :D
I'm Italian. My grandma used to be extremely suspicious of Germans after living through WW2.
My wife is Chinese, she despises Japan for similar reasons, although she didn't experience that directly.
12:28 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW ethic Indian
Geography? In the heart of South East Asia. Maybe the pancreas
Asks for ethnic background
oh, erm, Nordic with a hint of germain.
Pretty sure Tamil bramin is the most accurate description and one many in the Indian diaspora who are actual developers share
But sure. Brown person
You realise why they're asking, right?
Damn, I can't wait for the next "apology to the community" after this new gender/race debacle...
@JourneymanGeek I know some of these words
12:31 PM
@dim I'm still waiting for the apology about the apology.
@dim What makes you think there'll be one?
@mag hmm. I'm a southern priest 🤣
@mag I don't know... I see a pattern emerging.
@dim I really don't see any apology coming. Maybe in court, in 6-8 years.
Surely not on MSE.
Naw. That would need someone to tweet about racism
Not do things on meta
12:44 PM
@JourneymanGeek someone with enough reach or personal connections to turn it into a PR issue
Racism didn't yet happen on Twitter?
@Shadow Those identity questions in the survey were a terrible, terrible move. I'd be surprised if they don't at least make an attempt of a half-assed apology, because now, they are accused by everyone (including people of minorities) to be, themselves, creating discriminations, through these very questions. And that is probably one of their biggest fear (or at least that is what their policies convey).
@dim I think their purpose in asking these was perfectly transparent
@mag and that would be?
they identified that they need to improve the SE experience for marginalized users. You can't measure how you're doing in that department unless you ask. It's not like there's some shadowy scheme going on, it's literally what they said
This express purpose and aim has been stated every time it's come up starting with the welcome wagon.
you can disagree with the aim (lord knows people do) or the methodology used to measure it or the original data, but it's perfectly internally consistent for them to do this
12:48 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard on the blog, but only after someone tweets
@mag Yes, but now it creates the exact opposite of what they intended to do (see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/339148). That is very embarrassing.
assuming whatever people write on MSE isn't written off as the ragings of a toxic community that is being replaced
@mag I am sure it is. I am not sure of the purpose.
@mag to miss out africans?
Isn't that plainly obvious? If your goal is to improve the experience specifically for marginalized people then you're going to want to carefully examine what the people you're doing this for say. It's used to contextualize and weigh the survey results, otherwise they wouldn't ask.
12:50 PM
I guess this is all because they're in a cafe in NY...
We can probably expect prominent representation in the working group to, albeit that will probably be fully private and under NDA.
@dim I'm 10000% sure they'll never apologize, surely not for this.
I'm not making a value judgement on the effort because I don't really have an opinion on it (having one tends to get you labeled so I don't participate in the subject)
As long as they get what they need (data based on skin color, gender, and what not) they'll keep doing it.
@Shadow You may be right. I thought they were less cold-hearted than that, but... We'll see.
12:57 PM
Not cold hearted, focused on their business.
Someone's cultural background can tie in to a lot of things (Like how they prefer to give/receive feedback on their posts, what they consider friendly/unfriendly, what might block them from participating more/less, English language speaking skills, how those are taught and how that influences their participation...). But this question seems way to narrow to capture all that!
I've been told point blank before (not by SE) that being european, white and male means having an opinion on identity politics is offensive for me, regardless of what it is, and that I'm unqualified to participate in the discussion. I appreciate that's not a widely held view but it signals more trouble then engaging is worth
Sounds more like a bar where the barman look at the client and gives them a drink based on their skin color alone, aka discrimination. By paying more attention to people with certain skin color, SE is discriminating all those not having that same color.
@mag Yeah, at that point it's probably better to just find a place where that's not a prevalent sentiment :/
e.g. at some point in the future.... "We're happy to announce this amazing new feature, that was approved by [name here], who is [skin color here]!"
1:07 PM
@Tinkeringbell better yet: just don't touch the topic with a 20 ft barge pole
I don't like making my own identity a subject, I've been burned by that before in other ways
@mag Ehh, that's not really necessary, unless you want to do it for what you just said, because you've been burned before.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard hmm, that's not exactly new. Look at women quota in STEM/management/etc
If it's something you want to do, fine. If it's something you're only not doing because others don't want you to... that's perhaps not so good.
I can somewhat open up here because it's almost anonymous but I'm really reserved in real life, mostly because being honest about being asexual or autistic is a really bad idea unless you're a glutton for mistreatment
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Ehh, I got the impression it was just getting together a diverse group of skin colors for the bartender to serve, not just serving one colour over others...
1:11 PM
@Tinkeringbell sure, but giving a different drink to each, based on the skin color, not what they asked for.
@Tinkeringbell my charitable interpretation is that that is true, but it's not like we'll ever know
to protect members from badgering and harassment the group will probably be fully secret in who is in it or what feedback they give
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I'm pretty sure they're not going to fork SO into different ones for each culture ;)
Talk about creating a load of work...
@Tinkeringbell lol sure! But they'll give weight to each person in the "council" based on their skin color and race, not based on knowledge or experience.
And that council will be hand picked from those who give correct answers in the surveys.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard That, I don't know. I hope they do not, some good principles for surveys mean you take both into account (culture as well as experience/knowledge).
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Which might just mean handpicking a few users from each 'category'... I think you're now making assumptions that I didn't read anything about as being true?
Just hypothetically, if I fill out the loop, and then refuse cookies, does that mean I'll be able to fill it out later again in case I need to provide additional feedback?
1:21 PM
@JohnDvorak I'm guessing you can use incognito mode even, if you want...
refuse... or delete cookies
Worth keeping in mind, thanks
or private mode
or sandbox
I do suspect surveymonkey would log your IP tho
@JourneymanGeek pretty sure the Developer survey asked for your SO profile URL. Don't they ask for it in this new "survey"?
so a VPN
1:24 PM
There's no explicit field, but I thought they snooped it from the chain of referral
I guess they figure somehow non SO folks will find it somehow
@ShadowThePrincessWizard no
I filled it out, it does not. It makes no connection to your SO participation at all
I'm also wondering why they didn't let me self-identify as "somehow being older than the universe itself". ">99" doesn't even begin to describe the essence of me.
@JohnDvorak nicael used to say he's 100 y/o
1:31 PM
Okay... so there's a lot of talk about filling in 'funny' or 'snarky' stuff, like 'older than the universe itself', 'human' ...

I'd like to remind people that if you fill in your survey like that, chances are you're ruining your own voice here. Generally, the people taking these surveys are looking for serious input... And if you disagree with the way there's a load of questions about you as a person, or the way those questions are asked, fine... but probably best to put that (and how you think that might be improved) in another free form text field that asks for input like that... :/
"I don't want to say" would probably be a better answer to those questions than filling in 'space alien' under 'other'.
@Tinkeringbell ... isn't an option
It should be!
@JourneymanGeek I only took a quick peek, but I believe each of those questions had an 'other' field... you could put it in there ... but that's a good point, don't want to disclose should probably be an option too.
(Can you actually skip those questions and turn in the survey?)
There's a big difference between other and don't want to reveal
I donno. Doing that would give them bad data...
@JourneymanGeek True... but right now other seems the only option to say 'don't want to reveal'.
@Tinkeringbell be aware though that this comes after that old famous tweet about an event that asked for people with specific "racial backgrounds" to join (keeping this pretty vague on purpose). I am not really surprised some users now are somehow suspicious.
1:34 PM
Nobody is reading this anyways, it's fed to a ML algorhitm
which is excellent and a valid daya point
@Hitodama Brown people?
@Hitodama I missed most of that, was sleeping/not on MSE....
@JourneymanGeek exact. That one.
@Tinkeringbell I might have subtweeted the shit out of that one
I did fill in my race as "prefer not to disclose"
1:35 PM
or complained somewhere
@Tinkeringbell For gender I put "it doesn't matter on the internet"
shock horror.
@JourneymanGeek I mean, yeah, I saw a bit of that... but I missed the original, so to say
@djsmiley2k-CoW You'd be surprised ;)
and I even filled out my age truthfully.
@JourneymanGeek I might despair occasionally on twitter but me subtweeting maybe 2 people would read
@Tinkeringbell No, really, it doesn't.
1:36 PM
I didn't complain on meta, ironically cause I didn't want to feed the toxicity.
@djsmiley2k-CoW It's a valid answer if you find you don't run into stuff based on your gender :)
Oh damn this keyboard and its wierd debounce
@JohnDvorak slow clap :P
Or I am bottoming out too much
@Tinkeringbell It's a valid answer because I don't care about guesses about my gender. it amuses me. The same way it amuses me that Amazon seems to think I'm a farmer.
1:36 PM
I don't think "race: human" is snarky...
real talk here does any of what we write in that survey actually matter
Heh. Youtube seems to think I'm a small child fluent in multiple languages including Hindi, Russian, English and Czech (the last of which it's actually being correct about)
@mag eh, I'm not sure. I'm assuming they were testing the water.
you know it doesn't, unless you write a whole essay and hit the jackpot of someone actually reading it. What we know is that they have a ML algorhitm tagging responses based on problem categories and demographic data. That result set will probably be used
@mag Yes. Unclear if any of it will be reflected by the corp's actions, but it cannot be removed from its inner state
At the very least, it's a thermal noise quantum entangled with the corp's heads, and that cannot possibly be erased.
1:39 PM
I'm fairly certain "oi answer quality is a trash mate" lands in the same category as a well thought out post of 400 words about how duplicated questions encourage quick answers and that makes you sad
@JohnDvorak Hmm. It is however missing the point of a question asking for ethnicity/geographical location/culture... And it's kinda multi-interpretable... is it just meant to show discontent with how the question was asked, to show that you personally don't think this question matters, are you not wanting to disclose the answer? So it's probably not great survey feedback :/
@mag It's a chance to pour your heart out ... But yeah, from what I've seen from the SO dev survey results, they might just go by keywords?
@Tinkeringbell reference this answer: meta.stackexchange.com/a/339128
yaakov was kind enough to explain exactly how they process the results
@mag There's apparently still also a human involved from time to time... so it's up to you how much effort you want to put in, on the chance that yours will be read (perhaps, length does factor into what they send onwards ;) )
1:59 PM
Random musing: the whole "who you are doesn't matter on the internet" seems to be one side of a spectrum for how people interact with the internet. Some people use the internet and its anonymity and cold, impersonal nature is great for them. Some people use the internet as a place to be themselves and to interact with other humans and be human in which case they expect to be treated as human not a faceless bot. I think that both sides are valid use cases.
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