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9:00 AM
Trump doesn't care because it's not his money being lost and not his own family suffering from the various things being stuck. He still live in comfort and cares only for himself.
</rant> not yet!
@ShadowWizard Hit the correct key combination and it undoes the redactions and reveals the tooth of the matter.
And like angry child, he insists to have what he wants, and doesn't care what it takes.
It is top secret
Let's have a look at what he's doing with the tank top:
9:02 AM
@Rob heh. naw. Invisible tank
Nice try.
errrr. some of us are at work ;)
lol had no idea "tank top" means sleeveless shirt :P
tank on the top
Move... burn...waffles!
9:03 AM
not particularly appropriate in that instance. The humour is appreciated but...
please do remember the poor chaps at work,
No Skin Allowed!
I don't know where that's NSFW but I was going to delete it, someone beat me to it.
Apologies to your boss.
@Rob ya. twas me.
and that was pretty much NSFW
@Rob Well, the only exposed body parts which won't be NSFW are: head, legs, hands.
I would have if you had not since there were objections.
9:05 AM
@ShadowWizard Shog9 is NSFW
OK. No back.
@andmyself ...... this thing... it consumes time itself. It is worse than TV Tropes...
@andmyself nah, he's NSFB
are we sure that the real anomaly isn't the site itself?
@Rob yup. :)
9:06 AM
@Derpy so meta...
You understand that in North America bringing your baby with you and being topless (even in a restaurant, or at work) is a women's right. My photo showed nothing, but I will refrain from beach photos.
@Rob well, would you want a topless woman to appear in children book meant for kids in first grade?
@Rob WuT? But okay.
(dunno if you have kids yourself)
Consider this place as children-friendly, more than Safe For Work. :)
They saw it only a few years earlier, and maybe still do.
9:11 AM
@Rob who? Your kids?
This is something that cannot be discussed so trying to talk around it isn't going to lead to a satisfactory explanation. Let's move on.
@Rob we can discuss such topics, just without pictures. :)
Words like topless aren't censored here.
@Rob simple rule for that is literally if it would get folks in trouble maybe not.
If she was buried in sand up to her neck it wouldn't matter if she was topless and bottomless too.
We're all naked under our clothes
9:14 AM
I'm sure you could find somewhere that if the face wasn't covered it would be extremely offensive.
but here's the thing. I do realise that standards vary. But one of the things I've gotta do, slowly as a mod is to try to get a reasonable, sane common ground.
@Rob well true, that would have been valid image. Assuming she's alive. :)
@ShadowWizard What about ankles?
Those things are way too lewd...
@Rob Iran? Yeah. Saudi too.
9:16 AM
Gotta cover them up yeah
@forest see, that dosen't really help
@JourneymanGeek I'm not objecting to, protesting, or debating your decision.
@JourneymanGeek who was the first to say it? ;)
Okay, new week, let's start an experiment.
We've run it with a measure of success in the IPS chatroom too
It's good that I'm sitting in the corner, but even then, I won't dare opening Anime.SE's Image Board
9:18 AM
and going "what about standards in $country" or "what about $foo" kinda makes it harder when people going "hey, please don't do that"
in The Awkward Silence on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Apr 20 '18 at 9:44, by doppelgreener
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ So, on this -- RPG.SE's General Chat has had this thing going for a few years where we aim to keep things relatively serene, avoid insults, and discourage rudeness and causticness. It makes the place an open and welcoming atmosphere for all comers -- materially, as well. We receive people who vocally acknowledge it feels like a safe haven compared to a lot of other places, and it enables us to deal with sensitive topics calmly and nonconfrontatinoally.
@andmyself lol
in The Awkward Silence on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Apr 20 '18 at 9:45, by doppelgreener
Our perspective is that when people are regularly making joking jabs and swearing, the tension and confrontation level of the room is raised to a higher norm than it otherwise would be. That means when a sensitive topic comes up, we are already starting that discussion from a higher point of tension and escalation, wherein swearing at people is fine -- and that's a great way to see a discussion escalate out of control into a flame war almost immediately.
^ Please read that, and try it for a while? :)
That's never been my experience but ok.
I don't swear in here anymore anyway. :p
9:20 AM
Please note that the message isn't really about just swearing. Joking jabs, especially the snarky/sarcastic kind, don't really help either ;)
Hey I won't even call a serial killer bad names here!
Dexter is a nice person!
@forest ._.
I hated that show.
Dexter is boy-genius!
9:21 AM
It was so unrealistic.
@Magisch I'll take that blame.
Don't worry.
@forest now, its not language, its intent.
If folks are constantly undermining gentle attempts to correct course... they stop working
Right like joking jabs or saying that people are j*rks etc.
I get it.
@forest totally counts as snarky
I.... don't think you do.
I thought that was hyperbolic, not snarky.
9:22 AM
same difference here
So wait, who did I offend? Serial killers?
more that you're basically what-about-ing in essence
or in a sense, doing the old "when did you stop beating your wife"
@forest It's not about offense, it's about getting this room back to normal levels of conversation instead of it being always on edge.
9:24 AM
@Tinkeringbell - It wasn't about swearing but about an image that I do not object to a CM reviewing. I have been asked not to do similar images due to standards somewhere so I won't again. It was funny until it turned into a ten minute debate. AFAIK the Mod's decision is final and this is closed.
I'd think that people focusing on one joke (which intentionally was made to not insult anyone or be belittling to anyone, for almost all moral standards) as if I just used a racist slur is... not a good way of keeping a room from being on edge.
@Rob well, the hard part here is getting the general tone right.
@Rob Oh, this was about the room in general... It's been a bit tense lately, with people trying to figure out how much they can get away with.
@forest I come from a place where both (and many others) are curse words. I can tolerate them, but assume others can't.
@Tinkeringbell - Can you see the deleted image? It wasn't meant to be offensive.
9:28 AM
@ShadowWizard you assume I was able to reach 10k on that site. Before becoming utterly bored by the "No Rep For You" effect.
just assume you're at work & talking to a manager
@Rob it's not offensive, but it could be NSFW when random colleagues looking at this
@Rob It's not really SFW either, so perhaps next time at least don't onebox it I guess. I'm okay with keeping those out entirely though.
@ShadowWizard and if you are wondering, I was talking about this same issue.
2 hours ago, by Rob
@JourneymanGeek I used to have time to spend days researching the answer to questions but after too many rewards of less than 30 rep for that and too many rewards of 100's of Rep for questions taking a few hours research it became apparent that many don't really care for the mind numbing answers, or even the difficult ones, and that small bites appeal to a bigger audience. I know that's sad, but I don't own it.
Understood, not repeated.
9:31 AM
@Derpy oh. :(
@ShadowWizard consider that telling someone on SO that asp button also had an OnServerClick property got me 33 votes
@Derpy voting is a strange mistress
almost as many as my top scored answer on Sharepoint.
26 messages moved to Trashcan
SO's bigger, and 33 people found it useful
My highest voted post was on aibobot, and basially telling someone how to turn numlock off
I mean ever.
9:33 AM
Yeah comparing SO voting to any other SE site voting isn't really fair. lol
I wrote it in abooooout 30 seconds when I was coming off work
Looking to earn reputation is wrong goal to have though.
A: My cat sat on my laptop, now the right side of my keyboard types the wrong characters

AibobotThat's the standard tenkeyless Num Lock key layout found on many PCs. Turn off Num Lock - on my Lenovo, it's Fn + F10, but the combination may vary by manufacturer.

If one has only that goal in mind, they'll most likely won't keep going for long.
@ShadowWizard its not.
Initially quite frankly, it was a way to keep myself occupied and feeling better about myself when I was unemployed
now its a mix of OOH SHINY PROBLEM, and being helpful
9:35 AM
My highest voted post is .... uh.... something that was on HNQ, and definitely not an expert on that site
A: Why is the 0 next to 9, not next to 1?

Andrew T.supercat and BowlOfRed's answers are right on the track, but I feel like there are some missing info that I can add. Note: Since OP mentions "On almost all keyboard layouts I have ever seen", I assume OP is talking about QWERTY layout, which "is the most common modern-day keyboard layout for ...

@JourneymanGeek same here. One line answer that took few seconds to think about and post:
A: How to allow only one radio button to be checked?

Shadow WizardSimply give them the same name: <input type="radio" name="radAnswer" />

ok, NOW new topic
Topic 2.0
There was something I was trying to remember...
I don't think meta has too much SHINY stuff
I think I was trying to hit 10k, and just got in the habit ;p
9:37 AM
@andmyself reminds me of my top answer in Movies.SE lol
amusingly I wanted to hit 10k to see a deleted post
ah that's better
@JourneymanGeek but this is a good Q&A that even my dad got stumped once!
New Technology File System
S <===> T
My next job I'll simply tell the owner that having a tavern is safe for work.
9:39 AM
(more readable than regex ^)
@Rob only when it also got same folk as here. So make sure to invite all of us. :D
Well, yeah, because this Tavern doesn't serve alcoholic drinks :/
No drinking or smoking at work, no warnings either (usually) depends if you're expendable.
@JourneymanGeek I meant that it is a little deluding when you get more rep for telling someone that a property exist (next time maybe try checking the intellisense autocompletion...) and nothing when you spend hours looking at SharePoint content db to try to help someone.
5 messages moved to Trashcan
9:43 AM
Add in the mix that I have a question/answer ratio of about 190 answers to 20 question... yet I basically never got a real answer to any of said questions...
@Rob warnings for what?
not really motivating.
@JourneymanGeek hmm?
then, when I browse the site, I find question like this one....
Q: SharePoint C# SendMail Not Sending Out Mail

gymcodePreviously, my SPUtility.SendMail function is working, email sent and received. But recently, the email was not sent out. Base on articles on the net, I tried setting HttpContext.Current to null before invoking SendMail and change HttpContext.Current back. But this method did not work. May I k...

"No longer works tell me why"
@ShadowWizard Any form of intoxication.
9:44 AM
no log. No additional detail. Nothing to base an answer on.
@Rob not coming to work drunk is common sense.
@Rob during work? Or also outside work?
True. But some are uncommon and not really necessary.
@andmyself The most understandable thing there is their complaining about answer standing at +0/-0 having received negative feedback
Maybe poor soul thought meta is the place when one should introduce themselves?
9:46 AM
@ShadowWizard During, before, lunch, or breaks.
@Rob not even allowed to smoke outside the building or a dedicated room for that? That's not good.
so, I have two options: a) starting a comment chain, becoming the poster helpdesk service while trying to walk-trough him to the solution of the problem. This will mean that as soon as the solution becomes evident 99% of the time someone will sweep in and post an answer that basically is what I just said in the comment - bonus point if it is the original poster doing so while saying "I found it without no help! Yay!"
Like a pilot.
@ShadowWizard It reads rantish, not like an introduction thing
Yeah, it's just unclear ranting, better not touch it, so it won't explode. ;)
9:47 AM
option b) is to post a GAA - Guess As Answer and hope that no one will downvote it since if is not an answer but only a "have you tried ..."
@Derpy Not to mention if it doesn't get an answer, the thread would enter a zombie mode and feed on the Unanswered tab's flesh
Depends on what you smoke. Also depends on whom you are, then you smoke inside and others silence or do your job and you take the day off.
I smoke mathematics
At the moment, that is
That's the best blend.
Q: Old science fiction story with an alien creature tapping Planck's constant

NancyAbout 50 years ago, I read a science fiction story in a "year's best" anthology. As I remember it, a guy was visiting a small moon and ran into a scary giant spider-like creature. He fired a shot, but missed. They somehow get trapped together. At some point, one or the other starts rapping o...

Holy crap that's so badass
9:51 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I like necromancing that stuff.
Why does someone in front of you that can shoot you from behind need a Planck's constant?
Who is Planck?
And why is he constant?!
@ShadowWizard not sure but you should ask his buddy Pi
Pie is more tasty
That extra "e" really adds a lot. :D
It tastes 2.78 times better!
@ShadowWizard That was mighty sociable of them. No good deed goes unpunished.
9:55 AM
@ShadowWizard So a total of 8,7 tasty!
Teach him to check in.
I feel sorry, but i is imaginary...
eye roll
Anyway, case closed:
The unclear formatting and punctuation makes it hard to get to the gist of what you're saying, but it seems you're wondering why an answer received negative feedback? Except it didn't, it's standing at 0 score with 0 downvotes or upvotes as of now. Or did you mean that you triggered a ban warning by "and i ask myself ¿block?. It is going to be my last answer probably on my "cv""? I would find that rather odd unless you have a large number of undeleted, poorly received answers. — M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ 1 min ago
Actually, I was thinking if the OP got a single downvote after it had an upvote before...
(ugh, I can't type with this laptop)
That's a net win.
10:00 AM
Maybe agriculturists have to receive positive feedback or they'd lose their job
At least it doesn't have spell (in)correct.
@andmyself Well, view vote totals tells me otherwise
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ ah, that userscrupt
Inb4 EarthScience wonders what the hell random people are doing under a new, weird meta post
We just added to the weirdity. High five
Small sites have nearly zero meta activity so don't think anyone from that site really saw that.
10:02 AM
@ShadowWizard Small sites are usually quietly run by a handful of users and couple of mods
ES.SE has hichris1234
Those are the guys that are gonna wonder
@andmyself so? I bet he doesn't check the meta site every day.
I bet they do
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ in 6-8 days when they'll have the weekly meta visit, yeah.
10:03 AM
Oh, 20 minutes up. Back to deriving useless functions.
Your break time is so randomly periodic
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ f(X) + g(Y)
@andmyself - "watup es.se, so we chillin tonite homes?"
10:47 AM
nearly 7 months @ShadowWizard @Magisch @rene
#randomhorsepicture? :P
still horsing around
She? Looks great!
she looks horsesome
10:48 AM
I dunno
@Magisch beats monkeying around :)
This was the one with the wounded leg, right?
yep she's all good
10:51 AM
This is Padawan "Paddy" he is 12 months and much smaller that the one above him
@andmyself did anyone of the SCP-087 exploration party try to collect enough Power Stars before entering the endless stairwell?
11:31 AM
This on topic in SU?
@Derpy as much as they've heard about SCP-055
[Data Expunged]
@SurajRao no
@YvetteColomb cheers! :)
sd f
11:55 AM
Oookay... I just got an e-mail from someone named Anne Klaas. Now Anne is definitly female, but Klaas is as male as it gets for Dutch names... Now what!?
last names wheeee
Can you get away with addressing them by first name only?
@Tinkeringbell Look for a signature to maybe find plausibility in which is the first and which is the last name
@Mithrandir Last name doesn't say anything about gender here :(
@ArtOfCode I'm just going to stalk intranet for a picture and avoid using pronouns ;)
First name is those two names together
I think I can get away with 'vousvoyeren' here, and avoid the whole gender thing as it's a reply to that person anyways.
@Magisch anyone here is felling the urge to start an area51 proposal to create an scp.stackexchange.com?
12:08 PM
I'll join :)
@Derpy sounds like an actually plausible idea
for double effectiveness after it launches we write a scp featuring it
@Derpy I may do that later today
when I'm home
Aren't you supposed to get a community together first?
3 is one, right?
I think you need 50 :P
Also, I'm wondering if there won't be too much overlap with existing sites like Writing, WorldBuilding or SFF
I think you can write a proposal and then people have to commit to it
so I could write one and then advertise it
Not sure, will check when I get home
12:19 PM
someone remind me what SCP is
@ArtOfCode Some sort of Illuminati like complot theory where there's all sorts of weird objects/animals with weird powers
sounds plausible
And an organization to collect and contain them
SCP - Sounds Completely Plausible
12:25 PM
@ArtOfCode scp-wiki.net prepare to lose ~200 hours of your life
@ArtOfCode a black hole collection of weird borderline creepypasta / x-file archive of fictional stuff, written in research paper / classified document style
basically, Paranoia meets X-Files.
you start reading, and 5 minutes later when you stop you discover that 6-8 timeunits have already passed elsewhere in the universe
many of the articles are cognitohazardous
@Tinkeringbell "Anne is definitly female" - nope. This bloke ain't no female: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_van_Kesteren
Is Google down for everyone, or have I landed at a really weird WiFi?
@JohnDvorak weird wifi
works for me
12:34 PM
@Tinkeringbell see also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne which says "Anne is sometimes used as a male name in the Netherlands, particulary in the Frisian speaking part"
@JohnDvorak Google would have been unresponsive for me too if I was tasting my WiFi
I can't proxy my laptop to test my home connection because its only RDP is by Google
Poll: bing? DDG? Anything else for images?
@MarkAmery Frisians don't count :P
But the last name does indicate Frisian origin, yes.
12:53 PM
What are the consequences of that? It can't be edited or voted I guess (?). I can see it myself. It is important for me my boss can view it (?). And also I would like to edit it myself after investigating a bit. — Universal_learner 32 mins ago
They remind me of random's revision comments
Yup. Random pile of words.
So they basically responded to my comment and I have no idea how to parse it or connect it to other parts of the thread
I need some sleep
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ WiFi taste is wonderful
Behold Both Legs?
1:05 PM
Between. Where's Derp and the uncouth thing?
Maybe he ignores you ;)
chatting in another room
but since you asked so nicely
@ShadowWizard @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ i.sstatic.net/ePLTw.png
and since the chat does not onebox images with multiple "reply to"
here is an additional free one so you don't have to click the link
@YvetteColomb I assume we're all invited for the 1st year birthday party?
@Derpy hey! Only @M.A.R. was uncouth!
1:20 PM
@ShadowWizard first rule of scolding: always also include @ShadowWizard to compensate for all the time he is alone in the room and thinks you won't notice.
1:58 PM
Fair enough! :D
At this point... that ES meta post...
Err.... okay.... after understanding the implicit problem stated in the meta answer, now I can see what's the problem...
2:25 PM
@ShadowWizard I see bare back!
2:40 PM
2:59 PM
@Rob just your imagination! I always protect my back. ;)
The one I clicked on had a saddle, yikes that one has a pole.
I wonder if a certain Anime.SE question is on HNQ right now?
Based on the posting date, I guess no...
3:19 PM
@ɪBᴜɢ any reason for changing the jiberish example to "sdhsgfdhsfdshs"?? Your last edit is pointless. I'd reject such edit if it would be suggested.
(as no improvement whatsoever.)
Also, when someone leaves link to their own site, it's spam, period. But I won't fight over it, so don't really mind your previous edit.
@Rob bare pole then?
@andmyself easy to check
Anyone here have a delphi 12+ compiler environment set up?
I don't see any anime questions in HNQ, and also don't see any "candidate" in the site itself. So not sure what you mean? @andmy
All the highly upvoted questions/questions with lots of views in front page are old, as far as I could see.
@ShadowWizard well, good to know, I assume the original title didn't attract much votes
@Magisch I still have computer with XP and Delphi 3 ready to compile projects. ;)
@andmyself hint? :(
I need someone who can compile a heidisql fork for me
since the project maintainer is uninterested in supporting mssql
3:26 PM
Oh... the one with Berserk? @andmy
@andmyself more likely other word in title is blacklisted from HNQ
(i.e. without it, question would be there)
@Magisch no Delphi chat in SO?
Doubt you'll find someone here who can help. :(
AFAIR, I didn't notice it the whole day, and this hotness userscript is broken after a small design tweak grrr
Submit but report to its author
Is it's on StackApps, they'll even get notified. lol
on MSE, but as a programmer, let me try debugging it first...
3:37 PM
@ShadowWizard 🦄 - There's the redacted version, top not secret.
@ShadowWizard Th gibberish example was only a side change. I wanted to describe the typical spam that should be flagged without bloating the paragraph, and I ended up attaching an image of an example.
Done, s/.vote-count-post/.js-vote-count, and it's only 9% now...
@Rob no tank
@andmyself well I'm pretty sure it was higher when the first answer was posted and got couple of upvotes.
@ShadowWizard I hit spam as hard as possible, frequently. Yesterday someone answered a question sufficiently and linked to their own blog post for a more in-depth explanation. Their blog was OnT and contained no ADs. I flagged it "fp-" and on the next line made a commentary that I was frustrated from finding sufficient reason to rate it as spam. So it is possible to "link to one's own site" even without a disclosed affiliation (since their site beared their name).
@Rob hmm... yeah, but those are very rare. More often people just write "See answer [in this awesome site]" and leave, expecting increase in their hit count and income.
3:47 PM
🦄🎽 - OK, you broke me, almost, there's the rest but the sash still covers half of it.
I see blank squares
wait, let me try in phone
@ShadowWizard True. We get all kinds over at CHQ.
Oh. Pony dress?? lol
@ShadowWizard I dislike that the emojis are not rendered exactly the same everywhere.
That's why it's better to be rendered as □ everywhere!
3:53 PM
@Rob well, at this point in time it's totally way beyond the "point of no return". Each OS, each device, has its own set, and renders it in different way. Totally silly, but lacking any authority that can enforce standards, that's the result.
@andmyself I suggest to replace the blank square will this: ♥
@ShadowWizard My translation is Unicorn Face - Running Shirt (Shown with Sash).
@ShadowWizard I think Steam uses that for filtering words...
@Rob hehe, nice. :)
@andmyself huh?! lol
Edited to seperate the two.
Like "♥♥♥♥ you!"? @andmy :P
This will surely make the one posting it angry as hell. :D
3:57 PM
For Arts you?
As long as the painting isn't painted using ...
@Rob ?
@andmyself lol! This reminds me, did tumblr survive the change?
It's almost a full month for them without xxx stuff.
Or from what I understand the xxx stuff is there, but just inaccessible to anyone.
@ShadowWizard Everything might have wound up in the trash but the last bit to come out is here: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=7477431#7477431 - You might see something by scrolling up, I can not.
@ShadowWizard The staff still likes it.
4:03 PM
@Rob hehe, might be!
@Rob oh. That paint. rofl
H's are silent.
@silent isn't pingable
Good old times...
Aug 6 '14 at 6:37, by DroidDev
@SilentKiller you broke the train :'(
@Rob in Hebrew, the letter equivalent for H is silent only when the last letter in a word.
Yes, silent letters can be odd. In the middle of the word they can separate parts and clarify the word. At the beginning or end you wonder why ruin the alphabetization or make it longer.
Rebooting, back in 2 min.
4:16 PM
@ShadowWizard and when it's not a female possessive
That's overly possessive, to retain the h.
We both must be making coffee, I know I am.
I'm not
He just bought a bunch.
Maybe he's also trying to have conversations in two rooms. @Mithrandir yesterday Smokey went down, I don't think you were pinged, do you have an instance for standby?
@Rob I do, but I'm not always available to bring it up. Especially when I'm asleep.
4:47 PM
@Mithrandir That's your fault
4:57 PM
@Mithrandir NP. Just thought I'd check, and at the time of asking I was available for a conversation; that's no longer the case.
5:21 PM
Is the code markdown for default broken?
For default?
default text
It's defined as a language for markdown rendering (main site though)
Kotlin doesn't seen to render at all, I kinda assumed default would at least try some rendering
Kotlin is actually a part of code prettify too xd
It should be already rendered as default
> Code Language (used for syntax highlighting): default -- Kotlin's tag info
It isn't. Tested in the sandbox, cross-referenced with Java
Though not on default
Sandbox? Do you mean MSE?
Because it's working on SO, however confusing it is
5:46 PM
MSE sandbox, yeah.
Support Kotlin in code highlighting -- default on SO, declined on MSE.
Oh, so it's limited to SO

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