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12:02 AM
Finally, time to update this:
A: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

Sonic Wizard April 2018 2018-04-27: The feature to allow <5 rep users to ask on the per-site meta about their own post was enabled on Stack Overflow. February 2018 2018-02-14: Post owners can no longer delete their own question if at least one of the answers has earned a bounty. 2018-02-13: Bounty own...

Not really. "please post only feature changes that affect the whole network"
(Not that I care about that list)
IPS had comments renamed as "suggestions for improvements", so ... ?
Don't you know??? SO is the whole network. 😉
12:18 AM
@Catija sometimes I wonder if that's literally a corporate blind spot
With 170+ other sites... you'd hope not. 😕
12:46 AM
We've heard that "TeamDAG is taking the lead on any product changes.", and D stands for Developer, so...
1:05 AM
what goes on in here?
Binge drinking.
::puts room on favourite's list::
Oh no! shog is here.
1:11 AM
::takes room off favourite's list::
@skull Oakland Raiders?
Despite being a San Diegan I was never a Chargers fan.
@Catija lol. Ya.
yeah, we don't like them either @SonicWizard
1:19 AM
Morning... going back to sleep... 😪
1:50 AM
Some of the results obtained by SO Data Science team may be tainted...
If you don't like bot-like communication between SO users... try giving their humanity a longer leash and observe the outcome (IPS comments enabled by association bonus).
you know the best way to test data? building an A.I. to achieve certain goals, tainted data should would give not accurate results
1:56 AM
it's like feedback loop to eliminate error
like putting theory into practice ... the best way to test data is to put it into use
I can see that sometimes, I'm just like the talkative muppet in that video.
2:27 AM
@SmokeDetector fp-
2:50 AM
@Derpy Never tell lies! But if users have misled themselves after reading your messages, then it's utterly misfortunate.
3:14 AM
I almost missed this great insight into the decision making process of SO leadership...
> Prior to that blog post going out, our executive team was hauled to the carpet by employees that were severely upset that we're not doing enough about this problem both internally and externally. People ended up crying meta.stackoverflow.com/revisions/366690/2
This deserves to be framed.
Next time you wonder about reasons for feature changes... it depends on who cried in whose office.
... or house.
@hey I just got another response that causes the survey to no longer have a majority of users choosing one option, so depending on responses I receive over the next couple of days I may keep it open for another week
3:21 AM
Judging by who is crying is biased, I cry on average once a week back when I was in the uni or fresh out of college.
I need to meet this quota somehow, and if I don't the next time I cry it will last much longer. It could be trigger by anything also ... like a movie
@Catija If I may ask, when is the expected delivery date of Bennett's brother?
@SonicWizard Mid October.
By the way, the overall assortment of frozen food at Trader Joe's is just impressive
@bro office? Pfft. We're a remote organization. It was a huge video call.
3:36 AM
I'm sure someone was in a hammock.
MSE is now my top-rep site... that... probably isn't a good thing.
can you tell if someone was actually sitting on the toilet while making this call (while muting sound) ... you probably can tell from facial expression, can't you ...
@Catija Meh, I now have three times as much rep on MSE as I did just before leaving SO (my then top rep site). The rest is all from random upvotes accrued over the course of three years.
Yeah... that's totally the same thing.
Edge bug (or possible feature): if you edit your Clipboard from a private window, then close all private windows, your Clipboard gets cleared.
@Catija Take a look at the yearly rep league for Meta, you'll see a lot of weird things about me
I'm just behind you if you exclude SE employees.
3:45 AM
Numerically, sure... there's still a 2K rep split.
But if you look at others around me, all of them are veterans. I'm the only "newbie".
Also, if you include about 1,100 rep gained on my old account (user215114), ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer: Cannot flash bricked Xiaomi by Nakel on android.SE
although must say, calls with 20+ high resolution video feeding is impression if all video streaming are going smoothly
hello, sorry for the interruption, but could anyone please help me understand the disagreement on this meta post? meta.stackexchange.com/q/309511 I could not interpret from the comments why this is necessarily such a bad feature request. Thank you
I sometimes join group video calls. It's still sluggish over Wi-Fi despite it being about 250 Mbps each way. I usually have to plug in my Ethernet cable, which brings it up to 900+ Mbps each way.
Well, it was abused by a user who kept offering 50-rep bounties not just for rep, but to just keep promoting the question because he was the author of a project mentioned in the answer: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/91814/…Sonic Wizard yesterday
3:49 AM
@SonicWizard but this is a feature request to change what used to happen, isn't it? With the new mechanics that I've proposed, how could it still be abused in that way?
Besides, when you select "reward existing answer" as the reason, there's no check to ensure you're only awarding the bounty to an existing answer. You could lie about your purpose.
@GaurangTandon You have to consider the technical burden behind the request as well. Right now, the "featured" tab just lists all bounty questions. But with your FR in place, it will have to go into the history of each question and check which notice is attached. Currently, the reason is saved in a separate "notice" event; it's likely that the featured tab just checks the "bounty" event.
@SonicWizard I actually found the mechanic to be pretty simple, maybe I didn't describe it in enough detail. I want it to work this way: when I would select "reward existing answer" as the bounty reason, the webpage would immediately - without leaving that page - ask me to select one of the answers below that post. Once I select one of the answers, the bounty is immediately applied to that answer. That's it.
And if I exit the page without awarding the bounty, then no bounty is started.
@GaurangTandon Adding more detail when you first post is less likely to make it incur downvotes first.
okay let me edit it
3:58 AM
I think folks just have a kneejerk reaction against changes to core mechanics
@JourneymanGeek i wouldn't call it a change, everything else stays the same, but just that now the "reward existing answer" bounty would be forcefully applied immediately. And that makes sense.
okay fine that really is a change
It is!
I'm not saying you're wrong,many of these make sense, and it does work more in line with what most people assume a bounty to be.
(Since maaan I go "a bounty is reputation spent to advertise a post" a lot)
hmm right
4:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: How to diagnose Run-time error 429? by Sophie Tucker on superuser.com
Female name, blacklisted website, and posted on SU - exactly one type of spammer
okay I pushed an update to that meta post, please have a look. Thanks!
@SonicWizard why would a person want to post that on MSE? didn't they have a look at the existing questions before? MSE has literally zero questions about physics :/
A: Why do users often ask blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta?

Sonic WizardUpdate (January 23, 2018): This answer previously contained a canned comment containing a link to a survey I was running to determine why users post off-topic questions here. Per a request from an SE employee, the link has been removed, and the survey is no longer accepting responses. The team i...

4:22 AM
oh nice thanks
@SonicWizard Post 1: Already recently reported [ MS ]
5:07 AM
sd tpu-
5:32 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: Ethereum Testnet mobile app wallet by hacktar on ethereum.SE
@TelKitty still no new born
Oo :(
cancelled trip this weekend because sick anyways
@YvetteColomb I see you two other foals are doing fine :D
@YvetteColomb 2 chatrooms are waiting with baited breath ;p
5:41 AM
Q: Can anything be "bated" but one's breath?

timothymhWe are all no doubt familiar with the phrase "with bated breath," but is it ever used in other contexts?

It's spelled correctly less than half the time...
next question: is CPR baiting breath?
@bro alas
the english language she is a cruel mistress.
also, I have been feed chickens my leftover - corn, salmon etc, and one of my chicken sneezed, have I passed my flu on to my chicken??
only if its bird flu
5:51 AM
then maybe my chicken can pass it on to local pigeons - they come to steal chicken feed every day
omg, what have I done?!!
Q: Data Structure and Algorithm

Emmanuel OppongYou are to develop an inventory system for a retail shop to enhance the productivity and stock management. Discuss which data structure would be more appropriate and why.

Did not receive much compassion
I donno
I'd be ok with the first three comments
2 hours later…
7:31 AM
sd tpu-
8:07 AM
@bro maybe we can ask that OP which comment worked best for them ...
sd tpu-
@rene Good answer BTW
Just don't **** me off
Flowers in the morning ts, ts
8:22 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I didn't want to use the xkcd but yeah, that basically is it
"Oh, and bring your sense of humor. Just in case."
Oida grantler => @rene
and that ^^
Can someone give me a markup tip, how to link image sources with the image directly? (in an answer post)
? doesn't compute ?
bayrisch for grumpy flower
8:37 AM
I think he means if you click on the image it should open the source/link?
Ah regarding the markup. I meant to link the original source
What rene said
or link to the source with a link in sub tags
<sub><a href="https://source"><i>text</i></a></sub>
8:43 AM
Your first one worked out well.
What a strange game. The only way to win is not to play at all :)
Should be usual for serious buddhists :)
I wonder what they'll do with results from the survey filled in that was linked in the blog post
9:16 AM
presumabky release it in a blog post
I slept, I woke up, I won...
and that is true wisdom
9:29 AM
@hey if that's a game, everyone loses in the end
9:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in title, blacklisted user: Uso da expressão "Tupi-Guarani" by Paulo de Tarso Oliveira Bastos on portuguese.SE
@SmokeDetector why now???
Title - Position 24-31: Guarani
Body - Position 66-73: Guarani, Position 339-346: guarani
Blacklisted user - blacklisted for //portuguese.stackexchange.com/questions/5277 (https://m.erwaysoftware.com/posts/by-url?url=//portuguese.stackexchange.com/questions/5277) by the metasmoke API
10:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body: SOLVED Looking for a good laptop by martinjoi on hardwarerecs.SE
10:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer, potentially bad keyword in username, toxic answer detected: Can anyone please provide me the procedure for Narasimha Puja, in English? (Not Lakshmi Narasimha) by Supravat on hinduism.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer, toxic answer detected: Can anyone please provide me the procedure for Narasimha Puja, in English? (Not Lakshmi Narasimha) by Sundarar on hinduism.SE
10:54 AM
sd poof
already past 2 minutes :(
11:18 AM
@PrincessLuna I realized that a second too late.
Quick question: I accidentally flagged a comment as offensive (on Meta.SE), but cannot retract my flag. Is there anything I should do, or just let it expire in 48 hours naturally?
You'll just have to wait for it to be rejected or 'til it expires
comment flags can't be retracted
11:49 AM
@rene See he accepted my (more) friendly, but still not less saying answer more than yours without any comment at all.
Sorry for pinging 3 times
sd tpu-
@πάνταῥεῖ I was very much aware my answer wasn't friendly
Probably was before your 1st morning coffee ;-)
sure :)
And made a user happy and left with more experience:
@RannLifshitz "please state this via comments to some of the answers here. " Well, read my answer again please! — πάντα ῥεῖ 8 mins ago
12:10 PM
noted ;)
12:37 PM
I also have just thrown out all the biased snark from my profile. Time for spring-cleaning
The greeks will love it :-D
For the close voters. This is a network wide problem, and not restricted to SO. I know that no one likes do discuss about that point at the current situation. — πάντα ῥεῖ 20 secs ago
iceland is cool as far it was reported to me
@πάνταῥεῖ casted a re-open vote
12:57 PM
And the nice thing is, it's a self explaining example.
FR: a penalty of 50 reps for every approved rude/abusive comment flag
... perhaps after mod flag's UI has been improved
The second part is important.
A: Can we tinker with the "beginner question" multi-field format for other sites too?

Mee Too6 issues not understand work, stuck ''New Devices not found / usb 1-2 Power overload'' flashing middle screen 2 weeks. SAMSUNG STAFF = IMPOSSIBLE TO FIX = REMOTE BROKE? TRUE OR FALSE

Needs a delvote
1:12 PM
@hey Which weird idea is this now?
impromptu idea, because there's no direct penalty for abusing comment for now
@hey I don't think the mods would like to get a 50 rep penalty each time they mark a redflag helpful ...
... communication skill is better than language skill :s
@rene ow
A poem:
"Red herrings, red herrings swim around me in swarms. I'm begging, I am begging, they do me no harms."
1:17 PM
@hey that's a known problem yes. But no problem as you can see I understand perfectly what you mean ...
I am a markdown looser :P
> formatting doesn't work
*on multi-lines message...*
@hey A ping for penalty! ;-)
1:31 PM
1:48 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer, toxic answer detected: How to copy a directory from one hard drive to another with every single file? by Duke_00 on askubuntu.com
sd tpu-
@TelKitty Cool cat you are <3
@rene There's a chance the OP might reverse accepting my answer after my edits done.
2:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body, pattern-matching email in body: Ubuntu 16.04 screen starts to flicker and slide to the left by Alexa M on askubuntu.com
Horrible VLQ thing
Q: Ubuntu 16.04 screen starts to flicker and slide to the left

Alexa MI’m experiencing a problem with my notebook screen. It’s working just fine, then suddenly starts to flicker and slides to the left (and a little to the bottom), making it impossible to use. With luck, I can click for restart the notebook, but in most cases it needed a forced shutdown by pressing ...

No gender bias please!
> Thanks in advantage.
Q: Few questions on user suspensions

RickrossIt is extremely disappointing for a highly active and a fairly contributing user if he is banned for a period of 6 months or one year or more. Probably he may not even feel like coming back again after the ban period is over. I understand that the ban reasons must be quite substantial in such ca...

2:23 PM
man. those are always "fun"
We have fun everytime a user is deleted or suspended.
I guess I sighed "at last, they deserved that"...
@πάνταῥεῖ OR ELSE!! :p
cheers. fixed
I just worked a 12 hour shift ;p
2:31 PM
@NogShine Heads up @Nog
@πάνταῥεῖ Thanks. But why?
long story
Am I in a trouble now? 😨
2:51 PM
I can't find a MSE post to defend myself againse this comment:
@iBug - we're hard enough on newbies who don't know how to handle SE. Why should we make it even harder? See the sidebar, top right - stackoverflow.blog/2018/04/26/…Tetsujin 3 mins ago
It's about whether we should translate non-English posts for the OP.
Of course we shouldn't, so is there a "canonical" referenelce that I can quote or link?
If the post is salvageable English, we should help.
Q: We need to help non-English-speakers somehow

SampsonI saw a guy from Portugal today attempt to ask a rather simple question. But the question was so horribly confusing that he started getting down-voted, and close-voted. After discovering where he was from in his profile, I invited him in the comments to ask his question in Portuguese also - this ...

SO, here's the thing.
Jeff Atwood on July 23, 2009

Since this came up on meta, here’s our official policy towards non-English questions on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User.

(note that I say “programming” below, but this policy is the same across all the sites — when reading, you should substitute the actual topic of the site you use, e.g. “sysadmin topics” for Server Fault, etc.)

It is not, nor has it ever been, our goal to be the one place in the world for all programming information in every possible human language. …

Minimal effort would be nice.
If you see a site's all in english, and you post in some other language, it makes it hard for everyone else to help you
bad english mixed with unavoidable other languages we can live in
or heck even google translate
People need to take exactly the sort of steps they expect others to take
Broken English is better than non English
2:56 PM
and there's less of an excuse if you're in one of the language SOs
bad English mixed with uncomprehending 中文
last time I remember, we told not to, especially for question... because even though it helps OP getting an answer in English, the answer itself might not help OP due to the language barrier (and possible Google Translate's lost in translation)
Q: How do I deal with non-English content?

Cool GuyWhat action should I take if I come across non-English content? Does the amount of non-English content make any difference? Return to FAQ index

@SmokeDetector for someone who joined MSE as the first site and took a tour...
Poor culture fit; did not like comment deletion.
Google Translate failed badly on the related meta post... even from the title: "Ban moderator (♦)"
About that Hinduism suspension... if it's necessary so that the rest can dig out from the mudslide of meta posts and get something done on the main site, it looks like a good decision.
It's still morning for me, so when I read that Stack Overflow is working with Fastly to disable TLS < 1.2 along with the rest of the modern internet I thought SO is going to disable the modern internet... Not a bad idea.
3:56 PM
@bro O_o
4:14 PM
Minirant follow up: I have not received any links to specific cases of discrimination. Offer still stands - one link to specific discrimination against someone based on a protected category, one suspension.
I probably won't suspend someone if it was four years ago and they've shaped up, but I'll find something useful to do to their account
Eh. You are supposed to listen and nod in agreement, not to ask for facts.
@Undo My guess is there aren't any
@user5389107 (that haven't been flagged as R/A and led to a suspension already)
Well yeah
Finding misconduct as an user is really hard on this site because it's all already dealt with usually
4:32 PM
@Undo I don't have that for you, but while looking for anything I found stackoverflow.com/a/50075355 which looks rather strange, maybe look into it for a voting ring?
I should sleep early... too tired, really not feeling wheel...
One good thing I see coming from the blogpost is well-articulated pushback by those who actually use Stack Overflow (but probably would not bother writing on the topic otherwise). Nicol should do it more often.
@hichris123 the other answers are not less suspicious... duplicate answers, a random comment by another similar answerer's username, most of them mentioned Surat as their location and worked at same company...
Yeah, definitely looks like something odd there.
Comments like this are what I think people most think of when they say that SO is rude:
I said it wouldn't compile because your loadedCart is incorrectly constructed. You should not be using an array of [String:Any]. You've been given lots of correct explanations on how to do this right. Do it. (Actually the answer you rejected, from Sh_Khan, though somewhat allusive, was exactly correct.) — matt 3 mins ago
uuuuuuse the viewwww debugggggerrrrr Luuuuuuke! — matt 19 hours ago
4:51 PM
I'm out of comment flags, but maybe Tavern can nuke that right now?
IIRC it takes 3 flags
Yeah, somehow I have a feeling I'm going to be flagging a lot of comments today...
I mean the second one... I don't have a problem with the first.
When talking to a person who is hard of hearing, one has to raise their voice. Not to be rude, but to come through.
But imagine that's a new user to SO... are they ever going to want to come back if they are told "I said X. Do it."?
It might not be per se rude, but it definitely doesn't leave a good taste in someone's mouth.
4:55 PM
That's their decision.
People are entitled to feel how they feel about things.
The comment may be useful to others.
And they're also entitled to some sense of decorum as a fellow human.
The comment may be useful, but it needs a tone change.
And the OP of the question needs a question ban.
4:59 PM
Looking at their other "contributions", I'm sure I won't be sad if they decide to leave.
The OP has 2 problems: 1 was asked and answered, the other doesn't belong to the same question (or even has been addressed by another answer, but deleted?)
> and you'll be surprised with a poof (in whatever direction).
5:15 PM
And I wonder, is there any survey/research conducted on the perceived rudeness based on country?
@hey That's a thing going on worldwide, yes.
For every country, and especially their leaders.
I have this bias that westerners prefer to have direct and sometimes blunt responses compared to easterners who prefer to apologizing first
bash me for this stereotyping
Yeah, that's a racist view. With a bit of kitchen psychology knowledge mixed in.
Did you actually understand what's making the humor in BBT?
I.. am not following many shows, did you mean this BBT?
Bluntness is one point of professionality. What makes you efficient and successful most of the time. There's company politics involved on the other hand.
@hey Nope.
5:26 PM
I haven't heard the term BBT before, I'm lost :(
Try "Why is Sheldon Cooper such an unpleasant person?"
Ah, Big Bang Theory. I knew that show and that character, though I didn't follow it much.
And yes, Sheldon is probably the most memorable character
I ever thought it was Penny ;)
My todays tee says
"Schrödinger's cat is DEALIVDE" more or less :)
5:47 PM
@bro ooh, that is a good essay.
Gonna chew on that for a bit
5:58 PM
@Undo So there's some clarification that needs to happen here: This isn't a "totally doesn't happen, prove it to me" campaign. This is a "I have tools to fix cases, throw me the cases to fix" campaign. Apologies if anyone understood it the first way, I'm not that person.
With each case I see, I'll become a stronger supporter of this movement. There's definitely an element of proving this to myself, but not in a challenging-other-people's-feelins way.
6:13 PM
@rene Not a duplicate. This was the original discussion post, while the linked target was the resulting feature request: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/366373/…
Next idea: make beer accessible to those under 21 (in the U.S.)
Sounds like a good idea, but you won't like the product.
Better sponsor smoking :)
6:18 PM
I wouldn't want my 5-year-old to drink
Was referring to the concept of non-alcoholic beer, to be clear.
Yeah, 5-year olds behave weird when drunk :P
And even if they believe they are
"Empathetic SO" is like "non-alcoholic beer".
But that's not beer?
Yes, and that won't be SO.
6:20 PM
Read everything I said recently again @bro
@bro Don't you have an alternative account with 1 rep on SO? Can you test the new feature to ask about one's own post?
Reminds me of that 50yrs Big Mc campaign.
@πάνταῥεῖ Sorry, that would get me trapped in the Cantor paradox.
Take the carrot
6:27 PM
Besides Gödel, there ever were Escher and Bach
@Undo I understood, and TBH, I really seldom never found the discrimination issue while naturally browsing SO. Though, if we want to do witch hunt, then comment search on SEDE might help...
witch/warlock hunt; mind the gendered language.
Speaking of making beer non-alcoholic...
A: How to store a bottle of beer once it has been opened?

Dawn MaddenAll this talk about flat beer. I just want to know. If you open a beer, And drink it 2 days later, Is there alcohol in it. Or does it disappear. Can someone answer this simple question please.

6:41 PM
Hello. Welcome to SA. Please answer in a factual way, with references, perhaps. We want you to enjoy, and good answers with references and factual backing get upvotes. Upvotes make posters smile. SMiles are good. — MarsJarsGuitars-n-Chars 4 hours ago
So empathetic.
> Gelatin is defiantly not vegan
@JourneymanGeek that sounds a little fishy :)
base-64 image won't one-box, as far as I know...
6:45 PM
This may not be well known. However, highly talented men and women are different. Highly talented men, tend to be very strong in math skills and weak in verbal skills. Tech is a good fit for them. Highly talented women tend to be good at math and have strong verbal skills. As a consequence, they can go into a wide variety of fields. Why would women go into Tech when they have better opportunities elsewhere? — Peter Schaeffer 3 hours ago
seems talented women are only good at maths..
@Shog9 we're not dealing with any prejudice in the industry at all.. why would a woman want to go into programming? Love how he totally misses the point that women might enjoy it
BTW I am a woman and not turned off by SO at all. — DaImTo Apr 7 at 16:35
6:48 PM
Is calling somebody "striped" an insult? english.stackexchange.com/a/443949
@YvetteColomb There's a point here though
One cool thing of my avatar is it even contains a gender bias. :-D
Natural inclination does play a role in skewing the percentages, but not to the extent they're currently skewed
@hey yeh, there's always going to be a backlash ..
same reason more women are child care workers, statistically speaking not a lot of men have that skillset and enjoy it
Which is of course not to say broad trends apply to the individual
6:55 PM
That good lady went away from us recently BTW :-(
@YvetteColomb ah... So that's why management is predominantly female.
my company is actually 2/3 eastern european women
not sure why just everyone in the lab and all of the material scientists are
Speaking of, management page has not been updated after the departure of CMO and COO.
@user5389107 that's the opposite of what he's saying though
And apparently Jay's title is now different.
6:58 PM
Subtracting CMO leaves 0 women on that page.
@Shog9 Yes that is a bad comment
But I don't remember a passionate blog post about that.
And I'm not sure where I was going with that argument
@bro I know a CRO (Chief relaxation officer) from my recent job.
Q: How to get people around the network to stop holding grudges?

D.HutchinsonI've often encountered very rude comments by high-repped users around the network - particularly at the Interpersonal Skills site - and these comments do not align with the views of Stack Exchange, e.g. its Theory of Moderation. For example, if I ask a question that's on-topic and is based on ...

6:59 PM
Also... I'd hesitate to classify programmers as a group as "highly talented"
I mean... They let me do it. There's clearly a low bar
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