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8:01 PM
Alright, I get a special mention in the code? cool.
Hey, I'm writing up a "how to ask", so can I link to that, in like a comment?
@AaronHall like the checklist: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/260648/…
no this is a little more meta.
8:19 PM
more meta? Who is your intended reader then?
@rene This message seemed a little harsh -- and while the room owner was correct, you don't want to make it so no one questions a room owner.
@tchrist I write it using ALT+1 so thought it's some basic character...
That's what ALT+1 gives.
@hichris123 yeah, sure, but I'm handling this RO bashing now for over 8 hours, I'm done with it
@tchrist heh, quite different
8:21 PM
Also, this is paint-by-numbers: trust the code points not your eyes. Always.
☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙ - ALT 1-10
Stupid POBoxen.
@rene There was some validity to the original claim... rule #1 of how to deal with possibly offensive messages is not to joke about the possibly offensive message (unless it's something that could not possibly ever be offensive, like 12345 or something like that).
@rene making fun of @Unicode
@hichris123 sorry but I'm not going to re-do this whole day of chat I had with numerous folks in front and behind the screens with you. FirstStep started the stuff by asking if he could use the word boobs. He had been there whole day, I see that as a way to provoke us. I'm sorry but we don't need to stay nice with those kind of users. I'm told and coached to step up my moderation when I see fit. I do see fit, so I step up my actions.
Who's bashing who?
I think you took the right action, but you could've worded it better. Like "Knock it off." or something to that effect.
@hichris123 yes, each other, I'm on the other end ...
... you're not a part of the community? Sorry, I don't follow.
@AaronHall shhh... don't interrupt the drama (and no real bashing here, just deep discussion about how to moderate chat rooms.)
8:29 PM
@hichris123 sure, I'll add that to my arsenal of words to use
@hichris123 I deserve the same respect.
What, are we discouraging kick-happiness now?
@rene :) Just think of something strong and firm but not mean.
@rene True, but you still have to be nice in the face of meanness.
@AaronHall from what I see, just discussing what to say when kicking
@AaronHall Actually, that's a good idea. Kicks could've helped here.
@hichris123 pfff
8:33 PM
@rene Remember, mean + nice can de-escalate. Mean + mean can keep the same/escalate.
Also, timeouts are wonderful.
@hichris123 I'm really not in the mood for this. Can we drop it for now and re-visit this in the weekend?
Or drop it forever. :) Maybe you should go to sleep...
de-escalation is good.
@hichris123 no he still got at least 23 minutes
What, did you set rene's bedtime or something?
8:37 PM
Anyone for icecream?
me me me!
@hichris123 of course!
@AaronHall waiting for more customers
feels tricked
@hichris123 I fixed it for you in the room, my way.
Yeah, that looks great. :)
8:41 PM
OK, I'll just put it here. Whoever wants will take a bite. Or byte. Or leak. :D
A: Is there any way to follow an user?

NealWith a car. Perhaps motor or bicycle?

Too creepy? or naaah?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA too funny for MSO
8:52 PM
@ShadowWizard :-P
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10:10 PM
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