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@hichris123 It's vectory art, perfect for SVG.
A: Why are most game controllers left handed?

R J Hode@ user1757436 stimulus response association is built not innate, we aren't born associating a red traffic light to the braking pedal. We learn it. So is stimulus response of game controllers. In other words, most people grow up using left handed controllers and therefore it becomes natural to the...

[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: Why did G.K. Chesterton convert to Catholicism? by user11336 on christianity.stackexchange.com
7:16 PM
@SmokeDetector eww
I'd flag it as offensive without the context of the question.
The whole site is crap.
@bjb568 It has 8k users, so someone likes it :-)
LQ users
You can see similar on SO
Thankfully bjb can't vote on users
passed c++ audit
@rene Done
@rene Wrong room?
7:27 PM
All pins cleared @Roombatron5000. Sorry for the delay....
You gave in to the bots, @Inf. ;P
@bjb568 yes, sorry
@InfiniteRecursion Maybe pin this?
Noooo, I didn't @hichris123
7:29 PM
@InfiniteRecursion wonderful, thanks and sorry for filling up your inbox
Enough pins!
@rene I just had two pings :)
Enough bjb!
you sure?
for (true) ping(inf)
@Braiam :O
7:32 PM
@Doorknob wouldn't it then need to be for(;;)p(i)?
If ping isn't already in your context.
But inf -> i is probably a good idea
@hichris123 so now @inf === i, noted
Not to be confused with I, of course.
7:43 PM
@SmokeDetector ignore-eww
@bjb568 One of my friends sent an iPhone through a washing machine. Put it in a bag of white rice, works perfectly. Amazed me.
@SmokeDetector I'm in a fence... that answers the question...
Sounds painful
Barbed wire?
@Undo he didn't say "literally"
7:50 PM
don't even get me started on that word. It's literally the most ambiguous and useless word ever.
I'd say the most ambiguous is "can".
I can can can cans, for example.
Ooh, thanks for reorganizing the pins, @Inf. :)
or perhaps "abusive". That one's pretty ambiguous, too
Can somebody summarize (or link to an article) what's wrong with having <script> and <style> in the HTML, rather than having them in separate files?
english, please
8:01 PM
You don't like the logicz?
reason: inline scripts don't benefit from caching
Not if the whole page is cached...
rarely is
I can make it be cached.
What if there's only like 20 lines of CSS?
> There is a tradeoff here between requests and cacheability: including the CSS directly in the HTML avoids making an additional request to the external CSS resource, but if the CSS file is large (and doesn't change often), it may be better to keep it separate from the HTML so that it can be cached by the browser. developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/filter-css-inline
8:05 PM
Maintainability can be another argument
I'm thinking of getting rid of all inline JS/CSS and banning it with CSP to be extra secure.
@rene I started converting some pages, it's a lot less bad than I thot having more files. I think separation of HTML/CSS/JS kind of has its elegance.
also, yeah... you want the separation of concerns
If you have more people working on that stuff having it in separate files is a benefit as well
less merging
if you use the same CSS on several pages... an extra file which is cached on first request and reused, even if small, it would be a big gain (also scalability)
8:09 PM
I also need to split some HTML out of the server file :p
Can we turn up the central heating a bit? Someone is having bluefeet
8:24 PM
@rene you are lucky that bluefeet doesn't have diamond here yet
I know, this was the last chance I could risk it....
@bjb568 Then probably don't bother; it's a whole 'nother request.
@hichris123 But I only have a couple of those, I kinda want to do the CSP blocking…
@hichris123 you would need to bother if you were on my project....
8:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: Seagate Momentus XT corrupting files (Linux and Mac) by Michael on superuser.com
@bjb568 ... you don't even have SSL set up correctly... and you're worrying about security? O..kay.. then.
But really, you're adding another request.
Man in the middle attacks aren't all that common. XSS is way easier to do.
You won't need a DNS lookup... but it'll still cost 50-500ms.
Anyway, I'm doing stuff in stages, progressing toward having a production-ready site.
@bjb568 That's a lie. Most corporations are MiTM'ing with webfilters.
Now, if that's malicious or not... shrug
in the eye of the beholder.
8:32 PM
Yeah, I'll get SSL running, sometime.
Now, if you feel passionate enough about it… you could do it yourself!
@bjb568 That would involve me learning node.
Well, maybe -- next week.
Then I'll be out of school.
I'll have more time too.
you poor boys, I'm out of school college since yesterday!
(and I start the 1 of June again T_T)
8:37 PM
Oh, college isn't skewl now?
I'm out of school since 1994
Er... okay
8:41 PM
The first sentence is true.
The next two, I don't even.
I don't think fasting is on the job requirements for CMing.
@Undo bjb meant he's not going to eat the aforementioned bird
I guess it's a good idea not to try to eat your soon-to-be overlord.
I don't suppose there's any way to make a 700x600 image not look horrible in a 1080p video?
8:43 PM
@hichris123 You might try turning it into a vector, depending on what it is
@Undo It's a png.
but what is it a picture of?
Text? Diagram? Kitteh?
@Undo A picture of text?
Text + characters... basically a comic book slide.
@bjb568 The world is a scary place
@hichris123 yeah, try Inkscape
A: App to convert existing image files to vector graphics?

Kelly ThomasInkscape is an opensource vector graphics program available for Linux, Mac and Windows. It supports raster to vector conversion using the Potrace bitmap tracing engine as documented in this tutorial. It supports at a minimum png input and svg output. Here is sample output: Top row left to r...

8:46 PM
ooh cool.
Expect it's downloading at 0.1 MB/s. :(
make it faster!
@hichris123 Windows installer downloads fine for me
give it some vroomvroom
I'll be back in 8 minutes. :P
What's speedof.me say?
8:50 PM
@Undo 10 Mbps.
So 1.25 MB/s.
@hichris123 Try the https version of the download link
I've run into problems before with ISPs "helping" with caching.
60 down, 6 up for me
Supposedly gigabit is coming to here soon.
@Undo That was https.
oh, weird
Finally done.
9:06 PM
@Undo I think I'm just going to leave it. Doesn't handle all of the colors I'm using too well.
See, people type worse than me.
9:48 PM
Q: Is it possible to have CSP only apply to the parent frame, not any iframes?

bjb568If I have a webpage with CSP set to: default-src 'self'; img-src * Or similar, and I have an iframe like such: some legal content <iframe sandbox="allow-scripts" srcdoc="&lt;script>alert('arbitrary code')&lt;/script>"></iframe> Is it possible to allow the code in the iframe to disobey the p...

@bjb568 are those html entities actually there?
the < in particular
@Braiam Yes
It's inside the srcdoc, so it needs to be escaped.
Is there any way to do something like this? (add a divider in one column of a table where the text ends in the other column)
^ (in my poor artwork)
10:13 PM
@hichris123 what kind of table?
Of course it's ⋄.
@Yes An HTML table.
@Doorknob yeah.
Does it have to be a table?
Just set the td on the top left to border-bottom: 1px solid black.
10:15 PM
It would make it a lot easier if it was, @bjb568.
no, was
It would have to be super hacky and terrible if it weren't a <table>.
@Doorknob ... here we go.
So if the left column only has 1 cell before the line, the td will expand to fill the tr's height.
10:17 PM
Oh wait nevermind that's not my problem at all. :P
MCRV ∨ whatever the acronym is
^ Okay, actual problem.
The text on the left column is in the middle, of course.
But it should be in the middle of the top left <td>.
Now, I don't want to hardcode a pixel amount... so... is there an easier way to align it?
Make an empty <td> in the bottom left?
Right, but then it shows a border.
So make it not have a border
10:20 PM
Even if I make it show no borders... it still looks weird.
Weird how?
Why do I feel that you shouldn't be using a table for this?
@hichris123 vertical align 25%?
@Doorknob Uh hold on...
@Doorknob Oh right, the bottom right isn't a cell, it's just part of the <td> with an <hr>.
10:25 PM
Make it another <td> then
Is that the easiest way?
You have failed me, CSS.
@hichris123 No, you just don't understand how to use CSS.
@bjb568 Well, I should at least be able to align it above the middle without hardcoding a pixel value.
I don't care if it's aligned with the text or not.
I just want it higher up.
10:31 PM
You want to have a table with 4 tds, for some reason, but only have 2?
This is also trivial to do without tables, which you probably shouldn't be using for this.
10:51 PM
@bjb568 CSS Purists: 0.001% of web developers; "I just want the stuff to look good on the page": The rest.
11:08 PM
11:19 PM
Purity would be using <table> for tables and not using it for non-tables. It wasn't very clear whether the thing that hichris wants has the meaning of a table.
Is it tabular data, you mean? No.
You not only don't understand how to use CSS, you also don't understand semantics in HTML.
11:42 PM
unless you have firefox 39, install that ^
Is this for Logjam?
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