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3:02 PM
@rene wow... "I've seen lots a really terrible"
@hichris123 Yeah, me too...
@hichris123 u can haz editing privs ;)
Not enough green!! one more to go...
@nicael He's a mod.
He can edit even comments.
@Frank u missed ;), didn't you?
3:05 PM
@nicael Huh?
@Frank huh?
@nicael Huh?
3:09 PM
wat huh???
3:14 PM
My "huh" got trapped between two craps :/
@InfiniteRecursion huh?
@InfiniteRecursion Huh?
@InfiniteRecursion Huh?
3:15 PM
@Inf huh?
I... I just dunno anymore...
Okay, this is all a big misunderstanding.
3:16 PM
Speak up
wat do u mean?
@nicael huh?
I am trying to join the huh train
3:17 PM
@InfiniteRecursion what?
Forget it, I was trying to join the train
@InfiniteRecursion huh?
I disagree
3:19 PM
oh no, phams here.
@Doorknob yuck.
jcolebrand vanishes for some reason just now...
Confusion Detected (97.8%): Frank, Infinite, Doorknob, Sam & nicael, in Tavern on the Meta.
3:21 PM
@Pham Confusion? huh?
@Frank Crap
@Pham no, Frank tree.
Why does everyone in the tavern ask so many questions nowdays? :/
@InfiniteRecursion Why do you ask?
3:23 PM
If I answer that will I get rep?
@rene yes?
@Inf if i delete my answer then will my account block ? :p
Should I leave the tavern?
3:24 PM
Should I say hi?
What is happening?!
What is the meaning of life?
Is there a meaning of life?
When will the bank hand out free samples of money?
3:24 PM
Take me out of here!!!
Sam: For testing purposes?
@Unihedron $(".leave").click()
@hichris123 Noooo not jquery!!
In which direction?
@Sumurai8 Yesterday?
3:26 PM
You asked when the bank will hand out free samples of money
No, I did?
Did you?
No, that was my clone?
Wait, you have a clone?
You implemented Cloneable?!
Maybe, but you must use IDisposable too?
3:31 PM
/me leaves
I think I gave up trying to understand this room?
What room?
3:34 PM
@InfiniteRecursion did you miss question mark ?
@Unihedron :?
No, I miss my nemesis :(
I miss cupcake :(

Proposed Q&A site for enthusiast recreational dancers and professional dance performers and instructors across a variety of dance genres, including (but not limited to) ballet, salsa, hip-hop, belly, and pole dancing. If you dance at least once a week, then we want you!

Currently in definition.

3:36 PM
I miss seeing good questions :(
^ his proposal
@Sam which field you follow?
@Unihedron The one with a fence round it.
Business cat:
user image
3:53 PM
@hichris123 nice ducks :)
@Sam Stop looking on SO.
@Frank Like we're not programmers.
@Unihedron There's programmers...
@Frank Stop looking on GL.
3:58 PM
Stop looking
I demand free cookies
@Sam But I don't miss seeing good questions. I see a bad question, and I work on it, and it becomes a good question.
I also demand that time advances with 6 hours or so
@Sumurai8 It goes fast enough as it is...
@Frank Try working on every bad Q you see on SO ;)
@Sam No, just some for you to answer.
4:00 PM
@Frank Exactly.
@Sam Make a couple good, answer them, and benefit everywhere.
@InfiniteRecursion :)
@Frank I specialise in a quite a small field, most of the Qs I see are utter rubbish/not worth answering, or in a language I'm not familiar with.
@Sam Your fault; learn a wider field. I can basically answer every possible question other than identification on GL. Makes for posting more answers that everyone else together.
@Frank Why is my tree golden?
4:04 PM
@Unihedron Know you not?
Inf gave me the golden tree.
@Unihedron Wait... YOUR tree?!
Inf is the root cause of all evil in the tavern!
@Frank Meh, I prefer narrow + more knowledgeable rather than being a jack of all trades.
@Sam Thing is, on GL, I can easily provide a much more detailed and relevant answer than others, even in their specialized fields.
Do you like him @uni? ;)
@Frank But how long have you been gardening?
4:07 PM
@Sam It's why I have 509 this week, and the next highest is 175...
@Sam Since I was walking basically.
@Frank Right. Well I've only been coding for ~2 years, so...
@Sam Oh ok, then you still have time to learn, the more the better. ;)
Q: Will rhizomes that have been in the fridge still grow?

MegasaurI have some galangal, ginger and turmeric that have been sitting in the fridge. Is it still possible to get them to grow, and if so, how?

On there, my answer is better.
Also, GL gets 3.1 question per day; SO attracts huge volume of crap per hour
@Frank ;)
@Frank But in 6 hours or so I may go home :D And then I might get paid or something silly like that.
4:10 PM
Yay! Salary time :D
@Sumurai8 Getting paid is awesome, especially if you've earned it.
^bjb and Undo ;)
^ that's offensive, bjb slapping undo!
4:13 PM
@TGMCians Aww :D
@InfiniteRecursion Well, Undo is patient and kind with fiery people.
@Braiam Huh?
@Braiam Huh?
4:14 PM
Wah da?
why isn't MSE in read only?
speaking of the devil...
Yay, my AU account is nuked. New account deletion process is super duper easy, delete all your accounts folks!
starts for Inf main account
nuke-pls inf account
4:17 PM
...no...don't delete my account plox :'(
Love that^
@InfiniteRecursion deletes Inf account without even a thought of pity
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Unihedron
Oh OF COURSE the site will be in read-only mode when I'm ready to test if the chat bot works... -_-
creates new account and comes back to the tavern
> This site is currently in read-only mode; we’ll return with full functionality soon. Follow @StackStatus or visit our status blog for more info.
stackoverflow is also in read mode
4:19 PM
@TGMCians I do realize.
@InfiniteRecursion Hey, no fair!
> We are about to failover operations to Oregon for read-only mode while we upgrade our core switches in the NY data center.
@TGMCians yeah, on twitter.
I saw that.
We are about to failover operations to Oregon for read-only mode while we upgrade our core switches in the NY data center.
@InfiniteRecursion Moreover no one gave me yet a good reason, they just cast down-vote and I am disappointed too — Ahmad 3 hours ago
^no one gave good reason (facepalm)
4:23 PM
Oooh, that's fancy. Try hovering over an upvote or downvote button with your cursor, while the site's in read-only. I never know cursor: not-allowed was a thing.
@InfiniteRecursion I liked your comment on that post.
@Doorknob The red circled x?
Thanks @Frank
Try asking a question:
@Frank Mine is a little hand with a "no" sign in the corner (the little circle with a line through it). (I guess that's Ubuntu's default cursor for that.)
> Asking is currently unavailable
The feature you're trying to use is currently unavailable.

We're doing a bit of maintenance right now and have put the site in read-only mode so that you can still access all the questions, answers, and general knowledge goodness.

We'll enable all features of the site as soon as maintenance completes.

The Stack Exchange Team
@InfiniteRecursion Didn't +1 it though, it's read only.
4:26 PM
Eeek. Readonly.
@InfiniteRecursion same with login/log out
@hichris123 You're 15 minutes too late. :P
@Doorknob He must be using IE.
@Sam IE 6 rules.
@Sam 15 minutes, not years
4:28 PM
Wait, halloween is over.
@Sam More like, "trying to fix a BSOD & Google showed me to SU"
@Frank my +1 :(
@Braiam Ah, my bad.
@hichris123 Windows, IE, what's the difference? :P
@InfiniteRecursion But whatever, that comment has plenty of votes as is...
4:30 PM
inb4: @rene notices after 15 years
@Frank no one ever gets enough upvotes, everybody wants more ;)
@InfiniteRecursion What is that?
@InfiniteRecursion Moar upvotes!!!
@Doorknob Quite a bit actually.
@InfiniteRecursion I'm content on GL... with well over twice the rep as the nest person this week, month, and quarter...
@rene SE is readonly, you will notice on IE after 15 years
@Frank ...and beautiful gold badges
4:35 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Only 7... and 4 are famous question.
@hichris123 IE can't be seperated from Windows, according to EU politicians...
@InfiniteRecursion IE doesn't know read-only mode so I'll never notice
It wasn't in the W3C spec and if it was the implementation would be plain wrong
@Frank Nice, I have 7 golds too (on SO) :)
/me has only 19 revival badges on GL
@Frank ........
4:41 PM
@Unihedron ........
@Frank .............................
@Unihedron ..............................
@Frank ............................................................
@TGMCians .............................................................
4:42 PM
@Sam .............................................................
@TGMCians ............................................................
Random poll: who will change the name first - cVplZ or justabrickinthewall?
@InfiniteRecursion justabrickinthewall
at least I hope so.
You'll never notice if they both switch to each other names
We will notice when bjb starts doing Maths and cVplZ replies ;)
@InfiniteRecursion cVplZ
4:46 PM
Current score: 1-1
@InfiniteRecursion Hm. What's the maximum time interval where "at the same time" becomes "one then the other" for that?
I'll bank in on justabrickinthewall!
umm... we need a bot to record gambles and polls
Random Poll: Who will make that bot first?
@JasonC 6 to 8
4:49 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Then I bet they will do it at the same time, in just under 6.
@JasonC adds to todo list
@JasonC Uni will, he already has the bot, he just doesn't know what it does, so I'll bank on him
adds to make-it-work list
6-8 = SE half-dozen
gathers equipment to build a wrench
4:51 PM
@Shog9 Have you ever bought 12 to 16 eggs?
@Braiam gambles, in the tavern?
@Braiam 3 months in the tavern, yet I hardly understand it :/
today's Tavern troll task: take Braiam seriously
Can't. Live. On. Read-Only. Mode. Killing. Me. Save. Me.
4:57 PM
any idea how long maintenance mode is going to be...? And can we blame Jeff Atwood this time? (the wheel of blame says to)
@Sumurai8 enjoy your weekend !
What's enjoy?
It's nice, no spam or cvs in read-only mode :D
first result of this jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/82/embedded/result for me
> It's Nick Craver's fault
heh, jeff atwood showed up first on mine
5:00 PM
Erm... Says it's Shog's fault here
> 0 out of 9 rated this helpful (<sarcasm> Oh, I woner why? </sarcasm>)
yo @Jan
no spam. relax time
5:01 PM
@Unihedron dancing, singing, playing, shopping, dining etc etc etc...anything you do on weekends is enjoyable :)
.@BrentO We're discussing how to rig up LEDs to raspberry pis in the cage now. This may happen. With a color scale chart beside.
@InfiniteRecursion Weekend? That is a time period where you work, right?
you know how difficult is to set that up?
@TGMCians we are the only ones happy about it :P
@Braiam no
5:03 PM
@Braiam Just tweeted to em myself, got the much more specific answer, too, that's much more recent...
yeah inf :)
@teward001 We have upgraded 1 core switch which took longer than expected (24 min) - We are 11 minutes into switch #2.
@Sumurai8 what's work? WordNotFoundException, try again on Monday
Thanks for finding Cupcake's dance proposal @uni, I might join it...still reading
... wait, how are people still asking questions on SO?
I see one that says "Asked 49 seconds ago"
Are they running Windows95 on those switches?
They forget to insert floppy-disk #5 of #12?
5:14 PM
disk? Floppy!
@Sumurai8 Old!
users never stop asking on SO, no break for janitors even in read-only mode
Remember when you had to load the operating system off a floppy disk whenever you started the computer?
No, I was still an egg at that time @Frank
5:18 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Good. Those weren't fun days computer-wise.
@Frank yeah...
@rene well, I still think it's a dupe but not worth fighting over it. @Martijn won :)
Smokey crash on ro-mode @InfiniteRec
5:20 PM
MSE is read only, maybe it's related to the dead bot?
Smokey is smart, it slept as soon as SE went into ro-mode
@ShadowWizard you tell those Dutch guys....
shouldn't be long now, they are falling back to NY
@Undo Out of curiosity, what's Smokey's average res consumption (CPU, mem, etc.)?
@InfiniteRecursion hehe yeah
Night! ^^
Btw, this is the first day I don't use up my close votes.
5:23 PM
Night! ^^
<< Night!
Night! >>
Night? What is that even?
We are prepping a success over back to the NY data center now.
Is asking questions a weekend special @Sumurai8, or is it the same throughout the week? ;)
Sleep @uni, the dance is over, Sumurai8 broke the train with that onebox^
@Inf :P
5:32 PM
Asking questions is reserved for days that I am on StackOverflow. This is usually in weekends, as I work then, and I need something to fill my valuable time with.
Eh, can't sleep.
Hey! The site's back up!
Wb. Not for me it isn't.
5:48 PM
@Sam so isn't mso and mse are
and all back
Hello again!

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