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6:00 PM
@hichris123 on your box?
@rene Yep.
A rogue driver?
@rene Yep. Virtual joystick driver (who knows why that was there).
@Unihedron how?
6:01 PM
@JanDvorak It's off topic, what you mean?
@Unihedron RO
Thanks @rene. :)
@TGMCians kinda sorta
6:02 PM
Not really..... — Unihedron just now
@hichris123 welcome
I'm seeing read-only mode even after flushing DNS
... maybe it's your ISP's DNS cache?
6:04 PM
I'm going to try to sleep again, night!
@JanDvorak on SO or all sites?
6:04 PM
@rene all sites
Once a month, everybody in the tavern rediscovers status tags.
 4    17 ms    17 ms    17 ms  0.ge-0-2-0.xr1.sara.xs4all.net []
 5    24 ms    24 ms    24 ms  10ge10-4.core1.ams1.he.net []
 6    24 ms    24 ms    24 ms  100ge9-1.core1.lon2.he.net []
 7    98 ms    99 ms    99 ms  100ge1-1.core1.nyc4.he.net []
 8    99 ms    98 ms    99 ms  10ge4-1.core1.nyc5.he.net []
 9    90 ms    90 ms    90 ms  lightower-fiber-networks.10gigabitethernet3-2.core1.nyc5.he.net []
10    91 ms   118 ms   113 ms  ae12.nycmnyzrj91.lightower.net []
6:05 PM
@Sam Very little.
@Unihedron go to sleep!
@hichris123 Thanks; that's really specific.
6:06 PM
@JanDvorak compare my tracert with yours...
@Sam Well, I could fire up my version, but that wouldn't be accurate as it's doing the regression model vs. bayesian & regexes.
Why is @uni awake??
@hichris123 Yeah, well that's why I asked Undo ;)
6:08 PM
You like pinging people, don't you @Inf?
@InfiniteRecursion his arachnid senses were tingling: the ro mode terminated
same since NYC4 except for a different reverse lookup for SO
@Uni what time is it where you are?
rw mode for me; closed
dislike @Sam, I should stop talking, everyone scolds me for pinging uni :/
6:09 PM
@JanDvorak dns issue then..
@rene same IP, though
@rene caching, is always caching ;)
caching failure, specifically?
@JanDvorak the specific failure is cached, so dunno
it could be that one of the nodes was still on RO
6:11 PM
Wow, the folks on TGO are die-hard rednecks.
@InfiniteRecursion Meh, it's just the unnecessary pinging people aren't fond of.
> mute in chat
in Sandbox, Oct 22 at 14:48, by Sam
@Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni SUPER PING
Only 0.0265580737 of my GL votes are down.
6:17 PM
@TGMCians watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@SmokeDetector didn't you see it stackoverflow.com/questions/26691426/…
Goodbye, cruel world
6:19 PM
@hichris123 Of course
@Frank Somehow, users (SE wide) tend to see such stats as a virtue. I never understood that. Just for balance: 0.04% of my votes on Math are up.
@justabrickinthewall 4 upvotes? wow.
@hichris123 thanks!
@justabrickinthewall says you cast 42 votes today.
@justabrickinthewall If everyone did that, the site would be depressing, and no one would have rep.
If nobody downvotes bad stuff, the site become depressing, too.
6:28 PM
@justabrickinthewall Yeah, so I'm on a small site, and I don't get as much bad stuff. I'm by far the biggest downvoter on GL, though :)
Good job!
@justabrickinthewall but I upvote all I can, too.
Q: Is it ethical to send a text to an unknown girl in my office by getting her mobile number through employee portal?

Rajaprabhu AravindasamyI am working in a multinational software company in India. Here in my office I am really interested in making a friendly relationship with a girl who doesn't know anything about me. Meaning she's from another one team. Now at this context I got her mobile number through the employee portal of my ...

Someone actually had to ask this question? o.o
0_0 shocked
folks are weird.
6:36 PM
Trees can be, too.
@Sam Not cool ones.
You're not wearing your shades ;)
@Sam No, they're sitting on my desktop.
Is this a new thing, packaging SE Q&A as an Ars Technica article? Never saw it before.
@justabrickinthewall nope, been there for a while.
Been there since at least 2012:
A: Why did I just get the Announcer Badge and the Booster badge?

Tim StoneYour question was linked using your user ID from the on-going Stack Exchange segment on Ars Technica, as the "See also" link under the "Challenge Yourself" answer. Admittedly I'm not entirely sure I get how your post relates to the chosen answer, but it does explain the traffic.

6:48 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INCREMENTAL WORKSHEET IN EXCEL by Ahmed Sayeed Khan on stackoverflow.com
^ feels underspecified to me
> "In my workbook, I have 39 worksheets." - umm... WHY?
because he got assigned to teach a class of 38 students, and did not consider the scalability of his data structure.
7:20 PM
ping @rene
not sure what to flag it as. Flagged as spam
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: STM32F4 AD9833 SPI by Solijoli on stackoverflow.com
^not enough information
7:33 PM
Unsolicited offer of services, accompanied by phone number => spam. I'm surprised it got DV and CV votes instead.
Of course, "DV and CV votes" is right there with "ATM machine"...
> deleted by Community♦ just now
> flagged as spam helpful
very low quality – TGMCians 14 mins ago helpful
i was able to flag two times same question
@Jan how this is possible
@justabrickinthewall Because more often than not spam flags are declined if they aren't on your standard offer-a-product-with-a-spam-link-post. I simply vtc'd so that it got closed as crap
@TGMCians You can if there are two sufficiently different kinds of flag. You can't flag both spam and offensive.
7:42 PM
@Sumurai8 It did get deleted automatically by spam flags (as TGMCians observed), no moderator action needed.
@Sumurai8 not observed
7:53 PM
@justabrickinthewall I totally disagree with that.
@hichris123 but... why?
the SE team forgot that the most technical definition of spam is "Unsolicited messages" of any kind
asking/recruiting jobs isn't what the Q/A is meant for
@JanDvorak Because it's not really an advertisement. If you put your phone number in there... first off, you're stupid, but second off, that's not an advertisement. That's like saying anyone who puts an email in their post is a spammer.
7:59 PM
SE seems slow.
@user245167 avatar + name reset?
That's Inf. Didn't recognize her...
I know, which is why I asked...
@hichris123 closed
Interestingly, spam flag description says that it has to be "with no disclosure". So, when Baba Ji discloses that he's Baba Ji (by using his name as username), our spam flags are invalid.
@justabrickinthewall Well, there is the word effectively there. And the It is not useful or relevant, but promotional.
8:22 PM
hows going
@Ahmad good, you?
not bad, I recieved -22 on my proposal
8:25 PM
@hichris123 update for you
> 0 votes remaining
any moderator here?
@Ahmad Depends. Stack Overflow moderator? I'm a moderator on Earth Science, not SO.
@TGMCians @hichris123 I'll handle those if I finished the CVQ
An informed one
8:26 PM
ok thanks rene
on meta
no problem, what are you doing here?
is it a fun chat here?
just closing off-topic questions
tavern chat funny ?
And flagging spam
no doubt
I am new somehow
at least to chat
What is the purpose of this tool?
8:29 PM
what tool ?
chat tool
To communicate with other people (in normally an informal manner).
mainly about which topics?
on room
8:31 PM
and site.
could you give some examples please
if it is c# room then people discuss related to c# stuff
if it android then people discuss something related to cats, android ! :D
or in the C# room they talk about everything but C#...
if it's c++ room then totally something unrelated to c++ :p
8:33 PM
chat on c# and c++? I feel nauseate
If I'm there, there may be religion being discussed
@Ahmad Look in the upper right of the page. Under "Tavern on the Meta" it gives you a description of the room. This description changes based on which room you enter
this one is helpful....
so is this room
8:35 PM
you mean "MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use"
troll task completed: for 10 minutes troll a new user
I didn't get that
Are you looking to discuss a particular topic?
Now more to get familiar with the role of these rooms, maybe later
It seems its a place moderators do their stuff?
They talking about closing, off-topic, on-topic....?
Is it a tool to facilitate moderation?
8:40 PM
We do… stuff here.
Then one like me what can does here?
you can only chat, like we all can (none of us is a room owner here)
these are more specialized rooms, and not much crowded, right?
@Ahmad Yes. If you want to get familiar with SE chatrooms, this one is not a great place to start. The better place is the general chat room for the SE site you are most familiar with.
These are user-created rooms, I just created one
8:46 PM
Have you actually read the FAQ yet?
I created an Awesome room, would it be awesome?
yesterday, by Unihedron
@Ahmad Did you... Take the tour of meta?
yesterday, by Unihedron
@Ahmad http://meta.stackoverflow.com/tour
yesterday, by Unihedron
yesterday, by Unihedron
@Ahmad... Take a tour
Yes, I read it, nothing much special that I didn't know
yesterday, by Andrew T.
yesterday, by Unihedron
I'm done.
8:52 PM
it seems some rooms are fixed? like this one and other are created temproraly?
yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
I also give up.
We're not the 101-room
@user245167 What are those quotes mean?
yesterday, by Unihedron
@Ahmad I tried my best to educate you.
@user245167 what do you mean?
some are new to me, what means facepalm? is he with me?
What means I am done? is he with me again?
@user245167 what is your purpse, please be clear
8:56 PM
Have you heard of Google?
Yes, why?
I don't understand ironic speaking, please be clear
Try using it to look for the answers to your questions.
he mentioned some quites, I have question of user245167 of his purpose, how can I google it?
For example, try searching "what does facepalm mean"...
@Ahmad She
But she wasn't with me, was she?
we was talking about a post, hilarious one
9:00 PM
@Ahmad It means we don't think you are yet open to learn anything from us. At the moment you are only annoying. Do your self a favor, leave this room and come back when you are ready.
They didn't mean that, we had a very nice chat yesterday, we all enjoyed it
I remember you told here is just a chat room and not a working room
And has no owner, it was what you said
Its strange!!!! what i did which irritated you??!!!!!
you are just making me confused
This is so meta.
Oh for god sake, whats going on, please one tells me?
Hello??? are there anyone here? why you are quiet?
You all reached one result? what rene said?
Are you kidding with me? why no one talk, its not a good behaivour with a new comer, its against be nice
9:11 PM
@hichris123 could you please whats going on here regarding my question, why they suddenly get quiet? is it something wrong with me?
I dont want to disturb you if you are busy, just it was strange, whats wrong?
@Ahmad I have no clue what's going on.
can you read my and their messages? what they mean?
@Ahmad I'm here now.
Hey Frank
@We chatted yesterday
@Ahmad @We did?
Oh yeah, we did.
9:15 PM
@Ahmad What's up?
As I type the chat window scolls up, its a bug?
@Ahmad Which browser?
@Ahmad Maybe. It doesn't do that for me.
@bjb568 Only at the north pole.
9:16 PM
Mozilla firefox
version 33.
@Sam No, up is relative.
@Frank I am confused! could you clear me please?
@Ahmad Where? How?
Don't bind the 'send a message' button to your mousewheel.
9:18 PM
@Frank you may review chat history, suddenly people get quiet with me? what does it mean? and one said I am annoying then no one talked or answered me
So in iOS which language was used? — Asif 2 mins ago
@Sam Your reality is a lie, just a model for the real world. Only I can see the real reality.
They also quote facepalm and I'm done, I didn't get them while those phrases was not with me
9:20 PM
flaps arms "I am a plane!"
@Ahmad Hmm. Were you pushing a point that was only a good idea to you?
@Frank sorry? My English is not good, could you please clarify it
@Sumurai8 Good. 'Cause the real reality sucks.
9:22 PM
It seems some here wrote somethings, are they with me
Ugh, escaping in my markdown parser is complicated.
@Frank which idea?
@Ahmad OK, I think its just some miscommunication. You don't know English well. That makes it hard to explain things.
@Frank I just feel they are uncomfortable, but dont know what they mean
uncomfortableness heightens
9:25 PM
@Ahmad Which of their messages did you misunderstand?
@bjb568 Why?
@Sumurai8 Oh, just the metaness of the situation. We're uncomfortable, Ahmad is talking about making us uncomfortable.
I can say most, and the behaviour, why they get quite, the things they write now, I feel they are with me
@Frank or maybe they are just occupied with something else and is not related to me
@bjb568 ^
@bjb568 I... I responded on your markdown parser message
9:27 PM
@Sumurai8 Gawd. I'm getting confused here.
@Ahmad They have been talking about other things than you, as well.
@bjb568 I'm even more confused now. I'm following another ahem room that's debating drugs right now...
@Sumurai8 Ohkey, because I want to split for example by ` and not by that character preceded by a backslash. And if there are 2 preceding backslashes, then it should be like a literal backslash char.
@hichris123 linkey?
@Ahmad did you have an original idea you wanted to discuss, and are you willing to give up your way, if others with more experience tell you it is a bad idea?
9:29 PM
@Frank yeah I am learning
@Frank sure, why not
@Ahmad Good :)
@Frank if I get convinced
@Ahmad What was your idea?
@bjb568 You could replace all occurences of \` by a string that does not exist in your string, then split, then replace that temp string by \`.
Which is horrible
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ARDUINO + SIM900 + SERVIDOR + ARQUIVO .TXT by AnaGrossi on pt.stackoverflow.com
9:30 PM
@Sumurai8 Hm… so how do I find a temp string?
@Frank I didn't had any Idea here, but one said you are annoying and others admited him and then no one saved me from confusion, do you think it was a good behaviour if I didn't misunderstood?
you generate a random 100 character string; if that string exists in your original string before doing this dirty trick you reject the string (e.g. return null), otherwise you use that as the string
@Ahmad Your English is not good, and it is hard to understand you. But I don't think you are annoying.
@Frank You know frank I have no problem with one or two, but since I am new, I am afraid I generelize
@Ahmad One or two of what?
9:32 PM
@Frank I am very clear, my English is ok, when they don't say anything, what can I understand, they are strange
One or two persons
@Ahmad Ha! They are strange. But then, everyone is strange in some way or another.
@Frank now you are talking with me and finally we understand, but as you note they suddenly get quiet with me, while I requested them to talk
I'm strange.
@Frank what I want is that they clarify what happened, could I?
@Ahmad Hmm, maybe they don't want to talk?
@Ahmad What happened when?
9:35 PM
@Frank before you came, we were talking, for example with Sam, Sam? Please clear me, you were here
Lemme check over the history...
@Sam, was it something happened or I just get misunderstood? you know what I mean
@Frank rene is also here, she said me annoying
Lets just describe the whole thing as a big misunderstanding.
@Ahmad This rene is a he, not a she.
Tnx @Frank
9:38 PM
@rene why you said that? what I did, I want to learn
@Sam should i be sure? cause i really get confused, hope you say more
is sitting in boring room, goes to see what's going on with the foooood
@Frank you see, they are not responding again!!!!
I'm busy typing a response...
4 trays are being filled with water, a bunch of cans of ethanol sitting there
@Ahmad Let me try that for the last time. If you ask basic questions and you're given a link to the FAQ, you claim you read all that and then your next question is in that same FAQ for me that makes you annoying.
9:42 PM
@Ahmad I see.
@Ahmad Pops ♦, jcolebrand, and Tyler Carter are the owners of this room.
@Sam make it quick...
Anybody got 3k on game development SE?
I think I can speak on behalf of the tavern when I say, most people in here were/are getting tired of discussing certain issues (some of which are relatively basic) with you. Since you seem to have "(strongly) opinionated" views of said topics and/or are not willing to learn/listen to what others are trying to convey.
@bjb568 Maybe Bart?
@rene I read it at least most part of it
@rene but I still can't find the question I made here there
9:46 PM
@Sam Finally, Thank you much, what I wanted was that, being quet was confusing for me, note I am new
write down a note
@bjb568 don't be rude.
Even if it's very funny.
doesn't write down a note
@rene my point was about creating rooms
9:48 PM
@bjb568 :D
@Ahmad It is not the reading that is important, it is the understanding of all those letters, words and sentences. Oh, and I read everything not most part of it...
writes a note to self about to remember to not write note
@rene It was strange that I can create a room, there was not much information about it there
note says… "whoops"
@Ahmad Looks like plenty of info.
@rene I created a test room, and an awsome room, It was strange that I could choose any topic, is there anything in FAQ about that, and I asked if I for example create a room named F++, what could it mean, and also how some are fixed and others not, cause seems this room is fixed
@rene anyway I hadn't much bad purpose, i may could study more
@Ahmad Good idea!
@hichris123 closed
@Sam are you a moderator?
9:53 PM
@Ahmad privilege and Search
@Ahmad The folks in this room cast close votes on off-topic questions on SO.
@Ahmad They post with the link to the bad question.
@hichris123 closed
@rene thank you, how one can remove a room? i think I didn't find it
I finally got 2 cv on those @hichris123
All closed
9:57 PM
@Ahmad you are a troll retention
@Frank thank you for your explations, its a strange room, and strange things come and goes
@Ahmad Like I do.

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