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12:06 AM
So, have y'all heard about the SSL cert hack/falsification?
l33t hacker is 1000 in 1.
It just struck me, in a sardonic sort of way, that Comodo is the company behind a personal firewall I considered using a while ago. The irony being that their stated reason for the free security products they put out is to get their name out for their main line of business, SSL certs.
@PhilippeHarewood Try 3000 - 1000 programmers, 1000 hackers and 1000 project managers!
Personally, I think he sounds pretty sane for a guy with 1K project managers all dukin' it out in his head.
12:13 AM
Ah yes, good point.
Don't you mean... Over 9000?
@mootinator I don't care if he hacked the universe on his TI graphing calculator. Only Goku holds that title. He can be 9000 (no higher) if he wants.
1 hour later…
1:33 AM
@Pekka when you are around: "Whats up with the letter g at the end of words?"
1:58 AM
@Moshe Heh. I find myself doing that at times.
@GeorgeM doing what?
Adding 'g' and sometimes other letters to the end of words for some reason.
Oh no. I'm asking about the pronunciation of the g at the end of words in German.
@Pekka what's with the pronunciation of the letter g at the end of German words?
@Moshe Ah, I see.
Ok, that was odd.
Sorry, @GeorgeMarian. If you read up a bit, perhaps was yesterday, I was asking Pekka about German.
@GeorgeMarian what's odd?
2:03 AM
Chat thought that the message about adding 'g' to the end of words didn't get through.
Then, while I left it's warning up, the next two messages seemed to be inserted into the chat log much earlier.
It kept scrolling up to the top of the scrolback.
Yeah, balpha said he'd look into that sometime, he's just been busy with other stuff.
Ah, so it's a known issue. I was assuming some client-side funkiness that may require dumping the cache.
Aye, chat misbehaves a little when there's network wonkiness (or it thinks there is, for some reason).
@TimStone BTW, I didn't get that job. :( However, I'm doing a brain-dump right now of possible issues. So, at least, some good will come of the exercise.
2:11 AM
Oh, damn. Sorry to hear that. :/
Sorry to hear that @georgeM
Thanks, guys. I'm only disappointed because I need work. While it would have been welcome experience for me, that job didn't seem to be quite what they billed it as.
Well, at least you got the chance to go through some interviews, might be good prep for whatever you find next.
That's how I'm looking at it. (And, trying to ignore the cost of each trip.)
At least, the first interview probably resulted in the door being left open.
@GeorgeMarian sorry to hear that you didn't get the job.
2:20 AM
That's true. Something has to come along eventually either way, though hopefully sooner than later, heh. :P
Anyone know what to recommend someone looking for a new PC? They are asking about a Dell with a Pentium Dual Core and integrated graphics and no monitor.
@TimStone Yeah, that's the concern. I'll take a crap job, just to make ends meet, but that can get in the way of the job search.
@Moshe Thanks, man.
@Moshe Heh, certainly not integrated graphics. :)
Are Pentiums as bad as I imagine?
I've switched to Mac a jahr ago but I recall the Pentiums of the Core i era the celerons of the pentium era?
@Moshe For running Word '97? They're... ok.
Thought so.
How are i3 chips compared to C2 Duo?
2:27 AM
I gotta say that setting up a wiki for myself was a good idea.
@GeorgeMarian what wiki?
Even if I'm still chaffing against the syntax.
@Moshe Mediawiki.
2:31 AM
It's the system that powers Wikipedia.
Has anyone grabbed the updated Nippon btw?
@GeorgeM so what did you do?
@Moshe Huh?
@GeorgeMarian I played World of Warcraft for a year while I was unemployed so noone else has to.
You said that you set up a wiki for yourself. What wiki?
@Moshe I setup mediawiki on my home server for my note taking needs.
2:34 AM
Oh nice.
Err? WTF happened to the message that I was typing? =/
I pwned it.
@mootinator I haven't seriously played a video game in over 9 months. I gave OpentTTD a spin a little while ago, but I just can't get into gaming with the pressing issue of finding work on my mind.
I unfortunately had to hit rock bottom to get motivated :/
Yeah, I know how that is.
2:56 AM
Nothing like a good ol' pistol whip
@TimStone - eh, poor colleges. Gonna have a brat on thier hands.
If anyone is looking for a game, I like Urban Terror.
I used to play it a couple years ago then I moved on.
@Moshe Ah, yes. I remember that game.
I may just have to check it out again. I see that it's available for Linux. :)
It is available for all platforms. @GeorgeMarian I may have to give it another go too, if you decide to play. I dunno if my MacBook can handle it though.
Bah, what do I care about "other" platforms? ;)
@GeorgeMarian yea, those windows folks... :-)
Seriously though, My windows lappie may be able to run it, but I remember having to take it apart and clean out dust so the GPU didn't overheat.
I recall hitting ~90° C
Prolly due for another cleaning.
3:09 AM
I have a confession to make,
I think I'm falling for python
@Moshe Heh, that may be a problem. Have you considered a laptop cooler?
@Trufa It's pretty nice, though having to reference "self" in the method signatures is rather crude.
@Moshe that's hot
@GeorgeMarian why is that, if there is any short answer
I know. It's an HP. that's why I advise staying away from HP. Overheating issues are part of thier legacy. Dell's legacy is cheap junk. Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Lenovo share a legacy of poor driver sites. Apple is too expensive. The moral: don't use a laptop.
@GeorgeMarian (I'm not discussing the fact that it's crude, rather the why it crude to have to reference "self" in the method signatures)
@Trufa I have no idea why that's the case. By convention, the parameter is named "self," but that's only convention. Also, you don't have to pass in anything for that parameter, it's done for you automagically.
3:15 AM
@GeorgeMarian never had to use it yet, I will read about it though
what i like is how readable it is
For one, most languages provide '"self" as a keyword. Second, you have to remember to include it in the method signature, but not include it when calling the method.
@Trufa Yeah, that's pretty nice. I like the list functionality.
@GeorgeMarian ohh ever useful
Though, remember which brace is for what can be a pain at first.
Enjoy discussing python. I've got to get to sleep. Night!
I've been messing around with pythonchallenge.com
@Moshe night!
and lists come awfully handy!
3:24 AM
@Moshe g'night
@Trufa I've written a script to replace a shell script I wrote, but wasn't complete. It was much easier to do in python.
@GeorgeMarian i'm sure it has it's uses.
Ah good, the meeting tomorrow is even earlier than usual....awesome. yawns
@TimStone bummer
@Trufa Yeah, I'm hoping I can just stay awake until then and then sleep after, heheh :P
3:31 AM
@TimStone ohh that always sucks even harder in my expirience
It'll be alright if I stay awake the whole time. Otherwise I'll fall asleep at 6 and then have to be up again by 9:30, which will be pretty terrible.
@TimStone yep did that yesterday!
Ouch, no fun.
@GeorgeMarian is it me or are python questions of SO not very well indexed in google, i'm not getting many in the top results
I don't know. I mainly relied on *Dive into Python" and another site, likely the documentation.
3:44 AM
is it this one?
@GeorgeMarian is it recommendable?
@Trufa Yah, that's the one. Though, I used the free e-book version. It's pretty decent.
Huh, I've sent 20.8 GB of network traffic over the last 8 days...perhaps I should stop seeding these Linux distros.
@Trufa It isn't spectacular and certainly not a complete guide to python. However, as an introduction for a programmer, it's quite useful
@TimStone heh
@GeorgeMarian I think I might buy it, I may come handy for my classes
You may want to give the e-book version a once-over.
Or, just check out the website.
3:51 AM
@GeorgeMarian oh btw don't know if you remeber that I was studying Business administration, I quit and started a CS career :)
Hmm, the volume coming from my headphones keeps fluctuating...
@GeorgeMarian I will, thanks for the advice
@Trufa heh, nice
@GeorgeMarian I blame SO ;)
3:53 AM
@TimStone Stop rolling over the cord with your chair. ;)
I'd really like wireless headphones, but Bose seems to not make any. I'd go with another brand, but I'm not savvy enough to know what's decent.
@Trufa Well, you have to follow your passion. It's much easier to deal w/ the BS (which will always exist in some form) when you're doing something you enjoy.
@GeorgeMarian that what weighed the most in the end, I suck at handling certain types of BS, some other I'm good
@TimStone I hear that these guys make some killer headphones, but they're not cheap.
I have their DT 770 and DT 880's in my bookmarks, though I have no experience with them.
Hmm, I'll take a look, thanks.
3:58 AM
Hmm, I thought they had some wireless models.
@GeorgeMarian damn their site is slow
Yah, it's seems pretty heavy.
At least they have a <noscript> tag.
@GeorgeMarian holy sweat potatoes, their prices...
Yup. It's some pretty serous gear.
If you poke around, you can find some cheaper models.
@GeorgeMarian haha no way I'm getting those into my country though (without paying with my left kidney)
4:01 AM
@GeorgeMarian i'm having a hard time with python's iterators
@Trufa Have you seen the prices on the aviation models?
@Trufa Hmm. I don't remember them being funky. Explain.
@GeorgeMarian yeah but I'll go with this ones i think north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/…
they would cost more than any computer I ever had...
4:05 AM
but maybe that just speaks bad about my computers :)
> "With this headphone you can hear a lot of things you may have never heard before, such as footsteps, raindrops, and even whispering."
Oh, wow...the frequency response on those are amazing: 5 - 50,000 Hz
@GeorgeMarian stalk your neighbor like you never dreamed was possible
@GeorgeMarian Yes, the whispering of the electrons as they pass information back and forth in your sound card.
4:07 AM
On both counts.
@GeorgeMarian you'll even hear the sound of your money leaving your wallet
Ah nice, playing Kinect Adventures has made my thighs sores...not sure that that speaks very well about my physical condition.
Again, LOL on both counts.
> Apple developers will be heading to San Francisco in June for a five-day beano of coding and fondle-slabbing.
Seriously, sometimes I think the folks at The Register just try too hard...
4:11 AM
shakes head
@GeorgeMarian how do you quote btw? can't remember
Prefix the messages with >
> stupid me * 2
heh You need a space after it.
@GeorgeMarian there you go
4:34 AM
How do I re-activate a frozen room?
@SheikhAman You'll need to have a moderator unfreeze the room (or at least I'm pretty sure that it's a moderator ability, otherwise it's just limited to devs).
What room did you want to have unfrozen?
@TimStone Eee.. it was a room for testing professionals, and all of the people just disappeared one day, and didnt return. so its frozen now :P
If you have a link, I'm sure someone in here with that ability can take a look at it at some point.
here it is:
yeah, here's the link to it ^
@SheikhAman if you have a "good" reason to get it unfrozen maybe you could email a moderator
most of the leave there mails in there info box
4:44 AM
Not as of now, I am an Android developer and the Android Help room is quite active.
I created the Tester's talk for testing professionals, but not many testing professionals seem to be here
And can I delete a room that I created for me and one other user? as we both don't use it anymore
5:15 AM
I want to go to WWDC but didn't think about how I'd pay for a ticket fast enough. Sold out in a wink.
5:33 AM
Wow. I wish I had $1600 dollars to blow on something more useful. ;)
I don't have $1,600. My point exactly. Being young, I think I'd gain from WWDC.
6:12 AM
wow whoever made the new reputation graph, my mind = blown
I just blew 2700$ on a watch recently .
3 hours later…
9:43 AM
7 hours ago, by Moshe
@Pekka what's with the pronunciation of the letter g at the end of German words?
I'm not entirely sure what the rule is. @Moshe
Eilig = Hard, almost like a "k"
Richtung = Soft, almost swallowed
After some thinking, I think it's always a hard g except in conjunction with a preceding n
10:03 AM
and then of course there's the whole "Der Könich ist tot" thing...
10:30 AM
Hey @balpha care to figure out what's wrong with gaming.blogoverflow.com/feed ?
yeah König become ich or something
Chat refuses to touch this feed with a ten foot pole.
getting an XML parsing error
So much for feedburner
seems to be valid XML though
10:36 AM
Could it be tripping on the youtube embedding perhaps?
hm, nope.
no, the error is line 2, char 192
that's the <rss> item
can you switch to a different format than RSS 0.92?
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 11 hours ago, by Nick
If javascript had an accent what would it be?
Ideas anyone?
10:55 AM
@YiJiang TNG's Enterprise's Commander Data's clean, slightly stuck up American English comes to mind.
@balpha new learners of German need to be kept away from the dialects so they won't run away screaming :)
@Pekkastrollingaccount Da bin ick janz anderer meenung
@balpha die Kölner auch.
Colonians tend to speak Kölsch with you when they like you
Real Kölsch sounds a bit like Danish. I can only listen, sit by and nod frequently.
Trying to interpret from their body languages what they are trying to tell me.
@Pekkastrollingaccount are you from Cologne?
11:13 AM
@Ivo I've been living here since 2006 and regard it my home for all intents and purposes, but I'll never be a true Kölsch-Speaking Colonian :)
I grew up in southern Germany, south of Stuttgart.
12:04 PM
@Pekkastrollingaccount then it would almost be as easy to go to a German meetup then to the Dutch one :P
He's using Feedburner though so I don't think he has a lot of control on the format
12:20 PM
@IvoFlipse yeah! :) Although the Amsterdam and Barendrecht ones look the healthiest right now.
1:00 PM
Maybe they need to go together?
.... And relocate to Cologne. Bwahahaha!
1:17 PM
I think I accidentally started the Barendrecht one, because Latitude had last seen me there. I'd much rather have it in Utrecht to be more central or Arnhem so you can come too ;P
how is the general login method for askubuntu's chat
can somebody recall?
For some reasons it is still giving me problems with the cookies
yawns and shivers
@TimStone how was the meeting
Just about to start, heheh. I ended up going to sleep around 2:45 instead of trying to stay up. Still pretty tired though, it seems. :P
yay for flag auditing
A: Flag weight audit

Grace NoteA new feature has been deployed that lets you click your flag weight to be brought to a summary of your flag history. If your flag weight is not visible (on account of sitting at 100), you can also access this by going to <siteurl>/users/flag-weight/<userid>, substituting for the site...

1:41 PM
@Trufa The ghetto login method with the button?
@YiJiang yes indeed!
@YiJiang thanks, I did not notice that if I logged in to that I would also login to the AU's chat. Thank you!
@Pekka - I was listening to the pronunciation of numbers. The "g" at the end sounded like "ich". Hundred funf vierzig. The end of vierzig was a little funny.
#hoodphrases Welcome to the Death Eaters... here is your hood.
1:58 PM
> "Good hours, excellent pay, fun place to work, paid training, mean boss. Oh well, four out of five isn't bad."

Help Wanted Ad, PA newspaper, 1994
@Moshe Proper high german uses a hard g: very close to "Vierzik". The "g" getting softened to "ch" is colloquial and used in many dialects.
@Moshe hahahaha! Although I'd rather pass on the paid training than having a mean boss.
@Pekkastrollingaccount how would h¡you say crazy fat bastard (my cousin said that to me consatly) :) not the literal, it is just a (austrian) expressions that roughly means that...
Ya, just found that in a quotes App.
@Pekka the Swiss guy who does the podcasts uses a soft g at the end of numbers.
Well, he's German, I think, but he lives in Switzerland.
Hmm. I just saw a new SO question that is an exact dupe... of something I asked on Programmers SE.
Assuming for the sake of argument that it is a legitimate dupe, is the correct action on SO to close as off-topic or close with migrate vote for Programmers?
@PopularDemand link(s)?
2:12 PM
@PopularDemand close as OT if the one on P.SE has a affirmed answer and votes. And a comment to the P.SE that it's a dupe of.
anyway on chrome to find out what's spooling my js engine to run in an infinite loop?
@drachenstern have you seen high score 11 on the Nippon Leaderboard? The guy has an insane username.
@drachenstern It has votes, but I'm not keen on accepting an answer for a "best practices" question ever.
I guess I'll stick with OT.
@Moshe on the testing or non-testing leaderboard? I haven't switched back
Non testing.
Why haven't you switched, btw?
Q: What are the best practices of Java Swing development?

Lord TorgamusWhile doing my pre-research for this question, I found that there isn't much well-organized information about Java Swing best practices out there on the Internet. So I figure I'll give Stack Exchange a shot at building that One Great List. What are the best practices of Java Swing development? W...

2:16 PM
@drachenstern Yeah, that's the one.
@Moshe cos idk. I keep playing the testflight apps? Because I'm not that big into "GameCenter"?
@drachenstern ok. You were the top and you've fallen a few. Anyhow, I'm seriously considering spicing up the UI now with some color. What do you think?
@Moshe I figured I would have, I ought to come over there and score a 20b score or something. Also, I got testing 0-score (don't know if you can see achievements)
I would not do color. (***until you redesign the icon :p ***)
@PopularDemand so why not shame the dupe? I can't seem to find it with a cursory search
Well the icon needs a new design. That is true. But colorful screenshots grab people. Subtle shadows seem to equal impulse buys.
Perhaps Nippon 2.
I just want you to tone down the bright red into a more subtle salmon or something
2:20 PM
Ah, anyway...
and make it not look like a bloody pad
I'll prolly make that sun smaller as per @Jin's suggestion
Although, Japans sun is red. Not salmon.
the app has nothing to do with the Japanese flag
it has a lot to do with fish
which are grey and pink
Well, okay...
is envisioning something
Okay, perhaps a smaller sun and a fish instead of a bodega.
Q: Java/Swing GUI best practices (from a code standpoint)

jondavidjohnAs a contrast to this wiki, I am looking for the proper way to implement Swing GUI controls from a coding standpoint. I have been on a quest to learn Java and its GUI tools but I find internet tutorial after internet tutorial that throws everything in main and I know this isn't right. I've also...

2:24 PM
Well, I can't really remove the bodega at this point, but I can make it smaller.
We shall see...
Not sure what you mean by shaming it, but there's a link.
I spoke to the author of a Java library that I'm trying to port, yesterday.
Very helpful fellow.
@PopularDemand well you said it was a direct rip of yours
Ok. I'm out folks. @drachenstern your move, btw.
@drachenstern Exact duplicate, not literally a copy-paste. I meant as in "close enough to be closed with the reason 'exact duplicate.'"
2:28 PM
@PopularDemand mkay.
@Moshe soon enough my young padawan
That's... a terrible-looking sentence.
@PopularDemand isn't it tho? :\
Alright, well, thanks again for helping. Time to go feel stupid for not keeping a list of boilerplate new user comments on my desktop.
lol, isn't there a stackapps addon for that?
@drachenstern Is there really?
2:32 PM
@PopularDemand indeed. one moment.
Q: Pro-forma comments

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments, which you can easily click to insert. Features 1. Read your comment before you post it! Note th...

@drachenstern Hm... the only flaw is that it needs more pre-programmed messages... but I can probably customize that myself.
@PopularDemand indeed. Yay open-source javascript add-ons
@drachenstern Okay, okay, fine, I'll enable Greasemonkey.
@PopularDemand lol
2:49 PM
Today is Tuesday, tomorrow will be Wednesday and two days after that will be FRIDAY!
@mootinator you're looking to get kickbanned eh?
@MichaelMrozek Well, congratulations. You seemed so eager that I decided to click on your link instead of @badpssockpuppet's one-second-earlier link. Your reward: I blame you.
Okay, off to work.
@PopularDemand way to subtly link to the video ;)

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