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6:01 PM
@PopularDemand :)-rchern made us promise never to tell (:-rchern about her existence
You know better
@MichaelMrozek No, no, they're friends now. (just don't mention |:-rchern and we're okay)
I'm changing the Happy Hour event to a weekly friday night happening. We don't want to encourage too much drinking.
That Java/C++ question is making me think of April 1. It's too early for this.
6:07 PM
Or too late
@balpha Who is this "we" you're referencing, and what has he got against drinking?
puts the beer away to answer well, we've been getting complaints from the neighbors
Speaking of "we" vs. "he"
@Shog9 The StackExchange™ MegaCollider SuperDropdown™, as the effects of prolonged exposure to alcohol is not part of this test.
I think I should suggest at work that the next 3 developers we hire have to have the names "Noone", "Anyone" and "Everyone"
"Has noone fixed this bug yet?"
"Does anyone know this?"
"Everyone knows this!"
6:09 PM
Ah, the Abbot&Costello routines you could reference...
Q: What type of POS programming language will be able to feed an ecommerce database?

ConnieHello, I am working on an e-commerce website (directing) where the inventory database needs to be fed from the POS database. The current one that company has was built with lotus (Customized) about 10 years ago and not sure if is just the matter of upgrading this POS being done in lotus and bui...

"Who wrote this code? ... Noone?"
"... yes? What do you want?"
The StackExchange Network reminds you that the StackExchange™ MegaCollider SuperDropdown™ will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.
juvenile, I know, but I just can't help but laugh at a title like that
6:11 PM
so @radp, would you kill your proving-your-point events now?
@balpha er, I wasn't proving any point :/
if they cause problems and/or you want them removed, I can remove them, though.
are you saying they have an actual point?
Maybe not in the context of chat
In the contest of the SE network meta.SO is about, yes
oh, those are the out-of-beta days?
6:13 PM
okay, that's actually a nice idea
If I did my math right, that is
although I don't see what it has to do with the navel-gazing room :)
I didn't want to create an ad-hoc room and I figure somebody from the staff will tweet about each new addition :)
Though with a scheduled event, I don't think the sites will be turned on auto at midnight?
No clue
I figured they would?
Maybe the very first ones may not
6:16 PM
Though, you also have WA's in 43 minutes not midnight utc?
sites went up at 21:00 local time
that's 43 minutes from now
so the 90 days finish for each regularly-launched site at 19:00 UTC
@Shog9 I'm pretty sure @balpha is authorized to use the royal we in chat.
ah, fair point. i remember refreshing a51 at 2pm local time each day back then for small user ids >_<
I've heard Thursday for WA
@LasseVKarlsen So, still feeling feverish, then?
Yeah, I figure the very first sites may have some amount of fuzziness
6:18 PM
Yeah, but I think I've confirmed the ear infection
@PopularDemand I believe you're confusing it with the royal wee
but since I added all out-of-betas till Dec 31st I figure they'll get it automated at one point :)
Feels like I got some cotton stuffed in there
Got a doctors appointment on friday, so going to take it slow until then
@LasseVKarlsen Good luck.
@LasseVKarlsen aw :( heal soon!
we still don't have healpacks that automatically heal you by walking into them? wtf!
6:21 PM
@radp We do, but they look like hot coals. Technical limitations. You can see why they're not widely available.
I seem to be fresh out of those :)
I have returned
@Fosco good news about that project!
You've made more progress on that than I have on on XMPP :-/
cracks whip
get to work!
Anyway, I'm out for a pizza. Later!
6:24 PM
Real work has been preventing me from making progress on XMPP
@radp See ya!
And I'm torn in so many different directions with work, I don't get much done there either! So much to do, so little time :-(
Should WA go up and gold while I'm out, have my anticipated grats!
6:45 PM
OK, going to force myself to concentrate and get things done quickly. Wish me luck :-)
@TheUnhandledException Curious, what are you doing with XMPP?
@spoulson Trying to make an XMPP interface for this very chat


XMPP Integration Discussion
Most excellent
By any chance will your works be capable of producing a web-based XMPP client?
Q: Offer an XMPP method for chat

Greg HewgillThis is a request for the SO chat system to have an XMPP interface. The whole idea of a chat system is to bring people together, and a key way of doing that is to allow people to access the system using more than one method. Right now there's a web interface, but it's limited to being a web inte...

I've always wanted one
6:47 PM
@spoulson That's a separate question altogether...
By that, I mean a web UI to a server that manages XMPP communications (not flash or java interpretations)
Q: Open source jabber based website "live chat" / "live help" system?

JoshI don't know if this belongs on SF, SU or SO... let's try SF first. I'm looking for a "live help" system for website which uses Jabber/XMPP as a backend... so that website visitors could click a "Chat Now" button, and using AJAX, chat with operators who are already set up using Jabber accounts. ...

> None of these actually worked reliably but they look promising and so I award you the best answer. Hopefully they will be better in the near future! – Josh Oct 9 '09 at 15:43
But since that was almost a year ago, maybe that's better now
@spoulson For web based chat, nothing I've ever seen beats this!
but I would love to be able to at least read messages via Jabber since I'm always online there
you've been looking at that for a year??
6:50 PM
@Fosco I asked the question a year ago, haven't looked at them since 10/9/09
@Fosco Different from XMPP integration for this chat
@TheUnhandledException Agreed. But I'd like to have a web UI to gtalk (for instance) that doesn't make XMPP connections from the browser. Proxy avoidance, you know. :)
hehe, I imagine josh's XMPP bridge connecting to this chat, and then a different web based XMPP client connecting to josh's server
@TheUnhandledException, wait 10 days and give an annual review.
@balpha HAHA, I was thinking that too
6:51 PM
and what a waste that would be
@rchern Will do!
@spoulson I agree. Also, I was thinking that would be a service I could offer to my clients
I wasn't thinking I would use the Jabber web interface myself, I would use a Jabber client, and have a "chat now" applet on my website
and offer that as a hosted product
"Chat live with your customers!". Others have that, but it depends on the website owner using the same web interface
why do I think I could create that in one night?..
starts the clock
6:53 PM
Really? Want help? :-)
tic toc @Fosco. Tic toc.
I've spent the past few nights working, my girlfriend is not going to let me work tonight.
@Fosco A suspiciously convenient excuse....
@Fosco Just tell your girlfriend you need to work because some other woman online dared you to
I guess so..
6:54 PM
I'm sure that will go over really, really well :-)
real life excuses are not acceptable. you just said one night. you did not qualify that with anything.
@TheUnhandledException would your XMPP server info be public?
@rchern To be fair, he didn't specify which night.
@Fosco The XMPP server I am signed into right now?
Maybe he's holding out for one of those six-month-long arctic nights.
6:55 PM
I don't have an XMPP server, so how should I test it... would you give me your server info to connect to?
@Fosco To connect to it for testing, or for hacking me? ;-)
server is: jabber.fosco.com
My JID is not available :-)
hacking.. j/k.
already got the JID thx
I think new accounts can be registered freely
If you seriously do write this @Fosco I'll offer a bounty on that question and you can answer and I will award
6:59 PM
@TheUnhandledException ok i was just going to ask about what account to use for the visitor.
And if you have a working proof of concept I will ask our CEO if there's any funding available to pay you to develop it into a real product :-)
@Fosco If you can't register a new account let me know
(funding is tight right now so no promises other than a decent bounty :-) )
Back to work for me, @The me if you need me
@Fosco I just checked, client registration of new accounts is enabled. But you can also create a new account at: jabber.smart-safe-secure.com:9091/plugins/registration/…
I will attempt to programmatically create a new user when the person decides to chat
Holy crap, you're going all out!
That's awesome
That's how I envisioned it actually, like "Click here to chat", and when they click it asks for their name, and the IMs come from TheirName @smart-safe-secure.com
or their email or something
to prevent two `Josh`es from IMing at once
eh, @balpha, is the onebox support for A51 fixed yet?
how about just WebUser_<random-number>
7:12 PM
how about just <random-number>
@Fosco That works well
@Shog9 Area 51 doesn't have an API
@Shog9 I'm not sure if only numbers is a valid JID
@balpha wut? Lame.
might be having an issue connecting to your xmpp server...
7:13 PM
@Shog9 Plus, I'd rather know it's a web user
@Fosco Using TLS?
@TheUnhandledException what port is it?
@Fosco Port 5222
Port 5333 for SSL is disabled, LMK if you need it enabled
7:15 PM
he he he he he he
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
... ha?
A: What hat should a programmer not wear?

Josh KTwo I can think of right off the bat. Tech support. I'm not here to help clients work through the new site or teach them how to use features. While it may be necessary to interface with clients at various points in the process, unless you're a managing programmer you really shouldn't be directl...

^^^ funny stuff
ok, will look at this later.. i should work on my actual day job responsibilities..
@Fosco LOL, likewise :-)
It's probably a TLS thing, I can disable when you're ready to test again
@Shog9 A beanie?
beanies are great. Don't knock beanies.
7:19 PM
@Shog9 Oh, I wasn't, I just find it difficult to concentrate on code when wearing them ;-)
I'm gonna have to say "a sombrero" - tried it once, the brim got in the way of the monitor
@TheUnhandledException depends how cold your office is
incidentally... mittens make it really hard to type. Someone needs to design a mitten-friendly keyboard
might i suggest gloves instead of mittens? |:
7:25 PM
@rchern I suggest voice recognition software
@rchern Gloves work poorly when it's really cold
I'm not sure I see how mittens would be warmer.
shudders recalling the days in pep band in high school playing keyboard at football games gloves were a must.
Gloves separate your fingers
More surface area, more heat loss
hey @PopularDemand, going for Necromancer, are we? :)
A: notserious.[SOFU].com for jokes, discussions et al.

Popular DemandThe only purpose for this that I can see is getting the non-serious stuff out of chat, comments, Programmers SE and Meta SO. This would be a lose/lose situation, because the only value in the sites comes from getting all the non-serious stuff moved you'll never get all the non-serious stuff mov...

Good gloves are well-insulated to reduce this, but well-insulated mittens still perform better
7:30 PM
blah blah something about gloves and being able to move your fingers and actively using the keyboard generating energy or something like that blah blah
Eh, Pops, I dispute your poo-pooing of the value of a good S[OFUE] trashcan
@rchern yeah, it's a trade-off
I have very thin, cold hands at the best of times, so perhaps this is less of an issue for others
dammit. more than 96 answers!
Must have been a good question!
(by which i mean, "must have been a terrible question!")
7:32 PM
haha no. i'm trying to get that silly voted on 600 questions badge.
that is a silly badge
@balpha Already have. I just don't like a long Unanswered tab.
@Shog, I'm over 600 votes, so now it is just a matter of getting a number that matches the answers i've voted on. Apparently at least 100. I just want it over with at this point lol.
I don't think it's possible to earn that badge without actually consciously working on it
I never really understood the 25% part of that badge, it seems unnecessary
Devil's advocate time:
A: Electorate badge progress, Pundit, etc too

Jeff AtwoodSome of the badges are supposed to be surprises, not World of Warcraft style level grinds based on numbers. I worry that if we provide too many metrics: it becomes noise, like a bunch of inscrutable F-16 cockpit gauges -- how are all these numbers useful except for these specific badges? the b...

7:39 PM
@PopularDemand Yeah, but that doesn't mean you can't try to get it, it just means you don't know how close you are
In a way it is good. I sometimes wonder who would vote on questions if I didn't.
@rchern you should be able to find 96 lousy questions to down-vote.
@MichaelMrozek Hey, I think about Electorate too, especially now that I've crossed the 1k votes mark.
I normally downvote all questions with rchern's name next to them, but I guess that strategy won't help here
I just happened to have read that Jeff answer earlier today.
7:41 PM
@PopularDemand The problem I have with electorate is it doesn't just encourage people to vote more on questions, it encourages them to vote less on answers
Which doesn't seem like the best move
@MichaelMrozek Wow, it's like everything you think and do agrees with my perspective!
(You're going to want to mouseover that reply.)
yeah, i definitely see the point there. i plan on going on an answer-voting spree for several days after i finally get the damn badge.
@PopularDemand you need to be more careful.
@Shog9 How so?
Reading Jeff's answers. That way lies madness.
7:43 PM
Electorate has motivated me to be less participatory in dumb polls, which probably is the intended behavior, though there seem to be fewer of those these days.
@Shog9 That's only an issue for those who aren't already mad.
@PopularDemand (obligatory Cheshire Cat)
Obviously. Which is why I say, you need to be more careful... Your madness may continue
((also, hello)
There are other ways to discourage dumb polls. Like destroying them with extreme prejudice
@MichaelMrozek I think the idea is to not give it to people who have 600 question votes and 43k answer votes.
7:44 PM
Why hello, @Piskvor.
@Shog9 I like it here. It's cozy and warm.
@PopularDemand And I don't think those people are somehow less worthy than those that have voted on 600 questions and 10 answers
I think Shog9 has lost it
@MichaelMrozek well, badges are supposed to reward some accomplishment, not be some general-purpose "worthiness" rating
7:45 PM
Close the tab with Jeff's answer. Close it!
problem is, not voting on most answers is a really... odd accomplishment
Yeah, in this case the difference between the two is the latter managed to accomplish not voting on answers. Bravo on that one
@MichaelMrozek Again, I agree with you -- I was serious about that part -- but you said you didn't understand the motivation behind the requirement.
best I can come up with is that this is a token for users who really don't know enough to properly rate answers, and actually have the self-restraint to not do so.
yesterday, by Fosco
> "If you see someone DROWNING... LOL... Call 911"
7:48 PM
isn't it a bit late at that point?...
what are the odds you could make that phone call, explain, and get someone on the scene to help before they are dead?
I guess that's why they advise you to laugh first
It's two arms and a head, going into the waves!
7:50 PM
! duh :)
@TheUnhandledException don't be silly
@Fosco Well I really only say "lol" every other time I saw that
I only just figured out what they were trying to convey
the arms should be sideways: \O/
it's obviously saying that 5 is roughly equal to 911
which is just silly
It can be, for very large values of 5
so the obscure meaning (laugh at them, then call to report the death) must be the truth
7:53 PM
Unrelated randomness: Underwater Unicorns! weebls-stuff.com/songs/Narwhals
it's all good...
this site just gets better and better...
Q: What certified courses have you completed and how would you rate them?

Ian MackinnonWhat certified professional programming courses have you completed? (not school/college/university) How would you rate them in terms of how much their content has helped you to do your job*? I'd be particularly interested to hear about anything security-related. *rather than how much their inc...

d'oh. in case anybody was wondering, auto-play video over rdc is not a good thing.
need fatter network
ok, now this one's good. I've never been wild about the idea of day-in, day-out pair programming, but...
Q: Any experience with promiscuous pairing?

Don KirkbyThe article "Promiscuous Pairing and Beginner’s Mind" (PDF) suggests that you put someone in the pair that knows the least about the particular area of the code base. Not only will they learn about that area but they will also think differently compared to someone who already knows the area. Do...

I love pair programming, but I've never seen the word Promiscuous thrown in there.
7:58 PM
That's a terrible term... or a great one, depending on who you're paired with
Getting closer to solving these bugs
At my last job, a female programmer and I were always working together on stuff..
It's a perfectly appropriate English word with... really inappropriate connotations
it helps that we were both attracted to each other..
lol @Shog9 nice related question !
@Fosco That can help, it could also hurt
Spending all day gazing into each others' eyes == not much coding done :-)
8:01 PM
I was not looking at her eyes... /nudge
@Fosco Not much code down lower either ;-)
there's time for that, and time for work... we were a great team, built a lot of rock-solid applications for that company.
I actually miss her.
@Shog9 I thought there was a ThinkGeek woman's shirt with code across the boobular region, but I can't find it now
Flash flood watch. Thrilling.
8:06 PM
@TheUnhandledException I would be rather surprised if there is only one like that
I would be even more surprised if the shirts are often worn by their intended recipients
@Shog9 Well I know other sites have women's shirts that say "Hey my face is up here" :-)
@TheUnhandledException Shouldn't those be hats?
@rchern Oh no, who's drowning?
eye roll
8:19 PM
so this project I was busting my ass to get the bugs out of was just pushed back a few months
And I just got the last bug out 10 minutes ago
and was retesting
so I talk to our CEO to tell him and he tells me his news
kinda a downer
imagines @The holding a torch below is face
@radp I feel more like using sed torch to light myself on fire, lol
@TheUnhandledException "downer"? What I read was "I just bought myself a few months of vacation."
8:22 PM
@PopularDemand LOL. Well this client was going to be a great showcase for us
The past few months I've been busting ass to get v2.0 of our software out of beta, in large part because their debut would help sell it
@PopularDemand But yes, on the bright side this does mean I can have a vacation :-)
I am succeeding!!!!
@rchern Yey! I needed some good news :-)
don't you be quoting me, @rchern
8:25 PM
@balpha is starting to see the light (;
I told you this in private!
in a public chat room?
... on chat.webapps
what can be more private? :)
Whoa. My new gravatar + Hot Dog Stand = whoa.
8:28 PM
@rchern and @balpha what am I missing here?
2 mins ago, by balpha
@PopularDemand Like eating spoilt hot dogs XD
@balpha OH
@balpha, I approve of your use of conversation bookmarking.
8:33 PM
@balpha Whoa.
@balpha Thank you, that makes me feel better XD
@rchern I just saw conversation bookmarks earlier today, very sweet
^-> nice work @balpha
stop that, @TheUnhandledException
I forgot it did that :-)
subway.com . View source. WTF? (It does have a doctype btw, try find it :P)
@balpha Feature request: Disable <marquee>
8:37 PM
It is disabled :P
in Chat feedback, 12 secs ago, by The Unhandled Exception
Feature request: Don't notify me if a message containing @MyName is edited, unless @MyName was added
in Chat feedback, 11 secs ago, by balpha
@TheUnhandledException you like to crosspost, don't you?
@Macha Doesn't do much good on line 196!
@TheUnhandledException Exactly :P
8:54 PM
@Shog9 I just found the link you left on a meta post a while ago about help vampires; I'm quite enjoying it
I would cross post, but instead: stackoverflow.com/questions/3825683/…
@Moshe Trying to avoid the rage of @balpha? :-)
Gotta run, cya all. Thanks. ;-)
9:00 PM
@Moshe Later
@theunhandledexceptipn - no, I just came in and saw that quote from @balpha so I posted my link. Later. Going offline for a Holiday. I will be back next week.
@Moshe Have a good one
Yep, thanks. (And look at some of my recent questions please. You may enjoy them.) Bye.
9:13 PM
I have created a complete mess and am not sure how to clean it up, LOL
How do you get the link of a specific tweet (mine or somebody else's)? I should know this...
@ChrisF Sorry, no clue
I don't use twitter myself
@TheUnhandledException np
There's got to be SOMEONE in here who does!
but I think everyone's asleep =b
Keeping stupid out of Stack Exchange: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/09/good-subjective-bad-subjective/
Bad choice of words I think - they'll have to close half the questions on SO then ;)
The link is on the "n minutes ago" bit of the tweet
Well at least the garbage code works. I'll rewrite it in v2.1
in The Roach Motel, 11 mins ago, by The Unhandled Exception
I will probably never understand what the above code means later, so I'm going to put a permalink to this chat in my SVN commit...
why? why? WHY?
who'd possibly want to have that?
10:08 PM
Ug, I've been at this too long
I think I'm burnt out. It's to the point that I'm altering a javascript file to fix a bug but forgetting to reload the page and thus not getting the new JS, and then wondering why my code didn't work
I think it's time for a break :-/
Have a nice night everyone
@Fosco when you get back, I have disabled TLS security requirements on my XMPP server
So feel free to test again
10:39 PM
Whoever wrote the expression in this needs to be punished:
Q: How do I write this C expression in J?

MargusHow do I write this C expression in J? (where x is input integer, and a is temporary variable) ((a= ~x & (~x >> 1)) ^= a ? 0 : (a ^ (a & (a - 1))) | (a ^ (a & (a - 1))) << 1);

I added the word "expression" to the question; please don't punish me. ;-)
10:58 PM
hi,anyone there?
@fahad hello
hi sathya

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