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7:04 PM
@Piskvor There's this to dynamically generate badges, although it doesn't include the little images like @YiJiang's do:
seems like using <insert browser>'s dev tools to edit the markup and take a screen clip would be the easiest
oh, @JeffAtwood that reminds me. What do you use to get your screenclips and gray out the unimportant stuff?
> @Michael, I don't have edit privs here. – rchern
@rchern What the heck -- get more meta rep immediately
Interesting font choice
@MichaelMrozek, heh. I just hit 1k today |:
I guess I should stop downvoting all your posts. That would probably help
7:17 PM
'twould be appreciated :P
@MichaelMrozek Ooh, shiny!
@rchern I use paint shop pro, a really old version.. just simple manipulation with layers, etc
@JeffAtwood Heard you mentioned on the latest TWiT.
@rchern I'm no JA, but I've had good experience with Screenshot Captor - it has presets to dim/blur/grey the uninteresting parts, and allows you to add annotations: donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/screenshotcaptor
1 hour ago, by rchern
ooooooooof i'm an idiot
Why did that get 3 stars??? :-(
@JeffAtwood Is that good for freehand circles? :-)
7:30 PM
i didn't even realized it had been starred
I'm trying to figure out what starring that means, LOL
Does it indicate agreement?? If so, that's harsh, LOL
It should be pinned :)
make that 4 stars ):
What was the definition for pinning? Something the room definitely needs to be made aware of? This seems like a clear-cut case
7:31 PM
Haha, you can pin?
Room owners and mods can
@MichaelMrozek Oh YOU pinned :-)
No, I'm neither of those
It was probably @Chacha102
accidentally bumps head on the bar counter
... Hi! .... ouch....
rubs head
well, there's only 4 people here who can
7:35 PM
in Chat feedback, Sep 20 at 16:07, by Chacha102
Feature Request: I'd like to be immune from being closed as duplicate, as all my ideas are original
hahahaha, the title of that question has been changed
If it makes you feel better @rchern I'm sure whatever you did wasn't near as idiotic as me last week when I was wondering why 20 > 3 evaluated to true...
I can also clear the stars off of any message
So I could wipe that message @rchern clear off the map :)
you could clear the one about me (;
7:40 PM
@rchern -- @Chacha102 dooo iiitttt!!!! :D
@TheUnhandledException, did that lock certain users out from being able to do pretty much any work today? and they're still not fixed at 2:40 in the afternoon?
I cleared the one about you..
/me cheers
@rchern Haha, sorry, what's this about? :-)
You meant the one say you're message should be pinned right?
I am so confused. :-)
@rchern I'm not sure what this message refers to
7:43 PM
@TheUnhandledException, @Chacha102 is just trying to be funny...
@Chacha102 And I'm not sure who you're talking to :-)
@TheUnhandledException it refers to this one!
i am very funny
@rchern Oh OK :-) Nah, I figured out that 20 is greater than three pretty quickly, LOL. Well, not nearly as quickly as the average third grader, but, quickly enough I didn't have to rewrite too much code ;-)
@Chacha102 all about perspective
7:46 PM
@Chacha102 I thought "i am very fnny" was more amusing... ;-)
The "Tunes" room is so underused!


By their musics shall thee know them
If Thunderbird deletes one more message without my permission I am going to start killing the developers!
have fun
I want Firefox to go away anyway
heh, i read that and my brain processed it incorrectly
its too slow and bulky
> If Thunderbird deletes one more message I am going to start killing the developers without their permission!
@rchern HAHA.
As a developer myself, I always prefer it when people ask my permission before killing me.
7:54 PM
clearly i left my brain at home this morning.
we just got another permissions request. i am not touching it with a 10 foot pole no thank you!
That message deserves to get pinned..
because its awesome
7:56 PM
but that isn't what pinned items are for
starred maybe, but no starring your own items.
and because it is information that everyone who entres this room should know
@rchern beat me to it, damn fat fingers I have
@Chacha102, no it isn't.
7:57 PM
why not?
well, for one, it isn't an informational statement
so it can't really be information
Are Pinned Items defined somewhere?
Like in an FAQ?
@Chacha102 I don't know if they're officcially documented, but I see them the same way @rchern described
That is, as informational things everyone should see when they enter the room
But, I've seen different room owners use them different ways.
I'll remove the pin soon anyway..
Since this room has no set "purpose", I'm not sure what pinned items mean here :-) in the XMPP room, for example, I pinned what the room is for and the latest major update
in XMPP, Sep 3 at 22:01, by Josh
OK so this room is where I'll talk about my hackings around with XMPP and this chat system
in Chat feedback, Sep 8 at 12:58, by C. Ross
What is pinned?
(The explanation comes from @Marc right after that message.)
> It's time for PHP to die.
He has some alright arguments..
Like what? I'm not seeing any so far...
8:06 PM
It is annoying when you have to have an MVC framework to feel like you are building an App 'right'
> Now, with ten years of PHP experience under my belt, I'm in the same position. I can knock out a good website in an hour in PHP, and an excellent one in a day or two. Its performance characteristics are well-known and understood, so I can make it scale pretty much indefinitely.
"It works great! Let's scrap it!!!"
WTF? :-)
@Chacha102 I have custom built an MVC PHP framework, I'm not sure I see the issue here?
> While PHP used to be the language where you could write a web page in twenty lines of code, nowadays it doesn't feel like you're doing it properly these days unless you've laid down at least a basic MVC framework of some kind. That boilerplate code is the tell: the language now requires modification by a framework to do what you need.
@TheUnhandledException Same here
@Chacha102 My counter-argument is: Just lay down a framework :-)
If you aren't as good as we are @Chacha102 and can't write your own, there's plenty out there. CakePHP, Zend Framework, etc etc
@TheUnhandledException But shouldn't the framework be built in?
@Chacha102 No
I don't think so
8:08 PM
BTW, I've written my own MVC framework
@Chacha102 Yeah, same. I was saying for those who aren't as talented as you, there's free ones available
@Chacha102 He talks about Ruby on Rails. That's a framework built on top of Ruby
Ruby has no MVC model built in
He should say that everyone should use the Zend Framework instead of pure PHP.
I'm not saying I completely agree with him
Then he has an argument that makes sense. But saying you shouldn't use PHP because Ruby On Rails has MVC built in is silly, because PHP is to Ruby what Zend Framework is to Ruby on Rails. PHP is NOT the same as Ruby on Rails.
But I am a little ticked that it will take ages before most hosting servers get namespaces..
@Chacha102 OK sorry :-) I just get worked up when I read something saying my language of choice should die, LOL
8:11 PM
It is my language of choice too
I just found an article on HN :)
If you're going to get worked up every time you see someone being mean to PHP, you should probably avoid all tech discussion sites :)
and a lot of SO
Also, avoid all PHP code
@MichaelMrozek What I mean is, I'll defend it :-)
> My chief gripe, it must be said, is performance. I've just finished saying this should not be considered a fatal flaw in a language, but rather a temporary problem in its implementation. So I cannot really take it as an argument, though I should note the performance is the primary reason I am porting my current app back to PHP. I can make Rails run just as fast as PHP, but I need between 2 and 4 times as much hardware to do so.
I'd like PHP to have some features that Java has
like multiple constructors based on the arguments
8:12 PM
If you require 2 - 4 times as much hardware to make one language as fast as another, you've missed the point :-)
function MyClass(string name)
@Chacha102 Yes. I would like that also
function MyClass(string name, string value)
I too wish PHP had function overloading
I know they tried to do that with magic methods
the whole ArrayAccess interface
8:14 PM
Yeah, but it's not the same
I really would like to be able to make sure arguments are int or String
A PHP/Java fan. Life's going to be rough, @Chacha102
Q: What is PHP function overloading for?

Click UpvoteIn languages like Java, overloading can be used in this way: void test($foo, $bar){} int test($foo){} Then if you called test() with 2 arguments e.g test($x, $y);, the first function would be called. If you passed only 1 argument e.g test($x);, the 2nd function would be called. From the manua...

function Myfunc(string $myString, int $myInt, stdClass $myObject);
that isn't even a Java thing
it just makes sense...
8:15 PM
only so far as Java makes sense
Well, if they hadn't added function MyFunc(myObject $myObject)...
but since they did add it, add all of the types..
PHP (objects, functions, datatypes) are considerably more flexible than Java (objects, methods, datatypes)
@Shog9 Very true.
Some people like that, others hate it
I say choose what works for you :-)
well, good or bad, overloading is a no-brainer in Java: the methods have different signatures, therefore they're different methods - the compiler knows this, the user knows this, the runtime knows this
how did that come out of my keyboard...?
someone should star it :)
8:19 PM
@Chacha102 There you go. That will be 2 "exp" points please ;-)
&rarr; 1 message moved to The Trash Heap
oh thank heavens, rows restored!!
@Chacha102 And yet, it's still starred :-)
@rchern Whew
I hate it when I delete the wrong data
@TheUnhandledException That is funny
In PHP, the interpreter doesn't necessarily know how many arguments a function expects. So overloading - while possible - isn't as obvious a choice. There are problems that just couldn't exist in Java
8:20 PM
Off to my next class
@Chacha102 Have fun
@Shog9 Exactly. So, if you come from a C++ background (like me) or other background where you're used to overloading, you just learn to write different code
I just think in some cases overloading could make some of my code a lot cleaner
php... shudder
hey - why doesn't the asterisk next to my name go away when I post a comment now?
@rchern Hey to each his/her own.
@rchern At least in PHP I can convert .ico files to .png ;-)
@Shog9 Asterisk? Where?
@TheUnhandledException, ouch. that cuts deep. Plus, I can do it locally and on somee.
8:24 PM
@TheUnhandledException sure. And PHP-style varargs could make life easier in some Java programs. That's why so many languages grow to support multiple different ways of doing the same thing. cough C# cough hack cough Objective-C
@TheUnhandledException ok, so I actually have to reply to you to make it go away...
@Shog9 You mean in chat?
wait - that time it went away
@Shog9 The green badge or the asterisk in the <title>?
The asterisk in the title
do you use chrome?
8:26 PM
it was hanging around on me for a while, even as I kept writing... But now it's not
@rchern LOL. In all seriousness I don't understand language hatred :-) I mean, I support individual choice. If you don't want to use PHP, then don't. Don't hate me for choosing to do so :-) I don't hate you for using .NET :-)
dammit, Balpha, stop making me look crazy
@Shog9, @balpha has said there's an issue with setting the title in chrome
@rchern ah, well, maybe that's it
@Shog9 I only see the asterisk if this tab isn't active
8:26 PM
@TheUnhandledException, i never said i hated you for using php, now did i? (;
@rchern LOL true. You didn't :-)
@TheUnhandledException I get it regardless, so long as someone mentions my name
Q: Changing the window title when focussing the window doesn't work in Chrome

balphaI'm (ab)using the document title as some kind of a notification area. If the tab/window in question doesn't have focus at the time I want to notify the user of something, I change the window title to include some notification. When the window/tab comes back into focus, I want to remove the notif...

I take back my offensive ico statement which I can no longer edit :-)
8:28 PM
Now, your backwards smileys are a whole other issue altogether @rchern... ;-)
Just because your smileys are backwards doesn't mean you can say mine are!
Anyone here use NetBeans?
No, I pretty much stick with Bush's
8:30 PM
...ba dum ching
@Shog9 They're pretty decent, but they don't have syntax highlighting
They make up for it in speed
I need to bookmark the "whay does downvotes mean on meta" question, LOL
I need to edit that to say, "It means we hate you and want you to leave"
8:37 PM
k, so: testing rchern's asterisk theory... WILL IT STAY?
i had a theory?
oh, i just know that the title doesn't always reflect the current status and that @balpha pointed out his question
How do you make The Internet your bitch?
Q: how do you spend time on internet when you're bored, as a programmer

davsanfor instance, when you're bored but also want to expand your mind as a programmer, how do you make the internet your bitch?

ONLY +3!?!?!?
A: how do you spend time on internet when you're bored, as a programmer

Ryan HayesStackOverflow or programmers.stackexchange.com Of course!

8:44 PM
well, makes sense to me: when I'm bored as a programmer, programming-topics aren't exactly my first choice
How about a few more people duplicate the same answers
ok. i'll go add one.
good thinking, I'm in
Everyone that posts "SO and programmers.SE" on that question gets a free star from me
@MichaelMrozek LOL, I was thinking that
8:47 PM
The fourth person to post it didn't even get the formatting right:
A: how do you spend time on internet when you're bored, as a programmer

Mr. CStackOverflow or programmers.stackexchange.com Because when I'm bored as a programmer, nothing hits the spot like more programming!

You'd think he could've copied it from the previous three people
Yeah, I copied too little
corrected now
Oh, that is you. For shame
@MichaelMrozek I'll probably get downvoted, but
A: how do you spend time on internet when you're bored, as a programmer

JoshNormally in descending order: http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/89/the-tavern http://stackoverflow.com http://serverfault.com http://superuser.com http://programmers.stackexchange.com http://gaming.stackexchange.com etc... :-)

If SE didn't allow stealth edits, my revision histories would be absolutely shocking
8:49 PM
@Shog9 You just got an upvote (a real one, not a joke one from me for encouraging this)
@Shog9 Likewise :-)
> +1: I can't believe no one had mentioned SO! – Mr. C
@MichaelMrozek > I can't believe no one had mentioned MSO or chat!
Oh, wow. I didn't realize until now that "how do you make the internet your bitch?" actually is in the question text
8:52 PM
No blockquote goodness on reply?
/me reads @TheUnhandledException's answer
Didn't we have a previous discussion about massively-dup'd posts still getting up-voted? ;-)
/me is hurt :p
@Shog9 Good to know it's not SO-specific
Why hurt @rchern?
8:53 PM
just playing around at the lack of WA (;
oh HAHA!
uno momento por favor
you don't have to go edit it in heh
I did, I do visit there. Just not often, I'm finding I lack expertise to provide good answers :-)
Whur'd the teacher's lounge go?
8:55 PM
The teddy bears are having their picnic...
@MichaelMrozek odd, didn't come up in the main list. Thx.
It's pretty much never a good sign when a joke answer is the highest voted on a question
@MichaelMrozek LOL
9:00 PM
i disagree! (:
Any Flash experts in here today?
This particular instant :-)
I'll bet M. Myers is a Flash Wizard
Oh hey @mmyers I wasn't even aware you were here
9:09 PM
No, I'm not that into comic books.
Did you have a nice Grammar Day last Friday? ;-)
Every day is Punctuation Day.
Are you using NetBeans for Flash? I might be able to help with NetBeans, but definitely not with Flash.
Q: How can we make famous a link like www.ustream.tv/recorded/7458858 a video about the idols of young by Lionel Delasse?

ShulaHow can we make famous a link like www.ustream.tv/recorded/7458858 a video about the idols of young by Lionel Delasse?

@mmyers A gem for you :)
9:11 PM
Ev'ry day 's Pun-c-tua-tion Day!
idols of young?
@Diago DON'T! You might kill @mmyers with a question like that!
Awww :( It's gone
I was 12 seconds late to the party.
@mmyers Using NetBeans for PHP. With Netbeans do you know if there's a way to change the right hand margin bookmark indicator color?
9:14 PM
@mmyers But you got to delete it at least :)
Hmm, never tried that I don't think.
@TheUnhandledException to bright purple, I assume?
@Diago No, it was spam-deleted by the time I got there.
@Shog9 Blue actually. Right now it's dark gray and blends in with everything else, whereas bookmarks on the left margin are blue
@mmyers Wow. I'm impressed.
9:15 PM
@Shog9 But yes, my company's colors are purple, blurple, blue and gray.
Our main product's logo is more colorful
@TheUnhandledException At least they didn't steal the SO logo :)
And on that note I think I am going to drag my sorry butt back to bed.
@Diago Sleep well
hi/bye @Diago
/me enters treatment for Angry Birds addiction
I'm just surprised there's still room in the facility.
9:21 PM
Apparently, they just wrap you in a straightjacket now, lay you on the ground, and pile scrapwood over you
i got frustrated not being able to get 3 stars one 1 level, and not being able to get past another.
haven't played it in weeks
then later, brownshirts come out on break and take a run at you
That's probably more efficient, yes.
9:52 PM
I wish I were coding XMPP support instead of stupid Flash stuff I don't understand =P
I wish I were lecturing at a programmer's barbecue while scantily-clad cheerleaders fed me tender pork ribs. I also wish my wishes are granted before yours.
@Shog9 Nice wishes. Except that last one :-)
Unless, of course, you use your wishes to grant mine. Or you invite me to the barbecue. I'm sure your talk would be fascinating and would capture my entire attention... um, sorry, were you saying something? That cheerleader was distracting me...
See, that's the point. Most of the programmers would be distracted by the women, the rest by the food. I could just sit there and rant about VB while gorging...
(...if a VB programmer spoke up, I could throw rib bones at him)
It'd be heaven, I tells ya!
So great

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