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8:00 PM
@Fosco visited 108 days, 92 consecutive
Ill probably just write "Hello World" then get bored and not lock for another 5+ years!
Actually, I'd like to follow you and close it... You know, I haven't closed anything for a month...
@PavelShved haha i was going to say "and Pavel will probably be one of the close votes"
you beat me to it
@Fosco you know, I'm a grown up 10k man! I have needs! I need to close something!
8:01 PM
I was up to 90 before I moved. Only missed one day....
@Wil and if you just want to mess around, you can just fire up VC++ and write some inline assembler
is 100 consecutive the last badge for visiting daily?
@Fosco you never know...
If there suddenly appears anothe rbadge for 1k consecutive visits, you wouldn't want to start it over
8:03 PM
So you'd better do it in advance
no i think i'll stop caring at 100
but i WANT to visit daily
@PavelShved I wouldn't thought so - it isn't like that - just looking for the latest and only the latest version
@Fosco ta
@Fosco but think about it, someone with lesser contribution will receive this badge... and you won't!
@Wil Also look around for Borland TASM. That's what I grew up on.
@PavelShved I'm sure they have that first platinum badge available, and it's only unlisted because it's not possible for anyone to have achieved it yet....
@spoulson but you don't use diapers you grew up on today, do you?
@spoulson and @GregHewgill thanks - I am writing this down, I really don't have a clue here, but I will look all these things up
@Shog9 what the heck... so there are 2 software engineering proposals?
No. That's the original - it just got... a... facelift? Extreme liposuction?
8:05 PM
@Shog9 oh my god, what Robert has done there???
@Wil after taking a quick look, it seems TASM falls in the same out of date condition. Not sure how useful it'd be in modern non-DOS environments anymore.
@Wil GCC?
@PavelShved I <3 TASM
@spoulson TBH, this is just for a bit of fun - only really want to do Windows/command prompt, hence why I was looking at MASM because of all of the example code on MSDN
@PavelShved I guess the concern was, the biggest proponents didn't intend it to be "yet another programming SE"... and yet, that's what got voted up as on-topic.
@PavelShved I guess the concern was, the biggest proponents didn't intend it to be "yet another programming SE"... and yet, that's what got voted up as on-topic.
@Wil Then chances are the 2006 version will work fine as well.
seriously, nasm is a no-brainer choice. It's free, up to date, open source, tons of documentation, etc
8:07 PM
Q: What happened to the Software Engineering proposal?

Eric WeilnauThe proposal for a Software Engineering Stack Exchange site seems to have disappeared. Over the weekend, it achieved 100% commitment. However, I am no longer able to find this proposal. It has been removed from my user page. What happened?

@Wil MASM syntax really hasn't changed since I started asm coding back around 1990
@Shog9 I was committed to that proposal before, but wouldn't now.. ok thanks.
@Shog9 oh...my...god!...
(and I'm an atheist)
@spoulson any idea if it is compatible with the MS samples? I really only want to mess around with samples and edit a bit here and there, not really full on programming a big app...
(with multiple personality disorder)
8:12 PM
Time for an Apache recompile... wish me luck :-/
@Wil Have a sample to show?
@TheUnhandledException apache is ok, you don't need any luck there
This is just ridiculous ... there are inaugarating the new restroom at my school ...
with wine and music
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL How much wine?
Apparently a lot
8:14 PM
@mmyers 4 bottle of white wine and 4 of red wine
Hope they installed splash guards
@spoulson well, forget the MS ones for a moment, it was seeing this last night: stackoverflow.com/questions/3747954/a2004-problem-with-masm32/… just made me want to try and compile it
'Cause, I mean, given enough...
@Wil Yeah, that'd work fine I think.
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL I think beer is more effective for... uh, inaugaration
or, ur-inaugaraion , uh I'd better get outta here for that.
@Wil it's a 16-bit app, so executing the output is technically unsupported after WinXP IIRC.
ahh... well, I suppose no chance on my 64 bit Windows 7! lol
I just feel ashamed that my school has money to waste like that :/
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL That statement was silly before you mentioned the wine and music. What kind of school is this? A toilet manufacture academy?
8:16 PM
@PavelShved heh -- this is cpanel's "easyapache". I do need luck :-)
a lot of luck :-)
@Wil It's worth a try.
@PopularDemand this is just a normal college with a lot of programs
well, I have Windows 3.1 in a VM - again, I know it isn't very practical, but just had a lot of free time recently and I just want to do something different!
And high fees?
@Wil 64-bit chips have 32-bit compatibility. And 32-bit execution is inherently 16-bit backwards compatible. It's the OS that needs to provide the 16-bit abstraction for memory management beyond 64KB of 16-bit addressable memory.
8:17 PM
@Wil nasm looks interesting, i might play around too
@mmyers Actally no, it's public college, it cost around 200$ per session
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL I'm going to continue to believe that one of the programs involves the design and manufacture of toilets, sinks and other bathroom components.
Got to have your athletics fee, your connectivity fee, your wine-and-music-for-the-new-restroom fee...
Is it, like, LEED-certified, or something?
@PopularDemand we don't have architecture program here and it's the department of French that organized that
8:19 PM
lol - well, I failed! just tired and got loads of errors up - as I said, it is only a bit of fund and not worth the time it will take to fix!
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL Stop ruining everything.
8:45 PM
I hate sitting on pins and needles as apache recompiles. sucks.
The word ( () is an example of the virtually unlimited compounding of nouns that is possible in many Germanic languages; with 79 letters, according to the 1996 Guinness Book of World Records, it is the longest word published in the German language. It allegedly was a suborganization of the Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft in pre-war Vienna, Austria, a shipping company for transporting passengers and cargo on the Danube. The DDSG still exists today in the form of the now private companies DDSG-Blue Danube Schiffahrt GmbH (passenger transport) and the DDSG-Cargo GmbH. However, there is no ...
quite definitely
exactly how I feel right now
checking size of void*... 4
checking size of char... 1
checking size of int... 4
checking size of long... 4
checking size of short... 2
checking size of long long... 8
checking for INT64_C... yes
checking size of pid_t... 4
checking whether ssize_t and int are the same... yes
This is the first time I've felt like downvoting an entry on that question.
9:02 PM
@PopularDemand I am glad it's working at least!
A student from an introduction to C++ class I taught 11 years ago is asking me why I never taught bitwise operators...
Just spent 45 minutes thinking I lost data on 2 harddrives since Windows Server couldn't recognise them. Assign drive letters and they work :( (After trying every tool I have to recover the partitions) I need to start drinking again
@Diago :-( I hate wasting time like that, it sucks!
@Diago ... are you a robot? A bending unit, perhaps?
I feel your pain! :-)
9:04 PM
@TheUnhandledException It's been 11 years, and this joker was able to find you? You have a security problem.
@TheUnhandledException Tell me about it. It's my personal server as well so it had me stressed.
@PopularDemand Sometimes I think I am :|
@PopularDemand LOL!
I gotta say, I expected a lot more activity on "What happened to the Software Engineering proposal?" than it actually got.
@TheUnhandledException My VGA converter arrived today. :)
@Diago Sweet, now you get to use a big monitor!
9:06 PM
@TheUnhandledException Mac: 1440x900 + 22" 1600x900.
But nothing beats the LED Mac screen. The 22" is dull against it.
@TheUnhandledException You misunderstand; he means converting to VGA.
He used to be using CGA.
What a step up!
@PopularDemand Thank you :)
9:08 PM
oof, is it time to go home yet? is so over work today
Q: Can I start new StackExchange site with non-English interface?

Igor RomanovI see that its possible to have questions/answers in any language. Is it possible to have localized interface as well? We are looking to build Russian law QA website. Most visitors will not speak English at all. We'll be happy to help with resources translation if needed (I do realize that is no ...

@rchern It's later than 5 pm local time for me, if that helps.
@rchern 23:03 here :)
Unfortunately, I am not there.
@rchern Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it :P
9:11 PM
@badp What does he mean by localized interface? Making the "questions/badges/tags/users" tabs in Russian?
@PopularDemand I think he means pretty much everything
@Diago Did... did you just threaten her? I'm so confused!
@rchern I know the feeling. Sadly I am stuck babysitting easyapache
@badp By "its possible to have questions/answers in any language" I assume he knows about Persian IT or a similar proposal; I thought those sites were going to include translation for sure. So I'm not sure what difference this guy is asking for.
9:13 PM
@PopularDemand No. Saved her more likely
@badp I'm kinda surprised the Persian site hasn't hit beta yet - that thing had some real momentum at one point.
@Shog9 I think it's locked into commitment anyway
@Shog9 >100 committers at the moment; not sure how long that's been the case.
You don't write l18n into software in a week
especially when your SQL has strings like badges hardcoded in
Is this the full list of StackExchange sites that exist and are in beta?
9:15 PM
and even when l18n was done, you have the entirely different problem of adapting the UI to RTL language
Q: CSS problem with RTL questions in Area 51

badpIn the Persian IT proposal commitment page, votes and questions are "mixed together". I'm using Chromium 6.0.453.0 (51332) Ubuntu 10.04, same with Firefox 3.6.6. Like so:

@PopularDemand It wouldn't surprise me if he did...
@badp Maybe you don't.
Whoa, with 161 committed, the commitment phase is 8% complete? Do they mean 80?
@badp Nice post.
The Astronomy StackExchange site is only 42% committed?
I would have thought that would be much more popular...
@TheUnhandledException Why are you surprised?
@PopularDemand I would have thought that would be a hot topic
9:32 PM
@TheUnhandledException Any particular reason why?
@PopularDemand Just a gut feeling which was, apparently, incorrect :-)
I'm fascinated by Space and assumed others would be too, LOL
9:57 PM
Happy tuesday
Hey @Joe, how goes?
Watch out @PopularDemand, my student is trying to join meta so he can come in to The Tavern
@TheUnhandledException Howdy. It continues to go as usual
@JoePhillips Usually good? Or Usually bad? :-)
@TheUnhandledException Usually boring
LOL. And this place got real quiet
so we're not much help :-)
10:11 PM
I have some stuff to do (leave work). I'll be back later.
later @Joe!
Apache still compiling...
actually PHP at this point
this will be a mess when this finishes...
/me hates cPanel sometimes
whoever decided this script should be called "easy" apache should be shot...
Just realized Jon Skeet has 1448 "Nice Answer" badges. That's more than anybody else has in combined badges.
@NullUserException Hahahaha
Congrats to @Wil!!
Q: Super Contest Winners: Week 4

Jeff AtwoodThis post is to document the week 4 winners of the Super User Super Contest, for the week ending Monday, September 13. Congratulations to our winners this week! Best rookie performance by Linker3000 Highest reputation produced by Wil Best meta post: how to deal with an answer that is reso...

(And everyone else of course, he's just the only winner present)
10:35 PM
Bloody hell, just seen the email, wasn't expecting that this week
@TheUnhandledException Thanks
You deserve it @Wil!
43,473 deserves an award :-)
Ok .. so
Generally in nature, bright colors means poisonous
@Chacha102 Yes
You don't wanna mess with a Red snake because you'll die..
except for birds, like hummingbirds
10:37 PM
But Strawberries are the brightest thing on earth
and they taste delicious..
dang it... he's back..
They taste delicious, until you DIE @Chacha102... ;-)
is there a SE site for this yet?
@Chacha102 for which?
There's cooking.se...
my question..
11:29 PM
Yey, I think my apache compile is almost done
/me is rapidly testing new apache install

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