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9:44 AM
Did I mention the FAQ?
Q: Chat is here; join us...

Marc GravellIf you are a regular here, you've probably noticed that we've been playing with a chat system for stackoverflow. Well, we think we're at a point where we can unveil it to the unruly horde. So; chat is now open! At the moment we're still limiting it to meta-stackoverflow, but ultimately every Sta...

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11:07 AM
Hey @marc, looks question though, are the scripts supposed to be minified/combined/CDN based?
Currently the page has around a ~120kb and a dozen requests that could be saved, not sure if that's planned for later or just overlooked...since it was minified during the beta test.
11:24 AM
Heya; reading (sorry, was on the 'phone ;p)
it's all good, tracking down a bug in our LINQ provider here :)
Yes, they are supposed to be minified, but I did switch build-servers yesterday - maybe something went "ping"
CDN - yes, that is planned (sstatic). Ditto image combination.
I meant more of the script combination, and possibly pulling jQuery from the Google CDN?
I thought during beta you guys might have been leaving things intentionally debuggable remotely, just wasn't sure
nah; they were minified last time ;p
easier to troubleshoot any leaks this way though :)
11:37 AM
but it does suggest my build script went ping. Oh, and it looks like the IP rate-limiter is unhappy too. But it generally works.
i had firefox open for a moment in the same room, got a notification bar from that, not sure what the limit is though
if it's based just on requests, initially loading those JavaScript files may reach a cap quickly ;)
exactly; we're meant to be whitelisted until we get on sstatic. I know we fixed our internal dev server, but obviously chat.meta was missed.
ah gotcha
just got kicked off SO again, I swear this has to be a real bug:…
Q: Have there been recent changes to login?

tvanfossonAfter having been logged in for months on my Mac/Safari, twice within the last two days I've been greeted by the "Welcome to the Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers" message and had to re-login. I never click the log out button, nor have I cleared my cookies. Have there been rec...

I agree. I used to get kicked from Chrome; but F5 and I was in again.
Re js; let's just say that there's a heavily-weighted 50% chance of getting the minified version ;p
yes I know that makes no statistical sense, but two servers; one much beefier that tends to pick up the work; guess which didn't minify?
if you feed them all into closure you can compile it all, since you're loading the same scripts in every room
11:44 AM
that is the compiler we're using
with a jQuery extern reference you can compress them down a bit further, need to test for sure though
are you minifying each, or have a list you run though?
Try a hard-F5 now
at the moment we minify separately, but could merge them too. That needs slightly more work to the build process, though.
I hear ya, have to do that here when I get time, the quick fix was a batch in the build for CSS/JS minification/compiling, soon will have time for a powershell port (and maybe IKVM, the JVM spool up time is 60% of a local build time currently)
batch file hides the exit codes of closure though, so the build doesn't fail if the compile does, which is a bit of a problem
11:48 AM
The notification bar repeatedly appearing is annoying. i only need to see the message once!
yes, we have that logged as a "todo"; let me kill that for now.
The feeds section seems new. Could be good, although this depends on the rate that new questions are asked
So what's changed since the 3 day beta?
this one's for more days!
There was a 3 day beta? I only saw the 1 day beta
11:52 AM
@Codebash - see, blink and you miss it ;p
I see horizontal separators on the display... from time gaps?
@MarcGravell: Its Casebash. And you now have auto-complete so you have no excuse =P
Yeh, what do those separators represent?
If only we had a FAQ...
Isn't this it?
11:54 AM
And there is the screen that appears when you first log in
If you have chat open but we don't think you've seen new messages, the system adds a dotted line like this:

Anything below that should be new to you. If you are away for a longer period, your user profile allows you to get a summarized view of messages in your rooms (in particular if you are @mentioned, etc).
@MarcGravell that would be too easy, too much like reading the manual.
I see rtffaq in our future
what we do is: we use your web-cam to track your eye movements. If you haven't scanned the line, we know.
@MarcGravell haha
11:58 AM
Re "what's new"; mainly UI polish etc. The @autocomplete has been re-written (we dropped this just before the 3-day trial, as it was beyond flakey). Starring and flagging of existing items is a lot easier; the room-list has had some love...
...better support for mobile devices; popup mini-help...
...we've moved hardware; the UI for moderation is actually usable now...
...and just general tweaks, twiddles, etc.
Hi @Florin
@Casebash - are you still seeing the notification bar?
(intermittent) we seem to be missing a star icon on the right...
(goes looking for a missing image file)
Lol; the image is there, but it is this annoying known problem:
> There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.
I see a silver and a gold star on the two favourite messages on the RHS... both have two votes, so why the different icon? (Or is it that I voted for one and not the other?)
the bit in brackets
12:28 PM
@MarcGravell, I feel like I remember upvoting a question about all the actions that open a new tab, but I can't find the question now. Any plans for changes there?
Well, mostly that is...
Oh. ):
I don't think we've changed anything there at the moment, but it remains an option
@Marc: No, not seeing it now
@MarcGravell: How did you do "status-bydesign"?
12:32 PM
;p [status-bydesign]
it has to be on a line by itself
Am I missing something that prevents me from ending up with lots of tabs open as a result of using the chat?
12:33 PM
It was on a line by itself
Any chance of in-line links being detected without a line by themselves?
@rchern - we generally use it with just one tab, watching the "other rooms" pane
@Nick - regular links are; for example raw or as markdown
did you have something else in mind?
the regular links, SO, meta, questions, answer, wikipedia, all those detected ones, I assume via regex that doesn't tolerate anything else on the line
12:35 PM
The "more rooms" link is the biggest offender personally. New tab for joining each room and then later looking to see what other rooms exist.
@Nick deliberately... it would be hard to wrap that
hard to wrap from a regex perspective or UI?
UI: what would it look like with… in the middle, but rendered?
A: Public Beta of chat.meta.stackoverflow

Tim PostIn other news, productivity in start up software companies reached an all new low today.

Oh, are the sound notifications working for anybody? I bumped it up to "all" and I'm getting nothing.
@rchern - do you have flashblock?
12:37 PM
do you have your speaker on ?
Oh I meant like this, say I wrote: This is a question:…
Then it would render that line, then the link below it
@rchern not here either, but I'm not sure anyone has directly mentioned me.
not in the middle stripping it, just showing the match, as if it were this:
Q: jQuery tabs, use like menu, load page when click on link

FredrikHello, I have added jQuery tabs to my upcomming site. So far no problem. But I want - when clicking on a tab - that it should do and behave as a regular link. Exampel 1: Look at this link When clicking on the options: Nunc tincidunt Proin dolor A...

Marc testing sound
sound works for me
12:38 PM
think emoticon replacement, but it doesn't replace, it just sticks the smiley after
@Richard - now you don't feel left out
Yes my speaker is on, lol.
@Marc: now I hear things... so that is working.
@rchern what browser? I know we changed something there recently - maybe your browser doesn't like it ;(
@rchern - would an in-page room browser (popup from "more rooms") be preferable there, do you think?
Chrome Dev Channel, waits for "we don't support non-stable versions"
12:40 PM
Is there anyway to find what feed that @Feeds is following?
and no flashblock? (still checking...)
Just disabled it, and yeah I got a sound notification. After hearing the sound that's an annoying sound! oO
just put music in the back, it's a bit less annoying that way
Re "Feeds" - what is the actual question there? What is it you want to know?
Q: Suggest message beeps, blips and boops for the third place (the chat)

badpWhat beeps, blips or boops should be used when for the third place? I am talking about the sound played when a message is received on and pals.

@MarcGravell, re the "more rooms", the space underneath the favorited questions is half my browser height. Are there plans for that space? Maybe a rooms listing?
12:46 PM
But you already get a (limited) rooms listing in "other rooms"...?
Otherwise yeah, and I could easily see Transcript/Search/Info being modal.
But if I'm just joining chat, and there's multiple rooms I want to join?
it shouldn't be the limiting reason, but yes; that space does have other things; flagged posts can appear there, for example
@rchern - actually, we did discuss a "rejoin all my favorites" - would that do?
And if I'm a curious bugger that likes to know what else is there or what else got created :p
you can do that via the lobby of course... but you want everything here, don't you ;p
Maybe new rooms as they appear could scroll somewhere...
Re: Feeds: How do I find out what feed is "Feeds" following in this room?
12:50 PM
It'd help, but in general, something to avoid a bunch of new tabs. Anytime I want to look at the rooms, do a search, view the transcript, view the info.
In this room? it isn't
I can hardly read the tab names in my browser from having multiple SE sites open, once I get chat tabs going it is hopeless. (;
which reminds me; Jin still owes me some favicons
@Marc: so how come @Feeds appears above?
What about adding a line for Feeds in the chat info?
12:53 PM
@Richard - I used a dev hook for that; I needed to test the sound; I can push a message from Feeds
Actually, we can now have multiple "Feeds" users, with their own names/icons/etc - only really useful for the longer-life rooms, but useful.
@Marc: "dev hook": one step up from diamond mod? :-)
@rchern - "a line for Feeds in the chat info?" - sorry, I don't follow.
In the info link (new tab grrr) for a room, if Feeds is pushing messages in: "Feeds will announce new posts for <url>."
Oh right; I see. That info is available to the room owner(s), but I can see how that would be useful for room users. Thanks. That's a good idea.
Just going off @Richard's comment.
I need 2 rows of tabs :p
1:01 PM
need a wider monitor ;p
open more chrome windows :)
I do! That's just my StackExchange window!
@rchern - added ;p (the feeds stuff; not the wider monitor; sorry)
@Richard - yes, there is now; he/it/whatever just isn't following anyone here.
So summary: if a feed is hooked into a room it is listed on the info page. But in this room there is no feed, and the appearance of @Feeds was due to @MarcGravell going behind the scenes...
1:20 PM
@MarcGravell :-)
1:44 PM
@Marc, what do you mean not the wider monitor? I'm sitting by my door waiting for the delivery.
2:16 PM
How are the feed channels created? Is there a way for users to make them?
in your own room, sure. Or they can be added by a moderator
Ah, victory. I didn't realize the create room screen has less options than the edit room screen
Hmm. So clicking "edit" in a room opens a new window, but saving changes in that new window takes you back to the room, so now you're in the room twice. It should probably close the new window instead
It took me a minute to figure out how I ended up in the same room three times
2 hours later…
4:07 PM
Feedback: If would be nice if the title (i.e. shown on tabs) included an indication of on which open tab I was mentioned. The sound tells me I was, but with a few tabs open to different rooms it is not always obvious where.
It would be nice to have a designated moderator room where you can go if you need to talk to a moderator.
It would also be nice if when I started typing in Chat, it would automatically focus the input box.
4:35 PM
It would be nice if there was a quick switch menu that listed all of the rooms I'm currently in, and gave me a list to switch between them. Especially since not all the rooms are visible in the "Others rooms you're in' widget
@Chacha102 If you have a suggestion -- add it to MSO tagged [chat] and [feature-request]
Ok. So this isn't suggestions, just feedback. Ok
I see a dotted line between some posts in most rooms. What is that?
@CRoss See the FAQ
It separates where the chat system thinks you have unread messages
^^ based on window focus
4:47 PM
Got it. Unfortunately it often stick around after I've obviously seen them
@Chacha102 click "show n more", then all rooms you're currently in should be visible
regarding the "focus input box on start typing":
I don't think that's a good idea, I don't like hijacking the user's keyboard more than neccessary
also, it's focused by default
regarding the moderator room:
Well, it just seems that the purpose of chat is suppose to be like a chat client, and thats what most of my chat clients do
if you need to talk to a moderator about something, you probably want that in private
so just having an open room doesn't make sense
you can always flag something for moderator attention, and in the text box say that you want to discuss the issue
if the moderator agrees, they can create a private room and invite you there
re the typing issue again:
I see your point, even if I disagree
that would be a good idea
5:00 PM
maybe post on meta, to see what others think?
about the Chat focus thing?
Will do. Right now I'm creating a Question Feed room with feeds from all the sites
which makes sense because ... ?
It is testing out how much the feed system can handle
5:04 PM
Hmm.. I'll let you do that for now
Hello Shog
@Chacha102 I would guess the answer will be "more than you ":-)
Oh wait, you're a moderator
but I don't think it would be a very useful room
I just realized that
Wait.. you can't delete a room?
5:05 PM
In general, the more keyboard shortcuts and the less I have to touch my mouse, the better.
I can
Well duh..
Pretty much everything but actually typing your message depends on the mouse.
I would just expect us to have some sort of either vote - to - delete or delete mechanism
a soft delete of course
but a delete none-the-less
Hmm, I guess before they say that, are there keyboard shortcuts? I haven't seen any documented.
5:07 PM
yes, we're just not sure yet when exactly (and to whom) deletion should be allowed
that's why it's currently mod-only
Yeah, that makes sense
My thoughts would be that you should be able to soft-delete rooms you created
@rchern no keyboard shortcuts
Everything is still viewable, but it isn't on the home page
@Chacha102 you can edit your post
no need for footnotes or s/smething/something
press the up arrow to edit the last post
Oh .. yeah
5:09 PM
or click to the left of the message and "edit"
@balpha, are they on the radar?
So there are keyboard shortcuts
just very few
well yeah, while you're in the input box
But what if I'm trying to type an up-arrow?
@rchern could you give a useful example?
5:11 PM
switching rooms
starring a message
I'd like a shortcut that automatically focused the input box
how would you choose the room or the message?
open search / transcript / info
like pressing enter would focus it
Press 'R' to get a drop down menu that you can select via up and down arrows
and then press enter to go
So 'R' > Down Arrow > Enter
Ideally, I could see the interface having tabs per each room that I could alt+left/right to cycle.
5:14 PM
hmm... while I'm not totally averse to the idea, I wouldn't consider it high-priority; especially since the chat will be there for all stack exchange sites. And I have had my fair share of noticing that regular people (tm) don't use/care about/understand keyboard shortcuts
My main use of the mouse is when I'm full screen in rdc and can't get back to my own computer with alt+tab. And this chat.
I mean, the mouse is great for browsing around the internet or something, but if you're typing, it is such a pain to move to the mouse. Yeah, I'm weird, but eh. (;
I'm totally with you
but I see my ex-boss
her whole business is dealing with text
writing, correcting, revising, etc.
she refused to use Ctrl-C Ctrl-V
she insisted on "Edit -> Copy" "Edit -> Paste"
There's always going to be 2 sides to every coin.
The IP rate limiting is very annoying on this site
because so many resources are being loaded every refresh
I've never seen the magical rate limiting notice. I'm starting to feel left out.
5:19 PM
2-3 refreshes in quick succession get me banned
What are you refreshing?
I was clicking the remove button on 10-15 room reeds I needed to remove
@Chacha102 the load balancer isn't set up for chat usage yet; that's in the works. Also, we're currently including some 10 or so .js files -- that's obviously going to change in the long run
@rchern Clearly you need a bigger screen so you don't need to run remote sessions full screen.
Hows it going Jeff?
5:23 PM
Heh. I've got 3 monitors at work. 2 for work. 1 for rdc'ing into my home computer.
What is it with people telling me I need a bigger monitor? That's like the 3rd time today from people in this chat.
The Question feed is awesome!
three monitor high fiiiive!…
It has so many feeds!
Bigger also has advantages, not just number.
Allo @Jeff
I only have 1 monitor at home, but it's a 23" ws 2048x1152 so I'm happy enough.
5:24 PM
1920x1200 on my main monitor means I can run big remote sessions withoyt needing for screen
@Chacha102 You happy with your feed room? Can I delete it now?
lol, sure
@balpha we should have an auto-delete (culling) mechanism for rooms that are created but nobody talks in
My work monitors are 1280x1024. Going home to my own monitor is nice.
So, I'm guessing we'd have to continuously recreate the 'Evan Carroll Fan Club' room?
5:26 PM
@JeffAtwood No feature requests please, I'm on vacation :)
Sitting on a camping ground, the radio is sending a "You don't need the internet while on vacation" report. Meh...
@Jeff, would Feeds count as someone talking?
no, feeds don't bump room state.. we changed that
Then I won't suggest that. (:
Wait, so I can put in a Twitter Status URL?
I'd really like it if my windows would organize themselves to efficiently take up my screen space, instead of auto-maximizing.
you can do all sorts of fun stuff
5:29 PM
@Chacha102: yeah - handy when this chat just lets you type too much stuff
try wikipedia, amazon, stack overflow...
@balpha TAB COMPLETE!!!
but there's a sandbox room for that :)
That's sweet
"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." is a grammatically valid sentence in the English language, used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs. It has been discussed in literature since 1972 when the sentence was used by William J. Rapaport, an associate professor at the University at Buffalo. It was posted to Linguist List by Rapaport in 1992. It was also featured in Steven Pinker's 1994 book The Language Instinct. Sentence construction The sentence is unpunctuated and uses three different read...
What's up with the inconsistency in the info shown on the left? Full display name, display name broken at a space, rep shown, rep not shown...
going for dinner now; cu
I think it is based on how big your message is
one liners don't get anything but your name. Longer posts get reputation
on the "right"? you mean "left"?
5:32 PM
yes, he did
in Europe, right means "left"
In Soviet Russia, Left Rights You!
Nothing? Gonna have to work harder on that one..
I'm running on 4 hours of sleep, was up until 3:30am working. I may not be all here.
@Chacha102, I'd have starred it, but I didn't feel like moving my hand to the mouse. :p
Having just arrived here from "Chat is here; join us..." I have to ask what a gray background on a room means.
@Popular It's locked
5:38 PM
that needs to be in the /faq -- adding it to my todo.txt
Wouldn't that be better signified by a lock symbol?
Hurrah! I'm helping!</zoidberg>
lock icons are also used for private and the rare, hidden rooms
we have some private rooms for moderators
5:39 PM
Oh, speaking of the FAQ, during the 3-day beta, wasn't a link to the FAQ added to the room page? (not the list of rooms but this window right here)? I don't see it anywhere. Not obvious how to get to the FAQ now?
also, we have a room where we talk about you.. secretly. SHHH!
and one where Jeff is fed all of his YouTube references by little gnomes
so wait, the locked rooms are gray, and the hidden rooms are visible (but have lock icons)?
Plural you, or me personally?
Just you Popular. Just you.
5:42 PM
Hurrah! People are paying attention to me!</zoidberg>
@rchern bottom right there is a "help" link, this goes to the FAQ
suggestion: we need per-site chat sounds. Right now I have the other chat site open and I can't tell its "new" sound from this site's "new" sound.
There are SOUNDS?
Which site?
Yes, click the little sound icon next to more rooms
@shog9 no, the hidden rooms are not visible. Lock would be for rooms where only specified people can talk.
5:43 PM
Perhaps per-site = per-room?
@Chacha thanks, it's that I'm not wearing my headphones while having lunch.
Channel occupants should be able to vote on the sounds for that room. There's no way this plan could go wrong
I'm not wearing any pants while having breakfast - how does this effect the site?
@Jeff Wouldn't the 'Gallery' be more like a 'Moderated' room or something of the sort
@Richard, Ah. And omg! A link that doesn't open in a new tab!
+1 @MichaelMrozek
+1 @AutocompleteOfNamesWithTabKey
5:45 PM
Oh, it does work for me, you just need the @. +1 @PopularDemand
@rchern - for FAQ - you see the "help" link bottom right?
@MichaelMrozek They need to be able to upload sounds. That really couldn't go wrong.
@Jeff will this ever be moved to
or at least have that redirect here
@MarcGravell, yup, @Richard pointed it out. (:
@JeffAtwood either different sounds or some other indication...
@JeffAtwood perhaps one sound for the room that has focus and another sound for all other rooms?
5:48 PM
Well, right now you can turn of sounds for other rooms completely and only get sounded for the focused room
but two different sounds might work
Would be nice if the Chat rooms were cross domain, meaning I could join a Serverfault Chat room and still be able to access it like another Meta Chat Room.
and still have is listed in my other rooms list
Q: Show where you were referenced in the page title

RichardIn chat, as well as showing the unread count in the page (i.e. browser tab) title, also show an indication that you were refereed to (@name) in one of those unread messages. (5) Chat Feedback could become (5+) Chat Feedback

Haha, oh man...if the number of tabs I have just from this worries me...and then this goes to each site. Oy.
@rchern Well, you only need one per site for chat
yes, I believe there will be - but just meta for now
all updates for the individual rooms go in the "Other Rooms You're In" box
and technically you're still "in" those rooms
You don't have to have a window open to be "in" those rooms
5:51 PM
@Marc When I go there and join a room will the "other rooms you're in" show the list from both sites? I think that's what he wanted
@Chacha102, but opening tabs to do just about anything...
@rchern For my basic use (After getting the rooms I want open) I almost need no tabs
But eh, I won't dwell on that again, been there done that.
Right then, lunch over. This is a bit too much of a toy for me to justify keeping it open all day... see yinz later. Chat feedback: looks pretty good overall.
this is a very fun toy
I probably have something I'm suppose to be doing, but w/e.
5:55 PM
Chat Feature Request: show words as they're being typed. Current behavior isn't real timey enough
@shog Yeah, We miss out on your most amusing typos...
and horrible spelling. Don't forget the atrocious spelling.
your eyes would be bleeding, if this was properly real-time.
ALL of your eyes.
There would be eye-blood everywhere.
I love that I can follow your conversation in another room from this room
I feel like such a stalker
you are a stalker
don't knock it till you've tried it...
6:02 PM
/knock @Chacha102
@shog9 GET OFF MY LAWN!!
6:18 PM
wow, now decorating Weblog's messages with preetty red flags has become easier than ever!

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