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5:00 PM
@FOX9000 illusion
@DroidDev shatter
@FOX9000 break
@DroidDev treacherously
@FOX9000 dishonestly
@DroidDev acquire
5:02 PM
@FOX9000 own
@DroidDev slave
@FOX9000 buy
@DroidDev buyer
@FOX9000 customer
@DroidDev diner
5:05 PM
@FOX9000 dinner
@DroidDev tea
ok, time to shift gears
>>time 0
@FOX9000 coffee
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 0 seconds.
@DroidDev snack
@FOX9000 tavern
@DroidDev rose
5:06 PM
@FOX9000 flower
@DroidDev perfumed
@FOX9000 scent
@DroidDev spicy
@FOX9000 vegetable
@DroidDev fibre
5:07 PM
@FOX9000 cable
@DroidDev television
@FOX9000 set
@DroidDev wineglass
@FOX9000 alcohol
@DroidDev camphor
5:07 PM
@FOX9000 oil
@DroidDev grease
@FOX9000 slippery
@DroidDev plank
@FOX9000 ton
@DroidDev dynamite
5:08 PM
@FOX9000 boom
@DroidDev echo
@FOX9000 sound
@DroidDev footfall
@FOX9000 football
@DroidDev play
5:08 PM
@FOX9000 game
@DroidDev stake
@FOX9000 bait
@DroidDev gator
@FOX9000 alligator
@DroidDev stuff
5:09 PM
@FOX9000 things
@DroidDev needful
@FOX9000 needy
@DroidDev hungry
@FOX9000 me
@DroidDev herewith
5:10 PM
@FOX9000 his
@DroidDev beard
@FOX9000 mustache
@DroidDev gleeman
@FOX9000 professional
@DroidDev ability
5:10 PM
@FOX9000 powers
@DroidDev authority
@FOX9000 control
@DroidDev device
@FOX9000 mobile
@DroidDev alabama
5:11 PM
What! I am already getting chat throttled?!
@FOX9000 beach
@DroidDev narrow
@FOX9000 valley
@DroidDev watercourse
@FOX9000 waterfall
@DroidDev stream
5:12 PM
@FOX9000 up
@DroidDev quizzically
@FOX9000 puzzle
@DroidDev piece
@FOX9000 one
@DroidDev few
5:17 PM
@FOX9000 some
@DroidDev perchance
5:34 PM
@FOX9000 perhaps
@DroidDev cubit
@FOX9000 cube
@DroidDev leader
Whoops, I thought the bot console was my Python console -_-
6:09 PM
@FOX9000 ship
@DroidDev space
@ProgramFOX interval
@FOX9000 time
@DroidDev sequence
@FOX9000 order
6:09 PM
@DroidDev corinthian
@FOX9000 ancient
@DroidDev freemasonry
@FOX9000 mason
@DroidDev dispensation
7:11 PM
Got to go now, shutting down bot.
@ProgramFOX cee yaa!
7:57 PM
@FOX9000 suspension
@DroidDev I once tried to browse the site, but it's way too "advanced" for me.... keep in mind, I'm not religious at all :)
@ProgramFOX lol! so what does "a" do? :-D
@rene box
@ShadowWizard beat
@rene unit
@ShadowWizard just like hinduism for me. I made an account on it, one question and that's it. Never been there after that...
@ShadowWizard scaling
@DroidDev zoom
8:06 PM
@rene pinch
@DroidDev salt
@rene sea
@DroidDev lake
@DroidDev better than me, I never asked on Judaism... almost, but decided not to ask in the end
@rene leak
@ShadowWizard dyke
8:09 PM
@ShadowWizard Guess techies are made that way ;)
@rene lesbian ;)
or I should say, wired...
@ShadowWizard boobs
double boobs, yeah :D
LOL, Yeah!
@DroidDev nipples
@DroidDev LOL, right on spot!
8:10 PM
@ShadowWizard areola
@DroidDev pustule
@ShadowWizard pimple :P
@DroidDev rimple (yup, that's a real word! ;))
@ShadowWizard wrinkle
The Urban Dictionary for this is hillarious ^^^
@DroidDev old
8:16 PM
@ShadowWizard experienced
@DroidDev programmer
@ShadowWizard me
@DroidDev generous
@ShadowWizard kind
yup ;)
@DroidDev candy
8:20 PM
@ShadowWizard crush
thanks :D
you're welcome! :)
@DroidDev passion
@ShadowWizard bike
going home
@DroidDev wheels
@ShadowWizard steering
@rene ship's wheel
8:41 PM
@ShadowWizard ruder
@rene rider
9:15 PM
@ShadowWizard Knight
@rene Dark
@ShadowWizard chocolate
@rene easter egg
@ShadowWizard make love (in the TECO editor on the PDP-10)
9:30 PM
@rene bed (usually)
@ShadowWizard roses (of)
@rene thorns
9:48 PM
@ShadowWizard Limburg (-s)
@rene Little White Town
@ShadowWizard Little Rock
@rene Hard Rock (Cafe)
10:20 PM
@ShadowWizard KISS
ultimate hard rock...
@rene makeup
@ShadowWizard lipstick
@rene deo stick
@ShadowWizard In what sense is this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4146/… an answer to this:
@ShadowWizard smell
10:25 PM
Q: Discrepency in unanswered questions counts

goldilocksOn Raspberry Pi Beta, I notice that if I use the lower "unanswered" tab (the one in line with "All Questions"), the count is 1,432 questions. If I use the upper "Unanswered" tab (in line with the site title), I get 1,383 "questions with no upvoted or accepted answers". This changes the options ...

I'm already aware of the difference between "unanswered" and "no accepted or upvoted answer", I think that was pretty clear. Did you read the question, or just give it the quick once over and then hammer?
@goldilocks I think they are a dupe but I'll give a +1 for @ShadowWizard for finding such a vague question as a dupe.....
@rene They're not a dupe. The answer I was looking for is here:
A: Discrepancy in the number of "questions with no accepted or upvoted answers"

RaffThe Unanswered tab in main navigation excludes questions with negative score. You can see this by sorting it by votes and navigating to the last page. The Questions/unanswered does not exclude negatively scored questions, so its count is a bit higher. For example, as of now this page has negat...

Thankfully someone had time to post that before "hammer first, read later" struck again.
@goldilocks correct, sorry for that. Since you already posted and got a correct answer, there's no point reopening in my opinion, since most users will likely fall like me and mis-read your first question.
Cheers. I flagged that one for deletion, it seems pointless now.
@goldilocks you can also comment on Oded's answer, he can single handedly delete as well.
10:35 PM
Cheers, and you're welcome to stick around in the Den, or come visit again. :-)
@rene socks
@ShadowWizard many
eh, true! what can I say, I love socks :D
@ShadowWizard tables
@rene desk
10:48 PM
@ShadowWizard face
@rene facial
@ShadowWizard expression
@rene funny
@ShadowWizard joke
@rene humour
11:11 PM
@ShadowWizard standup comedy
I'm out...
11:26 PM
@rene Seinfeld
04:00 - 17:0017:00 - 00:00

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