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1:19 AM
Train broke down in middle of nowhere.
There's a middle of nowhere in NYC?
Anyone know anything about Chicago? I'm supposed to be there next week. And I don't think I want to be bored in a hotel room all week like I am now :P
In Brooklyn, right next to Prospect park.
The artist working on my game is from chi town.
And I know some people from there.
Email me and I'll try to put you in touch.
Got my addy?
1:32 AM
Not off the top of my head.
Moshberm - I'm a gmail user
@Tim - yes there is. When you're carrying an iOS development toolkit, hardware and all, not being the tallest of people... Yes, there is a middle of nowhere in NYC.
I sent you a msg lol
Got it.
@mootinator They have a terrible airport.
1:36 AM
And I'm on a bus.
A train, a car service, a bus, and two Hershey bars later...
I have homework after this...
1 hour later…
2:47 AM
Wait, all users can vote to close now?
Q: Allow all users to vote to close

Ian RingroseAt present, low-rep users can not assist in finding duplicates and other questions that need closing, apart from flagging for mod attention. However, we don’t wish low rep users to be closing questions that should not be closed! So why not: Let all users vote to close Only votes from the high...

Perhaps because all users can flag to close?
It's by way of them being able to flag with close reasons.
Ah, okay
3:29 AM
@mootinator - You around?
@Moshe yup
I spoke to someone in my neighborhood about Chicago.
He's from there.
Said that Chicago has everything that NYC has. (Apparently that would include "middles of nowhere" @Tim).
He said something about a place called "second city"
Said there's tattoo places, museums, zoos.
i c
Whoot whoot
3:32 AM
(Was actually started over the summer, but scope creep and yadayada. Not to mention an initial rejection because of a technicality introduced in iOS 5 which I had no way to know about. So it's nice to have it live.)
3:46 AM
@mootinator - Checketh your e-maileth. Sent you something.
6 hours later…
10:00 AM
Do closed posts always get deleted eventually?
I am thinking about this post in particular, which got closed some time ago. I consult the information in this post regularly. I guess I should make a backup before it disappears ...
Also there are lots of posts linking to this one. So I am hoping that it will be kept for a while even if not reopened. I used to assume that linking to other posts in SO is "safe" in the sense one could be confident that the information won't disappear for good.
3 hours later…
12:35 PM
@Szabolcs I think the rules for auto delete mostly focus on 0 or negative scored Q's IIRC
Anyone here use vim?
but that's not to say it won't get vote deleted or mod deleted
Q: Save vim settings across launches?

MosheMy professor assigned an ssh account to every student in my programming class and mandated that we use VIM for text editing. I discovered :set nu and :set autoindent. I noticed that those two settings reset after every launch. Is there a way to make them persist on my ssh account? What about on V...

12:54 PM
Okay, this is weird. It's been at least a day now and the election stats page still doesn't have Gaming
1:12 PM
@YiJiangsProble_ where does the /sites.json thingy get its data from?
1:38 PM
In the tag wiki edit stackoverflow.com/suggested-edits/192572 a low rep user added a description that linked to his own website. At first glance the linked content looks relevant, so I've approved it(especially since the tag wiki was empty before), but perhaps a mod can look over it since I'm not sure if we want that kind of self linking.
(It also looks like I managed to put the caches for that tag wiki into an outdated state)
Q: Google Code Prettify support for Ask Ubuntu?

Octavian DamieanReading this answer I've realized that we don't have Google Code Prettify support on Ask Ubuntu like we have on Stack Overflow. Since we agreed that we welcome Ubuntu development questions I think we should also have Google Code Prettify support.

For our overlords.
@CodeInChaos I can't tell the difference between spam and useful in tag wikis so I just skip any that add links now
the really awkward one is tags that only exist for a certain product having links added by someone connected to the product
@balpha A mix of data from the sites route in the API and the RSS feed for questions on meta sites from SE.com I believe
@CodeInChaos Ick, he linked to his LiveJournal =P
1:45 PM
@YiJiangsProble_ looks like the same thing has happened before
A: Stack Exchange Elections Statistics Page

DMA57361bug It doesn't currently seem to recognise Gaming's new election correctly. It doesn't show up as an active election, but the Gaming option in the "Completed Elections" section actually does load the current election so it's sort of working - it makes it hard to find, and also means we can't ac...

@balpha I know, but that was from the old version, which I had to edit manually to get sites listed
yep, hence the question where the /sites.json gets the election dates from
the current election definitely isn't in the json
Looking through the code on Google Code, which hasn't been updated since last year
got a link?
1:50 PM
The script outputs quite a bit of debug info, I wonder where those are written to
Oh, console.log
It missed quite a few elections, hmmm
AU, Apple and Gaming were all missed
Is there any way to see the machine that's running server.js?
even I don't seem to have access there
who set the whole thing up? George?
Eh, @RebeccaChernoff have access I think?
That's good, because that also makes for easy blaming.
2:05 PM
The Wheel agrees
@YiJiangsProble_ Yeah, I'm not sure what's happening...but I have updates that clean up the node code significantly, so hopefully that'll help.
2:19 PM
@TimStone Eh, well, I don't see the updates in the Google Code repo
I know, testing and so forth first.
In the interim, restarting the node process will fix it, which Rebecca knows.
But yeah, I'll try and finish that up once I get done with the Programmers digest.
First and foremost though, coffee :P
Oh, @balpha, do you have any idea why chat.SE keeps thinking I'm logged out? I seem to have been having some connectivity issues recently too, so perhaps that's related...but it's happened three or four times in the last two days. :/
I can immediately log in again, but the page refresh when it decides that keeps messes with my digest-making.
2:46 PM
I see I can't answer my own question, though I have more than 100 rep. Does anyone know why?
@silviot link to question?
@TimStone A really sucky connection can cause that, but it has to be very bad
Oh, well I'm generally pretty thrilled with my FiOS connection, so I guess it's not that then. :P
@silviot also try going to stackoverflow.com/reputation and doing a re-calc
(it's possible for the displayed rep to be wrong)
Would a question along the lines of "is it better to run an external command or internalize the command within the application" (that wouldn't really have any associated code) be better for P.se or for SO?
2:50 PM
@TimStone Trying to run server.js, and I got compress not found error again
This is really annoying, the files are all there, yet node just doesn't want to load the module
Hmm. :/
@awoodland sorry, I now see the button. I swore it was not there, but probably I just didn't see it. Anyway stackoverflow.com/questions/9096950
@YiJiangsProble_ hmm?
@RebeccaChernoff elections.stackexchange.com isn't updating, again
2:54 PM
That's what I meant by it not behaving the other day, by the way. Guess I could have been more clear. >_>
oops ):
I still don't know what the actual issue is, but I'm willing to blame myself and just hope the new code will do its job better on account of being less of a mess.
k, I restarted node.
And fixed :)
need it fixed fixed! (:
3:08 PM
Yes'mam...doing the digest first, then something work-related, then that.
Wow. This bounty notice text is a bit...ranty:
Q: Is it my responsibility to search for duplicates & vote to close before answering?

MichaelI obtained the "vote to close" privilege this week, and today after providing a very quick and correct answer I received a downvote (among several upvotes) for answering what others determined to be a duplicate, rather than voting to close it. I'm not worried about the downvote and can spare the...

doesn't know if "bounty notice text" is really the right way to refer to that
@jadarnel27 I think bounty reason is a better term, IMHO
3:24 PM
That does read better =) Something's wrong with my brain(z).
Some would argue that there's something wrong with all programmers' brains...
1 hour later…
Haha, this is the worst question title I've ever seen:
Q: Please give me solution as per my requirement ....i given below

user1099310I have a table sample There are six columns with the names username_s,creation_time,correctiveaction_s,qualitytype_s,mqmsconfigattrkey_s,objectid_s when i select username_s ,creation_time,correctiveaction_s,qualitytype_s,atrkey from sample where objectid_s='Aa11' and mqmsconfigattrkey_s='1...

@Moshe That is awesome =)
@Incognito I'm not sure if your comment isn't a bit too much.
I would just use the FAQ section's title you've linked to.
> possible duplicate of I need output using my sample table, i given description below – Alex Poole 5m ago
@TheUnicornWhisperer Good point.
That...what. facepalms
4:43 PM
That user in general has bad questions.
@TimStone LOL. Fantastic.
@Incognito Wow. I'm surprised they can still ask questions.
I get fed up with "give me the code" questions. I answered two today: one, I give the guy an in-depth explanation of what he's doing wrong and the issues he'll see. He took it as me being patronizing. Okay, so the next guy I give him the exact code he asked for, when he saw it he realized it wasn't really what he wanted. He got mad.
You see? Mistake number one. Don't give them teh codez!
@TheUnicornWhisperer I gave them auto-generated code. Then I contemplated writing a NLP parser to interface with txt2re.com and have a bot give them all the code.
Well, at least not without an in depth explanation.
5:00 PM
Gah. One of my speakers has died >_< Only the left speaker is working. And yet, power and volume for the pair come from the right speaker just fine.
@RebeccaChernoff Jiggle the cable connection.
The headphone jack, if mis-aligned so it's not snugly fit into the jack can make the right connections.
gee, why didn't I think of that. oh wait. q:
No, I mean pull it out slightly.
I have the same issue with my headphones, rather than getting new ones I took it out by 3mm
I can take a picture if you want to see.
@RebeccaChernoff You should totally ask a Stack Overflow question for that.
5:13 PM
Well, maybe there is a programmatic way to find out if it is broken.
@TheUnicornWhisperer Yes. But it also requires hardware drivers.
Is it bad that I have half the hand-wavyness of the solution worked out?
That'd be the next question. How do I write hardware drivers that can tell me if my headphones are broken?
Speakers are also microphones, duh.
Voltage changes.
Draw on the circuit.
should probably mention that he studied computer engineering for quite some time
5:26 PM
@TheUnicornWhisperer Only if she sketches out her requirements first and then asks for the solution to the problem she's given below.
2 hours later…
7:21 PM
Q: I need output using my sample table, i given description below

user1099310I have a table sample There are six columns with the names username_s,creation_time,correctiveaction_s,qualitytype_s,mqmsconfigattrkey_s,objectid_s when i select username_s ,creation_time,correctiveaction_s,qualitytype_s,atrkey from sample where objectid_s='Aa11' and mqmsconfigattrkey_s='1...

Technically, the question that you linked to is a dupe :)
Interesting that only the second one was closed as NARQ, though
As Tim Stone said
3 hours ago, by Tim Stone
> possible duplicate of I need output using my sample table, i given description below – Alex Poole 5m ago
Man, I really need to learn to read the chat logs more before posting
@Chris =)
That person is really having trouble expressing themselves.
7:57 PM
Professor just ripped putting Windows 2000 and Windows NT and Windows 7 et al on a resume.
"But it's different, I used Aero themes!"
8:33 PM
I can't put my finger on it, but there is something fishy about this account
"Hi! I'm just a sock puppet! I love Pauska!"
@jadarnel27 naaaah
@RebeccaChernoff - Just checking - was that email really from you?
@RebeccaChernoff just checking, thanks!
8:45 PM
if "UK" is a problem in that I have relatives in IL
tis fine
9:16 PM
Ok, this made me laugh a little:
Q: How long should I wait before choosing an answer to this question?

MatthewWhich title is better? I'm close to an answer but... maybe I want to sleep on it. I was also thinking about changing the title of the question in question in that question and seeing how that goes. Tell me by downvotes if this question is not a good question to ask.

I was quite confused.
Yeah, he is
is there an angle?
it looks like fishing for an auto question ban
It looks like he's just trying to be funny
9:19 PM
but that makes no sense
On another question of his: "@Lix I am trying to be more meta. Am I doing it right? – Matthew 21 hours ago"
I think he has this notion that people act crazy on meta. Which they do. But those people have been around for a long time, and their antics are accepted because they have the respect of the community.
Or some such nonsense =)
@jadarnel27 "I was also thinking about changing the title of the question in question in that question and seeing how that goes."
Haha, yes. An impressively ambiguous sentence.
9:31 PM
mods can't make answers into questions can they?
Q: file too small for architecture armv7

user1157175I am getting is kind same error like you had. Can your please suggest me what to do? ld: in /Users/sam/Desktop/BoostApps/boostLib/libboost.a, file too small for architecture armv7 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status I will appreciate for your help.

That looks weird.
it's like the NAAs that assume a forum style ordering of posts, but with a Q
Does anyone else think that using the abbreviation "IMHO" always sounds the opposite of humble? Is that intentionally ironic, or am I misunderstanding something?
IMHO you're right.
9:46 PM
LOL. I see what you did there.
looks innocent
I've never really participated in online communities before 6 months ago (or online gaming or anything like that), so I thought maybe I was just misunderstanding the connotation of "IMHO".
I think people do genuinely say it when they have an amount of doubt about their opinion
and it makes it clear that it's an opinion, not just an unreferenced fact
That seems like IMO would apply just as well though (which I do not think sounds arrogant).
I'm specifically talking about IMHO, but maybe people don't generally distinguish between the two and I'm reading too much into it =/
I wonder if that would be a good question for EL&U.
9:55 PM
I bet it's been asked
I guess it would be on topic, that's a cool idea @TheUnicornWhisperer =)
all the questions I wanted to ask are already asked
like "why do we say unisex when we mean omnisex"
@awoodland Haha, I may ask tonight if it's not on there (although now I will be careful to check for dupes first)
@jadarnel27 turns out searching for "IMHO" is hard because people say it in their answers
hahaha, that makse a lot of sense.
Thank you both for your input on my sort-of-insane thoughts =) I must depart for the day. Later!
9:59 PM
since when was there a "suggested edit is helpful" tick box on improvements?
A: Do we need a 'reject and improve' button?

wafflesI changed the workflow for improve. The edit screen now has an option to "deny" crappy editors the rep bounce when they suggest crappy edits and you improve it. The box is selected by default. I do not want to introduce complex UIs on the improve "scenario", so you get no custom message for th...

Didn't realise that had been implemented
10:14 PM
@awoodland NAAs?
@Chris = not an answer
@awoodland Oh, right
I was thinking something more along the lines of "ne'er-do-wells"
It's really annoying how deeply ingrained the forum mindset has become on the internet
It doesn't have to be a forum!
The whole "sorry for posting on an old thread" thing makes no sense to me even if it were a forum - what logical reason can there be for actively encouraging history to repeat itself?
Maybe some communities really discourage "bumping" threads
10:59 PM
Is revision #9 okay?
"reword with sarcastic undertones"?
@Chris not keen on it, but then again it's an odd question
Yeah, that's why I left it alone for now
I don't think the question would survive if asked today
Even on meta?
I certainly wouldn't have understood any of the in-jokes here without that question
what was the last question of that sort that got upvoted?
11:08 PM
Q: Can we get a gallery of unicorns?

squillmanWhen all's said and done today, could you post a gallery of all the animations. Even as much as I'll be voting today, I'd love to make sure I get to see all of them!

Q: How many hamsters power the StackExchange sites?

Wayne HartmanAccording to Nick Craver, hamsters power StackOverflow and related sites. At any given time, how many run the site? What is the average turnover (how often do they need to be replaced)?

@awoodland June 2011?
11:47 PM
did you go through the whole list of questions by date?
Heh, no.
I started with a search for "snowmen" and "unicorns", then looked at the and tags, in reverse chronological order
I only spent about three minutes on it
The hamster question was an amusing find

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