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Terms of Service; Didn't Read (ToS;DR) is a community project which aims to analyze and grade the terms of service (TOS) and privacy policies of major Internet sites and services. Each aspect of a TOS or privacy policy is assessed as positive, negative, or neutral. Services are graded from A (best) to E (worst) once a comprehensive list of cases has been reviewed by volunteer curators. The name of the project is a play on the phrase too long; didn't read. The project was founded in June 2012 by Hugo Roy, programmer Michiel de Jong and designer Jan-Christoph Borchardt. It was led by Hugo Roy, when...
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6:57 AM
@Sha that's not you in your avatar, is it?
Or since when did you turn into Jaime Lannister?
What genius thought of that idea first
I think the wikipedia page clarifies :P
just try some casu marzu
Philippines is not a genius
Not a genius at least
@Mithical Ah, yes. I heard of that before too.
There's also this scandinavian food, fermented fish, I believe...
@Tinkeringbell I've heard of that before from Mith's mouth
7:02 AM
@M.A.R. It apparently may have come from China. Don't blame the Philippines for something that's not their fault! :P
All good things seem to come from China lately XD
BTW, it took me five minutes to spell Philippines right.
Two n's? Two esses? Two p's?
@Tinkeringbell Haha
You could've copied it from wikipedia, that would've been faster then ;)
I had already closed the tab because WTH
Hahaha yeah.
I think I prefer chocolate ;)
The positive thing of banging your head against the wall @M.A.R. is that once you stop, it is such a relief ...
7:21 AM
@rene What would you know about banging your head against the wall?
Hint: doesn't help with pollinating
in English Language & Usage: Multi-Layered Discourse Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 11 at 20:21, by M.A.R.
I get why vanilla was invented. But why do people still have vanilla in the 21st century when there's chocolate?
It's like people find the most delicious things ever, then say "OK, done, now let's find something less delicious and only eat that"
vanilla is better than chocolate
*sips hot chocolate-coffee mix with vanilla soymilk*
@Mithical you philistine!
Q: Who is this character on the Star Wars: A New Hope poster?

ValorumThis 1990 Russian reworking of the Star Wars: A New Hope poster is a little different from the Western versions. I'm assuming the object at the top is the Death Star but who's the handsome devil at the bottom of the frame?

There isn't enough caffeine in the world to help me make sense of this. — Radhil Feb 13 '17 at 13:43
7:44 AM
@Mithical Depends on what you're eating/drinking.
:P I'd rather eat a chocolate bar than a stick of vanilla. Though I'd probably hate eating cacao beans too :P
Yeah. A chocolate bar is nice, but vanilla drinks are better. Vanilla ice cream is also better.
8:02 AM
@Rob cat massage?
@M.A.R. hmm? What makes you think it's not me? ;)
Don't you recognize my eye brows? :(
@Mithical sounds like a magician name... The Great and Awesome Casu Marzu!
@M.A.R. I lack a sword and have two hands. :D
@Mithical 9?
hmm you eww on anything I say... let's see...
back to fixing a new bug in code I tried to fix week ago
@Mithical but at least you also eat chocolate, my daughter doesn't like chocolate at all, and never eat it. Only vanilla or other alternatives...
@ShadowWizardWearingMask now you have 2 bugs
8:20 AM
@Aibobot nah, the thing I tried to fix isn't a bug, it's just.... bad logic.
Bug fixed, pushed.
It was a rogue if statement, added while trying to fix and causing the bug...
Ah yes... if statements.
if code written
return 0
It was:
if (qs.indexOf("t=") >= 0) {
    //debug mode here...
Meant to debug thing like "?t=1000"
But.... forgot I had legit cases like "?sport=15"
So... sport was ignored...
8:35 AM
I had one this morning too.
With ignored sport?
Long ago, I wrote code that said 'if X isnt unset, then check to see if Y is true/false'. Depending on whether Y was true or false, the code should do different things so the statement was nested...

Someone made it not nested and now the code didn't work anymore XD
Luckily, that person wasn't me, but it took some time to explain this to a coworker.
Anyone else sometimes find nested statements easier to read?
@Tinkeringbell ouch! That someone... is the infamous co-worker? ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Hahaha no... the infamous one works on a totally different part of the codebase now :D
@Tinkeringbell depends... sometimes yes. :)
@Tinkeringbell Oracle?
8:40 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Nope, still Magik :)
It takes some getting used to :P
Magik for giks? :D
This question by Glorfindel from '18 has been for a while now, can moderators make this official or is that a CM job?
8:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell yip
@Mast mods do it, just saw a recent case few days ago
Probably following a flag, not on their own.
@Tinkeringbell Do you want a flag with that?
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Thank you for the example.
@Mast Flags work best, I had a second pair of eyes on the one Shadow linked too :)
8:45 AM
@Tinkeringbell let me guess, dog eyes? ;)
Well that was a 100/0 guess :P
Well you could also ask your brother to take a look.... :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMask @Mast though, and this is an annoyingly amorphous thing, that post was written in a very... FAQish style
@ShadowWizardWearingMask He won't... he's busy looking at other 'things' :P
@Tinkeringbell whatever sails his boat..... :D
8:48 AM
I just hope he's careful... his latest fancy is underaged :/
@Tinkeringbell hmm? What do you mean?
He's 19, the girl he's interested in is 16, almost 17 apparently? ... I mean, my parents differ 4 years but.... I still think he should be careful.
hmm.... yeah, gray zone.
@Tinkeringbell No problem, done.
8:52 AM
Something that is officially illegal (at least here) but nobody bothers to report, and even when reported, unless one of the couple is famous, police won't do anything.
@Mast Thanks! I'll try to remember to take a look at it tonight :)
There is recent case of two football players in the top league going with underage teenagers (16, I think), and looks like they're going to get off the hook.
(they're in their early 20's)
The key in their case was that the teenagers insisted they're 18 and even used fake passports.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I just hope he's careful enough not to give that girl any reason for doing whatever.
8:55 AM
@Tinkeringbell well, if they're actually a couple it's all good, I guess.... 16 is age where one already knows what they're doing. Or should know...
How long do they know each other?
It takes two to tango.
And three to line dance
@Mast well... sometimes only one leads the tango.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I don't know. I'm guessing this is a recent thing, with all the COVID restrictions being slowly lifted.
I hadn't heard him about this before that, at least.
@rene and one to breakdancing
8:59 AM
and 4 to morris dance.... ?
@Tinkeringbell heh, well, maybe he was just shy. ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I don't think so... he usually isn't.
So he shares everything with you? That's nice.... my kids are close, but they're just 9 and 7, would be glad if they'll stay close in 10-20 years. :)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Not everything, I think. Just a lot. I guess it's a combination of age difference (10 years) and sharing with parents being a PITA.
9:04 AM
So, if you hope they'll stay close, make sure they won't share anything with you, I guess?
I don't think my parents or brother knew about any of my crushes/squeezes :D
@Aibobot Oh, I'm sure I only know about the ones that were some kind of problem.
Any other sort would be boring
Yeah, I guess :P
I do hope he tells me about the one that isn't a problem and he eventually marries though!
9:20 AM
Sometimes those can be a problem too!
Well I do hope to learn before it gets to be a problem, then :P
10:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell totally agree about parents.... :D
@Tinkeringbell common enemy... but yeah, I just don't ask and wife asks them too much. We're all set. ;)
@Tinkeringbell e.g. advise if to keep a baby or not? :P
@ShadowWizardWearingMask He can decide that for himself :P I was just thinking about not missing the marriage party!
As much as I dislike those... I think I'll make an exception for my brother :P
When my sister married I was 8 years old.... I don't have any memory of her wedding. :(
As long as she wasn't 8 years old :D
10:21 AM
bad puns ..
Is there any other sort?
Good puns are a thing.
And food puns?
are often inedible
@Aibobot nah we're not twins.... she's 12 years older. ;)
10:24 AM
Good puns are also indelible.
And inediate.
and ... indeliate?
> Indeliate has no English definition. It may be misspelled.
11:16 AM
Amigo is the new baba?!
They had to rename due to trademark issue once a certain game come out. Apparently they couldn't foresee that.
Huh, a fellow Wizard!
!!/coffee Eleeza
Well, now...I've not been back here in a while...
@ShadowWizardWearingMask brews a cup of Cappuccino for @Eleeza
@EleezatheCharacterWizard all good, you're forgiven. :D
What's up?
11:19 AM
Not much, just doing some homework
Do you wear a mask? @Eleeza ;)
I don't go outside lol
Oh... lockdown?
For how long?
Here we had it full two full months, then.... it went poof.
11:20 AM
At least three months now
Now we have 200+ new confirmed Corona cases every day.
(out of 6M population)
I don't keep up with the news a lot...I just stay in the bubble that is my room
@Eleeza where? (region/continent is also enough ;))
Only room?! So not even kitchen? :D
How you eat?
11:22 AM
Room, kitchen, repeat lol
So you see? It's already so much more than you thought. ;)
Is there remote learning via Zoom?
Nah it's all google classroom
11:24 AM
Aaaand I've just been set a quiz for the end of the week greaaat
@ShadowWizardWearingMask So I have a friend who had previously planned to visit Israel in July. Based on what's happening there now, is that doable?
@EleezatheCharacterWizard :(
Nope, biology
But I do have a maths test due sunday too yaaaaay :,)
@SonictheMaskedWerehog well, think skies are still closed to tourists.... and even if not, anyone arriving must enter 14 days of total quarantine.
Guess it's doable inside the hotel room, but.... not very pleasant as vacation.
Ah, that makes sense.
11:30 AM
You can make exception if you're famous and/or rich by sending email to our Health minister or his assistants, but otherwise... must be in quarantine.
one more spam flag here please
What if I don't have 14 days of food at home and I need to buy some?
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Also, is this a common experience for people traveling to Israel?
@ThiefMaster need more, some people just downvote.
@JohnDvorak delivery
Or friends/family.
@JohnDvorak Stuff your bag with food
11:33 AM
what if my computer and phone break at the same time?
@JohnDvorak neighbors
Or shout out of the window.
One can throw a loaf of bread pretty high. ;)
good old rope/bucket trick?
@JohnDvorak yes! Awesome idea! :D
needs one more then
No quarantine in your place for people coming back from abroad or getting in contact with confirmed Corona case? @John
11:36 AM
no people coming from abroad these days anymore
@SonictheMaskedWerehog TL;DW?
and people broke quarantine en masse in the early days - I mean worldwide, not here
@ShadowWizardWearingMask You can skip the first part about London airports, but there are a ton of things there
@JohnDvorak well here they're marked, and government tracks their phone. Guess they can leave without their phone, but these days... nobody can get far without their phone. ;)
11:38 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Paper maps come in handy from time to time
I'd rather go a few hours without a phone than to jail
@SonictheMaskedWerehog without watching, can tell that yes, cheap flight means many times a bad experience. Terrible food, if any, terrible service, if any, etc.
... or just not eat.
@SonictheMaskedWerehog rofl.... doubt it still exists even in shops.... :D
If I didn't have a phone and I needed to call someone, I'd go to the nearest cursed train station and use the cursed pay-phone and pray that there wasn't a ghost behind me
11:40 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask The main point of the video isn't about the flight, but about the experience within Israel.
@JohnDvorak on a flight?? It's like.... watching football without a beer....
They're nuking all remaining payphones in my area. They don't want to pay for their cables anymore.
@EleezatheCharacterWizard And pray that the pay phones haven't been taken out (they've been removed en masse here in the States)
@SonictheMaskedWerehog oh... well, will watch in 6-8
@JohnDvorak here those phones got few years of grace period due to masses of foreign employees who must use them, but think their days are numbered as well.
Technically, aren't all days numbered? 🤔
Surprised nobody's questioned the cursed part lol
Pay phones held out until the early 2010s in India mainly for international calling, as doing so through home or cell would be very expensive, but once online services became popular, they were removed there too
@JohnDvorak this game?
Baba Is You is a puzzle video game created by Finnish indie developer Arvi Teikari (known professionally as Hempuli), released on 13 March 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game centers around the manipulation of "rules"—represented by tiles with words written on them—in order to allow the player character, usually the titular Baba, to reach a specified goal. == Gameplay == The player, usually, controls a character known as Baba, with exceptions in some levels. Each level contains various movable word tiles, corresponding to specific types of objects and obstacles on the field (such as Baba...
@EleezatheCharacterWizard I assumed it was just a filler word
Nobody makes actual curses these days anymore
Huhuhuhuahahahahaha- but imagine getting lost and that's the only place the phone is
11:45 AM
@JohnDvorak I think if you look at the history of posts smokedetector picked up on, you might start thinking differently :P
Never leave without a full battery :D
They curse a lot in there..... :P
@Tinkeringbell you have a point
@Tinkeringbell Well, not anyone who matters.
11:46 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask you mean, swear
I don't listen to explicit language lol
I am a sensitive soul
@JohnDvorak aren't those synonyms?
That's why I said "actual curses"
Curse, as in, m a g i c a l
s p o o k y
11:47 AM
Because we all need a little m a g i c in our lives hahaha
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Not exactly... english.stackexchange.com/questions/255120/…
Which is why I'm a wizard
As in, asking a spiritual being to do harm to someone.
Unfortunately, when I became a wizard, I also became a werehog.
(I'm a werehog now for unrelated reasons.)
@EleezatheCharacterWizard here you go!
11:49 AM
When I became a Wizard, I got a wand and a spellbook, in the form of a pencil and a sketchbook
@Tinkeringbell thanks! daily lesson learned :P
@ShadowWizardWearingMask lol where'd that come from
Level 6 spell
I thought you were just really good at drawing fast
11:51 AM
I like drawing
I would draw a box with few circles
I need to learn how to draw objects
Ask my kids, they draw really nice.
But wait.... not objects.
Last drawing of son is a forest, daughter drew a street.
I can draw: animated people, tea/coffee/hot chocolate, magic knives, magic glowing orbs...
11:53 AM
Nice! Pics or it never happened..... ;)
Hahaha...lemme see what I can find....
Oh wait-the blog post on Winter Bash's ending
When I became a Wizard, it was my first day on Internet...
Except I've gotten much better at art since then
Don't forget to obtain the permission to redistribute
@EleezatheCharacterWizard yeah, lots of practice during lockdown.... ;)
11:54 AM
Lol yeah
I got better at drinking coffee.
I've been getting into animation and game dev
I have yet to make anything though
@EleezatheCharacterWizard surely you'll find something, I believe in you. ;)
Oh- I found a picture I made a week ago, wanna see?
This reminds me.... loooooooooooong time no daily pic, @Mith. Tzk tzk.
11:58 AM
maybe it should be daily poetry instead these days
oh the bounty contest
@EleezatheCharacterWizard nice! How did you make it?
I have Krita and a half-dying drawing tablet lol
So, uh..., since I've been gone for so long, have I missed anything big happening around here?
@EleezatheCharacterWizard yeah, SE doing a U-turn.
What happened?
They changed the way they treat the long time users.
From a burden that just make noise, to helpful bunch of people that can actually help.
Took a LOT to get there.... but... they're there, mostly.
Oh ok
Yeah last time I was here, things were kinda going downhill
12:06 PM
That's the big changes, in a nutshell. ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Half tempted to mod-abuse the bounty refund system and put one up there, just to give it a little visibility :P
@EleezatheCharacterWizard yup. Things reached the bottom of the hill, fell off a cliff, drowned in the ocean, then.... started their way upwards again.
Well, it's nice to see things get back up again
12:08 PM
Optimism fixes everything! :D
To be honest... the main architect of the positive change is @Yaakov on SE side, and people like @Journeyman on "our" side.
Ah yeah I remember them
@Tinkeringbell hmm? Where?
@EleezatheCharacterWizard good, you should! ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Mith's poetry contest. But it's a moot point anyways.
It feels kinda strange to return to somewhere I haven't been in ages, it's like...returning to an old house you moved out of years ago, only to find that all the furniture, the pictures, the fridge, is all still there
12:11 PM
@Tinkeringbell bounty on the bounty contest? Nice! ;)
@EleezatheCharacterWizard well, some people are missing. :/
e.g. Andrew...
And Bart....
But we have bunch of new people so all is good.
Yeah, sometimes people leave and sometimes people come
Circle of Chat
Which reminds me, I hope I can return to school soon
Yeah, read a bit, looks like that schools start to reopen in UK.
Yeah apparently in September
Which is good because I have exams next year
12:13 PM
Which makes you... 17
GCSE is taken at 15-16 years
12:14 PM
Here finals are only in last year.
The great wizard, Shog the Grey, was tossed off Durin's bridge while fighting a balrog. But he has returned as Shog the White, with the awesome ability to say things that he couldn't say before.
@EleezatheCharacterWizard younger than I thought.... :)
@EleezatheCharacterWizard Shog9
@EleezatheCharacterWizard Shog9 got sacked.
12:15 PM
Fired by SE, then posted some tweets.
Oh yeah, I remember that happening at some point
12:16 PM
Anyways, it's been nice talking to all of you ^_^ I should return to my work now but I'll probably be lurking around sometimes, procrastinating lol
@EleezatheCharacterWizard you're always welcome here. :)
Robert Cartaino was sacked at the same time, and Jon Ericson quit. So the Community Managers lost a lot of institutional knowledge, and since those CMs haven't been replaced, the remaining ones have been rather busy.
There is bus factor, and then there's a meteor strike
12:22 PM
@PM2Ring we can say Jon was sacked too.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I thought he himself said that wasn't the case?
Meteor might contain alien life... ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask eh. Not accurate.
He wasn't happy but he still quit and found another job
@Tinkeringbell sure, not technically.... but he couldn't stay in a place that act against his core beliefs/instincts.
@Tinkeringbell is correct
12:25 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Let's just stick with facts then. If he said that somewhere, feel free to repeat that. But don't twist it into 'being sacked', because that implies something different... and the people don't don't ask further/challenge that statement will never think it means anything besides what it 'technically' means.
@YaakovEllis TB? Tuberculosis?
TB works I guess :P But it does look a bit strange. Tink is fine too ;)
@Tinkeringbell take your pick
@Tinkeringbell my bad, sorry
@Tinkeringbell +1
Tink is twice the letters than TB
@YaakovEllis No worries :)
@YaakovEllis I like "thunderbird" too
12:27 PM
much better than tuberculosis
True ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Yeah, but it's still a lot shorter :P
@ShadowWizardWearingMask What Tink & Yaakov said. You can read about it in Jon's blog
@PM2Ring I read between the lines, and to me it was "I left because I couldn't stay there anymore". but yeah, that's just my own personal view. :)
!!/coffee g3r
@ShadowWizardWearingMask brews a cup of Ristretto for @g3r
12:37 PM
@Spevacus brews a cup of Macchiato for @Spevacus
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Jon said: "Unfortunately, their decisions repeatedly violated my standards for healthy community management. By November I was actively looking for a new job." Ok, tou can read that as saying he felt like he was forced into an unacceptable position. That's still a long way from being sacked, IMHO.
Jon also said: "There’s very little chance I’d have left if I didn’t have something else lined up. This isn’t exactly a protest resignation". Anyway, I barely know the guy, and I've only interacted with him here once or twice, after he quit.
@Tinkeringbell Yes, I think nested if statements are easier to read than compound conditionals. People getting messed up with De Morgan's laws is a common source of bugs.
@Sha, I managed to compress your heavyweight avatar another 3x.
12:55 PM
@PM2Ring yeah, I was too dramatic.
Those fists.... David?
@Rob ^
The stance is... really alike.
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