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12:21 AM
A: How does a '3 monitors-setup' benefit you?

tarnThese days we need a third monitor for Stack Overflow :P

Very meta.
I have a pair of 27 inches... and a 7 incher
such a good idea, I have a bunch of old smart phones/tablets too, maybe I could have 8 monitors setup
oh the 7 incher's actually a car reverse camera...
HDMI, VGA (with a non standard cable ending with a USB mini) and composite.
12:37 AM
Service Level:SELF_SERVICE
!!/coffee Morning...
@AndrewT. brews coffee for @Morning...
!!/coffee cake
@Telkitty brews coffee for @cake
A massive refactor, I see.
US presidency is a high risk profession
I give 1.5 year max for an assassination attempt on trump
don't get me wrong, I don't hate trump,
but there are 7+ billion people on earth, and trump is making himself the biggest target ...
all about probability - given 0.1% extremists, still 7+ million - and 1 big target ...
2:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Generating a random alphanumeric string of length N by quartata on codegolf.SE
sd f
@quartata [:6539967] You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Escaping double quotes in TF2 scripting by quartata on stackoverflow.com
sd f
2:08 AM
@ThomasWard [:6539973] That message is not a report.
that's a first
works fine in CHQ
you forget I have smokey privs everywhere too @quartata
@SmokeDetector why
@ThomasWard That's not a report.
@quartata time to debug it.
2:09 AM
looks like the delay is working fine thankfully
@Telkitty I disagree. Standing for president might have been tho
@Telkitty let's see who will win: Palestine or North Korea...
FWIW, Smokey's "manually reported answer" on here has been borked since... I dunno. cc @ThomasWard @quartata
It doesn't respect many rules, including message self-deletion before 2 minutes
so.. yeah, hopefully the massive refactor can fix it
@AndrewT. broken how if I may ask :P
2:24 AM
AFAIR, for manually reported answer, Smokey only reposting on here, but then no commands would affect it (including sd gone)
well you've got a report inbound in about 5 minutes after the delay
so you can try it on that
sd why
sd gone
@SmokeDetector gone
seems a schrodinger bug then
or it has been fixed.
Fixed, most likely.
Now it has occurred to me that posts reported here will still be subject to the delay
not sure if that's desired
it'll show up in CHQ immediately
but not until after 5 minutes here
oh.. another bug that I remember.... sometimes Smokey still reposted a report here even after the original post had been removed. Probably due to websocket/monitoring, I dunno
hopefully it's also been fixed :)
2:53 AM
I don't normally complain about HNQs but...
@Shog9 so ... your colleagues stay online often?
Never. They communicate via fax.
@JourneymanGeek interestingly... I only found 1 "condolence" in the answer. Either the comments have been cleaned-up or...
@Shog9 did you send this message using fax also?
Morse code?
or probably SMS service... nowadays you can do many things without being connected to the internet by sending an SMS...
3:13 AM
Tin can and a string
with Analog-to-Digital signal converter, Voice Recognition, and... umm, how to connect a string to the internet?
@AndrewT. they used to use pigeons once.
The tent I bought is currently on a cargo ship :'(
I've never traveled by cargo ship. If I do, I'll have to remember to bring a tent; wouldn't have been something I'd thought to do otherwise.
@Shog9 or a reefer...
the container type ;p
3:28 AM
one who lives on reefs?
A refrigerated container or reefer is an intermodal container (shipping container) used in intermodal freight transport that is refrigerated for the transportation of temperature sensitive cargo. While a reefer will have an integral refrigeration unit, they rely on external power, from electrical power points (“reefer points”) at a land based site, a container ship or on quay. When being transported over the road on a trailer or over rail wagon, they can be powered from diesel powered generators ("gen sets") which attach to the container whilst on road journeys. Refrigerated containers are capable...
The strange stuff you find on wikipedia...
oh, those
fascinating history
> n February 1882, the sailing ship Dunedin sailed from Port Chalmers New Zealand with 4,331 mutton, 598 lamb and 22 pig carcasses, 246 kegs of butter, as well as hare, pheasant, turkey, chicken and 2,226 sheep tongues and arrived in London after sailing 98 days with its cargo still frozen
... 2226 sheep tongues?
tongue is the best
really good stuff
if you have the opportunity...
...always get tongue
Anheuser Busch - Budweiser - was a big player in the early days of refrigerated cars
One of the things that let them weather out the dark times of prohibition
Made them into the powerhouse that they are were today recently
before they got bought out by a South African conglomerate and turned into a money-grubbing shell of their former selves
autonomous ship ... I mean there aren't many things you can run over in the ocean
3:34 AM
I don't eat meat ;p
wait, no, it was Miller that got hit by SAB
AB got hit by Belgium
Shog9 ♦, Colorado, United States
5.5k 2 33 47
getting hit by belgium must smart. Its a whole country and all
...aaanyway, point is AB got a leg up in their world-wide distribution of terrible beer via their early adoption of refrigerated transportation technology. And fat lotta good it did 'em in the long run.
3:36 AM
Yes, that appears to be a large chunk of a small part of a cow.
the fox is born brown, what's your dog's excuse?
lots of roasted malty barley
@Telkitty he as born this way. ;p
(Not ACTUALLY sure what he is...)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: Do I need to say "I give you divorce" to divorce my wife? by Jessy on islam.SE
3:39 AM
all these wannabes
they'll never match babaji
lookin' for your love solution
dude. Its all about inclusive spamming
Hindu Babajis! Muslim Fakirs! Ork Shamans!
...sorry, I got sidetracked by what appears to be a line-art pikachu joining the chat
(are babajis hindu?)
I donno. Not too hep to Indian culture. Could be the Indian equivalent of hillbilly magic for all I knwo.
No idea. I should ask my mom
Well, we're probably the hindu equivilent of catholic, or methodist. Depending.
Parents do the whole old time religion thing. I don't pop into a temple once a week....
Most of this spellcasting mumbo jumbo is kinda tha fringy crazy guy with a snake thing.
3:43 AM
the snake guys aren't even that crazy
@Telkitty The awkward, brown fox stared at the stylish dog?
I mean... They're not exactly mainstream, but if you wanna get waaaay out there you kinda gotta get into polygamy
Well, there's a few folk who supposedly still legitimately do the super creepy shit
but they're not going to be posting ads online
> Oh God, why did I clicked to see that picture.
3:49 AM
Just your daily reminder, that if you're ever feeling down about climate change, species extinction, loss of habitat, and rise of a antelope monoculture... Yeast are still doing just fine.
So, booze for everyone!
And bread.
Yes. And me.
You are a yeast?
at least some %
It Is A Cold Winter Night, and worth being warm and full of yeasty goodness.
He's a Shog. If he were dressed in black, face painted white... he'd be... a Shoggoth....
(that was terrible, even by my standards)
3:52 AM
@Shog9 Yeah, I'm guessing it must be. It's cold here and it's Texas. I can't imagine what it's like there.
Its hot enough that my router has a laptop cooler under it to keep it stable
I remember visiting the banks of the Brazos a decade ago 'bout this time of year.
It was 80F and about 99% RH...
It was in the mid 80s on Monday. Had lunch on a patio.
I'll take 27F and dry any day
87F 72% humidity
3:54 AM
(31C. Almost as high as a normally hot day...)
I don't mind the cold, really... it's the wet and wind that I'm not a fan of. But I still don't think I could survive in Colorado. I've spent too much time acclimatizing to 100F summers.
31C just sounds so... benign
87F, that sounds barely tolerable
which it is
air conditioning
Its not yet "Nope. Not going out of my room" weather yet
best thing about a dry climate? Evaporative cooling.
3:55 AM
For about two weeks it was in the low 70s ... it was perfect.
Nice breeze.
4:09 AM
@Shog9 that would likely make things worse here
@JourneymanGeek undoubtedly
It would just make your a/c work harder
Eh. We used it pre AC
Also split units rock.
When my mom lived in the Azores, she had these moisture absorbing bags in her closets to try to reduce the humidity so that her stuff wouldn't just grow mold... but she also kept her doors and windows open all the time.
@JourneymanGeek just converting energy from one medium to another
A thermal wheel, also known as a rotary heat exchanger, or rotary air-to-air enthalpy wheel, or heat recovery wheel, is a type of energy recovery heat exchanger positioned within the supply and exhaust air streams of an air-handling system or in the exhaust gases of an industrial process, in order to recover the heat energy. Other variants include enthalpy wheels and desiccant wheels. A cooling-specific thermal wheel is sometimes referred to as a Kyoto wheel. == Description == A thermal wheel consists of a circular honeycomb matrix of heat-absorbing material, which is slowly rotated within the...
niftiest thing I ever got to work with in HVAC
desiccant wheels
sucking the water out of the air prior to the coolant coils
...but yes. Split systems are great.
got a little Mitsubishi system installed here; only use it a few months a year, but super efficient.
5:06 AM
Welcome to my country, where black out is a daily life... And no power at office.
lawn mower is broken again
anyone else here like to complain about lawn mower?
I don't have one. I don't need one.
Also, clearly this is the universe saying you need to cut your lawn precisely with a nail scissor and vernier calipers.
I was thinking more along the lines of getting a goat
5:19 AM
autonomous lawn mower
Good luck keeping it from eating the rest of your vegetation, too.
need to worry about it escaping into neighbours backyards more
Just charge them to mow their lawns.
Charge them double not to
5:33 AM
do pigs eat grass?
Apparently they can, some don't
I don't think so...
do pigs count as pets?
That's like asking if hummus is a condiment.
5:47 AM
I read hummus as humans ._.
You said that you're a vegetarian... I didn't realize that cannibalism met those requirements.
I'm also dyslexic
I have the best misreads
Pigs can be pets if you want them to be... they can also be livestock... but they really don't like being milked.
@Telkitty I love complaining about my lawnmower
This summer, the gearbox on my lawnmower broke
it's a 40 year old lawnmower, so that's not terribly surprising
mine is about 10 years old
5:56 AM
but, for probably the same reason, the bit that broke was impossible to find; I finally tracked down one in Germany, being offered for about $70
that's... a bit excessive
I found a similar lawnmower locally for $100, needing only a new solonoid and tune-up
Then a day later I found a complete transmission of the same design for another $100
Also the first seller threw in a second lawnmower with two broken wheels
yes, fixing a lawn mower sometimes can cost almost the same as buying a new one, maybe cheaper by 20%-30%
I replaced the wheels, solonoid, and transmission, did a tune-up, and now I have three lawnmowers
what do I need three lawnmowers for?
I tell ya...
...I really do love to complain.
you can resell 2
Sell all three, buy a manual push mower.
Upside? Lawnmower races.
6:02 AM
Are they riding mowers?
lawn mower is designed for flat or gently sloped land with no rocks, no sticking out tree roots, and reasonably short grasses
more than half of the yards do not apply
Right tool for the job... longer grass = scythe... shorter grass = push mower. You get a much more even result without a lot of practice with the mower than the scythe.
IOW, boring
6:08 AM
Also, we had a manual mower when I was a kid and I spent every Saturday convinced I was going to chop all of my fingers off...
So that makes using it somewhat scary/thrilling?
@Catija grinder is more effective in doing that
Hey, now... some people just like a clean, manicured lawn... and some people have a front yard full of green plants that aren't grass but can arguably referred to as "lawn".
also chain saws
I don't know... there's something about a bunch of sharp, curved blades whirring in a cylinder that just... makes me ball my hands up in a fist.
6:12 AM
Nope. Nope nope nope. I use an immersion blender... more danger :P
the best is to use a chainsaw on a ladder to cut a big tree branch (I need to be more lady like) >_<
but I was living by myself in a 3 bedroom house with a large backyard
tree branch kept on making sound over the roof, I had to cut it
6:28 AM
Pull saw ftw
Have you seen the little chainsaws on long sticks that tree trimmers use? I think they call them pole saws...
have it, used it on scaffold too, own a scaffold as well
<--- cheapskate
piła ręczna
^ pole saw
Pole saw?
6:34 AM
@Catija pole saw, polish.
... yeah... I was capitalizing "pole".
Presumably they only use Pole saws in Warsaw.
check it, not a pole saw but a pole pruner
7:02 AM
Polish polished police policing the pole?
Pruning Poles. Sounds a little inhumane.
7:23 AM
@Telkitty nice border flowers though ...
exactly what I am trying to show, thanks for noticing :p
4 messages moved to Chimney
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in body: dynamic and best in class things. by MarkBooze on drupal.SE
border flower...? garden...? what's that? ._.
7:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: How do I fix a broken mspaint? by Mike Adams on superuser.com
7:51 AM
@AndrewT. it is my cousin ...
8:10 AM
@rene was potentially
taken out by a chunk of exploding lawnmower
Well, we weren't that close anyway ...
8:40 AM
my left mouse key is borked. fortunately there's Windows' MouseKeys
but it feels (looks?) strange when I put my left hand on numpad and right hand on the mouse...
but strangely, I'm getting used to it. Perhaps because of experience with FPS gaming? :/
pointless NAA meta.stackexchange.com/a/304131/152859 @rene @Trav @Journeyman
@AndrewT. you could switch mouse keys?
@rene This. Is. Wonderful.
(and sorry for the late answer. Flu)
@rene ... I'm an idiot.
Glad you noticed ... ;)
@Derpy I'm full of wonderful idea's. Only so few see implementation ...
9:37 AM
1.3k to 25k \o/ Then presumably I can stop bothering cause the next fun rep level is 100k ._.
@JourneymanGeek I would opt for getting another 10K so you can beat Shog9 in the year reputation league ....
Not much time tho
Come on, a bit more dedication please ...
Its not like I have anything better to do for now I suppose ;p
too bad MSO doesn't have rep, I have about 37k there according to one of @rene's SEDE queries
9:43 AM
I rep capped 111 days actually ....
Compare that with my 3 times on SO ....
MSO is a lot more fun and interesting than SO, after all :p
it looks like it, yes.
Or it turns out that I suck at being a programmer but I like to harass people with stupid rulez ...
Which basically is my day job ....
are you a full-time code reviewer? :p
That would be a fit, yes ;)
It is all measured in WTF's per hour ...
I know there's an xkcd about that but I cannot find it
9:55 AM
@Stijn here is one blog.codinghorror.com/whos-your-coding-buddy although not xkcd
that's the one I had in mind
1 hour later…
10:58 AM
I have this awesome excel sheet with 20,000 rows and 20 columns that contains in only a couple of cells Unicode characters that break the import (and I can't touch that part). I wrote bad VBA code that takes 10 minutes to find and replace those characters ... what a day this will be.
11:14 AM
@rene Log.wtf()
log.wtf (not by Google, but according to the source code, it's just... a normal HTML page?)
@rene Another option is measuring it in decibels
11:51 AM
only happy poo allowed...
1 hour later…
1:03 PM
Nov 14 at 15:19, by Derpy
(and then you have the out of place image in the gallery in the "recently" released MM collection 2 which doesn't match any released game)
now, guess who was right....
I heard about that, might buy the game
never played a mega man game before
Start playing from MM2 (recommendation, not personal experience)
well, it is indeed true that the first one compared to the sequels fells less polished
especially some of the special weapons
Because this is the 1st Mega Man
1:21 PM
First. Many remembers the very bad boxart from the first Megaman NTSC games (which are completely different from the original JP ones) but almost everyone of them only remember the FRONT picture. Like the game description on the back of the box was any better
Second, sadly for us that box art cursed history didn't stop them from reusing it.
Quite the opposite
They added that version as a character in Street Fighters VS Megaman
2:09 PM
> no, thanks, Amazon. I'm not interested in grabbing a copy of Mighty #9 for only 10GP, stop trying.
2:34 PM
@Sinatr It depends. I tend to give a question a fair chance if their opening line is "I was able to find XYZ for my exact issue but unfortunately it only has one answer which does not precisely answer the question." — MonkeyZeus 16 mins ago
My gut reaction is that, no; you shouldn't repost the exact same question because it didn't get an actual answer to the question (as asked).
Oh, I think the phrasing I use is "You can ask your own question referencing this. You may want to include how your question is different from the existing one, and what solutions you have tried"
@canon Agree, at least it should explain why that answer doesn't fit in your context, which makes it a different question by definition.
@JourneymanGeek That particular meta post is about someone who found an existing question with a single answer which wasn't actually an answer to the question. So, the meta poster wanted guidance for how to get a real answer... having the exact same question as the original OP.
ahh ;p
ah then bounty?
3:25 PM
I think I figured it out - Stack Overflow is for people who mostly want to help out just the question asker while once in a while having some question with wider appeal come along, not for people who want to strive towards every post having significant future value.
If it isn't applicable to him but it works for the original question, then there is a difference somewhere that can justify another question.
And if the answer doesn't really work even for the original... downvote or flag as NAA as required.
Well, OP asked X, got Y but satisfied. The question is currently missing "if not, then is there an alternative", and the answer is currently missing "no, it's not possible"
Magic. Just after I mentioned ^, the OP of meta post edited the answer to add "no, it's not possible"
> We are currently offline for maintenance
Back... dunno if it's only me or not..
Yeah, I saw it as well
3:36 PM
I see they've finally added clarification for the twitter account and status blog
> If this turns into an extended outage [...]
They just added those links and this was the test in production ...
I think you are missing a camp: 5. Those users who visit the site to solve their problems, and who like to help others. Like 1 they want to have nice content, but their number one criterion is "is it helpful (and civil)"? They don't care much about "is it a good match for SE/constructive" and are frustrated by the deletionism of 1. They dont't care much about 2, answer the questions if it is not much effort, otherwise ignore them. They don't care about 3 either, and find the grudge of 1 against 3 silly. Let them have the rep they can get, if they're having fun and contributing useful content. — jdm Apr 26 '14 at 9:42
We had this discussion a while back.
that famous relationship diagram
Loosely related: if the wider goal is to match Googlers to answers, then we have to consider that the Googler - question match is fuzzy. A question will draw people who have a similar but not quite the same query. It seems to make sense to allow the same fuzziness in answers.
3:45 PM
For example, if I search for "copy javascript array of objects" the #1 hit is a question where the objects refer to each other. That's a complication I don't have, and most people with this question won't have. So the answers we need are actually those that do not answer the OP's question.
While the accepted answer, detailing the complicated consequences of cross-references, is of no use.
Or, "clamp a value in google sheets" brings up a question asking for an array-safe method to do so. I found a complicated way to achieve that, but most of visitors don't need the array-safe part.
This is the perfect answer for the question stated in the title, which I think is what most of 1000+ visitors to this page are after. So +1 for that, even though your formula doesn't work for arrays. — Crazy Ivan Nov 28 at 22:43
There's an annoying contradiction in the system currently: to gain the ability to delete crap content, within a reasonable time frame, first you need to answer crap content and gain enough rep.
That's how I convince myself it's OK to sometimes answer questions of no lasting value.
3:52 PM
So much for lasting value.
@Stijn If the vast majority of posts is "crap content", what's the point of trying to put a dent in that, or even being here, though? Still trying to figure out the answer to that question.
Many little dents make a big dent. If everyone stopped making little dents, SO would be truly lost I think.
The biggest dent is made by Roomba.
Q: What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

Shog9So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative though; an awful lot of lousy questions hang around much longer, occasionally cropping up to annoy fo...

Unanswered questions > 1 year old with 2 comments without no upvotes on anything are utterly dispensable.
4:02 PM
It's hard to feel like I'm doing much when my close vote on most questions appear to be irrelevant because it will never be closed or it will be closed without me. At least dup-hammering things feels somewhat useful.
Closing questions is too hard currently, it shouldn't take 5 votes.
Honestly, I've already given up moderating SO regularly... funny that we celebrated milestones for total existing questions.
All I want for Christmas is an API that lets me moderate more effectively.
That'd help so much. The mod flag queue could have a nice custom UI that is more usable.
It's time for deep learning moderation era on SO!
It's not even that. We need a way to interface with SO on moderation tasks.
Right now, it's a giant list of "stuff". I can't bulk do anything.
If I could select a bunch of comments for removal, or hit a bunch of custom flags that aren't valid with the same declined reason, that would save a ton of time.
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6:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: Voice Analysis programming help wanted by Doc Alamo on softwareengineering.SE
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