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1:57 AM
@rene clearly...
2:50 AM
The raccoon ( or US: , Procyon lotor), sometimes spelled racoon, also known as the common raccoon, North American raccoon, northern raccoon and colloquially as coon, is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. The raccoon is the largest of the procyonid family, having a body length of 40 to 70 cm (16 to 28 in) and a body weight of 3.5 to 9 kg (8 to 20 lb). Its grayish coat mostly consists of dense underfur which insulates it against cold weather. Two of the raccoon's most distinctive features are its extremely dexterous front paws and its facial mask, which are themes in the mythologies of...
with such a large area of distribution, I wonder whether mexican raccoons have different fur arrangement to the ones in canada
3:50 AM
having problems with my own mail server again
ISP sysadmin is helping to resolve the issue
4:03 AM
4:36 AM
This wouldn't happen if Jeff was still around.
sigh I miss Jeff.
obviously you don't miss him enough ... otherwise you will camp outside his place and stalk him
neighbourhood magpie used to stalk me all around the house, even peeping through bathroom window ... because it used to be able to beg for a piece or two of meat whenever our eyes meet ...
5:00 AM
this contact form with captcha does nothing when captcha input is empty or wrong
I'm in a Phil lecture and we're doing measure theory brain teasers :D
like Zeno, Hilbert
found a way around it ... #quickhax
5:21 AM
Measure theory is that way.
omg quick hax is 35% working!
5:39 AM
seriously, hackers should get a life: don't you have anything better to do than to find holes in another people's bamboo basket like code?
6:24 AM
Years ago, SO allowed any type of question
6:58 AM
14 messages moved to Chimney
@Telkitty no
7:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, potentially bad keyword in body: Mengenix Muscle Rampage Include an effective number of repetitions in your training session sets by MarjorieGary on security.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: How to make the door shut on its own after opening? by door closer hinge on diy.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body, mostly non-Latin body: 50 F1.4 OR 85 F1.8 by Tehilla on photo.SE
7:49 AM
@cazc_941 somewhere in the world there must be a genius that saw that site and decided to use that password.
8:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: can't access cpanel via chrome/firefox ... except via tor by lazerlemon on superuser.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +4 more: nutrasunnaturalgreencleanseblog.com/folicium/ by user718600 on apple.SE
@SmokeDetector K
@SmokeDetector K
8:32 AM
apparently today's mail server issue was a result of wordpress breach
8:48 AM
as a SharePoint developer..... having to use IE/Egde all the time.... I wonder.....
Could I at least charge Ms for mobbing?
9:11 AM
A: Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late?

Mysticial Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? I hate to pile on, but I couldn't resist summarizing the problem. And I apologize ahead of time for any potentially offensive language that I might use. Basically there are 4 camps of users on Stack Overflow: The "caretakers" who want to keep the...

9:24 AM
it is fun. It assumes that in a way or the other everyone is working for its "personal gain".
@Gattsu someone is subtly saying that the problem in the system are the caretakers since the only links I can see in the diagram out of caretakers are hate and jealousy.
Completely oblivious to the ranks of those that are just working to make the others feel miserable.
agree with you
If I were a caretaker, I would ban the user who gave such an answer because he is spreading a rumour
@Telkitty I hate repwhores alot
9:29 AM
On stackoverflow, we promote love. Hatred will not be tolerated!
ignoring repwhores then
OMG Shog9 here
feeling scared cc @SagarV @ShadowWizard
@TravisJ I got an staff answer to the rate limite issue: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/353954/5292302. (pinging since you seemed interested in the issue)
@Telkitty Yep.... and please remember to continue singing "In our town" too....
@Gattsu why? Shog won't do anything unless you make him angry
also Bluefeet is here
I am not afraid of Bluefeet :P
she is cute
9:39 AM
@Gattsu that's about to change in 3, 2, 1 . . .
the blue feet weighs a ton.
also she have a huge hammer with a diamond label on it
still I am not afraid
then ping bomb her :p
whoops missed the spam flag
9:41 AM
in Shadow's Den, 2 days ago, by Shadow Wizard
@SagarV no power against the Blue People...
see also: "The Rat in Spats". Make blue mad and probably you will end up like Tom...
@Gattsu still you can bomb if you aren't afraid of her :p
oh it's 3.15 PM time for lunch. will be back soon :)
Sha may fill my inbox in this short period of time :(
@SagarV don't use power against blue people as they doubles it and use for themselves
@Derpy we will become immortal?
Tom would've died a thousand times if he was a real cat
9:48 AM
@M.A.R. I was talking about Tom Sawyer. Search that title and you will probably get the joke.
@Derpy Oh, I've read it so long ago I've forgot everything about him
He was like Robinson Crusoe
10:07 AM
I have spent the past 2 hours writing a simple arithmetic captcha in php
so in the future if you don't know the answer of 5+3, you may not contact me through the form
rand(0,10) + rand(0,20) that simple
Contacting @Tel
10:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body: which may hurt the skin by BarbaGarcia on drupal.SE
1 hour later…
11:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: ISPConfig DNS Settings by lemon on superuser.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, blacklisted user: ISPConfig DNS Settings by lemon on superuser.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: ISPConfig DNS Settings by lemon on superuser.com
12:08 PM
wondering - any win 10 expert here?
@Derpy ??
@SagarV just trying to understand what is the easiest/safest way to perform a clean install on a pc that came with Win10 preinstalled.
12:23 PM
@Derpy do you want to install a different edition of 10 or same edition
Basically: a relative bought a notebook that came with win 10. As usual since every single vendor (asus. hp, lenovo etc doesn't matter) the pc has no disk with it nor it has an iso in a folder somewhere on the HDD.
So: either I download the ISO maker tool from microsoft, hoping that the world most secure OS ever does not get a worm in the "small" time required to download 5GB....
@Inc. see above, that is the one I was talking about - the "download your iso" tool.
Hmm.. granted that it's different from my case, since I reinstalled after free upgrade (it's really easy though)
The point is that you need to connect to the internet. Basically, your iso will be a downloaded iso from a pc that was connected to the internet. Call it paranoia, but basically MS has just managed to pull back any responsibility to give us a virus-free installation media by delegating the creation of such media to the end-user
12:31 PM
This is built into Windows 10 already, @Derpy
> Settings > 'Update & security' and click on Recovery. Under 'More recovery options' click the link that says 'Learn how to start afresh with a clean installation of Windows.'

> A message will pop up asking if you meant to switch applications. Say 'Yes' and Windows Defender Security Center will option on the Fresh Start page (as you can see at the top here).
Probably can do that too. I found that the above gives a clean install of Windows 10 on an existing Windows 10 box.
the question is: does this usb recovery drive act as an actual installation media? I could try asking on SuperUser
Yes, the USB recovery drive does act as installation media. That's not what I linked to does - it doesn't require a USB drive.
Oded, is this a ?
12:44 PM
I already handled it and when visiting later, a message is shown
Because it was already handled... doesn't distinguish who handled it (and doesn't really matter much)
your action no longer required but I am the person acted on it
And yet. Your action is indeed no longer required.
12:47 PM
Lets put it this way - is there any real option for people to be confused and not know what to do with this message?
It is essentially - "nothing to do here. move along..."
I think it was a bug usually it should be shown when I am visiting a suggested edit on my post which handled by other person(s)
@Oded no way to move along. already completed today's 40 :)
@Oded so, it should even work if the pc HDD becomes corrupted. Ok, then I guess that I could just buy one of those usb drives with hardware level lock protection, create the restore drive and then lock it.
in Shadow's Den, 3 hours ago, by Shadow Wizard
going to make schnitzels
@Sha not yet finished?
@Derpy eh. If the HDD is gone then even a USB install won't save it (not sure what you meant there)
Again - with Fresh Start there is no need for a USB key. Not needed.
If you want it as a "just in case" backup - sure. But for a clean Windows? Not required.
12:53 PM
@Derpy go to the media download page in linux and it'll download an ISO
then make it however, I usually do that, then convert it with rufus...
Now, a cleverer person than me might just much around with the user agent...
windows 10 latest update removed the batter status
1:06 PM
@SagarV butter status?
yesterday I used navigator.getBattery promise to know the battery level
but today it is undefined
@SagarV finished even lunch... Now coffee... ☕
@ShadowWizard it's 11 pm - lunch? you know you have to follow my time
@ShadowWizard oh
@JoE ping bombed you in Den
@YvetteColomb You should follow my time
We are very very faster than all of you
it's 6.40PM
1:10 PM
@SagarV alone? It overflowed the app...
which app?
@YvetteColomb nah 11 PM is coffee with waffle
are you using the app crap?
@SagarV old android app
1:11 PM
@SagarV that means I'm ahead of you it's like pulling teeth
well said
@YvetteColomb 11 Pm oh I missed the PM
@ShadowWizard now I feel like waffles, how can you sleep with coffee at 11pm?
@YvetteColomb that's why you reached 50 so fastly and I am still at 21 lol
@SagarV ;) I know, I'm ahead of you all - except for New Zealanders
@ShadowWizard I told @JoE don't bomb on @Sha but he did it
1:12 PM
@SagarV it is his favourite past time
There are 173 not 99
JoE is the root cause
100 is the limit for site.
@Oded I assume that the built-in Windows 10 "Start Clean" functionality that you can access directly from the OS works because Windows stores an installation media / system image somewhere on the machine HDD. Now, suppose a virus or other malware infects the machine. Back with win 7 (aka: before I moved to MAC) I would just have asked for the Widows DVD and perform a clean install booting from the DVD. Does the USB recovery media enable you to do the same?
but I think 99 is the limit for app
1:14 PM
Basically: is the USB recovery media self contained or does it need some data that is on the machine HDD?
@Derpy it downloads it to the HDD, yes. I would be surprised if it doesn't verify the media before using it. It completely starts things from fresh, like using an ISO (a few reboots happen), so unless it is a virus that can persist over reboots (unlikely) it should be safe.
@Derpy completely self contained, yes.
Only thing to keep is the licence key.
And that you can do on analog media
The Fresh Start method doesn't need that.
@Oded license key? shouldn't it recognize that you are using the same hardware and simply reactivate after you go online? From what I saw, the only way to have a product key on Win 10 is if you updated from an older version... and even that probably is no longer true.
@Derpy nope. It doesn't do that kind of fingerprinting, AFAIK.
> You don't need a product key if Windows 10 was already activated on your device before you reinstall it. If you made a significant hardware change to your PC (such as replacing the motherboard) before reinstalling Windows 10, ...
That assumes you don't wipe your HDD first.
1:27 PM
> If you reinstall Windows 10 after you make a significant hardware change to your PC (such as replacing the motherboard), it may no longer be activated. If you were running Windows 10 before the hardware change, use the Activation troubleshooter to reactivate Windows. For more info, see Using the Activation troubleshooter.
Yeah, I reinstalled it directly from Windows 10's setting
Again - it looks up the key from the existing installation. If there isn't one there... you need one on hand.
This is why I keep saying - use Fresh Start. It just works.
If you go and wipe the HDD, you need to preserve the key somewhere so you can re-enter it - techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/windows/…
Oh, I think I used Fresh Start back then, the process was very smooth
I've used it a couple of times now - very happy with how it went.
@sha don't have any complaints even after getting 253 pings today. Oded always complain and become angry even for a single ping
Oded, I assume you were using Enterprise/Business edition of Win10, probably MSDN/Volume licenses?. Those have actual product keys. The Home edition seems to use what they call digital licensing.
I am still searching for an official source... but it should work like this quote explains
> "Windows 10 handles keys differently. When you upgrade to Windows 10 via Windows Update from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, the process registers your computers hardware, and qualifying OS with a Microsoft Product Activation Server. The device is then considered a Windows 10 device.

Subsequently anytime you re-install (or clean install) the installation checks with those servers, finds the unique installation ID and produces the validation"
No need to say that pc sold with OEM copies of Win10 preinstalled should follow the same rule. When the OS is activated, it creates an ID for the system hardware. When you re-install the OS and try to reactivate, the activation servers should recognize your system as a previously registered system and reactivate.
1:43 PM
@Derpy nope. Did that at my home machine (which started as Win 7, upgraded to Win 10, then Creators Edition, then Fresh Start on that). It was Pro, not Home, so there's that.
Yeah, fair enough. Could be that way.
@Derpy that is more or less what happens
I have a half dozen machines OEM and retails I upgraded like that
Wonderfull. Basically now Oded and Journeyman are both confirming opposite versions :P
Thanks, Microsoft.
Could very well that it does it by fingerprinting. I haven't had to use a key in ages, @Derpy
@SagarV I 💘 pingz!
but oded hate pings
@SagarV sure, @Joe is a rebel!
ping all the things?
1:59 PM
@SagarV too bad :(
First version of user script
@ShadowWizard really too bad
I heard that Shog love pings
ask @JoE to bomb shog
Working with azure, sharepoint and IE, and the IE cache is annoying me everyday. I wait for the day MS will finally create an onedrive based web cache, so that even tools like CCleaner wont be enough to help me.
All the annoyance of the cache, with the added bonus of replacing a web request with another web request
When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like caching problems.
@SagarV needeless pings.
Needless, as I said.
that's a game
What you have there is the basis of a bug report on meta.
I got 200 pings once
Not the basis of pinging a developer (who doesn't even work on any of the mobile apps).
2:06 PM
Are we still talking about @SagarV's pings? It's been like a week straight (that I've even been in here to see it)
@Sha looks like oded love pings which are made not to get his attention on bugs O_O
@canon nope. @JoE's pings
in Shadow's Den, 3 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard
user image
I wonder whether a spammer would end up with 200 replies if they spammed 100,000 people
I had someone very close to me fall prey to one of those Nigerian scammer emails.
Her humanity overpowered her scrutiny...
@SagarV I am not the "fix all the bugs" guy. None of the developers are. We get assigned bug duty - and then we go look for bugs. I do have projects I am working on and every ping is a distraction from work I am doing.
As I have said in the past - an easy solution is for me to just leave the room.
@canon oh my.... How much money lost? 💰
2:09 PM
@Oded no bombing here
I don't want to do that, so I am asking - don't ping me needlessly.
no ping too
Just explaining my POV
Den is the war zone.
and blue peoples are safe there
@Oded bug report? About what?
Pingdom on the Den
2:11 PM
in Shadow's Den, Jul 25 at 12:56, by Shadow Wizard
@SagarV no power against the Blue People...
@ShadowWizard there was a breakdown in the process; so, she didn't actually lose anything. Her pride took a hit, though.
@ShadowWizard app should show actual number of pings? Possibly it shouldn't, but that's something worth raising.
@Oded or ban him. If one person has to leave, I mean... It does seem pretty abusive to harass you.
why do I have this feeling that you want to be pinged @oded, you could have ignored the pings but instead you make a fuss about it ~_~
2:13 PM
@canon yup. Shog once kicked @ber from Den for pinging him...
At least we know that a certain RO did ignore Telkitty...
@Oded I think it is a problem affect only few people like @sha , me and JoE
I want to get pinged. About stuff that's important/urgent and needs handling quickly.
@SagarV close as "Too localized"
2:14 PM
@Inc. exactly
@SagarV it could be by-design (limited number of unread items in the inbox)
@Oded maybe create sock for getting fun pingz then? ;-)
Fun Oded
or write a bot
Do you get pings from ignored users? Are mods allowed to ignore users?
@Telkitty for getting pings?
2:16 PM
@canon nope
@ShadowWizard like Meta, I too hate fun.
@SagarV auto reply
Like.. "Thanks for pinging me". kick out from the room
@Oded nah. You love fun. I remember. And you're not old enough to be grumpy yet... :D
@Telkitty lolwut.
Today my sister told me she noticed I have white hairs. feeling old
@Inc. I know right ....
@ShadowWizard did someone bombed Jeff ?
@SagarV did someone bombed Putin?
(same response for same reason: pure fear ;))
2:22 PM
@ShadowWizard nope. but if a 3rd world war is started, Trump will do :p
@SagarV because he is a fool aka don't care about consequences
So... no one moves to Asgardia?
Oded is a serious person. But I didn't find him in the townhall chat
@Inc. I registered already but no updates
Towel Hall... LOL
@ShadowWizard ?? what r u talking about?
@ShadowWizard not only white hair. It's time to wear glass lol
2:25 PM
My account was hacked again, I better sort that thing out with ISP ... the same mail server issue ...
seriously though, sometimes fighting with RO is more fun than getting picked on by someone else - it's like close combat vs being sniped
@ShadowWizard you are old
little interaction ... you know ... being ambushed from afar ...
never a fair game
thinking of stop using chrome
2:38 PM
@Telkitty that's sort of how I feel about hunting. By all means, hunt for sport.... except only hunt apex predators with like... a knife.
thousands of opened chrome tabs, are you browsing the damned labyrinthine hive of links that is TVTropes?
Yoshi looking first click :-)
my wife has hundreds of tabs open as well
it's like... a tab isn't a bookmark
Yea... idk how my wife does anything with so many tabs
... #bookmarks ...
2:42 PM
@Derpy 6 tabs. 1 this room, 2 google, 2 work (angular projects) and 1 is new tab
Anyone know how "scoring" works in minesweeper? or if there even is scoring? mineweeper.herokuapp.com
didn't the original just rank you based on resolution time and grid size?
@Derpy /shrug dunno
Hence the question lol
didn't remember any other scoring. Only time. You had a separate leader-board for each available grid size, and then games were just based on time.
2:51 PM
Ask Ubuntu is 7 years old today. With 565K daily visitors, it's 3rd in the network by traffic (after SO and SU, but ahead of ELU and SF).
ah you missed last year's question
feeling confused
As a programmer, I don't understand the concept of using interface - instead of 'login into the account, the go to tab ...' I constantly think of 'so which php file should I touch to fix this?'
Are there any topics/programming languages other than C++ and C-- which end in `+` or `-`?
(I'm testing something with tag names)
@rene Perfect! Thanks
3:38 PM
@SagarV lol
I gotta but an "end game" so that you cannot continue after a bomb
what is the meaning of F
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: How do I delete friends on Facebook? by Smith Kalvin on webapps.SE
@SagarV flag.
Thats how minesweeper works, you can flag squares that you think are bombs so you do not click on them
the end game is that you find all open squares that are not bombs
and if you click on a bomb your game is over
4:45 PM
5:19 PM
> Working from the dentist waiting room is not very productive, but I am catching up on the latest Disney Channel programming. -- Jon Ericson at 9:20 AM - 28 Jul 2017
I answered a few math questions from there.
@jadarnel27 hmmm?
Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests got [status-planned]. Score one for DAG team's focus on major issues.
6:29 PM
@StevenVascellaro g++?
7:15 PM
@TravisJ Those are on Stack Overflow
@TravisJ I just finished a fairly comprehensive guide on what characters are allowed in tags
A: What symbols/characters are not allowed in tags?

Steven VascellaroWhat characters are allowed in tag names? Brandon's answer is mostly accurate, but there are some extra hidden rules to keep in mind. Allowed lowercase Latin letters a to z digits 0 to 9 Sometimes allowed plus + single plus allowed at the end of tags: c++, g++, notepad++ (query) double ...

Turns out there are quite a few hidden rules
7:36 PM
Ah, I thought that was the reference you were making since you used c++ as an example.
@StevenVascellaro "double plus ++ allowed anywhere in a tag" are you sure that a tag can start with ++?
@TravisJ Good catch. Correcting that now
Nice writeup though, I upvoted
@TravisJ I had to teach myself basic SQL while researching that answer :P
hah :)
My raw sql skills are weak because I am so used to using an ORM.
My linqfu is strong
7:54 PM
Who's ready to vote?
@TravisJ I find it hilarious that ++ is basically just an escaped version of + for tags
I can only assume that was a workaround put in place for c++ related tags
@AaronHall it so clear cut, let's announce the winners and move on ...
No! We must have the ceremony, with all due pomp and circumstance!
hums the graduation tune...
oh, time to go vote!
"due pomp" is a funny-sounding pair of words outside of that sentence.
I really like how the primary voting is chartable over time. I wish the general voting was the same... :P
8:13 PM
doe pump
That's...even better.
The chart shows that primaries are twice as long as they need to be.
Which is somewhat annoying because we get only 5 days for election proper, of which half is over the weekend.
And that's the important half, when the notification is sent. Coming back on Monday to a bunch of notifications, it's easy to miss one from Friday late afternoon/night.
Well the Haskell vote is an important constituency.
Their pure functions clarify their thinking and voting.
Meanwhile, the php vote is probably at the tractor pull... :P
8:22 PM
Yeah, maybe they wanted to ski
Requirements: Can Ski.
Php Result:
*writes a book on php best practices*
*hands it to Travis*
*Travis opens it - all the pages are blank*
@AaronHall Someone mentioning Haskell always reminds me of xkcd.com/1312
writes a Haskell build system in Python
considers writing Hython
Randall's views on Python are usually a bit more favorable.
Hm, why is your MSE account not associated with the rest of your accounts, @AaronHall? If you don't mind my asking.
8:34 PM
4 xkcd comics mention Python (programming language): 353, 409, 413, 1263
Not included: several Monty Python references, and a reference to python the snake.
Aww, you omitted the Monty Python reference? For shame!
@jadarnel27 Probably because I hide the account?
I hide 8 accounts.
Any experts on SE Data Explorer here?
I also intentionally restrain myself from answering questions on some sites.
8:43 PM
@StevenVascellaro Shog, rene, bluefeet
I'm trying to modify my search for tags containing special characters so it searches multiple sites
I do wish I'd write more answers on Software Engineering (and a couple of others).
@StevenVascellaro don't think you can search multiple sites at the same time...
A: Allow cross-site queries in data explorer

Jon SeigelYou can already do this if you want to do a bit of light hacking in your queries. And, of course, you'll have to roll your own logic to do what you're specifically asking for. SELECT * FROM sys.databases (All SEDE activity is IP-logged, so please don't go poking into the system databases.) Wh...

There's apparently a workaround for it
I just have no idea how it works :P
@StevenVascellaro what do you expect that to do?
@rene I'm trying to build on my answer for what tag characters are allowed
There are certain sites which allow special characters in foreign languages
I'm trying to locate them
8:49 PM
@rene Thanks
Can someone explain to me why my dupe votes after I obtained the gold badge didn't result in dupe hammering those questions? Did I miss a condition that I still have to qualify for? Is it caching? Wait 6 to 8?
I blame caching.
Ok. I can accept that ;)
In a random scenario that I made up, their redis cache was not invalidated yet, even though their primary db had the change enacted. As a result, when the check was made to the cache, the duplicate power was not present.
8:59 PM
Basically the Unicorns were not aligned yet ...
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