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12:17 AM
An unexpected disadvantage of humorously vague Gaming titles: they are spam magnets.
12:33 AM
I feel like using self label '1337 tr011' is the best way to get out of saying stupid things
@Shog9 @TimStone Are either of you familiar with the non-so topbar code? I want to programmatically show one of the dialogs (site switcher / inbox / achievements), but triggering a click event on its icon doesn't do anything, and the topbar-icons don't have any attached event handlers for me to look at for some reason. Is there some event I can send / other way to show one?
Also there doesn't seem to be any exposed api, only topbar.hideAll().
1:20 AM
2:00 AM
work is oddly quiet all of a sudden
2 hours later…
3:36 AM
Anybody know what the name of Ro’s child is in Monument Valley 2?
4:09 AM
@bjb568 Apparently not. The internet is silent on the matter.
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4:47 AM
@JasonC ooh what's that?
New feature I'm working on for stackapps.com/q/7404/25350
@JasonC slick!!
I really want to get it to work on Firefox but it totally explodes
5:09 AM
Gardening & Landscaping is 6 years old today. The most viewed question from the second half of this timespan: How do you tell if a tree is male or female?
(the most viewed questions overall are usually broad and boring, like "How to identify a plant?")
5:21 AM
@bjb568 I'm happy to hear one of my fav game to get sequel
now waiting for Android version...
5:47 AM
Congratulation for Bioinformatics to get HNQ slot! The site's text logo seems taller than usual...
6:18 AM
@ɥʇǝS The dropdown room search dialog is live now if you wanna check it out. I haven't updated the stackapps page yet. That's a job for tomorrow. Cause it's past my bedtime. And with that in mind: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
4 hours later…
10:23 AM
Nick just merged all my pending Pull Requests into the SEDE master branch \o/
I noticed the bunch of status completed meta posts
@rene Sorry I forgot about many - if something lingers don't hesitate to remind me...I'm just a bit busy these days and pulled in a few hundred directions. Some things get dropped :(
All changes deployed to data.stackexchange.com btw
hmmm, that needs some 301 action for https:// - adding to my TODO
10:40 AM
@NickCraver Yeah, I saw, thanks for the heads up!
@NickCraver how long is your TODO?
6-8 weeks. In a rolling window.
:D poor Nick ...
@ShadowWizard ever growing
11:04 AM
@NickCraver you finish one, and 6-8 more appears, right?
just thinking. Would it make sense to remove from HQL questions than ends up having to be protected because of problematic content / noise magnet?
Make it closed if you want to get it off from HNQ
Otherwise, HNQ has always been attracting LQ answers/comments
11:31 AM
But personally, no, if the question is on-topic (happens often on Workplace.SE)
11:55 AM
@Elephant agree, we should not punish the site by preventing possibly good answers just because it's a hot question.
@Derpy just apply a [drama] tag and let things be?
Isn't that a meta tag?
I was about to say the same ;p
Just for reference some other examples of meta tags: meta.stackexchange.com/a/148554/158100
Pff, as if that idiot knows what he's talking about
12:12 PM
@Bart should I go back in time and tell your past self that he calls himself "idiot" in the future? He/You won't be happy.
He'd probably agree
That would be sad.
Meh, self-knowledge
As I once shouted at a former employer "I know I suck".
At your year end review?
12:24 PM
Hehe, no. Regular day. We had this open office at the university where I did research. And we were on this desk-island in the office with 4 colleagues. I was discussing with one of them about an upcoming review meeting for our research project. So the professor walks in, decides to not disturb me, but to go talk to another colleague next to us about how I didn't get research results, how my work was bad, etc. (note: I was just the next victim of choice in the general rotation).
This all so loud that everyone heard it. After a couple of minutes I had enough and just shouted "I know, I suck!!". She stopped, left the office, and that was that.
@Bart this reminds me. My son developed a new strategy: whenever his mother shouts at him, he starts crying "I know I am bad, I don't worth anything!" and she starts kissing and hugging him, forgetting anything bad he just did.
It works.
Thank god she did not kiss and hug me ...
He tried it once with me, didn't work. He didn't try since. :D
@Bart no hugs and kisses? :P
12:28 PM
God no. Man, the stories I can tell about that time. What horror. Six years of it, no PhD to show for it. Let's just say work has never been stressful after that.
@Bart when was it? Why PhD?
2006-2012 @ShadowWizard. It was a research assistant position, which should have ended up in a PhD at some point. But it never did. Loooong boring story. tl;dr I should have quit sooner.
@Bart whoa.... sounds bad. Worse than @Journeyman's current job, as you were wasting your time, big time. :/
somehow you always hope it turns out for the best
What about money? At least you got decent salary? @Bart
12:32 PM
een plakplaatje en een zoen van de juf
היי למה לא מדברים כאן אנגלית? :D
in Shadow's Den, 12 secs ago, by FOX 9000
@ShadowWizard [Powered by Yandex Translate] a decal and a kiss from the teacher
what's "decal"?
@ShadowWizard לא מדבר אנגלית
Because it would bet too cumbersome to explain and you would still not get it ...
לא מבין
Only giving lectures, not talking, yeah. @Oded :D
12:36 PM
@ShadowWizard I dunno, but a plakplaatje is like a small sticker kids would get when they performed a task good at school. at least that is what they do in Dutch schools.
Now we can check if @Bart ever got one of those ...
@rene huh. We got a word in Hebrew "פלאקט" which sounds as "plakat" but it means a large paper, not what you said. Interesting.
I know what you mean with that "sticker", my daughter gets lots of these, but we don't have any special word for them. :)
@ShadowWizard and my job is preeeeeety bad
@JourneymanGeek think of @Bart wasting six years of his life in bad job..... you should feel better. ;)
צרת רבים נחמה לפורתא /cc @Oded :P
@ShadowWizard lol. I think its gotten a bit easier. If nothing else most of the staff comment on how damned busy I am
12:41 PM
@ShadowWizard Don't you get fancy with me
uh oh. ducks
evading IP ban
Where? I don't see any ducks here?
uh. What did I just watch?
nuked ducks, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside
12:43 PM
@ShadowWizard mostly running around.
Occationally pulling off literal miracles, like fixing PCs just by touching them.
Then looking as stunned as anyone else.
Almost have my inventory of the place done
I'm supposed to be done my tommorrow but its a MAJOR pain in the arse.
@Oded no idea, it was first result.... :D
@ShadowWizard salary was a researcher's salary at 80%. So no money left at the end of the month typically.
@Bart ouch. How did it end?
At some point the research projects ran out, my contract ended, and that was that. I tried assembling somewhat of a thesis, but decided I'd better focus on doing something else, given that I wasn't going for an academic position any time soon.
@ShadowWizard Maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing. I'd like to move off desktop support - been applying for data center stuff. This is literally the worst part of desktop support
Also the constant threats of "people complaining" are annoying, and If they're going to make me come back on saturday unsupervised, I'm not sure what they expect me to do
12:57 PM
I wonder how the british election will affect SE
If PM Theresa May goes through with her campaign promise to outlaw encryption without government backdoors then HTTPS would become illegal, no?
And SE as a company partially operating in britain would be required to disclose all user data in perpetuity for search and analysis by the british government
@Magisch I bloody hope there is a difference between what lies politician tell their potential voters to get their vote in the first place and the actual implementation of legislation of those lies.
@rene I don't share that hope. I doubt Theresa May is educated enough to know the difference between symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, much less how to sensibly implement a law concerning cryptography
and she's been quite specific.
@Oded She said that there must be no way for anyone to communicate in the internet and/or the UK without the UK government being able to intercept and read that communication
She wants to outlaw VPNs. Not sure how that's gonna work with international business and workers.
Meaning if you're talking and don't provide the UK gov a way to listen in, it's illegal in the UK from then on
Completely insane - someone who has no idea how the tech works, what the limitations are and doesn't care about the many legitimate uses.
1:08 PM
I see an VPN Permit with an VPN Office coming ....
@Oded And about to win the election in a landslide
Wait and see.
Never said she knew what she was talking about, but that never stopped a politician from passing a law
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@NickCraver \o/
Good morning
@Oded Weren't the Tories headed for a 60+ seat majority in the last polls?
1:12 PM
Polls != actual votes. A man can hope.
Who wants to test new version; added a dropdown that lets you search for chat rooms. It needs a tab selector (all/sites/mine/etc.). I think it works.
I'm sorry I should stop spamming in here I'm just proud of myself. I accomplish so little in general. It's very exciting.
@Oded Seriously though, are there any plans at SE about what if?
Are y'all gonna move out your london office to someplace USA?
Dunno. I expect that if any law is brought forward, it would have provisions. And if it doesn't, I expect a lot of people will be breaking the law.
Drafting laws takes time.
So you could sum the current plan up with "We hope it won't happen this way"
@Oded What about user data privacy? Will SE turn over all sensitive customer data to be able to keep operating in the UK. If so, will we be notified that our information is sent to the UK government?
Not sure if you're the right person to ask for that, if not, should I make a meta?
Too soon. There are so many practical hurdles to overcome if they want to implement what they say they want to, that it's pointless to speculate at this point ... imho ...
1:20 PM
Seriously, Brexit was largely due to terrorist woes, but looks like most terrorists carried out attacks this year in the Great Britain were mostly British citizens anyways
Masood's profile was atypical in that most jihadi terrorists are under 30, while he was 52.
@Magisch I don't know what the plan is. That's something for upper management to figure out (also - they need to figure it out if and when it becomes a thing)
@Magisch SE is US based. I doubt any such data will be turned over, not without a battle. Again - no idea what they will do.
@Bart agreed.
Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll back off
but I wouldn't count on it
She may not back off, but she doesn't really know what she's asking for.
@Bart Has that ever stopped a politician?
"I'm elected, if reality doesn't confirm with my demands, it will be made to comply!"
1:28 PM
Oh sure ... and then practical issues throw up hurdles, lawsuits follow, costs turn out to be magnitudes higher than anyone expected ... ain't gonna happen
@Bart Or she gets a vague and all encompassing bill through parliament and the hurdles only appear when they try to enforce the bill :p
However you're going to approach this one, I'm rather confident that when reality kicks in, nothing much will happen
Maybe at considerable cost and wasted effort, but still
I love the comments after that :D
So, I walked into a classroom today (one with no doors) to find someone getting a massage. One of those "oh my back is messed up" sorts, but my workplace is growing stranger and stranger
that does, however explain the inexplicable massage bed
1:39 PM
Are you sure you're not in a scripted real-life soap and you're the only one without a script?
The Journeyman Show?
@JourneymanGeek with "happy ending"? :P
@ShadowWizard naw
@JourneymanGeek so sounds like you're not leaving soon, after all?
@ShadowWizard eh, I'm applying elsewhere too
1:49 PM
@JourneymanGeek well you can just do nothing. Worst case, you will be fired. :)
@ShadowWizard which would leave me jobless again
@Bart so what degree you do have?
Which then makes finding a job even harder ._.
@ShadowWizard MSc. in computer science
@Bart not bad!
1:50 PM
Its not like my dream job is going to go "Hey, We know you, come work for us!"
@ShadowWizard it's okay. More important, nobody really cares. :)
@JourneymanGeek well, as long as you don't really suffer, guess you can eat the frogs and stay there.... your choice. :)
@ShadowWizard Well, the alternative is not getting paid
and its only my director who really seems to give trouble....
Most of the lecturers seem to like me.
@JourneymanGeek it's not like you have wife and children you need to support. So money is not fatal. Or is it?
@ShadowWizard money = certs = better job. Also the potential for shiny things
1:53 PM
@JourneymanGeek you mean the big boss son?
hmm... yeah that's a problem
He's an arse, but probably mostly harmless
I guess what I really needed to know was it wasn't my attitude.
It really is a mildly distopian, odd place.
But, it can be the opposite: for those in there, you appear to be odd. :P
I have a git question. So up to now what I've been doing is for each new version I work on I create a branch like 'project-1.10-dev'. I do all the work. Then I make a 'project-1.10-rc' branch, finalize stuff, and merge it into master. It's working well but I have like a ton of branches hanging around that serve no real purpose any more.
So last time I tried an experiment and just made 'project-dev' with the intent of doing all work continuously on it, then when a release is ready, 'project-1.10-rc' then merge to master.
1:56 PM
So, we're expanding so fast we're randomly renting classrooms from everywhere. I'm finding 4-5 old addresses...
My question is: How do I continue work on the dev branch after a release (especially if minor tweaks were made in -rc) without making the commit history all weird?
Should I just copy + paste the latest version of master back into the file on the dev branch and then continue working? Or...
Do I need to make a pull request from master -> dev each time I'm about to start on a new version?
@rene Do you have any insight?
@JourneymanGeek old addresses? What do you mean?
I do merge commits (not squash) when merging rc -> master, if it matters.
@ShadowWizard they've moved a fair bit over 30 years
Actually maybe I should just ask this on software engineering
@rene Oh btw do you want to be an RO? You're active when @hichris123 and I aren't. All you really need to do is clean up smokey stuff. And you can kick annoying people.
And pin bad jokes.
2:09 PM
In order to reduce document duplication in a system, I have to develop an application that will introduce another duplicate repository for such documents (without removing any of the existing ones).
Anyone wanting to help me finding a loading icon for it? I was thinking of something resembling a evil living pile of old dusty scrolls...
2:25 PM
Too bad SO Docs doesn't have its own logo, you could just use that.
@Derpy Last one gets my vote, lol.
@JasonC thanks, would prefer something animated (in order to use it as a loading gif during refresh)
Make it bounce up and down.
Or invert the colors every 300ms
Oh you can make it spin really fast
2:41 PM
@JasonC yes.... or I can just rotate the whole page body 1° left or right in order to create an Eternal Darkness style (in)Sanity Effect...
@JasonC mumble it is pretty annoying, just like I wanted...
I hereby release it to public domain, no attribution required, may be used for any purpose, at your own risk.
On a different note, this is kinda funny:
3:24 PM
@JasonC AFAIK only Shog appoints RO's here, so thanks for the offer but shouldn't you first bring this up with the other RO's and maybe the regulars here? I don't want you (or me) to step out-of-bounds ... if there are no objections I'm happy to take it.
@JasonC yes, that is what I normally do. So I make sure my dev branch is up to date and then continue with new commits or branches. That makes merging later to master much easier. Don't worry about too many commits as git does have options to squeeze those into one. So you can always kind of re-write history a bit in a controlled manner. Simply copy-ing over would be a bad idea as that might give you merge conflicts but you'll have a hard time to figure out what the conflict is.
@rene Nah we can appoint them at our discretion.
@hichris123 or anybody else. Any objections? No? Great.
@rene Have fun, lol.
And thanks!
Anyways re: git; Ah, so, you mean you usually merge master -> dev with a pr when you're about to proceed with more dev stuff?
Rene is an RO here now, helping to fill a time gap in RO activity. Thanks rene!
@Derpy Bahahaha deal with it, suckaaa.
May 23 at 17:19, by Jason C
Also that's exactly what my cat looks like when I leave my food on the table.
I give her props for her self-control.
3:40 PM
@JasonC actually, I was hoping to use the ancient "puppy eyes" power to make you add me as a room owner too.... and then turn the room in my pony domain as soon as you weren't looking.
I wonder if an MLP proposal in area 51 would fly.
@JasonC first, it would be closed as "too-narrow"
I dunno, emacs and vim passed.
@JasonC vim is considered humanitarian service - helping people escape.
and if there's one complaint I always hear about emacs, it's that its feature-set is too narrowly-scoped
3:44 PM
@Shog9 cab you help
needs an account suspension
...they're already suspended?
Ok, well, Poker passed, in the presence of Board & Card Games.
3:46 PM
(As opposed to this user, which already went berserk and isn't suspended.)
@Shog9 yep it all happened in the instances I was posting this to you :)
Must have just happened; their last activity was 1 minute ago.
@Shog9 then how do they revise content as of 1 min ago?
@Shog9 oh I am well familiar with Berserk - I'm on fb with him and was in a whatsapp with him and the other shadow den members - not for the feint hearted
@Bart date of suspension: 2017-06-08 15:45:05Z
Current time: 2017-06-08 15:47
3:47 PM
@JasonC yeah, I merge back or PR what ever suits your need.
(courtesy the cheevos dropdown in Jason's top bar)
Gah, okay :D
@Bart yep that's what I said - was literally suspended while I was asking shog for help
sorry to bother you - I came looking for someone with mod powers
SO mods are on the ball
3:48 PM
Berserk isn't suspended? Shouldn't that be "adjusted"? :D
@JasonC don't know if it would also provide much content for questions/answers outside pure speculations. That said, it could provide me some services - maybe someone could tell me the source of a plush I found at an anime con. I was never able to find out the company that made it. Only a youtube clip of some random guy with the same plush, asking the same question.
Funny how we usually talk about folks going berserk or having gone berserk but so rarely talk about folks berserking
Anyway have to go for now. Later
3:50 PM
@Bart he would probably enjoy being suspended lolol
@Shog9 Sounds like an XY problem. Perhaps folks don't berserk enough.
@JasonC Although someone wasn't sure if Poker is a site we should keep around
AFAIK no other site got asked this question. Maybe Beer, but not quite the same.
Chess is also a board game, but I'd say Chess is a successful site (more so than Poker). Sadly, Go exists only as a low-activity tag on Board & Card Games, which is utterly dominated by Magic the Gathering to the extent that board games don't even fit there anymore (imo).
health.se is in a bad way from what I understand
4:06 PM
Yeah, too many people worried about their health issues more than about the nature of the site (perhaps understandably) and not nearly enough janitors.
If anyone feels like using some delete votes on SO...
Q: python tutorial

pancreasI'm trying to learn python and was looking for a good/noteworthy tutorial. i just downloaded Guido van Rossum's .pdf tutorial and was wondering if anyone has heard of this writer...and if he's good or crappy...

I would be over 10K at SO if I kept the same account, but that's just crazy talk.
@Guero hahahahahahaa
Not a fan of the 123,456 format of viewcounts... I wish these separators were somehow implemented in CSS so would not carry over with copy-pasting.
4:41 PM
@Guero I'm afraid you can't do that in CSS: developer.mozilla.org/nl/docs/Web/CSS/content
How does one decide if 123,456 is one number or a comma-separated list of two numbers?
It sounds like you’re going through a really hard time. I’d really like to help you, but unfortunately, we’re not well-equipped to do so here. Your best option is probably to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. People are on call there to talk to people struggling with the same kind of issues you are, regardless of location. US: +1-800-273-8255. If calling is not good, they can chat with you live online. It might not help, but what’s the harm? — Shokhet 25 secs ago
Oh man.
@Guero Context.
User said "please halp me die." I'm not going to let that go.
Hey I didn't say "no". I just said "oh man".
That post does have serious in the title.
4:47 PM
Yeah. That's one of the stock comments in the answer. I'm glad I was able to get it in before the post was deleted. (I did also flag for mod/CM attention)
I don't take an account with username UrBoi seriously.
@Guero You and I have no way of knowing what is going on in that user's head. I'd much rather err on the side of caution.
@Guero Or ask the user if there's ambiguity.
@Guero Great, thanks, that was helpful.
Clearly, one user viewed the post 123 times, and another user viewed it 456 times. And no one else has viewed it ever.
4:52 PM
And 18 people managed to vote without ever viewing at all.
If you look very closely, you may see Shog deleting someone's account there.
Looks like a place where upper decks may be preferable to lower ones.
@all I'm little confused between what's offensive and what's not on SE sites. We have one post saying: "As a rule of thumb, if you can't justify something being hate speech or abuse, you shouldn't mark the post as rude or abusive. Instead, you should downvote the post."
Whereas the Be Nice policy says: "Bigotry of any kind. Language likely to offend or alienate individuals or groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. will not be tolerated. At all. (Those are just a few examples; when in doubt, just don't.)" -- both appear to be contradicting each other?
One says what you shouldn't do, another how to flag.
5:04 PM
Yes, but both seem to be talking about offensive or abusive content?
For example, I wasn't fond of the language here but the proper course of action seemed to be to edit it out rather than flag the post.
@Guero Ok, your edit makes sense because OP is breaking Be Nice policy.
Frankly, "Be Nice Policy" is something I could care less about.
I flag or edit or downvote things I don't like the way I want to.
If I asked a question: "Is Bill Clinton a homosexual?" and if it offends Clinton's fans and also homosexuals. How do we go about asking such a question :)
5:10 PM
@sv. You'd need to find a credible source of that claim (that doesn't include you).
Then post on Skeptics after reading their on-topic page.
First, make sure that question is on topic for the site you're asking it on. A question like that seems to be off-topic in the first place on any site I know off. Unless reputable sources claim that is that case, but there is no public statement by Bill Clinton coming out. In which case it perhaps (but I am absolutely not certain) could be on-topic for Skeptics.
Then (even if some could be offended by the notion) the question as such would not be offensive.
Actually, I'm not sure if Skeptics would go into such personal things, let me check.
Sorry guys, it's not a real question I was going to ask, I gave that as an example to show how any question can be perceived by some people as offensive.
Doesn't look like it would work on Skeptics, anyway.
5:14 PM
Sure, but the main advise is that you can't guarantee nobody will be offended by a question. The minimum you can do is not intentionally offend anyone. And the first step towards that is making absolutely certain your question is on-topic.
The revision of this question points out a distinction: it's fair game to ask whether a person actually did X (as is claimed in some external source), because that's a statement that can be verified or falsified with facts. What goes on inside of them isn't.
I am certain that any mention/notion of a topic like the Armenian Genocide is likely to upset and offend plenty of people. But if it's an honest question and within the context of a site on history for example, you could end up offending someone, but still not be in trouble for being deliberately offensive.
@sv. Not any question. "How to find the length of a string in Python" isn't.
Could you guys comment on this question: hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/18706/…
A new user posted a question with the title: "Is it true Chaitanya was homosexual?"
5:20 PM
It seems the rephrasing of the title goes a long way there.
In its current state I think no one will even understand what OP is talking about originally.
I thought OP asked an honest question which was closed as opinion-based (not offensive or abusive) initially and now reopened removing the 'offensive' content .. now I'm not sure what's offensive and abusive anymore :)
I think the title was poorly chosen, and users reacted to that.
If it was focused on the interpretation of the writing referenced there, I think the question would be fine.
But I don't have an account there, and know nothing about Hinduism, so my opinion isn't worth much. Ask on their meta.
The users who commented there may have overreacted. But they probably have seen more than enough posts that are ostensibly questions, but whose only purpose is to offend.
5:28 PM
And this question felt too close to that category.
@Guero Ok, thanks for taking look.
6:11 PM
@JasonC $(".js-inbox-button").click() works for me... what did you try?
@Shog9 Oh. That does work on real sites. The problem is different than I thought. It doesn't work in the chat top bar. It must be related to pulling it out of its frame.
I thought I tested on a real topbar but maybe I was tired. Thanks.
I wonder what I should do about that question. I could delete it, self-answer it, or leave it for somebody else.
Although it's weird. Actual mouse clicks still work.
Maybe something weird to do with triggering events on things created under a different jquery instance.
@JasonC what, specifically, are you trying to do?
Oh you replied to my chat message. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/296980/…
I ended up putting it on mse. But now I realize my issue is different. Description is there though.
@JasonC Works on the chat topbar for me.
@AdamLear My chat top bar in my userscript? Or the normal one the room list pages?
6:21 PM
Oh, normal one.
Sorry I'm being confused and vague I'm super tired.
@JasonC lemme ask this in a different way: how are you simulating the click event?
Now I need to figure out why hideAll works, why actual mouse clicks work, but why I can't simulate one.
@Shog9 Literally the same exact way you just did.
Got a link to your userscript?
Q: Top Bar for Chat Rooms

Jason C This currently only works on Chrome. I could use some help making it Firefox-compatible! Description: Provides a fully functional top bar, including realtime notifications, easy chat server switching, and fast room list searching, at the top of all chat rooms. Keep tabs on your inbox a...

6:24 PM
var event = new MouseEvent('click', {
    'view': window,
    'bubbles': true,
    'cancelable': true
var ib = document.getElementsByClassName("js-inbox-button");
github.com/JC3/SEUserScripts/blob/master/… is the spot I need to fill in.
AFAIK, jQuery just calls "click"
That totally worked. You're awesome.
@JasonC I just installed this. So cool! :D
Thanks <3
I actually did try manually construction a MouseEvent but my parameters were all wrong.
I was trying to set its coordinates and I didn't set view or dispatch it directly, I ended up sending it through jQuery.trigger() which probably had the same issue.
6:28 PM
oh wait... jQuery specifically doesn't call click() here
This is exactly what chat was missing.
@JasonC... $(".js-inbox-button")[0].click()
... lol
"for cross-browser compatibility"
Well then
Yeah jQuery I think uses its own internal dispatchy thing separate from individual element's dom events if you install event handlers through things like $(...).click(). I think it does it at window or document level.
I think
Anyways hell yeah this is awesome, thanks
6:40 PM
Oh man, flawless. This is so exciting.
jQuery will use its own internal call to a function associated with what it named click on the element's internal _data object.
@Shog9 'sup
@0celouvskyopoulo7 'morning
I see things are getting heated in physics
@JasonC - Glad you liked the topbar idea. Once you start modding SO it becomes kind of an addiction.
6:46 PM
I know, it's bad.
@0celouvskyopoulo7 Not really. Couple of folks addicted to drama.
@Shog9 From my pov, what heather said seems spot on. If you had other reasons, I will listen. I'm done arguing though.
One thing I really miss that is actually removed from the system was the user activity hover thing when you used to hover your gravatar. Do you remember that?
It had day, week, month vote counts. And like 5 recent posts that got upvoted. And I think the 3 most recent badges.
@0celouvskyopoulo7 Nothing to argue about; we've talked about this before. You have an unfortunate tendency to pour gasoline on a fire when you see one; if you can avoid that, it'd make handling the little disagreements that crop up in the h-bar a lot easier.
Sorry, I honestly don't recall ever talking to you. Do you have an alias?
6:49 PM
So what exactly what I suspended for then? Pouring gasoline on the fire?
IINM you do have a different picture in SE chat, @Shog9.
@0celouvskyopoulo7 Remember this?
You kept doing that.
not helping resolve the situation, getting in the way of folks that were.
This is going nowhere.
So long...
6:53 PM
@TravisJ No I don't actually remember that... but it sounds kinda awesome. Should be doable, if somebody hasn't done it already.
I mean, really, has any conversation in here ever gone anywhere?
It's not, they removed the entire hook from the system. I mean, I guess it could be hacked together. Let me see if I have a screenshot
@JasonC I see conversations that have gone awry all the time :P
You could hack it from a profile page request.
It even worked on meta after the rep was removed
@JasonC I really like the top bar script, but is there something we can do to make viewing responses better? As it is currently, clicking on a response blocks some or all of the message that was responded to.
Oh sweet.
6:56 PM
...a 1-2 line message is almost completely hidden behind the bar.
@Shokhet Oh good catch. Yeah I'll see what I can do.
@Shokhet - What is your screen height?
@TravisJ Ummm...
Not sure. How do I find out?
Or are you saying that the scroll stops short when you click the reply arrow?
$(window).height() in the console would do it
although then the console will cause the window to be smaller, heh first world problems
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