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12:59 AM
my highly upvoted comment was deleted ...
1:23 AM
behind my back .... when I was far far away ... least expecting ....
1:42 AM
Ahhh nice long weekend
Drove 300km's for Ingress, it was good
2:38 AM
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Did you guys see their temperament?
2:54 AM
@bjb568 Yeah, that was an interesting one
@JamesENL Presidential debate.
Oh...... I see
Trump was grasping at straws, Clinton was very cool.
1 hour later…
4:19 AM
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sd 4k
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7:38 AM
@Shog9 OK, will do.
8:31 AM
Q: Should we create a YouTube account to promote our site?

Christophe StrobbeI recently found a few YouTube videos about specific Stack Exchange site: Stack Exchange English Language and Usage Overview, Esperanto Stack Exchange! (with English subtitles) (the video is in Esperanto), Esperanto ĉe StackExchange! Bonvolu helpi! (in Esperanto, without subtitles!) So I was...

strange question
@ShadowWizard Yeah, generally lasts just long enough to ruin my weekend, and then it's back to work on Monday.
Do you think there will ever be a moisturiser invented that is so effective that your skin will just turn to water?
Not for men. Those aren't moisturizers, but rather face protectors
9:35 AM
@Bart admit it, you just love to work. You can't stand not working. ;)
Sad but true
So take some work home, or work from home. No migraine! ;)
Haha, I have been having those since I was 10 years old. So I'm not sure that will change :D
Whoa, poor @Bart... guess you've seen lots of doctors about it over the years?
10:37 AM
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11:09 AM
sd 2- f
@ShadowWizard a few. I stopped going when all had nothing more to say than "Relax, stress less, exercise, etc." That never resolved anything.
What to do when someone needs a suggested edit review ban, flag the post for mod attention or something else?
@Stijn Modflag
@Magisch ok thanks
@Bart I'm sorry
11:19 AM
:) Thanks. But no worries. It's something you learn to live with.
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@Bart yeah... I had a coworker who suffered from migraines all his life too. I suggested to him to start drinking coffee (he never tried before, as he didn't like the taste) and it did help him. Pretty sure you already drink coffee, but this only means there are ways to improve it. :)
TIL there are males who suffer from migraines
> as migraines affect slightly more boys than girls before puberty and two to three times more women than men.
@ShadowWizard yeah, trying to reduce the amount of coffee I drink. :p
11:35 AM
@Bart maybe try different kinds of coffee?
11:54 AM
I was thinking crystal meth, but okay
coffee is better than meth
but then again, that doesn't say much about coffee
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@Bart crystal meth is just a myth
For some reason, caffeine does nothing for me
Like, literally nothing
12:07 PM
I tried once to get it to do something so I drank 12 double espressos in an hour and it did nothing but taste somewhat poorly and then I had to pee.
so it does do something
That was just the water in the cofee tho
> guns don't kill people, the bullets inside them do
@JanDvorak Your analogy doesn't hold. You can bludgeon someone with a gun
/me stays away from @Magisch
12:23 PM
Chat suspension on the main SE server ends in two hours.
@Magisch lol
@bwDraco What did you do to get chat suspended?
He shanked someone with a shank crafted from old "too localized" questions.
It's ongoing ranting and general disruption.
I've taken steps to address the issue.
@Bart I saw that prisoner shanking scene from breaking bad yesterday
In fact, I'm mostly through the show now
I can't understand why walt doesn't just cash out and move to some tropical island
Instead he goes around and kills people
12:27 PM
It was financially better to keep doing that and cash in on each episode.
Getting a tad repetitive
Also the chemical process they use in the show is bogus
IIRC reductive amination in this way yields more then half of the methampethamine isomer that doesn't actually get people high
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@Bart this isn't hard to believe at all. What would you heartless grumpy pair of glasses wanted them to do? Design a new show? Just think all the tiring work and stress those poor souls would have to undergo.
Nope, it is more humanitarian to keep them just releasing refurbished versions of the same content.
And you should do your part by watching it
12:44 PM
Btw @Derpy
A friend of mine is completly infatuated with MLP and also found herself a boyfriend who is, too. Their apartment is filled with a psychologically dangerous amount of MLP merchandise. I already know through the grapevine that she will probably gift me a fluttershy pillow for birthday >_>
This is what that show does to otherwise only slightly insane people
1:02 PM
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wait.... let me translate it for you...
@Magisch It is not the fact that it is MLP merchandise that is creepy. It is the merchandise itself that can be.
this is why I am perfectly fine with my Fluttershy plush, and do not feel the need for a pillow.
1:19 PM
@Derpy I don't find it necessarily creepy, but I just know that I will not be able to throw it out since she'll mention it every time she stops by
@Magisch Don't worry. It will be a nice training for the day you will have to go to their wedding, only to discover they have decided to use "Love is in bloom" as the ceremony tune.
@Derpy That will be hilarious. Her family is strict catholic
@Magisch ....And? It is not like I was suggesting to replace some "church song" with that. Just have it play somewhere. Maybe during the dances?
I think that many "catholic families" would probably prefer that to something like having Friday playing in the background.
(and if you don't understand why "Friday", you haven't been on The Bridge long enough)
1:36 PM
@Derpy I mean more because I just know these two will have a MLP themed destination wedding somewhere
And they make enough money combined to afford it, too. So it will be hilarious what they come up with
@Magisch send us a postcard from Bronycon 2017 then.
@Magisch And just so that you may start worrying already, please realize that they could decide to do a cosplay post wedding party/lunch too.
btw, @ShadowWizard - has Yvette disappeared? I think she has not been around since that meta post.
2:01 PM
@Derpy What meta post?
Curious, her last activity on SD was 7 days ago
Yvette has been around for a long time in various incarnations. I doubt she's gone for long
Q: Set a benchmark on acceptable behaviour

YvetteI answered a question on SO meta today, where the female OP is expressing being upset about some gender issues, only to go back into chat and find a comment about something missing "tits". I flag this comment. A discussion then ensues over the fact there is a flag: Someone flagging stuff i...

Ahh already seems like an eternity ago
@Bart and now, for the unexpected plot-twist of the day: Yvette was actually Lazlo all along
Hahaha, please no
2:17 PM
@Bart "And I would also have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling ponies"
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2:43 PM
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3:18 PM
in Shadow's Den, Sep 22 at 21:42, by Yvette
Hey I bought a horse so won't be doing a lot on SE now :D
So looks like it's not related to the meta post... but can't be sure with her.
@Derpy or a sock of @Telkitty
Both Australian. Pretending to be different users by arranging to meet up. Seems likely @ShadowWizard
4:23 PM
@ShadowWizard I am unique
5:02 PM
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I'm in English now. We need to sign a digital form, so, obviously they've assigned that task to the English department at my school and my teacher's given us a whole class period to do that. So everybody got out computers.
Half of the are bork'd, probably due to user error, so they are now in a pile of 9 laptops sitting open on my teacher's desk.
There's a fort being built out of crappy underpowered lockdown laptops.
2 hours later…
6:49 PM
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7:19 PM
> ... at least one person could make use of this feature.
So if you have two people that will use a feature, let's do it ...
7:57 PM
@Bart don't be silly. Two people living in Australia? Where would they stand?
8:14 PM
Microsoft has a direct link from their product page to a Stack Overflow tag: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/335364/… without any further guidance from their side. Is a meta post the correct way to bring this to the attention of the team?
@Shog9 You are a profit-oriented company. Your interests are obviously many hits, many users, many visitors, good company image, etc. You are working in a well going, and hardly capitalist country in the world, where it is very well known that the word of the business interests is stronger as anything. | Now see the inner circles you seem to defend with surprisingly vehemently. First, what is most important: they are absolutely not interested to have a big site, with many active users.
@peterh most companies are profit-oriented
Chances are, whatever you do on a daily basis is done for some organization that aims to make a profit
@Shog9 They want a pile. To rule. It is absolutely not important to them, what reactions will be caused after the close and expel the 34523542345. user simply because.... because anything. Really anything. | I see here a little bit of conflict of interests. | Now, there is a third group. I am in this. I simply want to use the sites as they are intended. As I was a newbie here, I got continously harassment from group (2). Instead of leaving the site,
@Shog9 I produced a lot of content - for you -, got to a high rep on many SE sites, and I am working since that against the power misuses of group (2). Since then, I've found many ways to trick the closing-downvoting mechanisms of the sites, so I, already, can ask nearly anything I want, but honestly, it was really not so simple to learn.
@Shog9 We, group (3) and group (1) have common interests, group (2)'s we don't need from the image. Yes, a circle is needed to regularly clean up, but giving them power to expel newbies, to make your business worse, I can't understand, why is it so.
@peterh you lost me here.
@peterh I'm... Not sure what you're saying here.
You seem to be implying that I should be doing something differently because my employer aims to profit from an influx of users.
But I don't follow the logic.
@Shog9 Group(1): you, SE. Group(2): mod/power users ruling the sites. Group(3): regular users wanting to use the sites as they are intended to.
@Shog9 Well, I don't think that I would know better what the SE should do as the SE :-) Actually I am only asking, why is it so. The rulers of most SE sites aren't really friendly, you know? Randomly picking out newbies and then expel them on trumped-up reasons is quite common.
8:31 PM
Guys, I just experienced adulthood.
Childhood was a time when, after a sweaty but _oh_-so-worth-it summer traveling experience to your alternative cultural homeland, you're back home at the end of summer to revel in your glorious abilities, comfortable social atmosphere, and environment where things are going _just fine_, giving you at least a bit of challenge. Perhaps in your inexperience you are nothing but a glimpse at what _might_ come and what you _would_ be after you were more than what you are now. But this greenness gives you the ability to be incisive and forward-thinking. There's nothing more important to a child th
-1 too much sweat
Hey, it's Taiwan.
@peterh I can assure you, very few moderators have time to go randomly picking out newbs to abuse.
Adulthood, to my delight, is much the same. I still feel empowered by possibility. I still feel like things are going right and I can fix what's going wrong. I'm still invincible. But now, behind these feelings is the empowerment of knowing what I'm doing. I *know* now that I have experience and not only do I have the potential to do something good for the world, I am already demonstrating that I *am* doing something good for the world, or at least I'm doing a lot of good for myself.

Now I walk up the hill to a _college_, a place where once I knew I needed to get to, but a place where now
@Shog9 I have an idea: register as a new user on a site, whose topic is not your main profile. For example, ask anything on the serverfault. Some naive question, what a good-standing beginner would ask. For example, why you can't repartition a linux root hard disk without reboot. And check, what is the treatment. For example, on the SF, your question would be closed on the spt because it is "too broad" and not professional.
8:35 PM
There's a certain sampling bias at work here, where the only stories you tend to hear are folks who feel they've gotten a raw deal.
@peterh Isn't that type of question already answered on SF?
I mean, very few people go on meta to write about how they called someone a nazi and insulted their mother for hours and got suspended for it.
(perhaps surprisingly, few but not none)
Being a good adult is just being a child, with experience. I shall never let my experience blind me to what really matters to the world. The pure eyes that look at the world and find what is obviously right are important to keep thruout life, even as you do have experience to delude you. Knowing things and realizing your potential should only be motivation to push for more. To never be stagnant.
@Shog9 Not the mods are doing this, for example on the PSE there are around 6-8 regular VtC voters and they vote in around 80-90% of the cases for close. There are many signs that it happens mostly without any realistic estimation.
@peterh I do do this occasionally
8:37 PM
Ya know, @Shog, your markdown thing sucks. Why can't I have emphasis on a multi-line post?
you can
just not in chat
@peterh PSE == Physics or Programmers?
@Shog9 well duh
@Shog9 Or ask on the PSE, why the heat moves always from the warmer place to the colder. It will be closed as homework-like question, although it is very clearly a naive, curious question.
@Shog9 Physics, sorry
I forget what your rep is on Physics
@peterh If you can spend a tiny bit of effort going to Wikipedia and being a good student, why waste the time of others by polluting a serious resource with repeatedly asked crap?
8:39 PM
@Shog9 No, but I can use the SEDE quite well.
The onus is always on the asker to make an effort due to the discrepancy in effort between asking and answering.
ok. Well, not all of that information is currently available in SEDE due to deletion
Askers must prove that they have tried.
But the gist of it is, the bulk of closures on Physics are:
- incompletely-specified homework
- unclear
- duplicate
everything else is low single-digit %s
So, either stuff that's already been asked, or stuff that requires a bit more work to polish up
@bjb568 It is site-dependent, what is their most loved VtC reason. In a time on the SO, incompetent duplicate votes were very common. On the physics SE, most of the questions are closed as "homework-like", despite that they aren't. The ruling "community" of the serverfault some years ago simply had a bad day and started to delete around a quarter of the site on a retroactively applied rule. And - except a single de-modding - nothing really happened, they could do as they wanted.
8:41 PM
I would have guessed it would be mostly questions about psychics rather than physics.
@Shog9 Or all 3 at once. Requiring more than a bit of work to polish up.
@peterh let's stay focused for a moment
@peterh So what if the homework CV reason isn't totally encompassing? If the stuff is still crap, it should be dealt with somehow.
these closures on Physics - are you suggesting they're closing well-specified questions as unclear or under-specified?
I've written up a Q&A on programmers meta, but it's easily posted on Meta Stackexchange, I'm thinking I should post it there instead...
8:45 PM
Sounds like work
all that copy-pasting
your Ctrl key is gonna wear out
and then where will you be?
Out of ctrl
@Shog9 Well, my question is not really about the PSE, but also from them. They are closing all of the very LQ questions, from this side I think they are ok. But meanwhile they close also a large mass of good questions, and they do this perfectly unpredictable, chaotic way.
@peterh so how do you define "good" here? Presumably it's being overlooked?
@Shog9 No, even the mods tried to optimize the homework policy. It was essentially an ask to the community to stop the madness.
@Shog9 If there is no knowledge level limit on the Physics SE, and currently there is not, then a question "Why goes heat always from the warmer place to the colder?" should be, in my opinion, a good question.
8:47 PM
@peterh why?
@Shog9 I am fighting them since years, and I say to you, that such a question would survive nearly surely until the next 5 VtC reviewer wakes away.
@peterh why should it? What is its merit in your view?
@Shog9 The "homework" close reason is the most popular today, but earlier it was other. But the Physics SE, although it is actual because they have currently an election, is only a part in the picture. In my opinion, the serverfault is worser as the PhysSE. On the PSE, in the case of a very clear unfair closure, the complain on the meta has a high chance. On the SF, it gets -20 down and nothing happens.
@Shog9 I suspect the actual reason would be, for example, "too broad" or "insufficient research effort".
Server Fault has a separate set of problems
@Shog9 Well, I've always feel that site is a little bit... different. As if their inner circle would be stronger as the CMs.
8:53 PM
Server Fault has a lot of knowledgeable people who are quite reasonable under normal circumstances except where they can't resist the urge to reply to the tiny group of jackasses who invariably goad them into responding badly.
That is its chief problem as a community.
As a site, the chief problem is that quite a lot of folks don't thoroughly understand what's on-topic and what isn't.
@Shog9 What I find quite surprising, considering that it is the system of the SE Inc, and not XY anonym sysop' in North East Europe.
Neither of those appears to be as much of an issue on Physics
Every community of people has their own unique problems, but are together in their shared struggle that is being composed of people.
@Shog9 It is important! So. There is a so-named "common sense", i.e. what a good-standing newbie would think, what is ontopic. For example, in the view of a good-standing newbie, asking why the heat moves always to the colder place, is about physics. On the PSE, this question would be closed.
@Shog9 If you ask 100 human on the street, if this question is about physics, 99 will answer, yes, it is about physics. But this question will be closed on the PhysSE, and probably not as a dupe.
@peterh But, you admitted you think it should be closed as too broad or insufficient research.
8:57 PM
@Andy No, I didn't admit. I said it would be closed, but I also made very clear, that it shouldn't be. The essence what I am trying to say, that most the SE sites is ruled by a group whose wishes clearly contradict the obvious interests of the SE Inc, and I try to find out, why can it be so in such a well-going capitalist country, as the USA.
@peterh how many of these 100 people are physics students?
What is going on with Physics?
@DamienPaul A moderator election.
meta meta posts about my meta post
@JonEricson aaaaah - trouble brewing? Is trump running for moderator?
9:00 PM
@Shog9 If you ask 100 physics students out of the PhysSE, they will also say it is about physics. Probably you will get a lot of quasi-phylosophical explanation about entropy and the unidirectionality of some physical processes. It will be a very obviously physical explanation.
@peterh so why would you expect it to be closed?
"quasi-phylosophical explanation about entropy and the unidirectionality of some physical processes" - hab]ven't heard a phrase like that for ages
@DamienPaul I think he's busy not preparing for some other elected position.
@DamienPaul There is an election, some candidate made clear that they will try to move the site into a more friendly direction, Shog9 found a rule which can be applied to delete their nominations and he applied it.
@JonEricson bahahahaha!
9:03 PM
@peterh not necessarily sad - if there is a process, then it must be applied
@Shog9 Because I am on the PSE as an active voter and meta poster since some years, and I know, how the things are going there.
@peterh To be fair, it's kinda a reasonable rule. If you've been suspended somewhere on the network lately, you might not be the best person to moderate.
@peterh yes, but why? What motivates the people you would expect to close it?
@JonEricson that definitely sounds fair
Asked and answered. Critical feedbacks are welcome (but I'll still secretly hate you for it.)
9:08 PM
@JonEricson No. A type of power misuse: mod knows, there will be a new election, but the users don't know yet. He watches every step of the user, maybe he can find something which makes him eligible to suspend him for a short time. Election is coming, and the suspended user can't nominate, because he was suspended X months ago for some minor trouble.
@AaronHall very nicely done (+1 for both Q and A)
@Shog9 Do you remember to the old irc channels? The newsgroups? I remember. I've found a... replaying pattern.
@peterh sure. They're all filled with people. Doing peoply things to other people.
@peterh have you been reading Shirky?
9:13 PM
@peterh Haven't seen that yet. (That sort of abuse of power would be very obvious.) What we have seen is a moderator candidate who literally asked to be suspended FOR SCIENCE. (This was before the rule was instituted, but came up in backtesting.)
@JonEricson Note: mods like to "outsource" their closing decisions to the other mods, partially to defend themselfes if their IRL identity is known (which is reasonable), or to make the show of impartiality, while there isn't. It can also happen as a cross-site power misuse, if there is a cooperation or personal intersection between the actual mods. Nobody will ever say, what is happened, but somebody won't be able to nominate himself to a mod, and thus probably he won't be ever a mod.
sounds like a university physics faculty there - with the coffee missing
@Shog9 :-) Well, I am thinking on the communities what existed 20 years ago, but now they don't exist.
IRC at least is still around
groups form, grow, break apart, and new ones grow up from their pieces
people move on or die, new ones take their place and go in a different direction
@Shog9 16 years ago, every second high school student used irc regularly. Now only the old boys remember, what is it. Theoretically it exists, but it has since decades no significant community building role.
9:19 PM
groups evolve
I wonder why no-one ever fixed the news-groups.
@DamienPaul Yes! Exactly!
@peterh well, that is what @Shog9 was saying
@peterh eh, 16 years ago I knew highschool students who used IRC, but a whole lot more who didn't. Or thought I meant ICQ.
@Shog9 In a group, with time surely an inner circle will evolve, whose actions actively forbid to change the group, or to decrease its influence on the group. It shouldn't be an intentional behavior, it is simply evolution. With physical terms, it is the only stable state of the system.
9:21 PM
According to Shirky, if I recall, high-school students are what brought down the news-groups.
maybe it was a chat community...
@Shog9 We were high school students in different continents :-) By us, irc was on the top around 1994 - 1998. ICQ came from around 98 - 2003.
after my time
we just passed notes while the teacher wasn't looking
@Shog9 I think, this is the reason, why an SE site, with time, will surely start to close the questions of the new members without any logical reason.
@peterh 16 years ago was a different time on your continent I think... ;-P
9:24 PM
Looks like I have a critic. :D
(I'd joke and say "Where would I have to live for 16 years to pass in 18?" would make a good question for Physics, but... With a bit of work, it might actually make for a good question on Worldbuilding)
@AaronHall what?!?!?!
I can imagine people who like to use their close-votes a lot wouldn't like it.
@peterh ...but in any case. Yes. Have you read this? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/251175/…
@AaronHall true, I have found it useful
9:29 PM
Hey @Shog9, am I weird that I have found my short time here on Stack very helpful and enjoyable?
no, that's the point
which is why it's always so confusing to find folks here who are seemingly miserable all the time
@Shog9 exactly - am not personally affected by their misery, but slightly bemused
There is a lot of questions I don't have the expertise to answer, so I help by editing, flagging etc
Servy doesn't like it.
9:42 PM
But I would think the shareholders of Stack Overflow would like it.
This is Stack Overflow, the system is always correct by definition. — Aaron Hall 10 secs ago
@AaronHall I don't know. I think, they want business results. As I know, the SO plays the largest part in income side of the company budget, and it is visible also in the recent distribution of the development resources.
You don't think the shareholders of Stack Overflow would want more salvaged content? I don't know the breakdown of their expectations for revenue, but they certainly want more content - see Documentation, for example.
(I'm sure there's someone internally with rosy projections for the rebranding of Programmers too...)
of course SE/SO wants more content...
And I hope they get it.
9:51 PM
If SO/SE makes revenue from an excellent content filled post that I wrote (could be a long way off), I would be very happy
I think we need to reverse the culture of "you're new to the site, so I'm going to give you this little punishment so that you learn how to behave."
never had that - but, have seen glimpses of it
As an alternative to punishment, we could try communication and motivate through the promise of future rewards.
@AaronHall Specifically on meta.se, or the entire network?
10:03 PM
Why would the concept be limited to Meta?
@AaronHall Different sites have different cultures...
I was mostly asking because I don't know meta.se pretty much at all, but I know some other sites :)
So I'm wondering what you have in mind when you speak of this culture? Do you have some typical examples in mind?
I'm speaking as a matter of strategy for Stack Overflow and for whatever sites it views as strategically important. Maybe Programmers? Maybe Math and Science sites? I doubt Life-Hacks though...
@AaronHall Ah, I see. I didn't think about that aspect. I doubt the math and science sites are viewed as strategically important
It probably depends on who is doing the analyzing, and what their methods are. I would imagine they really like the users who post frequently on both CS and Physics, for example - and they want to grow that population of users.
The close-vote system is intended to stop $#!*-posting. It's not intended to block marginal but legitimately good content.
Any business analysis will consider and value growth. People who over-use CV's are frustrating those goals.
Marginal questions can still yield great answers.
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11:51 PM
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