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12:17 AM
I was confused trying to understand how pipe redirection should work here.
needs arrows
hmmm the authorize an app page is a bit broken... it prompts me to sign in, and then redirects me to the home page, meaning I've got to go back to the authorize page... which doesn't exactly work in a WebView frame...
Haha, you expect auth to work?
I expect chat auth not to work, but normal auth should
meh, it's all the same thing
Seriously, I don't know what black magic they used for ChatExchange... try to reproduce it is eating my soul
12:32 AM
12:42 AM
@Quill Manish is a genius.
I literally have the same thing, but my version does not work
he must be an alien from mars
It's all implemented via raw requests/HTML parsing - no WebView/browser stuff.
yeah, I was talking about a separate StackApp that I just downloaded off github
Q: Developing a new parenting app (Placeholder)

N.HicheriWe need to have write access in order to be able to post through a developed mobile application.

1:05 AM
I wondered why someone was asking What is the meaning of “zapatitos” in this sentence? on Earth Science... then I realized Spanish Language has the same favicon... :(
1:16 AM
@Quill That happens on Stack Apps. I try to put some information in the posts created just for write access, but some people are lazy.
@hichris123 It's as soon as the devs have enough time to do it planned. With some of the other large projects wrapping up soon, they should be able to get to it. But the idea itself has already been discussed internally and accepted for implementation. Just need someone to, you know, do it. — animuson ♦ 9 mins ago
1:34 AM
1:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: Windows 10 - Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered. How can I fix it? by Jenifer Lively on superuser.com
1 hour later…
3:37 AM
nearly a month after moderator nominations and no moderators appointed on Language Learning
> I figured I'd look up referrers on the day the badge was awarded... and they're all either NULL or Google search sites (and one that looks like a Google+ search? I'm not sure how that works; I don't use G+.). This is unfortunately gonna have to remain a mystery. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
A: Remove the dust on the keyboard

NovaAdd this css style to your pages. kbd { ` background-color: white; border: 2px solid black; border-radius: 3px; color: black; } You should be able to edit it from here to get it close to what you want. Here are methods on how to add the style if you don't know how: http://www.w3...

3:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: fairly well constructed and fifa 17 coins for sale by jaymetzger on gis.stackexchange.com
@Quill 3D printing had nomination thread created on January 12, and announcement of mods on May 3.
On Latin it was more reasonable: March 10 - April 12. Still over a month.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer: Disable shipping method based on category by Jameslj on magento.stackexchange.com
I just got a spam item in the Triage queue... with a comment from April 30th.... obvious tests are obvious
4:08 AM
Yes, those "this is spam" comments are making audits even more obvious than they were.
at least fake the date
4:20 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: Please Pay Attentions To Picking Skin Care Products by JessiRhode on superuser.com
sd k
Mountain of documents just to lodge a positive covenant application with LPI through council ...
And heaps of $
4:48 AM
/me pulls the battery out of the smoke detector
5:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted username, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: to produce the best effect. Oolong tea primarily works as a weight by tkinsjuriya on askubuntu.com (@kos)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Fatorgenius é uma consequência do exame by Ensiony1928 on arduino.stackexchange.com
5:33 AM
sd 3k
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: AlluraDerm Serum by user147825 on gaming.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: What should a 21 year old do with £60,000 ($91,356 USD) inheritance? by Mrs Shairley Baker on money.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: How do I create a repeating charge using redstone/repeaters? by Jeff on gaming.stackexchange.com
sd 3k
5:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: How to mass populate State & Country picklist values by muchacho on salesforce.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Comment aider à ordonner Trimplex Elite Aujourd'hui by brainitteremjil on arduino.stackexchange.com
sd 3k
6:09 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: scientific stories to help these? by Duckett bandi on drupal.stackexchange.com
OMG.... anyone wondering who is the other Steve will now see the MSO post as second result right after Wikipedia.... what have I done??? :D
spam wave!
6:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: A pleasant deal of adult guys by Costamzoro on drupal.stackexchange.com
> contains rough language, such as are crying down someone
yay! I got answer invalidated on SO
Is that a rough translation from somewhere?
On another note, it seems there's no resource request or typographical error close vote reasons
sd k
7:17 AM
A: How to include Ionic.io services in Ionic 2 beta

Stack learnerOkay Ionic finally released the notes for Ionic-V2,I can see the alert to the link from the V1 Docs site since yesterday. This is the link ionic.io v2 docs

interestingly enough is how Drupal controls their tag versions

Charles McKayOne of the regular users of the Mathematics Stack Exchange site has managed to get $400,000$ of reputations. I would like to take the time to congratulate greatly, and I invite you to insert your comments there! CONGRATULATIONS MR. NICOLAS!

[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question: Possession, Exorcism by Alyun tariq on islam.stackexchange.com
7:33 AM
User getLowRepUser(){return new bie();} // no low logic
8:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: feasible to ignore the advantages? by Duckettbandi on askubuntu.com (@kos)
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: Possession, Exorcism by Alyun tariq on islam.stackexchange.com
8:54 AM
so my code didn't actually work...
it didn't post here
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: Can Acne Affect Your Social Life? by Furreverlw on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in body, link following arrow in body: Digestive enzymes snake melt and suck by Yountivell1959 on webmasters.stackexchange.com
sd 2k
@SmokeDetector interesting to note how they used quote blocks
9:40 AM
Go for it!
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in body: It's better to go to put together a costly by FeifVisq on apple.stackexchange.com
It is indeed
9:58 AM
sd 2gone-
10:23 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer: When does iOS check validity of enterprise certificates? by Rebecca Swift on security.stackexchange.com
11:17 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in answer: How to show only hidden files in Terminal? by Jamie Willman on askubuntu.com (@kos)
1 hour later…
12:26 PM
I opted in for the developer story a while ago... and still haven't got any info on that
is that still going ahead, I wonder?
12:37 PM
@rene I have raised the flag regarding SOCVR cleanup as I had earlier discussed with you, will let you know if it is declined or accepted.
It's a shame the process couldn't be more clear for unknowing site users
It's a shame that folks who claim to "understand" and "help" in moderation are polluting every single post in a tag with canned comments. Seriously...who does that...
which tag is that?
Bot-like behaviour never works well on sites, if they need it, they should put it in a proper FR. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/burninate-request
Thanks for posting this burnination request and allowing the community to take a close look at it. Please note that burninations are not just tag removals - They are the process of carefully moderating a specific place of Stack Overflow. Avoid only mass-editing the tag out of questions as it is counter-productive. Flag/vote/edit/retag the posts after consensus is reached. For more info, see Shog9's answer on MSE or the unofficial SOCVR process. — Kyll 6 mins ago
Thanks for posting this burnination request and allowing the community to take a close look at it. Please note that burninations are not just tag removals - They are the process of carefully moderating a specific place of Stack Overflow. Avoid only mass-editing the tag out of questions as it is counter-productive. Flag/vote/edit/retag the posts after consensus is reached. For more info, see Shog9's answer on MSE or the unofficial SOCVR process. — Tunaki 4 hours ago
oh a meta tag, that makes more sense than what I thought <_<
12:43 PM
Noise is noise...even on Meta...
I don't mind canned responses, as long as they aren't abused and users realise sometimes they need to talk differently in different situations
If a canned response is required for every-single-post-in-a-tag...it belongs in the tag wiki, or they should make a feature-request before going on mass-commenting
This is shameless plug aka promotion of a room
every single post in the tag is overdoing it
any post without this comment?
most of what they're saying can probably be moved into a tag wiki
12:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: How to mass populate State & Country picklist values by muchacho on salesforce.stackexchange.com
@Sunshine I feel like the kind of users they're targetting probably already know about the room anyway
nobody wants to teach a 200k user how to edit messages
@Quill Yes, it is.
okay, awesome :)
They really limited the number of users to make sure the team wasn't overloaded with bugs, feedback, etc.
12:51 PM
@Quill I agree
@bluefeet I figured there was limited batching going on... there's usually like a "it's coming, hold your horses" meta response round about now on MSO to go off
being a mob is fine as long as you be a mod at your own expense, not at the expense of every single post in a tag
9 hours to go, and 50 rep before my third rep cap in a row on Deep Web... :D
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: How do i root my samsung galaxy s duos GT-S7562? by Lee Little on android.stackexchange.com (@bacon)
1:15 PM
@Quill you should be in the beta now
@bluefeet Awesome :D thanks
why are you CMs so helpful
1:33 PM
To divert your attention from what's actually going on ... but you'll find out
I was hoping, by the year 2038, programs will code themselves & cars will drive themselves. But looking at the progress we have made since 1970s, I doubt that this will happen ...
@Bart shhhh, you'll give away all of our secrets
@bluefeet Too late!
1:39 PM
I get the feeling Stack Overflow will turn into the Allied Mastercomputer
Your powers are useless @bluefeet. I now have a tinfoil cat to protect me!
user image
Who did that to @bjb?
bjb is now protected from conspiracy!
1:48 PM
@Sunshine I expect accepted because my last comment is removed...
What did you exactly flag? Because now your comment is removed as well but the rest remained ... :(
Now the comment thread is a bit of a mess
Was it about a post to artificial rep inflation?
@rene it's a comment to a post about certain chat room involved in... artificial rep inflation (i.e. bounty)
Yeah the link is now gone but the defense is still there
flag as obsolete
I pinged the authors of comments to clean-up as well
2:04 PM
@rene Yes, it is accepted, and some comments are left which are now obsolete.
I am confused.
same here
wow. I thought the CV was cool (and it is), but the Developer Story is straight black magic amazing
Thanks @bluefeet
2:20 PM
hmm? @rene what is this all about? Can I get a quick summary plz plz? :)
@ShadowWizard Emm... to put it simply, it's about feedback to SOCVR re: burnination process, but the comment posted is irrelevant to burnination.
hmm... thanks!
2:34 PM
@Sunshine Ok, I'm editing that in now. And yes, the comment might be seen as promotional but we also had enough cases where the suggested-edit queue was filled with re-tag crap. So we're trying to solve one problem to communicate more. We can turn the noise down a bit.
@rene are you using SOCVR to fight crappy suggested edits?
@ShadowWizard No, but we spot rejections in the queue and any complaints about re-tag only edits on meta
That is were the comment originated from
oh, OK. Thanks!
In an ideal world I agree the comment is noise, and now back to reality ...
What is real?
2:45 PM
@rene I do have to agree with @Sunshine there, the auto comment seems very robotic. If you plan on leaving something similar, at least make it slightly personalized...
@hichris123 just end the comment with "By the way, nice pants". That should be personal enough.
Um, what if they're wearing shorts?
Still works, but in a sarcastic manner.
2:48 PM
What if they're not wearing pants or shorts (or...)?
Then we should ban the sick bastards. Not wearing pants ...
@hichris123 true, ponies also don't wear pants. I think.
user image
Do glasses wear pants?
@Bart Lyra stands in her own category, and so does Mint.
2:56 PM
sound of pony facts going over my head
proof of Bart posting ponies going to stay in board. Forevvver.
Q: Moderators misusing their privilege

Stefan SzekeresI've put two legitimate questions here and here about Usenet. The now deleted comments were made by Robert Cartaino who explained by linking to an external website why he thought my question is offtopic. I replied along the lines : I've been following the definition from meta : The dark web i...

calling out robert cartaino lol
@hichris123 isn't the point of auto-comments to be robotic ... confused ... By the way, nice pants.
@Quill /me grabs popcorn
3:03 PM
@rene Yes but you're communicating with a large number of people here, not just one person. The auto-comment sounds robotic in tone - okay for say a LQP queue comment, but not with a bunch of users on meta.
Wait, did the discussion now just moved from the comment is noise to the comment needs only a different tone?
> Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a Fluttershy, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a Fluttershy. I was conscious only of my happiness as a Fluttershy, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a Fluttershy, or whether I am now a Fluttershy, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a pony there is necessarily a distinction... or there isn't?
@rene Well, it still is somewhat noisy. I guess I was just commenting on one reason why it was noisy.
@Derpy head spins :)
A: Moderators misusing their privilege

QuillModerators are either chosen by SE staff, or appointed in elections. As this site is in private beta, no moderators have been appointed yet, hence why the users/moderators tab is empty. Robert Cartaino is actually a Stack Exchange employee as it says on his profile: I am the Director of Com...

I thought I handled that pretty well
3:08 PM
@hichris123 Le sigh ... but I'll see what I can do ...
Hey, it's only Thursday, no time for a flower to be sighing.
it's friday here... mwahaha
@Quill you may want to highlight that his assumptions regarding downvotes and closevotes are speculation? Unless I am missing explicit admission somewhere.
good advice, on it
I forgot how many underscores Python has <_<
post_site_id = fetch_post_id_and_site_from_msg_content(content_source)
post_url = fetch_post_url_from_msg_content(content_source)
pfft, camelCase ftw
3:15 PM
yeah, but that's not the official python style guide suggested layout ;)
Fight the power!
Go go Power... wait, wrong slogan...
@Quill python big on snake_case? *rimshot*
that's probably why they chose it
3:20 PM
Gently down the stream?
@Quill the point of the comment is not to inform the OP but for the casual visitor that assumes the re-tag can start immediately. They probably don't read the tag wiki. But I've updated (with the help of the room) the tag wiki as you and @Sunshine suggested. If the process is agreed on I can reduce the comment noise. Until then we keep adding it. For about 1 question every 2 days I don't see much of a problem.
Okay... IMO attempting a forceful burnination should trigger a mod notification
if it doesn't already
Burnination is a serious business (no, really).
@Quill what is a forceful burnination?
> that assumes the re-tag can start immediately.
like going and editing all the posts with a certain tag
or removing a whole lot of tags in a small period of time
3:33 PM
In an ideal SE world, all needs community decision before doing something, so forceful burnination can be seen as abuse.
Will be hard / expensive to detect I think
@bacon Then in an ideal SE people aren't doing anything.
Let me stress again that we started this as a response on things going wrong. So we are still re-active.
@rene You're chemicals?
aren't we all?
3:37 PM
Some people annoyingly deny this fact.
Plausible deniability, what a great thing. If this is accepted behavior, then it is what it is. Within 1 minute after his comment, I got two downvotes, (after having +2 on each question) and a close vote appeared after my comments. Now I have two. Of course, you don't really know that this happened, you only have my testimony here. Anyway, moving on. I can ask more great questions ( :-) ) don't mistake this report to be about the reputation change. — Stefan Szekeres 2 mins ago
looks like we got a postive response
crisis averted
throw popcorn
I was just about to join. I can have another crisis
3:42 PM
@rene it's okay, we'll accept you even if you use tabs
Is there something else to use as tabs?
@rene bats
4:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Wifi hack and computer hack? by nicole kniffen on security.stackexchange.com
4:39 PM
My flag got declined where I asked mods for cleanup of canned comments @rene, so I asked on MSO
Q: Flag declined - so is it OK for a chat room to post same canned comments on every single post in a tag?

SunshineFor the tag burninate-request , a certain chat room posts a robotic canned comment for every-single-post-in-the-tag. Is it appropiate for a chat room to do so? Can it go mass commenting promoting their chat room on all posts for a tag of their choice? As per my understanding, an OP who has 100k...

Sentient chat rooms. Damn. — Paul Roub 1 min ago
@Sunshine writing an answer
4:54 PM
@canon dumped the date part of the datetime: half height console ftw
5:08 PM
I'm curious about the issues on linux
I'm going to have to spin up a VM at home or something
I don't use linux very often
at least not as a desktop OS
@haney So thankful I could remove two-lines per snippet on this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/8716680/621962
I'm glad too: it's a good improvement
link to the Linux issue(s)?
5:30 PM
@Haney it's actually in a comment: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/279420/…
Also, I'll probably add the requested methods here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/279433/159427
cool, keep me posted: I can update the code later
also "merge" what I did if possible by accessing stacksnippets.net/scripts/snippet-javascript-console.js
Q: Be proud of tag wikis!

Won'tWas interested in learning more about a particular tag when I realized just how much tag wikis must be embarrassing to the folks who run this joint Look at that anemic "learn more...", hidden in a bunch of other links. If I were a new user, what would I think when I saw that? Perhaps it's ju...

in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 4 mins ago, by Kyll
Are we really going for the pants thing?
Was thinking this just today: the excerpt focuses on usage of tag, and it's totally not obvious that one could learn something about the subject by digging deeper.
5:43 PM
I sometimes think meta should have days off, or a week-long vacation.
@Haney data URIs for the script blocks are an interesting idea.
yeah, not 100% certain of value, but maybe you can sell me on it ;)
Well, two things...
alert("</script>"); breaks snippets right now
because the DOM parser interprets that </script> as the end of the script block wrapping the whole JS section.
So, the issue raised here has nothing to do with the console implementation.
It's just </script> in a string literal breaking the page parsing.
So, A: In an encoded data URI, that problem goes away.
and, B: suddenly our line numbers in our errors are scoped to just the javascript (for the javascript section anyway) rather than the whole snippet source (brought up by sci)
Yeah, I just realized that suddenly. Given that JS snippet includes the <script> at the start, adding </script> inside will break it...
can play with it this afternoon
5:52 PM
food for thought, at least
would be base-64'd though yeah?
source on iframe would be trash
not sure if we care though
if you were escaping it yourself rather than base64'ing it'd be pretty trash too
debugging tools will see the real script, though
@Haney I don't. The relevant sources are already displayed. And debugging tools work as normal, imo.
I do need to submit a chromium bug, though
it doesn't relay lineno for the error event on scripts loaded from data URIs
FireFox and Edge do
it's strange, though
the native console reports the appropriate line number
Why not just use XHTML?
it's just not passed in the event
Or just replace '</script>' with '</scr' + 'ipt>'
6:00 PM
There are corrollary benefits to the data-uri
we get to treat the script as external even though it's really not
[ SmokeDetector ] Shortened URL in body: Que tan personalizable y agil es tu CMS by Tufik Chediak on es.stackoverflow.com
@Haney just be careful reaching for btoa()
6:29 PM
Starting with Chrome 52, backspace does not navigate back. \o/
for real?
Praise be to his noodly appendage...
God damn it, sandwich...
> We're working to release an extension that will allow users to restore this behavior - by Google employee
you made that sound like it was a feature decision
it's listed as a bug
> I also use backspace as the primary method to navigate back (and have also never lost data using it...?)
Who the hell navigates with backspace?
[ Quill ] A message in The h Bar was flagged.
@canon Reported as a bug, the team replied it's by design.
6:32 PM
@Quill it worked.
[singular] y’all [plural] all y’all [alternate plural] all'a y'all [possessive pronoun] y’all’s [future tense] y’all’ll
^ for Shog's reference
@Quill But it... doesn't seem so useful on different chat domain other than for popcorn...
@bacon Did you mean to reply to Quill?
6:35 PM
@sandwich oops, mouse slipped.
> I can remember when reading the news would occasionally make me happy. -- Tim Post at 8:28 AM - 19 May 2016 via Twitter
Tim is old...
@sandwich nice
6:52 PM
The end of an epoch: our office will no longer stock transparencies. I'm old enough to remember the good times of photocopying stuff on them (bonus points for using the non-copier safe kind of transparency).
@rene I feel a strange sense of pride
7:11 PM
@sandwich I did remember dealing with them once.
These days, we just use projectors and whiteboards.
@canon elaborate?
7:42 PM
[ Quill ] A message in Ask Ubuntu General Room was flagged.
well.... I don't know why that was declined.... but hey whatever man
@Haney btoa() doesn't like unicode
@PhMgBr I don't believe it. My students are reaching for a calculator to multiply 6 by 7.
7:45 PM
@sandwich at least they're not reaching for their phones
The flagged messages were deleted after all.
I am painfully familiar with # key combo because Inbox by Gmail decided that having a "delete" button next to an email was somehow unnecessary.
in The Nineteenth Byte on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 hour ago, by Nathan Merrill
woot. Actually got an offer from google. Maybe I was getting paid too little at my current job, but they doubled my salary
apparently Google are doing a thing when they send you a special job recruitment test if you search enough Python related stuff
8:07 PM
user image
8:21 PM
@Quill brews a cup of earl grey tea for @Quill
I'm a fan of earl grey
My wife has been on a tea kick lately
we've got something like 15 varieties at home
all of them super expensive ( :/ )
they come in triangular-pyramid sachets
@canon yeah, know what you mean... in restaurants it cost around 7 dollars for a cup
Start selling to people, you'll be rich! :D
This is only so funny
8:59 PM
[ Quill ] A message in The h Bar was flagged.
9:23 PM
[ Quill ] A message in The Bridge was flagged.
[ Quill ] A message in The Bridge was flagged.
Github no longer shows streak statistics on profile page. Good/bad?
Implicitly praising "never take a day off" approach was probably considered unhealthy.
Speaking of stats, I never noticed that SEDE has a users page.
"Hey, I'm a Github , I commit everyday!"
conradfrix has 1520 saved queries; rene has 4782 executions. These appear to be top stats among the recently active users.
9:35 PM
Unfortunately, profile page does not have these; one can't see, e.g., how many sam.saffron has.
@canon Tea? Wife? You must be a witch an old person! Burn 'em!
I can't understand the sorting logic for all users on SEDE...
It seems to be based on alphabetic/char code sorting, but,
10:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Unread Messages Badge Wrong in Dock by Sanchez Vega Hector Tomas on apple.stackexchange.com
Q: word problem with analytical answer about over dose on benadryl

macy favoriteLT and ER returned from a wrestling duel. LT wrestles in 106 lb. weight class and ER is his best friend. They are spending some time at LT house when he remarks, “My allergies are killing me.” LT goes into the bathroom and comes out with a bottle of Benadryl® Maximum Strength Severe Allergy and ...

New trend: homework with product placement.
> “Hey, you look yellow – like really yellow!” screams LT’s mom
10:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All of this user's posts are spam: user 184151 on apple.stackexchange.com
@sandwich Not brilliant marketing to associate your brand with an overdose incident. But not as bad as the rather baffling product placement in the movie Seven.
10:49 PM
Great... that Benadryl question made me research about the validity of the problem...
11:35 PM
I suppose that writing something with "cumulative overdose" and "relative to body mass" should suffice for the assignment.
11:50 PM
so I've repcapped 3 days according to my badges, yet I've only earned 197 rep (206 up, 9 down)
does the Epic badge not count downvotes as affecting the "daily 200 reputation"
But there is a badge tracker, which should be correct except for caching.
I think aside of badge tracker, there's also rep audit that also counts how many times you've rep-capped?
There is {site}/reputation page

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