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9:00 PM
It fits any election on a graduated site with 2+ mods being elected.
@JonEricson It just speaks to you doing a really good job of choosing pro tem moderators.
I just use the template to avoid having to type user IDs twice
And 2+ mod elections on a graduated site are rare nowadays.
Meanwhile, on Programmers...
Q: Grant more close votes for close reviewers

GlenH7Based upon a recent answer1, 2 to a previous question of mine, I'd like to re-visit an older request. Please give all close voters3 on Programmers 50 votes instead of the standard 244. Why? All of the original reasons that were laid out before still hold. New users to the site end up with a p...

9:06 PM
I'm disappointed by the lack of footnotes on footnotes.
@Shog9 that might be a record.
@durron597 My bug is fixed! I can finally quit this job.
@Shog9 I just came across that sometimes things are marked as addressed except they're really not and the different discussions about it are all over the place.
@durron597 Huh, sorry, when I started writing that novel your answer wasn't posted yet.
9:11 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M 'sokay, I was just bantering anyway
@NormalHuman Is there more to it (except Shog9's resistance) then just twiddle with that number in the configuration file?
Nah, lemme edit.
@rene No. After thinking about this for a few years, I've come to the conclusion that it probably makes sense to make close votes/day scale with reputation, in a manner similar to flags.
(which is also where I started, but ignore that)
@Shog9 It could also scale with helpful flags (or both)
@durron597 that gets hairy
9:13 PM
I always thought the reason that it didn't scale is to prevent high rep users from forming voting cabals
@Shog9 wow, will you make that change effective before you quit this job? ;)
@Shog9 Indeed. No perfect solution. It's a tough one, surely.
@durron597 I suspect that in practice, this is less of a concern than a system where the folks who have contributed the most useful answers have a disproportionately low influence in terms of what is on-topic, etc.
@durron597 flags are much more easily farmable than rep
@Shog9 That makes sense
Are you thinking that it's more likely that people close to 3k would LOSE close votes, or that this would just extra votes on top of the 3k base?
9:20 PM
Q: Tour of a private beta site shouldn't say it requires 50 rep to comment

wythagorasIn the tour of a private beta site it shouldn't say it requires 50 rep to comment. The following picture explains the place where I'm talking about: Please note that this section is not in the Meta Stack Exchange tour.

Could someone do something about that?! The two answers are rendered obsolete.
@Shog9 Although flags do scale by helpful flags...
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M I don't see what needs to be done there. The question was unclear. It has been clarified. Those who rush to post answers find themselves with obsolete answers. This is how it works.
So should we down vote those answers?
Burn Tim and Pythonmaster for that?
Go on a rampage?
How about "comment"? Which is already done.
and that's why I prefer to be nitpicky
9:27 PM
@durron597 I think 24 votes/day is reasonably generous as a baseline. Rather than artificially spiking this on sites like SO, that limit should scale with rep - so at 10K you'd have 38, 20K you'd have 58, 800K you'd have 1618...
...maybe there should be a cap somewhere
Meh. Rather, at 25K your vote begins to count as two, at 50K as three... and stop there.
This is literally giving those who invested more greater weight in the decisions.
As opposed to having them toil for even longer in the queues and elsewhere.
We need Jon Skeet in the SOVCR room....
Maybe not go to three, too risky.
9:32 PM
@NormalHuman that's not the right way to handle it; more investment does not = more expertise on a matter. I'd much rather have more votes
(though I have proposed a multi-vote CV privilege in the past for other things, like gold badges)
Either by a mysterious concidence or otherwise, I observe that 25K and 50K users tend to have greater expertise than 3K users.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected, repeating characters in answer: Why am I having multiple problems with Minecraft not responding to commands or connecting to servers properly? by shit head on gaming.stackexchange.com
@Shog9 so I'd go from 50 CVs to 38 CVs with this change... that's pretty depressing
@NormalHuman Depends on the subject matter
Except for good ol' Roombatron... whatever his name is now.
@SmokeDetector tpu-
9:35 PM
You can have 50k rep from C++, doesn't mean you're an expert in Swift. Or, dare I bring it up, the Haskell SO community's questions
@hichris123 CRABOLO
Figured it would've changed while I was away.
@rene Jon Skeet doesn't vote to close stuff, he reopens duplicates
Out of all of the SE sites, I think I have the most offensive flags on Arquade
@TylerH I was under the impression that by code of honor people stays clear of stuff they know nothing about
obviously, that's the impression of what people should do... what they do on the other hand...
9:37 PM
@KevinBrown Stop ragequitting games, then!
@Braiam It is fairly common to see questions in tags you don't know that are still more or less obviously CV-worthy
at least in the queue
I also have more confidence in 25K users avoiding voting on questions where they lack knowledge. With greater investment and higher visibility comes some sense of responsibility. Usually.
@NormalHuman I know I became a lot more careful with dupe CVs post gold badge.
there are lots of skips when we coordinate burnination efforts, but still plenty of questions where it's obviously a "gimme teh codez" or "resource recommendation", or less obviously "too broad"
@NormalHuman But, but... UNCLE BEN!
9:39 PM
@TylerH It's also much easier to VTC stuff if you're doing a terrible tag than if you're working on a good tag you're not familiar with
For example, I should never try to filter the review queue on, say,
But I've been discussed down the wrong alley here. I should reiterate what I'm saying: I'm not advocating against additional weight for CVs in general.
I'm merely advocating for more CVs first, if it's a choice between that and more weight.
well, the problem is that for those users to use more CVs they need to invest more time moderating, and that doesn't actually influence the scope... if what you desire in the end isn't accomplished anyways...
Having more CVs is useless unless you already spend the daily maximum on regular basis. Which relatively few users do.
I'm the vocal minority
@TylerH More non-binding CVs are just more work for everyone.
9:46 PM
But I think it's also a "safer" step insofar as the trust factor of more experienced users go
@tchrist well if we wanna talk about more work we can always bring up vote aging
There's that Meta thread about how you can get stickers from SO by sending a SASE. Keep doing that, but replace stickers with a voucher redeemable for 500 close votes.
that's a much better deal than stickers
stickers are gross
I heard that stickers are The Thing™
Another advantage of having the number of close-votes scale with reputation the way delete-votes do is that it would likely be easier to code up than double- and treble-strengthed close-votes.
It all depends which issue you're tackling. If you're attacking the issue that there are too many pending lovelorn close-votes on SO, that's one thing, but if what you're aiming for is that people run out of close-votes when they could continue to be helpful, that's another.
I think that the topic was giving more decision power to the people that runs the show
9:55 PM
Begin given more close votes is much like being appointed to more committees because of your reputation.
I'd rather have greater influence on fewer committees.
good simile
Makes sense.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: My father's invention? by Bette Ebel on patents.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector I... don't know
10:00 PM
It's the usual Patents cruft.
Area 51 update: Ozone Platform is now in Commitment stage.
> "Just use jquery." #MakeLifeBetterIn3Words -- Stack Overflow at 1:28 PM - 18 Aug 2015 via Twitter
Who is in charge of that account?
10:12 PM
Once upon a time, questions required only 3 close votes.
How about this: if a question has 3 close votes, and the total reputation of closevoters is at least 100K, Community ♦ closes it.
Applies only if all three vote for the same reason.
@NormalHuman I was thinking on a variant of that, like for each closevote calculate the weight of previous closevoters until it reach threshold
@NormalHuman Wasn’t that the one that the crackers from Issyk-Kulistan broke into? :)
Yes, I think jQuery haxxors™ broke into it again.
10:17 PM
@Braiam I tried to keep it in discrete units. Most people are not good with fractions.
@NormalHuman Just so long as it's rational.
I got a famous question badge for that idiotic question about ANTS in my KEYBOARD!!!
There are ants in my keyboard what am I gonna do?
There are ants in my keyboard what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna fix those ants that's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna fix those ants
burn the keyboard
this is irritating
10:21 PM
@U̶n̶i̶h̶e̶d̶r̶o̶n̶ Sounds like it might be a common issue
@U̶n̶i̶h̶e̶d̶r̶o̶n̶ at least they are not bugs, and they are not in your code
Kid's reaction: nah, easier to hack it.
"Origin unreachable" just as I go to post my first answer on UX D:
10:40 PM
@KevinBrown heed by the universe call, don't answer that question, search for the origin!
@Braiam yeah I've had enough of those
@SmokeDetector naa
> Yay routing shifts, here’s what just took Stack Overflow down for a minute: pic.twitter.com/LOk7r871ei -- Nick Craver at 3:59 PM - 18 Aug 2015 via Twitter
11:13 PM
I love my weather alert
@Andy funny
@Braiam It would be, but it's a real alert from the NWS
At least it's not ambiguous.

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