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Hi all
@Doorknob冰 :D
I'm #5 on GL hat wise. :(
I'm #5 network-wide.
12:45 AM
@Doorknob冰 Which is ok
The only three hats that it is possible for me to get right now are Red Baron (hard), the pizza hat (harder), and Gelt (I'm going to set a bounty on 12/24 to get Gelt and Stockings in one go).
Other than those three, I have all possible hats :D
hi all
@Doorknob冰 So you found a device for Not a Cherry?
@OneWay Hey!
12:47 AM
It's a magical place... — Monty129 2 hours ago
1:10 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EXCEL SHEETS AUTOMATION by EXCEL LOVER on superuser.com
Same all-caps Excel guy again.
1:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WARNING:CREATING DEFAULT OBJECT by rachelle on drupal.stackexchange.com
ok, dumb question. My account uses Google for OAuth. I want to add a Stack Exchange login to that account. However, I am unable to find how to add it. Clicking the "login with SE" button from the "add a login" link only wants an existing account. What do I do?
IDK, the system is screwy.
register from an anonymous tab, then merge the accounts?
I'd rather not go through the hassle of merging accounts
unless there is no other way
2:08 AM
might be worth a meta question
@gunr2171 Go to openid.stackexchange.com and register?
let me try that
@gunr2171 I think if you go to your profile, there is "my logins" and you can add from there
got it. @Behaviour you were right
I had to make the account first, then login with it
@AndrewT. Yes, the problem was that the dialog is for adding logins, not creating them. This is why I suggested creating SE OpenId first.
2:12 AM
Yay, +1 toward badge for me.
oh. Yeah, it's a bit hassle managing account on SE, honestly :/
Yes. The simplest way is to post every answer from incognito window, and never think about logins. I did that for a while.
hehehehe, got two hats without doing anything :)
Waiting for Christmas with the anticipation of new hats! Exciting!
Angry crab show me angry n downvotes.
2:24 AM
That's... an interesting use of crab... +1
3:12 AM
dumb question. Bill Lumbergh requires 5 accepted answers?
Bill Lumbergh hat i mean
@OneWay No, just upvoted
ok thanks!
can someone lend me an iphone?... ..
naa.. im just kidding.
I convinced another user who I know in person to lend me his iPhone in exchange for my Android phone so we could both get the opposite hats :P
well played!
3:19 AM
YahooAnswer? flagged as spam :P
Buut… catz!
it rhymes with hatz?!
Cat in the hat!
3:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EXCEL SHEETS AUTOMATION by EXCEL LOVER on superuser.com
4:17 AM
@SmokeDetector A 2K user answered and did not touch the question. :-/ Edit suggested.
4:34 AM
what time does bjb want to be borked up tomorrow?
"this question appears to be off-topic because it's about fun"
You can bork me up any time after 7:30.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EXCEL SHEETS AUTOMATION by EXCEL LOVER on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector ignore
@InfiniteRecursion Post ignored; alerts about it will not longer be posted.
4:49 AM
EXCEL LOVER loves shouting :/
My edit was finally approved, though.
Sadly there are no suggested edits for usernames.
@Behaviour People reached + 1
@Sompuperoo Don't encourage him :P
5:06 AM
No other alarm is effective.
Look, if you want me to fix DD bugs, you need to wake me up manually.
So pings!
@bjb568 ok, here you go!
are you awake @bjb568 ?
MEW @bjb568
I haven't gone to bed yet!
oh! oops!
In that case, just ignore the pings :P
Q: Waking up in the morning when standard alarms fail

apaul34208I tend to sleep through alarm clocks. Is there a reliable way to wake myself up in the morning? I've tried setting the alarm to beep, music, talk radio, various volumes, using multiple alarms and so forth, but I still seem to be able to sleep through the worst of them. Please note that I'm not ...

> Warning: this site is currently in private beta for at least a few more days.
5:18 AM
Q: What are some waking up methods for non-morning person?

carlodursoFor those of us who aren't prone to mornings, waking up mentally and being in charge of one's own intellectual and physical abilities can be one of the most difficult parts of the day. A part from the following what would you suggest: Two alarms far away from each other Double espresso Pharre...

Pings work better
this is a test
pings wake up @uni too
TIME TO WAKEY ME UP <this message is from the JS console, not the real bjb>
^ Test message
I have it set now, to remind y'all
why not make an offline app?
What's that?
Oh, like a native app in swift?
Too complicated.
5:26 AM
@InfiniteRecursion look what you've done!
complicated? so easy option is to ping thru the tavern?
Phew, fortunately the ring didn't cause chaos as I'm still in class.
@inf can you switch your hat to the sailboat again? I want to leave that as an answer here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/280924/…
@bjb568 Since you wrote the JS, just make it play the ping sound instead of saying that.
If I say it, why would I get up?
If you say it, I have motivation. To meta!
It's kitteh physiology or somethih
5:29 AM
/me sits in my ship for @Sompuperoo
I'll wire Nord up to ping you when you post the automated message then. // workflows
Nooo. Just ping me manually.
It must be genuine or whatever.
^ crowdsourcing detected
ty @Inf ,you can change back now if you want
5:31 AM
Just doo it
Think about the bug fixing that can be accomplished.
Throw it all out and start over.
Use SE, DD dev is a lazy crazy cat
Balpha doesn't ask us to wake him up for fixing bugs in chat!
5:35 AM
Well, he has a job.
You have Skool
Why is uni chatting during class? :O
well...IMO, you can either sleep or chat in class
there's nothing else to do
It's winter break, duds.
Huh. Mipseling but duds actually works.
Is it true that the only transfer encoding I should support is gzip?
Am I talking to my self?
I guess I'm really uni's sock.
But alone without my sockpuppetter.
5:52 AM
...AND THERE'S NO OPTION TO VLQ stackoverflow.com/q/27597177/2389078
> if I drink Denver
@DroidDev I think it needs at least so many downvotes / close votes or a combination or something, I see it now
@Sompuperoo It might be in triage before. After its out from there, they start showing that option
Last time I remember, VLQ needs score to be 0 or below... though...
(at least for answer, not sure for question)
@Sompuperoo PaGE NoT FoUND :P
uGh ThIs Is WeIrD aNd HaRd To ReAd.
UgH tHiS iS wEiRd AnD hArD tO rEaD.
@AndrewT. Same for questions. It must have been in triage. I VLQed. But someone answered...
So I'm wearing the selfie hat now, but it shows like I have human hand which is just weird, is this a bug?
6:11 AM
Because without a human hand a selfie-taking dog would be perfectly normal.
nope, not a bug. It's expected that you are ducking to take a picture of dog
you watch office space yet @beh ?
the woman's leg lamp hat is from "A Christmas Story" , if you didn't know
I don't watch things... I read and write. Occasionally code. But don't watch.
@Behaviour that's why your so smart
lot of hats have tv/movie references with them this year
6:19 AM
Jon Erickson was in charge this year, and he likes movies...
Is this the spot where I can ask for animated hats?!? — Hynes ♦ 3 hours ago
I'll agree with you that most movies are not worth seeing, in that they suck, but there are really good ones I like to see
You're in the lead @inf meta.stackoverflow.com/a/280929/3041194 !!
1st tip - DON'T EVER USE ALL CAPS — Sompuperoo 8 secs ago
6:24 AM
@bjb568 Night!
Turned off the script for da lolz so ping me when it's time.
@Sompuperoo Yay!
user has another NAA/whatever , and possibly other junk on other sites too meta.stackexchange.com/users/278283/user105278?tab=allactivity
-4 , 0 cv's, still no Very Low quality option stackoverflow.com/questions/27597473/…
Jan and booby are wearing their hats in an identical manner
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: docomo 携帯04 idブラザー インクカートリッジ by bagprada on drupal.stackexchange.com
Our friend bagprada is branching out, this does not look like cartridges anymore.
can someone cast a cv on this now plz stackoverflow.com/questions/27597473/…
thanks! yep, so -6 score and 2 cvs is not enough for VLQ flag to appear
34 mins ago, by DroidDev
@Sompuperoo It might be in triage before. After its out from there, they start showing that option
so that must be right ^
6:31 AM
> Very Low Quality won't be available for questions that are currently undergoing Close review either.
Other than that... w3schools is quite literally the worst possible source of information. And I'm using "literally" correctly. — Jan Dvorak 16 secs ago
thanks, missed that
With those exceptions, VLQ is an option as long as the score is 0 or less.
As a last note.. I'm wondering how Alot helped you here. — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
6:35 AM
And I got Solstice out of that exchange. :)
me too :) HAHAAhahaHAHAH /end evil laug
@JanDvorak scares new users
do I?
with all the interrogation about potential spam and their affiliations
6:41 AM
'tis just a question
The OP thanked her for the answer, I hope she deletes it now.
I hope I had privilege to downvote such answerers multiple times
but, they won't listen to me...
you both are like military teacher ! but still thanks ! — raj damani 1 min ago
gone, self-deleted
rare happy ending
6:54 AM
yes, thanks to @Sompuperoo
crap gone and no hard feelings
speaking of crap...
Q: What do we share?

h34We are a town in Lincolnshire and a funeral carriage; a mechanism for filling water tanks and a book of photographs; and, according to hearsay, a strong form of uniform continuity and a semi-precious stone. What do we share?

@JanDvorak next time when you speak about crap, never, I repeat NEVER forget
for example:
Q: how to integrate mopub or MobFox ad networks with admob mediation in android

RanganathI have integrated my android app with admob.I want to integrate following mobile ad networks in my android app. 1.Mopub 2.MobFox please help me with example how to add these ad networks to admob THANKS IN ADVANCE ...

Hi @Arc
This guy meta.stackexchange.com/users/278283/user105278 (User105278) is posting crap. Seriously. Nothing is more crappier than this.
7:01 AM
already posted here, but thank you for reminding
Oh really
Just asking, why is my questions being down voted =_= meta.stackexchange.com/questions/245938/…
@ArceusMaster0493 Its just the disagreement of other people on meta with your proposal
@DroidDev So it has nothing to do with, like, grammar, duplicates, bad presentation and stuffs?
Moreover, it's tagged as so everyone deserves to vote to express their dis/agreement.
@ArceusMaster0493 well...votes on meta are just how agreement and disagreement is shown on meta. It had nothing to do with anything else, unless of-course, someone isn't off-topic
7:08 AM
@ArceusMaster0493 It'd be better if you could present a strong argument to the request. Feature-request is expensive for developers, it's not to be considered as easy as "I want this, give me that"
@AndrewT. I see. So I should give reasons why.
@DroidDev So you lose reputation when your ideas are not well-received? What kind of rule is THAT?
@ArceusMaster0493 Initially, MSE was MSO and there was no repz loss. But, now things are different.
Actually, MSE always had its own rep, even when it was MSO. And rep carried over.
@DroidDev :'( WHYYYYYY
So I have to be very careful when I post things that other people don't agree. Gotta post another feature-request.
7:12 AM
You could delete this one and restore all rep.
Shadow got downvoted to about -20 because of Oxford comma.
^ @rene not true
@user31782 - Close flags are only handled by the community in the close votes review queue. People vote based on that, and flags are accepted, disputed, and (now, apparently) declined as a result of that review. The questions may also be closed from that review queue by community votes. — Brad Larson ♦ Dec 17 at 17:08
@ArceusMaster0493 On MSE, yes you should... or actually, you shouldn't really care about the rep on MSE. It's a life in MSE to bet your rep on feature request. Anyway, I think the ban condition is very loose compared to other sites.
@Behaviour Thanks for the advice.
@AndrewT. Uh huh. I'm very worried as I nearly got banned twice.
Irrespective of the discussion if animuson is evil or not, community can decline, not just dispute @rene
7:20 AM
what should I flag with?
@DroidDev Too broad...?
@ArceusMaster0493 ya, usually I go for that. So, Too broad it is :D
@DroidDev How do you do that link?
Pasting words instead of the whole link
Like, you typed "asking for code" instead of "http://stackoverflow.com/q/27598191/2389078"
@ArceusMaster0493 [your test here in square brackets](your link here in circle brackets) :D
@DroidDev Thanks :D
7:26 AM
@ArceusMaster0493 anytime :)
only drupal
have to use mobile to open gaming.se
spam seed answered; time to flag both
@InfiniteRecursion It was a NAA flag we were discussing. Brad's comment is about the CVQ. Do you have a source that states the same for the LQQ? It doesn't really change the argument except that instead normal users can't distinguish quality from crap. And Animuson is evil. period.
Oh, and a side note: Do you check every room for inconsistencies or did you happen to run into it?
8:02 AM
@InfiniteRecursion and if you're correct, which would explain a lot of complaining about declined flags btw, shouldn't the message be changed to declined - 6 users reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it
8:07 AM
thinks he intentionally started the train to later break it
spam gaming.stackexchange.com/a/197443/93824 (to add a clear statement)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Tools by jamesvoda on drupal.stackexchange.com
Yes, I think.
flagged as Blatantly off-topic
8:22 AM
"My 2 accounts were blocked by simply not following the rules. i created third one" --- err... you're not supposed to do that. — Jan Dvorak 10 secs ago
faith in humanity decreased by 50%
Yes, I flagged it as such.
8:27 AM
@rene No, read in comments on MSO, but since comments can't be searched, I am unable to find it for you regarding LQRQ.
I visit the transcript of bjb's cv room and SO cv room rarely when I have a few cv's left. I won't, henceforth. Your room is full of evil :P
cv-plz "why isn't this code working" stackoverflow.com/q/27599060/2389078
here's an example of what we were talking about the other day @Beh
Behaviour is a nice name, which @DroidDev makes meh by calling him "beh" :P
@InfiniteRecursion lol, a typing habit... :P
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Provides muscle gain while increasing energy by Louren Alex on drupal.stackexchange.com
8:42 AM
OP just crossed the limit
@honk I do not understand why you ask that. It's short and simple task: change one layout to another after onCreateView(); what's the difference, how I will use it? — Stas Shakirov 5 mins ago
cv-plz, dv-plz
8:53 AM
cv-plz seeks debugging help stackoverflow.com/q/27599343/2389078
cv-plz why isn't this code working stackoverflow.com/q/27599380/2389078
Lol, I was just testing my refactoring...
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
9:26 AM
kills own instance of Smokey
someone edited that spam. triple facepalm
Nuked. How did that survive for 5 minutes?
@AndrewT. umm... wat.
goes to add that term to SmokeDetector
9:35 AM
essentially anything "nutra"
There we go.
I'm sorry to say this but we are evil:
Imagine the fun this user has now on both SO and MSO. On SO the OP is struggling with quality and after the OP reached 5 rep allows him/her to post on MSO which is put on hold with some comments about spelling... nice. — rene 18 mins ago
9:58 AM
someone is in a hurry here and tired, and so am I ....
I'm too tired to downvote and flag ....
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THE FILE TO START THE GAME by MORTEZA on gaming.stackexchange.com
10:11 AM
> My game size is 700mg
Halp! [metaso] inline-links as Meta Stack Exchange. URGENT!!! pls fix
@Unihedro: Do you report this?
10:16 AM
[meta.se] -> MSE | [meta.so] -> broken
but is it possible to link to child meta in the first place?
meta meta
Oh nice, that one works!
10:20 AM
Go report the bug
10:36 AM
cv-plz "because we don't provide real examples here" stackoverflow.com/q/27599277/2389078
okay boss....... give me more negative feedback :P :P — GRTZ 7 mins ago
If it isn't good enough for SU then don't CV for the migration path
We didn't cv for the migration path @rene. Patrick added a custom reason.
10:49 AM
@JanDvorak yalready jone :P
attack of the mod team
@InfiniteRecursion Oh... it is one of those Mondays.... sorry...
you need coffee :D
good advice, thanks!
@bjb568 where are you? Did you wake up already? You're not in here! Don't ignore our pings @bjb568!
10:53 AM
@DroidDev why?
I wasn't that serious
@Unihedro then I want to see them, but, when I see that warning again and again, I get annoyed/irritated and start thinking "why I didn't committed?"
Please keep posting lifehacks links and direct more traffic so it gets out of private beta and we can all laugh at how it's going to fail!
@DroidDev You can join without committing.
@DroidDev click the link -> visit
actually, I don't want to have an account there, but, seems, I am missing all the fun :/
10:55 AM
Q: can not call 2 .cs class in Default.aspx.cs visual studio

user3868860I need a quick answer. I can not call two different .cs class in Default.aspx.cs. the code of making instances of this two .cs class are: WebApp.A a= new WebApp.A(); WebApp.B b= new WebApp.B(); The error I get is: <%@ Page Title="Home Page" Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehi...


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