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2:00 PM
ah, hahaha
all doubleposts obviously are the fault of... rchern ←
Just go the extra step and limit each user to one message per hour. That'll cut down on the useless nonsense.
The poor man's wheel of blame, provided to you by the up arrow key.
@PopularDemand Wait, what?
@radp |:
2:01 PM
@YiJiang Drastic measures against doubleposting.
(You have used up all your messages for this hour. Please hold for the next) Dammit!!
user image
@rchern :| ._. |: .─.
@balpha Oh wow, I didn't realize the Wheel of Blame had its own account.
(His own account? Her own account? I don't know how advanced the Wheel is.)
2:02 PM
yes, just like rovio
Some feeds do also.
@rchern, @YiJiang, wondering whether a /help cmd is worth the bother, currently leaning towards nah, that or it just redirects to the github readme...
The wheel is dull-on awesome
2:11 PM
@Benjol It would be useful when we have command autocomplete (ie. like never)
@Benjol I think it could be, but it gets interesting as userscripts won't auto-update so pulling the text from github isn't necessarily accurate
I think something that lists all possible commands would be good and pretty easy
@YiJiang, well I've got as far as /help (with no arguments) re-showing the same command list as when the command is unrecognised
@MichaelMrozek mentioned doing something about a help command, but I'm not sure if he's gone anywhere with it.
I don't think he has, but can't say for certain.
@MarcGravell "dull-on awesome"?
@rchern, just I'm at work now so can't push :(
@rchern Like "full-on awesome", but not for the person in question
2:14 PM
@rchern Like "full-on awesome," for people who don't want to brag so much.
@Benjol Work. Hrm. I should go there. Buh-bye (;
Good Morning
@Benjol You took our rchern away! Muted and flagged.
Full-on, thanks iPod. I hate your text corrections
@PopularDemand, the beauty of time zones is that shortly I will be heading home :)
2:18 PM
Hi @MarcGravell
@Benjol La la la la la la la la I can't hear you....
hovers finger over capslock, opts for restraint
2:46 PM
Okay, who do we want on our wheel of blame? I need names, now!
Nominations? Anybody we can blame here? Come on guys, I expect more!
Marc, balpha, YiJiang, MichaelMrozek, and....eh, I'm happy with those 4 (;
@YiJiang balpha, mrozek, marc, rchern, mrozek, radp, mrozek, and mrozek.
@PopularDemand Only? I've already got almost every one of those on the list
@PopularDemand looks like you put me on there by accident...
(I would also settle for Mrozek being listed only once but getting an unusually large slice of the wheel.)
2:51 PM
@PopularDemand That's better! Although we are an equal opportunity blamer here, so only one for Mrozek
Introducing (tatadadada!!) The Wheel of Blame! Care to take it for a spin?
@YiJiang Wow, JSFiddle is really boring when you have NoScript on.
I have just discovered the Google Charts API and I am lovin' it.
Hahah :P
I was confused why I appear four times until I kept reading and discovered the purpose of the pie chart
Hmmm... must be a slow day - 8 minutes and only 2 stars :D
Oy. I now must resist starring it (:
3:05 PM
The Wheel of Blame!
It's Michael Mrozek's fault!
@rchern Hmmm... must be rchern's fault then
Works pretty well for me. The first 5 times I spun the wheel, it was @MarcGravell's fault. q:
@YiJiang That's what the wheel told me.
And the backup wheel (wheeeeee Charts API):
user image
Nice how it defaults to SO colors.
3:23 PM
Nice ;)
New onebox request...
why am I hearing so much about clojure lately?
@JoePhilllips Jo am I! What ij that thing anyway? And what have they done with my j'j?
Why do people insist on doing things their own way even when it's explained that their way is counter to the way the system is designed to work?! Selfish, arrogant and rude, people!
3:35 PM
@PopularDemand Hear hear!
@rchern I like it
How haj taken my j'j!? Who ij it!? Gajp! It'j Popular Demand'j fault!
3:45 PM
@YiJiang I... what?
@PopularDemand You jtole my j'j! Give them back, now!
@YiJiang You seem to have me confused with Jeff. He burns through Ses pretty quickly. I can't imagine why
wonders if perhaps @YiJiang has had too much caffeine
(insert your own joke about Jeff and popular demand)
3:47 PM
@PopularDemand I suspect it has to do with his desire to place dashes in the middle of a sentence.
@rchern That, or Clojure just makes you crazy.
@YiJiang , and I'm only saying this because I care .. there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing.
I'm sure we can find him a support network too to easy his pain.
Sep 27 at 18:14, by Yi Jiang
I've even got a badge for it!
@TimStone Singapore: Unsupported!
@PopularDemand Ah right, right, minor oversight on my part.
3:54 PM
@PopularDemand What did you jay there? Jingapore Unjupported? What ij thij Jingapore place? I've never heard of it
Does meta have an easter egg yet?
@TimStone ''Llo
You used an s, for shame. :P
3:57 PM
or have we just concluded that meta is the easter egg?
The status tags don't count?
that is NOT an easter egg...
This sounds familiar
3:58 PM
@Chacha102 The egg... is in your heart.
Oct 19 at 15:37, by Michael Mrozek
I'm pretty sure it was originally a mistake (or at least intentional laziness that we massively abused) and they retroactively started calling it an egg
Oct 19 at 15:59, by balpha
@MichaelMrozek this is the [status-tag] commit:
Oct 19 at 15:59, by balpha
changeset:   1019:3a84c6e58f0c
parent:      1016:f3a7513fe118
user:        balpha
date:        Wed Jul 14 08:29:18 2010 +0200
summary:     Jeff wanted easter egg oneboxes. Here's one.
Changesets do not lie!
Except when you claim to have fixed a bug.
Oct 19 at 16:04, by Michael Mrozek
changeset:   1019:3a84c6e58f0d
user:        balpha
date:        Tue Oct 19 18:00:54 2010 +0200
summary:     Change history to make @MichaelMrozek wrong again
4:00 PM
@MichaelMrozek It was necessary to bring the code in line with @PopularDemand's pie chart, though somehow before the fact.
Ah good, comment auto complete is almost finished.
Actually, it's 12am here. If anything, I should be drunk, not caffinated.
like you need a fake commit message to make @MichaelMrozek wrong...
when are we going to be able to quote conversations?
@Chacha102 What do you mean by "quote conversations"?
quote multiple messages
4:04 PM
@Chacha102 You mean like this?

My j'j are gone! Give them back to me!

31 mins ago, 22 minutes total – 24 messages, 8 users, 2 stars

Bookmarked 14 secs ago by Yi Jiang

@Chacha102 Bookmarking isn't working for you?
Bookmarking is not the same as quoting...
Bookmarking creates something 'new' that references things that are 'old'
Quoting just references something 'old'
@Chacha102 Isn't the act of quoting creating quotes that are new which reference the old?
Plus Bookmarking doesn't get one boxed
you have to click to view it
I'm thinking like referenceing 5 messages max
and having them pulled in like the quotes
It isn't enough to warrant creating a bookmark to it...
I'm leaning towards that being a bad idea, but that's just me. @YiJiang has already quoted himself recursively like 10 times, and that was bad enough. :P
4:08 PM
@TimStone Quote pyramid! Next we'll have quote castle!
I would use it, but I also get by fine just pasting the transcript links one at a time
@YiJiang Hahah
Hmm, I seem to have been kicked out of rooms on chat.SE
I probably missed so much!
5:00 PM
i heard there's a Wheel of Blame in this room too..
'Ello @Jin
@Jin did you want to be added to it? (;

Wheels of Blame 8Nov10

2 hours ago, 15 minutes total – 15 messages, 6 users, 7 stars

Bookmarked 9 secs ago by Popular Demand

Heh. Damn. I spun it to see who's fault it was that @Jin isn't on the WOB. It said it's my fault. ):
who gets the blame if the wheel of blame breaks?
5:07 PM
Hahah :P
@YiJiang , I'm quite convinced that you urinate much more frequently than anyone else in this room. Seriously, try water, it does a kidney good.
I resigned my modship, I can't be blamed :)
I'm just waiting for my T shirt and 1.000.000 unicorn bill :)
I got mine :)
yesterday, by Tim Stone
user image
I think SO should sell a temporary tatoo. That lets us rip of our shirts when talking to bosses and say "K,Now what??"
@TimPost After that last message, they probably called FedEx on the hotline and had them burn the package.
5:23 PM
@TimPost Reminds me of that Mountain Dew commercial, heh.
@PopularDemand Are you implying that SO shirts are not flame retardant? MY GOD, I own this company..
Mental note, invent dynamic skin press on art
You rip off your shirt
And they see your rep growing in real time
Though, I think twitter followers would be more popular
That is it
recalc proof tatoos
$199.95 if you tend to grow an unusual amount of chest hair
Heh :P
$299.95 if you WANT an unusual amount of chest hair
I'll be rich
@rchern Did we ever figure out why delete is broken? Or is it just keyboard navigation's delete that's broken (somehow)?
works for me
I think that was fixed
5:34 PM
Do you have latest?
I see where the issue is now.
shakes fist
I have the latest, but for whatever reason my working copy wasn't updated correctly.
Thankfully I haven't modified the chat script much, so hopefully fixing that won't be too painful.
5:37 PM
My bad, heh.
/blame @TimStone
@rchern NullPointerException: The property WheelOfBlame.TimStone is undefined
Oh good, looks like perhaps the delete bug was fixed. Not...our delete bug, but the other room thingadongdong delete bug. :P
say what now?
5:44 PM
Where the other room activity box would show deleted messages.
ah, right
@radp lies!
I'd act shocked, but....But no, what about? :P
in Chat feedback on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by badp
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL master-chat.js:99
oh hi there @radp
oh hi
5:49 PM
Hahah, interesting.
Good middle-of-the-day, all.
I'm being sent to ASP.NET MVC Bootcamp next week, so I will soon be one of the infidel.
hi @MichaelMyers
err, future.
5:54 PM
Repeating it doesn't make you any less of a perspective infidel.
I'd suggest git branch ing your mind so you can rollback to something saner if needed, though :)
@MichaelMyers I had no idea your first name was Michael until you changed your Meta name. That makes the Movie post twice as funny. Unless I have cause and effect backwards.
Hmm. ASP.NET MVC bootcamp? That'd be useful.
It said the message timed out and needed to be retried.
I looked up the instructors and found that they're all on SO.
@PopularDemand What movie post?
where is it? do you get to go somewhere fun?
A: Are rumors of a film true? I hope so by golly!

jjnguyMike Myers as mmyers. This one should be obvious.

5:59 PM
Golly, I missed that question completely. I guess that was during my vacation.
@rchern Austin, TX. I guess the fun depends on your perspective. Should definitely have some good barbecue, though.
@MichaelMyers Food makes everything fun
Meh, now you're just making me want to take a road trip home and get some KC BBQ
6:35 PM
missing ) after argument list
     .bind('keypress', funciton(event) {
That, or I misspelled function...but yeah.
@TimStone Amazing! Against all odds, you've managed to make a point in favor of using Microsoft Word as your IDE.
The Council of Elders will discuss your status at the next meeting, but if I were you, I'd be preparing to turn my geek card in.
Oh noes, what have I done?!
@PopularDemand The Great Potato will not be happy with you...
1 hour later…
7:49 PM
Should I flag comments that are posted as questions?
@JoePhilllips You should probably comment first.
@PopularDemand It's a person with 1 rep
I doubt they will read it
@JoePhilllips Even more reason to comment first.
I comment and flag for mod attention if they have sufficient rep; if not I generally let it go since I think they should've been able to comment anyway
Everyone starts at one rep, what if this is one of the good people who will read it?
What would suck more than getting your question shut down without anyone even saying "Welcome to SO, good comment but here's how we do things here..."
7:53 PM
they're still at 1 rep from May. I wonder if they even login anymore?
@JoePhilllips Oh, there's a time difference. That might be different. Still, a comment can't hurt, and would only take ten seconds.
Q: Select two answers?

MosheSometimes there are two completely correct answers given by two users which are not at all overlapping. I would like to be able to select a "secondary" answer. Both answerers should get the rep and future users should see that the other answers

Hello there
8:10 PM
@Moshe That's a duplicate of several other posts
As someone already mentioned, it appears
@MichaelMrozek - It took a whole 5 minutes this time... It seems I can't ever think of an original idea for SO.
@MichaelMrozek - Seriously, I have a different angle on it though.
When you are dealing with programming, answers are either right or wrong.
When dealing with other things, like cooking, religion, philosophy, things change.
@Moshe ok then; "which language / framework / platform should I use for [x]" ;p
Looking at the starred posts on the right... I'm wondering if starring images is such a good idea
(throws something at @MarcGravell )
@MarcGravell - See my update to the question.
@MichaelMrozek - ?
8:17 PM
@Moshe I was making fun of Marc's pseudo-question
@MichaelMrozek - ah.
@JoePhilllips It's been brought up before, generally people just say to click them if you're curious
What if they are NSFW
Just dont click them then?
I guess thats a dumb question considering they show up in chat
It's not a dupe!
Q: Select two answers?

MosheSometimes there are two completely correct answers given by two users which are not at all overlapping. I would like to be able to select a "secondary" answer. Both answerers should get the rep and future users should see that the other answers. The reason why I am reposting is because the other...

@JoePhilllips They would probably get flagged out or a mod would kill them
8:18 PM
Nice animation while chat converted my link into a box.
I think I add a new point.
@Moshe, if an answer can have an answer of salt or pepper and they're both equally correct, then the question may not belong on SE
@rchern - but then again, it may.
What about: What makes chicken taste like pizza?
The answers could be salt or paprika, for example
If it's a question of how to accomplish a goal and there are multiple ways of doing so, it should be on SO, but the SO system only allows for one answer to be marked correct.
@moshe, if we allowed you to pick 2 answers then we would have to allow you to choose N answers ... then where would we be
@waffles - true, - I just thought of something, hang on
@waffles Checkmark overflow?
8:22 PM
If you ask a question and then someone answers it...
@Michael lol
...but the answer is not complete...
...and someone else completes the answer...
...meanwhile there are, say six other answer posted...
So you have six answers, and two correct answers.
@Moshe write a new CW wiki answer that is both (accept it), OR edit the best one to include all the info, OR comment saying it needs to be expanded
And three people upvote a random one of the six, and correct answer part2 doesn't get any upvotes...
so then part two is beneath a bunch of rubbish.
@Moshe then the most accurate answer would be a complete answer with the possibilities. Or a CW answer that people can edit.
8:25 PM
You should be able to 'pin' two supporting answers to a correct answer.
@Moshe, the point is that an answer should be in one spot. Don't expect users to be searching all over for pieces. It isn't a puzzle.
@rchern - Right, that's what I'm saying.
But if you have an answer in two peices, it's unfair to everyone.
You shouldn't have an answer in 2 pieces is the point though.
Theoretically, I could read the two parts and walk away. Granted, I'd eventually have terrible accept ratio.
2 mins ago, by waffles
@Moshe write a new CW wiki answer that is both (accept it), OR edit the best one to include all the info, OR comment saying it needs to be expanded
8:28 PM
@rchern - Right, but that is only for programming. As I said earlier, things like cooking, religion, philosophy and other subjects are all about innovation, being subjective and such.
If I write a CW, the OP of both answers loses.
No. @waffles answer applies to any of the sites.
And, as mentioned earlier, the Joel trick for rep comes into play.
@Moshe Maybe they should have written better answers.
@PopularDemand - What spice do you put in your scrambled egg?
That's not subjective or argumentative, I'm asking for a factual answer.
@Moshe Closed as subjective or argumentative.
8:29 PM
That isn't a question that belongs.
Closed as too localized if you're asking about me, specifically.
Subjective doesn't mean it isn't factual.
@PopularDemand - lol
@Moshe I'm not joking.
@PopularDemand - Ok, it was funny though.
8:30 PM
Melange may refer to: *Melange (fictional drug) or spice, a fictional drug in Frank Herbert's Dune series *Mélange, a geological breccia above a subduction zone environment *Wiener Melange, a Viennese specialty coffee, similar to cappuccino
@waffles I will forever associate that word with Schlock Mercenary.
@Moshe, have you read the blog entry on Good Subjective, Bad Subjective?
@rchern - Nope.
@moshe, if your solution to a problem is "introduce more complexity till it goes away" ... its probably not a good solution
@waffles - I hear that.
8:33 PM
Awww. Lots in this discussion has made sense.
@rchern - There's a reason I retracted.
What I like about the lucky three design is that it probably adds the least complexity to the homepage :)
(if that's what you were talking about, otherwise nvm me)
lucky three?
@balpha That is so offensive.
8:34 PM
@TimStone, why don't we have flagging in the userscript? ):
Ok, gtg
@rchern We don't? Really?
Aww, you fixed the flag counter for non-10kers? :(
I'll sneak it in. :P
We will soon.
8:35 PM
keeps pounding on F5
Ah, ok, go for it hehe
@rchern If you want it right away, go ahead. I'm brainstorming your vendor issue and finishing up the comment auto-complete, then I have the navigation to fix, so I might be a little bit. :P
2:30pm sounds like a great time for lunch. >_>
Ah nice, the keyboard navigation doesn't conflict with editing.
What have you guys been up to while I was gone?
8:44 PM
I asked for a post to be flagged
Yeah, he was totally asking for it.
we're on a skype call with Jeff, and he likes to look at stuff during those calls
so he can yell at us
@balpha You should ask him when the brewing site is going live
@MichaelMyers Your lack of circles confuses me. IE?
@balpha Just tell him it's [status-bydesign]
8:47 PM
Forget the brewing site, ask him when Unix is launching. We'd be ok with leapfrogging over all the other proposals
@balpha, is it by design that someone calling Michael Mrozek "@Michael" pings me too?
@MichaelMyers Yes
yeah, the chat-to-brain interface isn't implemented yet
we don't know which michael is meant
@MichaelMrozek My gravatar is surrounded by numbers, that's all.
@MichaelMyers Clever
Can gravatars be GIFs? Has somebody tried this?
8:49 PM
@balpha what you too ... I thought he was limiting himself to 2 firings a day
@balpha Unless someone is being blamed, then you could probably figure out which Michael it was.
@balpha Well, couldn't it ping whichever posted more recently?
This explains that e-mail about "unbreaking all the code waffles and balpha have ever touched" and "desperately needing my brilliance, no matter the cost"
@MichaelMyers it's going to take less than 24 hours before someone complains because someone was actually talking to the other michael
we've been tweaking the "who gets pinged when" quite a bit, but I think it makes some sense now...
A: Stack Exchange chat name mention inbox confusion

Marc GravellThat follows the standard rules of @blah conflicts, I'm afraid. You would also have got a highlight inside chat for that. That was a reply; if they had just used the explicit reply (rather than adding the @Mark), it would have known who it meant, but that @Mark was ambiguous so all the "Mark*" w...

8:53 PM
Does the double-pinging happen even on replies?
If it does that seems broken. For literal "@Michael"s it seems logical
So sayeth the rules of ping/SuperDropdown MultiCollider notifications.
Oh, I guess replies contain the whole name, so that makes no sense
@balpha Well, that's what agile development is all about, right?
Well, I guess I have two options:
1. Change back to mmyers, at least on Meta.
2. Edit Michael Mrozek's profile.
Hmm.... Decisions, decisions...
8:57 PM
Ah, I'm too quick..... the site isn't actually up yet
Definitely 2.
or the dns hasnt propagated
@JoePhilllips Have you just been refreshing on that page continuously?
@MichaelMrozek ....of course not.....................YES
@MichaelMyers Just ignore all chat pings on the assumption that people are probably talking to me instead
Vote for @MichaelMrozek -- the real Michael
8:59 PM
@rchern I will change his name to Rchern Mrozek. That ought to do it.
if the chat automatically showed the most unique portion of a display name, this problem would be solved
ahhhh nigthmares

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