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12:01 AM
I use IE..
@3ventic mutes
jsfiddle doesn't work in Chrome
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
cc @Unihedron
Poor .63 of a unicorn…
12:05 AM
jsfiddle in my Chrome (very short, small video)
@3ventic Does that to me sometimes too.
IE works but I hate it how the javascript debugging works in IE...
IE doesn't work.
sure it does
If your IE doesn't work, it's not up to date
Old IE is not a browser. New IE is still not a browser.
Have you tried running html5test on it?
12:09 AM
Your browser scores 376 out of 555 points
it's not far from firefox actually
Huh… when I tried running it on the… whatever class computational device that was in the MS store it was more like 120…
But anyway 376 is pretty bad.
I don't really like FF either.
Its rendering engine is crap.
> Your browser scores 471 out of 555 points
^ firefox
Yes, Kind of a lot more.
@bjb568 Running anything in MS store is a bad idea
@3ventic Why?
12:15 AM
Chrome ^
Yes, Chrome is the best browser in terms of features. But I hate everything google so I use Safari.
I like Google
DDG and Apple!
and if you think IE is a joke, you've never used Safari on Windows
I'm not sure it's even good enough to qualify as a joke
@3ventic That was never really a thing. Use Safari on Mac.
12:19 AM
When I have 2k€ to spend on a bitten apple logo, sure
(that's 2k€ on top of the actual computer parts)
It's not really an option for a poor student who's supposed to use Visual Studio in his studies.
err... I can't run VS in my system... it slows down to a crawl... so I use emacs
I can as long as I remember to disable Hyper-V after installing it
1:17 AM
@Braiam What's the negative effects of killing kittens?
Q: Is it bad if all my kittens starve?

StudokuI accidentally left the game running, winter happened and all my kittens starved. It's sad but it took almost no time before new kittens replaced them. Is there a major downside to starving all the kittens in the winter and replacing them in the spring?

2:06 AM
stackoverflow.com/questions/3272285/… (very old question, off-topic)
needs to experience Jon SKEET!
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about mathematics, not programming. — Doorknob 7 secs ago
2:22 AM
@Doorknob Reject edit too
@Braiam do not make eye contact or else you may turn into @bart
Heh apparently the starboard in the Tavern is even more meaningless than CR's now. (Please don't start starring "lol" :D)
@Doorknob there are worse rooms than The Tavern staring things glances to The Bridge and grimaces
2:46 AM
anyone know why this query doesn't work for finding posts that include a snippet?
@lostsock is that a close reason?
@JanDvorak more of advertising gimmick
but yea, most questions that are about 2048 are close worthy
@lostsock PPCG? Really?
@lostsock doesn't seem too broad to me
@lostsock I guess because it searches from final-rendered Body, not the markdown
2:58 AM
@lostsock Well, looks like an htmlerated version of it, comments stripped.
ok, thanks @AndrewT. @bjb568 , wonder if there's a way to do it then
obviously could search for like see my snippet or snippet , where the author said that , but rather have something exact
@lostsock Body LIKE '%class="snippet"%' query here
@AndrewT. cool! thank you
Don't you love it when people randomly downvote your old answers months later without an explanation?
3:06 AM
@AstroCB Happens to me too often…
@bjb568 That's because you make people angry with your blunt responses on Meta: I did no such thing.
I like blunt.
@AstroCB @bjb568 make people angry? lol
3:07 AM
<!-- !alive? -->
well, apparently not
Thanks for finding us one of the bots. Now where is the other one?
Zephyr? It lurks. It doesn't talk in here
I mean Phamy
I think Phamy shuts down when Sam is asleep.
But, I don't know where Sam is in the world, so that's just my guess
What's the point of a bot that's only awake when I am?
@animuson ^
@AndrewT. rec-tool
can't flag because of bounty shrug
@AndrewT. You should be able to do "other"
@Andy see the boom above, it's been takin care of
3:17 AM
@lostsock really?
@Andy still a hack
@Andy @Braiam's fault
Let's all stare at my shiny new gold "feature-request" badge. Oooooooo.
@animuson I hope you won't stop now
Could someone bin @lostsock's pyramid, please?
3:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: How to use Nike Running with iOS 8's Health app? on apple.stackexchange.com
It fills my screen several times over
@JanDvorak Get a bigger screen.
The next time you do it, I'm going to consider it offensive
yep, it broke
3:20 AM
@bjb568 is a dick to small screens
the text overflows
start a bug report
Bjb568 is not a piece of software by Stack Exchange
epileptic attack, or just plain lazy to finish a sentence?
Probably bypassing a quality filter.
@JanDvorak hopefully just a kitten ram keyboard incident
3:34 AM
@lostsock What's wrong with you? Why do you keep oneboxing the boom pyramid?
@InfiniteRecursion Well, I've given him an ultimatum
@JanDvorak The question is: Did it work on him?
He hasn't posted since then
3:35 AM
@InfiniteRecursion i did it to show @AndrewT. that his cv request for bounty question was closed by @animuson ... so @animuson shoudln't close questions so hard
@JanDvorak you didn't give me one, only @bjb568
@lostsock ok... the same applies to you. pyramid = flag
@lostsock There are better ways to convey that lostsock. Feel free to learn the art of conversation from Bart or me ;)
@JanDvorak It isn't vlq
@InfiniteRecursion closeworthy at best
3:41 AM
@JanDvorak Closeworthy, but no flagworthy as vlq
how come?
I read "vlq question" as "closeworthy, ASAP"
@JanDvorak I read vlq as non-salvagable by editing, i.e. gibberish or trolling
vlqq recommends deletion though, not closing
@InfiniteRecursion this isn't salvageable by editing
3:43 AM
@AndrewT. the VLQRQ action is closure, though
@JanDvorak Downvote worthy, closeworthy, but not vlq flagworthy.
@InfiniteRecursion it's delworthy
@JanDvorak yes, but not flagworthy
@JanDvorak yeah, you're correct, I was confused for VLQ answer. Sorry.
@InfiniteRecursion VLQ isn't just for gibberish
3:46 AM
@JanDvorak I am confused about delworthy concept to be honest, by the time I get del privilege, I might be able to understand its usage.
If I ever make a "grammar nazi" account, what should I pick for an avatar? I guess a swastika wouldn't be appreciated...
Honestly, I found that question still salvageable. It's unclear since what OP just need to do is to explain the reasoning. Close-worthy, since we cannot add the reasoning.
@JanDvorak If you still want to retain your owlness:
3:55 AM
@Jan The question has been edited, better to delete the comment :/
Enjoy your 2 rep for breaking my comment, @inf
You're supposed to read it every day. Aloud. With your hand over your heart. — Shog9 ♦ 14 mins ago
@JanDvorak I didn't do it for the repz, not a rep whore
Think I got an accurate spam classifier! :D
@hichris123 Yay! Congrats!!
4:00 AM
@hichris123 "posted by Jan Dvorak as"?
@hichris123 I was taking a guess at what the classifier was :-D
@hichris123 self-centered owl
Ah, lol.
Now on a serious note: I'll be glad to see it in action
4:03 AM
> train on 43918 instances, test on 6275 instances
> accuracy: 0.984541832669
It'll be up in a few hours. Sadly, I didn't think to run it with real data, just trained it. So now it's re-training. :/
I guess the test was from what the server-side script did catch, though, wasn't it?
@Jan test was 1/8 of known spam data and 1/8 of known OK data.
where does the known spam data come from?
4:05 AM
Anna's post.
oh. So you caught 98.5% of what the server-side spam filter did?
More like it had 2% wrong classifications of spammy posts that were actually ok, and ok posts that were actually spam.
I'm going to bed, see you in the morning!
@hichris123 Night!
@hichris123 night
4:24 AM
@JanDvorak suggest an edit
I don't want to remove the heading entirely
A: New! Smarter profile creation and syncing

nicaelYou forgot one thing: allow birthdays before 1920/01/01 in the profile. Please consider allowing it, because my birthday is 1914/05/29. And, by the way, are you planning to make the mobile version of profile editor?

@JanDvorak "how very Grandma's Boy of me" huh?
a sudden rise in a lot of beauty product spams
4:48 AM
bbl napping
5:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: What is people review about weight loss products? on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector spam gone
@SmokeDetector Just one of these days, somebody is going to ask how to lose weight from their exorbitantly heavy drupal configuration files.
@balpha still too broad
... and thus deserving of a -100 rep penalty :-D
@JanDvorak woke up?
for another 5 hours, then I'll hopefully go to lunch
5:18 AM
Greetings taverners! I'm still alive!
@InfiniteRecursion y u no dv?
@JanDvorak forgot, done
5:24 AM
thanks. One more vote needed
@JanDvorak closed. The 11k editor did not cv it :)
It's the editor who rejected my tag wiki edit the other day!
@InfiniteRecursion scorned
5:28 AM
> Sorry, didn't read; I just fixed what I saw.
@Jan - I didn't read the question. The title and the signature caught my eye, so I cleaned them up and moved on. — jww 1 min ago
@JanDvorak You are lucky he didn't booo you
@InfiniteRecursion He gave a hint that it's possible the code that OP used is not the latest. In other word, he compiled for the first time, modified the code, then forgot to compile again. Borderline answer because the question is unclear
err, just forget what I posted just now. Didn't read OP's comment.
6:09 AM
also, who the heck upvoted that question
6:21 AM
^ getting ridiculous, upvoted twice
@AndrewT. got late, was writing an answer, closed now
@InfiniteRecursion no prob, thanks
Hello Mods, can I get snapshot of this deleted post ?
6:39 AM
> if you are unable to restore Access file due to any reason,worrying if some databases of Microsoft Access format get out of order and it is not possible to get another copy of affected data, you may easily fix the corruption of MDB files .

> Here is a software that automatically find, undelete and recover deleted and damaged Access databases as well as MDB and ACCDB files stored on formatted disks and flash drives.To get more relevant info and FREE trail of this software visit here:- [[URL]]
@JanDvorak ok. thanks
@Kedarnath this question in particula seems to attract a lot of spam - 4x flagged and deleted, 2x deleted NAA, 2x weakly upvoted "not possible"
6:51 AM
...and flag marked helpful in less than a minute :D
Got late, was drawing pictures for this: stackoverflow.com/a/25968359/2982225
But I don't know how to tilt the scale, so I kept it straight, is it looking bad? Should I remove the picture?
I wouldn't've answered that
Needs one extra to get it into the CVQ, that will do
7:21 AM
@JanDvorak Me too, but I was getting bored and all the Java questions are boring on the front page, so I answered it :/
@JanDvorak Me too, but I was getting bored and all the Java questions are boring on the front page, so I answered it :/
@InfiniteRecursion play 2048
@InfiniteRecursion bad connection?
@JanDvorak yes, I too wouldn't have answered it, but I was getting bored and all the Java questions are boring on the front page, so I answered it :/
@InfiniteRecursion bad connection?
@JanDvorak No, my browser restarted due to reasons
@InfiniteRecursion Try IE11...
@rene but... why?
The best browser evar...and it doesn't restart by itself....
the OS does...
@rene No thanks, the engineering team remotely restarted my browser due to some maintenance, I stay away from IE :)
@rene Nice observation, I never used it till now, but I have heard great things about it.
Ok, since it's a bad question, I won't worry about tilting the scale in the picture
seems to me spammers love monday
7:40 AM
"For years people have been willing to do and pay anything to see a quick improvement with their skin." <-- lies
and spam is gone
well, when I run out of my skin care cream, I'll just go another trip to a local hospital for a new dose for $2
Quick improvement is lies, it takes regular care to keep the skin consistently beautiful. I was tempted to scold the spammer.
SKIN CARE CREAM!!! what's that for??? :/
8:01 AM
@JanDvorak Uhhh, that is exactly the kind of behaviour the OP dislikes...
If you want disabling item click in list view use clickedView.setClickable(true);
and it works, answer has 13 upvotes :O
8:25 AM
@DroidDev If it's correct, then it deserves upvotes
@InfiniteRecursion to disable item clicks use setClickable(true), true indeed but shocking to me. Upvotes are indeed deserved, no doubt in that, but its definitely a bug in sdk.
@DroidDev It either proves API designers are human, Android is crap or the WIN32API is not so bad after all...
@rene I like #1
@AstroCB You should see this post, I think it is due to his controversy with you which you mentioned here - meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239745/…
@DroidDev I think the official way is to override isEnabled(int position) on the Adapter... but it isn't a separator, and I haven't tried that yet :/
8:32 AM
@rene I agree with you on first part (Android is crap) ;)
@AndrewT. I am trying to use it with areAllItemsEnabled() method of BaseAdapter. Let's see if that works.
@rene It proves someone didn't read the documentation, no API or doc mistake in Android :)
@DroidDev, please read this:
A: setEnabled() vs setClickable(), what is the difference?

CommonsWare What the hell is that mean? Quoting the Wikipedia page for "GUI widget": In the context of an application, a widget may be enabled or disabled at a given point in time. An enabled widget has the capacity to respond to events, such as keystrokes or mouse actions. A widget that cannot resp...

All GUI frameworks have exactly the same concept for enabled and clickable, you can check with all the other frameworks you studied or worked with till now.
@InfiniteRecursion read? You use that as a verb but it is unclear to me what you want me to do....
@rene Sorry for the ping, linked to the wrong message
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, I'm not supposed to be involved in this conversation? :( /me goes mind my own business
@rene You are....wait....don't go :'(
Hiya @uni
8:42 AM
Hiya @inf!
I read The Editor's stance earlier. He has an interesting standpoint, and I think it's interesting that we still have anti-updated-stack-overflow-policy users.
@InfiniteRecursion thanks for the link, but I am working with listview and in documentation, there is no method, with which we can disable the clicks or disable whole listview(that's not what I am trying to do, I am just trying to disable the clicks on all the items in one go and then enable them again)
I know about difference in enabled and clickable, but in case of listview, it seems a bit strange, the way it works...
8:44 AM
@Unihedron what to close as?
It was a joke. I didn't intend for it to be closed, it makes good discussion.
I'm pretty sure there was a meta.SO discussion about users overusing [cv-pls] in PHP chat room to get questions closed quickly. If I can find it I'll link it.
I like this bullet: "Come to chat and post a rov-pls request"
Second Rikudo wrote a nice answer :)
@rene I deleted my comment earlier and posted a more constructive one instead.
Removed mine as well
> ... I don't use chat ...
that bothers me the most
8:49 AM
@DroidDev That deserves to be posted as a question then, I was responding to the part where you told rene that Android is crap. These words are standard terminology across all frameworks, good if you already knew that
@rene I personally think it's OK for him not to be on chat. However if he really cares about SO users and attitudes and he doesn't participate in Meta enough to know what [cv-pls] was intended as, his downvotes are well-deserved.
Conditional. No assumptions.
@Inf: Yes, a well-put and insighted answer, worthy of a Reversal badge, he's close to getting one. :)
Hi @InfiniteRecursion
8:52 AM
@Unihedron Well, the point is, that OP brings up stuff about behaviour in chat while (s)he is only an observant, not participating.
Hi @Bart
@rene This is the "Someone is wrong on the Internet" case. Downvote and move on.
@rene Read his about me, not a she
@InfiniteRecursion Actually, there are just too many work-arounds for it (I just invented one of mine), so posting it as a question won't help much. Users will just reply with work-arounds, like, if you want this, try this and so on. I think we should just leave it here. I have seen much fatal bugs in Android, which are there since invention :)
8:53 AM
@rene Look at their avatar on SO, they're an "it"
Don't get ME started on the gender thingy !
I found the first point funny - "have a reputation for be less than friendly to users" from a person who scolds others in comments
He's the cyber police of the dark side, I guess...
bjb568 won't be affected, he never writes cv-pls ;)
he shouts CV CV CV
I shout "let's close it!" and "close this", so I'm not affected as well. :p
8:59 AM
and Zephyr will lose his job too :D
Based from my observation, I think he really tries to be overly-nice to newbies... but well, the rest of the points are moot though.
@Second - "Why do we care how it was closed?" - that's probably the fundamental difference between us. I like rules, policies and procedures. It matters to me things are done correctly (for some definition of "correctly"). Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. — jww 5 mins ago
"Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. " Yep. welcome to the internet.
@AndrewT. "It doesn't work, but boy is it correct"
I don't think so @Inf, after cv-pls is gone rov-pls or dv-pls probably has to stay :)
9:02 AM
@AndrewT. Good, wait till you encounter him on your own. All of us have had individual encounters with him on SO and MSO. None positive. I was trolled for a very long time for a comment I had left on a MSO post saying that an OP has failed the review audit incorrectly. It wasn't even this guys post, he just kept pinging me on and on about my comment till I fixed him.
You "fixed" him? That's harsh ...
This is a first: spammer used code block formatting. I think he took the tour !
@Bart I am harsh
Beware of me!
9:07 AM
@InfiniteRecursion did he get the badge?
I didn't check for the badge, my bad :(
I need to retrain my muscle memory... almost every time I want to flag as rec-tool, I point to the 5th option :/
sometimes, it looks like we are also in a competition of fastest gun in the west, trying to flag a post from link posted here, before it is closed by other users, but it is good :)
9:11 AM
Why do they even think this practice is bad? The fact that we're doing this shows that someone has to do it. Think of what happens when we don't.
imagines of era, when humanity is destroyed by spams and bad questions
It's not like we're paid to clean up this place, we could just walk away if we wanted to or something. But closing is there for a decent reason, and being quick to close bad questions isn't really discouraged, and chat rooms were tagged as a "communication" privilege because, duh, it's communication.
I caught a unicorn in the kittens game.
@JanDvorak: saying is extremely impolite and rude to the OP. Remember that they are supporting this site. Write something like this instead:
> Please consider this post for review. Make sure to read the post fully, support the OP whenever you can and always remember the golden rule: "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all". I recommend you to look at this question carefully and always follow your own judgement. Disclaimer: I am not legally liable for any damages caused by clicking on this link: stackoverflow.com/q/17686749/2074608
@Qantas94Heavy After we use that golden template for several times, everyone else will just ignore it, much like "I agree to the terms".
@Unihedron why "the terms" is hyperlinked to nowhere?! Edit: oh, about:blank
9:18 AM
@Qantas94Heavy you are right. But don't write that every single time. After a while we know that that's what you mean. So, perhaps replace it with something shorter. I don't know ... perhaps?
.....shouting CV is shorter
If explicitly asking for a question to be closed or nuked is bad, and "review-pls" seems more definitive, then we can go with that; But from what I've seen on the MSO discussion, [cv-pls] is definitive and stands out from raw text. While it's true that it's better to guide the OP to fix his question, not really that many questions gets fixed by leaving a comment for OP to review.
New solution: Use [review-pls] and keep a folder in your bookmarks to monitor if they are fixed after two days. If not, [cv-pls].
17 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
@bjb: Your kitty lingo haz no "plz"?
17 hours ago, by bjb568
@InfiniteRecursion Meh, too many efforts.
@AndrewT. That's an implied joke that no one really clicks on the terms to realize whether it leads to the blank page.
everybody is missing your jokes today @uni, upgrade your sense of humor!
@Bart, your socks are starring my messages, again!
4 hours ago, by Jan Dvorak
for another 5 hours, then I'll hopefully go to lunch
^Go for lunch after an hour
9:27 AM
@Unihedron surprisingly, FireFox doesn't show any link on hover, and it doesn't open new window/tab on click, so I thought it was... magic
@AndrewT. not magic, tragic
inb4 dat gif I hate
@ItachiUchiha You need a hammer. :)
hehe yeah :P
By the time you answer enough to deserve a hammer, you will get a hammer.
Needs one extra vote... to get it into the CVQ
Be right back, going to make dinner so I actually have something to eat tonight. Hopefully I'll be back before Jan leaves to watch the skies.
@JanDvorak gone
9:50 AM
@Unihedron I will ping you if Jan falls off the shelf
Unfortunately, I'm not going to eat today
Hungry bird
"Unfortunately"? We're all glad you're watching the spam. :p
9:54 AM
@InfiniteRecursion if you could, please upvote my last comment on CodingBin question
@AndrewT. done
@InfiniteRecursion Could be the successor of Angry Bird? Slingshot birds towards food...

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