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@JanDvorak down
@DroidDev the German translation for that is crap btw.
@Vogel612 I wasn't able to understand what google translator is trying to say ;)
11:26 AM
@DroidDev what about it? They branded their 404 message so it won't be lame :)
(unlike MSE 404 page for example)
s/ \d[^)]+//
@ShadowWizard link to that page is given on pubnub's read me section, which is the only tutorial about integrating pubnub
11:37 AM
err... thanks
Hey, any dev around? It seems like all Atom feeds are not working on the chat... or at least some are not working ot chat rooms
atom feeds? Does anyone still use these?
@JanDvorak but I do usually consider incorporating vanilla beans into my craft!
@ShadowWizard I prefer modded beans
11:40 AM
btw, our newest question feed went on a rampage not long ago and posted 8 questions at once.
the oldest from (at that point) 7 hours ago
Blasphemy! Feeds should be subject to the same rate limits as anyone else
guy is really fed up with his lelcturer
@JanDvorak Github commit feed actually uses them
Also Travis CI build feed seems to use them
Where is the link for reviewing flags? Did I miss something???
@juergend long dead
A: Let's get rid of the 10K flag queue

Shog9This is done: /tools/flagged is no more. Disputed flags are still a thing, but disputes are situations observed by the system, not explicit actions. The guidance for new 10K users has been revised: http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/moderator-tools Not an Answer flags now feed into the Lo...

11:48 AM
@JanDvorak see for yourself:

newest question feed rampage

1 hour ago, 0 second total – 8 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked 20 secs ago by Vogel612

> 0 second total, 8 messages, 1 user
aand a pluralization bug! ;)
not if you read 0 as no rather than zero
good, at least I won't get bludgeoned to death then
hanging around here gets me so many helpful flags...
don't forget to bring your own rubber gloves and eye bleach
11:57 AM
wait you only do eye bleach? Why do I even need rubber gloves then?
anybody hopes to get Marshal badge, just follow the lead of @JanDvorak
sounds like a good plan
network wide-marshal as next goal in life.
lemme check. I might already have one on Drupal
I do have a marshall on MSE
I am planning to write a sock, who will check for messages of @JanDvorak, then open its link, and flag the question as spam ;)
Meh. I'm only a deputy on Drupal :-(
@DroidDev don't do that. I've already made a mistake or two
12:02 PM
@JanDvorak ok, if you say so :)
... and @Braiam had to clean up the mess :-)
@JanDvorak wut?
do a barrel roll! ;-)
Hey @jmac! Nice new avatar, didn't have chance to congrat you before :)
So how's the weather in Japan?
12:06 PM
mess = two hastily raised incorrect spam flags. clean up = rollback from #2 to r#1, then to r#2
@JanDvorak and here I thought you broke something in SE
@DroidDev I broke two guys' expectations
Which is kinda bad enough...
oh, bitlyfied LMGTFY link. flag-pls
12:11 PM
aside from that, it's a VLQ Question IMO.
cv'd unclear
flagged VLQ, so the guys in the LQP-Queue can keep going ;)
@Vogel612 start praying there isn't an active moderator
some hope at last
12:17 PM
wow, from 0 to -5
@Braiam like a race car, in reverse
@ShadowWizard if that's a "race car" it sucks in whatever unit you put those numbers
@Braiam gear?
@Braiam RPS, Rep Per Second
Spam might get to -2 RPS
@JanDvorak 0 gear?
@ShadowWizard especially when the -100 rep kicks in
spammers normally don't have rep to lose
@Vogel612 yeah, forgot about it.... :)
1:05 PM
@ShadowWizard Thanks!
Why should that be reopened?
@Bart Aren't htaccess questions on-topic?
There's kind of 33,188 of them…
@bjb568 ... so?
@JanDvorak So how is it off-topic?
1:14 PM
I'd argue it's not programming.
@bjb568 it doesn't show any attempt by the OP
@Stijn Not a valid close reason.
@bjb568 too broad
@JanDvorak "Do work for me" != "too broad"
@bjb568 so if I post a question saying "I want to do X, I tried by doing Y but it doesn't work. How can I do X?" it can be closed with Questions seeking debugging help ..., but if I post "I want to do X. How can I do X" that's suddenly on-topic?
1:17 PM
it pretty much is
@Stijn The debug close reason is when X isn't given.
@Stijn Use the "other" field: This question appears to be off-topic because Stack Overflow is not a programming service.
How can I do X is usually too broad since it doesn't display knowledge in the area so it would need a long tutorial to make the OP get it in his head.
@Unihedron Yes, that's a subset of "this question doesn't look like it's asked by a professional or enthusiast" (for help vamping).
(or for the old people, "must display minimal understanding")
I actually want MU back
MU? (for the non-veterans here)...
backronymizing module response time high
1:24 PM
Mu is the name of a suggested lost continent whose concept and the name were proposed by 19th-century traveler and writer Augustus Le Plongeon, who claimed that several ancient civilizations, such as those of Egypt and Mesoamerica, were created by refugees from Mu—which he located in the Atlantic Ocean. This concept was popularized and expanded by James Churchward, who asserted that Mu was once located in the Pacific. The existence of Mu was disputed already in Le Plongeon's time. Today scientists dismiss the concept of Mu (and of other alleged lost continents such as Lemuria) as physically...
@JanDvorak this MU?
@bjb568 after reading this I'm convinced that the question may be reopened.
That raises a different problem though, I frequent Meta and I hadn't seen that post before. How are all the CVers that don't visit Meta supposed to know how to CV correctly?
@Stijn They CV good enoughly.
and down. (sort of)
@JanDvorak looks like a troll
3:28 PM
Let's say I need unmanaged hosting with root access under $50/month. Where should I get it?
@bjb568 DIY! Build a microserver box!
@Unihedron Eh, I'd prefer to pay somebody else to do it, but I'll look into that.
Today's Listening | House (Mixsets day 19)
@AstroCB Close reason: ...
@Unihedron Too broad? Unclear?
Wait, it's "debugging".
debugging is done, it's MU
MU so hard
3:46 PM
Whatever, reason doesn't matter, this deserves to get closed.
because he didn't learn the lesson of: "never trust the client"
well debuggin help could be the best fit.
4:03 PM
CV'd all three.
@Unihedron Thanks.
@Unihedron three..?
:2326113 I flagged them, but it won't get far in the CV queue.
lol never mind
@Unihedron second that
4:06 PM
Cheers. :)
@AstroCB if you edit remove the 'Thanks stuff' as well...
@rene Sorry; I missed that.
And formatting and proper grammar...
4:25 PM
Look at the rev history: someone fixed the grammar and removed the "Thanks," and he rolled it back.
@AstroCB I'd chose External resource..
@Vogel612 Maybe; it could be, but it's not explicitly asking, so I'm not so sure.
> If I use the API, which i don't think there is any for this task, is there a limit?
I'd say it fits the bill..
Let's say I'm going with media temple developer VPS hosting for $30 a month and need to choose a linux distro. Which one? (from Debian, centOS, Fedora, and Ubuntu)
@bjb568 POB: Debian...
4:37 PM
Thanks for the edit @AstroCB!
@bjb568 The debian stable distro is not the latest/greatest and they are strict on what goes in the release so check if you need something special if it is packaged for debian...
@Unihedron No problem.
@rene I'll be using Node.js. It works on it, I think.
let me check that on my box...
A: Clicking on "Answering my question" is allowed more that one time

AstroCBYes: Stack Overflow (or Stack Exchange sites in general) load things in segments (i.e. not everything is loaded when you "load" the page). Some things, like "Answer Your Question" (which will load a dialog asking you to confirm that you really want to answer your own question) and flagging (whic...

4:50 PM
That gif
Aug 16 at 2:48, by AstroCB
When the flag prompt is being slow...
I distinctly recall seeing that gif in this room before ;) deja vu
5:06 PM
@bjb568 what did they reply?
@JanDvorak Haven't replied yet.
5:22 PM
@bjb568 I just followed this for version 0.11.13-release and node runs on Wheezy (debian 7.3) but I can't find npm yet...
@bjb568 Ah, adding a custom package source would also work :)
6:04 PM
@JanDvorak +1 for correct spelling.
Somebody needs to protect the question.
Anyone here a trusted user of Apple?
@Unihedron Sadly, nobody trusts kittens.
@Unihedron Community <>
How do you get Community <> to protect a question?
6:07 PM
enough crap removed
@Unihedron Spam it until Community <> does it automatically.
-_- lol
Well this didn't last long :P
6:12 PM
It dropped a little bit.
Oooh, you can spam up/down votes on a tag synonym!
@bjb568 +1'd.
6:34 PM
@bjb568 I was going to suggest that when I reached 2500: you beat me to it.
@AstroCB Get to 3k! :P
People are suddenly accepting my answers after weeks or months after I answered their question O_o
On Stack Overflow?
6:39 PM
Today got an answer from March accepted and an answer from 2 weeks ago accepted O_o
@Unihedron I'd love to...
@AstroCB You have an exemplary answer I can throw a +50 bounty on?
@Unihedron Not that I know of, but feel free to look through them if you wish.
Aug 11 at 19:02, by AstroCB
A user just accepted my answer from 4 months ago
Hey, I place a bounty on this post if you want to polish that answer. :P
6:58 PM
@bjb568 have you been flagging plagiarized posts with my queries?
If you have, I need you to please stop for now. I'm going to start a Meta discussion about the problem in a couple of weeks, and it's not going to help if SEDE is empty.
That goes for anyone else here who's also been flagging posts.
Starred it for you.
@Cupcake You can always grab your examples now... Seems a bit weird to be like "don't flag bad content for a while".
@bjb568 also, if you have a list of user IDs that you've been flagging, can you email those to me please? I've been compiling a list for further investigation, might even send it off to @Shog9.
7:01 PM
@Unihedron thanks.
Alternatively, if all this flagging is going to completely clear out the problem, maybe it's not that big a problem. :)
But it's going to come back and haunt us while nobody's aware, no?
@AnnaLear I've been discussing it with Banana, and apparently I've been missing about half of plagiarized posts because I wasn't stripping HTML. If there are ways to improve the plagiarism detection, I want people to be able to measure how BIG the problem is in the overall picture, and to think about ways to improve detection, and make it more efficient.
I wasn't sure if having SEDE empty of example data would be a problem, with regard to that.
If SEDE is empty... your current query solved the problem.
If the problem is really pervasive, you don't have anything to worry about.
7:04 PM
@Cupcake No. Not enough time.
@AnnaLear you mean, if I'm not aware that there's a problem, then there is no problem?
@Cupcake I flag everybody, no discrimination against specific IDs.
@AnnaLear oh wait, I misread that.
I get it, never mind.
I have no idea what that ^^^^ should be or become... :(
7:08 PM
It's 1. unclear 2. not programming question
Are we parading autocomments? Count me in!
I'm manually typing in these auto-comments. :p
That OP can't claim that he didn't get any feedback...
7:12 PM
That is a very clever auto-comment-script....
Entropy is magic! :D
7:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NUMBER OF ATOMS IN A SIGMA-ALGEBRA on math.stackexchange.com
@AnnaLear Anna, I really, really hate to say this, but I fear it is just like at universities and qualification exams: the problem will continue however long people are rewarded for undetected intellectual dishonesty, for taking credit for other people’s work. And while honor codes like “We do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate amongst us those who do” give TPTB a citable reason for expulsion, the lying, cheating, and stealing will continue until morals improve. Which is probably never.
@tchrist Let me be clear: I'm not saying plagiarism in itself isn't a problem. However, if a few flags effectively put it under control on Stack Overflow, it's not yet our problem to a large degree and it can be handled as everything else - flag it when you see it, don't stress over it, the sky isn't falling, etc.
> a few flags
Sure, a "few"?
For some value of "few" :)
On the scale for SO everything else is a few...
7:29 PM
I freely admit that the magnitude of this issue is such that it depresses me, and that a depressed person will not see things as sunnily as is healthy. I despair of any manual, non-programmatic approach ever even making a dint in the mountain of flagrant plagiarism we’ve perhaps only begun to uncover on SO.
Q: AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments (canned responses), which you can easily click to insert. This script was inspired by answers to thi...

I'd call my approach cynical more so than optimistic, if that helps.
And programmatic approaches are CPU-intensive.
@AnnaLear I just tell people I’m not a cynic but a realist.
@bjb568 Oh my god it's real?!?!
@Unihedron Yes.
7:30 PM
user image
When it comes to high-ticket items like graduate theses, it is worth the CPU cost to do heavy-duty plagiarism detection. I don’t think it can ever be worth the CPU cost to do that level of analysis here.
I’ve been thinking about this for days, and although I do keep coming up with various approaches, none are cheap, and therefore none are realistic.
There is more than one issue to be solved here. It is not easy. One issue is the plagiarism itself, but another that’s just important is that people think it is ok.
And I have no idea how to do the second one.
It is too alien from my own worldview. It needs the deft hand of a gentle and forgiving soul, one who can think like people they themselves are not. That is not one of my gifts.
Given infinite CPU, I could solve the first problem: plagiarism detection. But the cultural one will be forever beyond my grasp.
inb4 "migrate to philosophy SE"
Humans are weird. You'll learn eventually.
7:37 PM
@Unihedron We do not know whether they know they are doing something they are not supposed to. At first I believed that all must surely know they were doing something wrong — and I can certainly provide examples where this is as good as provable, although only under the seal of moderator privacy or above — but now I just do not know.
@Unihedron If they know not what they do, then education might help.
But if they do know what they do is wrong/unacceptable, attempting to educate them may do actual harm, because they will become trickier in their wrongdoing, and then it is just like any other spammer: a CPU arms race.
This is becoming dramatic. It's a race to defend Stack Overflow from the evil!
But even if education fixed some portion of them, those who do what they do not knowing they were doing wrong, then perhaps it should be done and would be worth it. It might even be remiss of us not to tell them about it if they are innocently unaware that plagiarism is not what we would like to see here.
Let me think some more on this. I think a two-pronged detection approach may be best: one that is cheap but works only for exact matches so can do so in real time upon attempted submission, the other that is less than cheap but works better for near-matches and auto-raises a mod flag.
The second could be like serial voting reversals: something worth doing in the fullness of time.
**Warning: iz n00b**:
> curl
-bash: curl: command not found
> apt-get install curl lsb-release
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Package curl is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package 'curl' has no installation candidate
How i do?
But not so important as to do immediately. Costs too much.
@bjb568 Send me money. That will solve your problem. :)
7:46 PM
@bjb568 I fear your badger’s kerning leaves much and more to be desired. :)
@bjb568 Try apt-get update first?
8:02 PM
@Doorknob Yup. That fixed it.
8:15 PM
@tchrist keming
I know a kenning when I hear one.
k e r n i n g i s k e w l
@ShadowWizard How did you repro this with an SE OpenID?
also your sock's about me now points to the wrong master profile ;)
@Unihedron Updated a bit: hopefully, it's worthy of a +50 bounty, but I'm not so sure.
Wizardry I'd guess @AnnaLear ...
8:26 PM
not that i'm personally offended or anything...
but are breasts acceptable in a display pic?
Do you just go searching for profiles like this?
no someone linked a question and this person answered it
this is the only room I know mods linger in, so likely all messages I say in here will be similar :P
If you won't complain about it I won't either @rlemon.
Heh. @bjb568 good timing on that repro. I already have a fix lined up.
8:30 PM
@bjb568 Is anyone else still seeing 'image not found' on that?
@hichris123 perhaps you should notify someone by using the "contact us" link ...
@hichris123 What happened? I got a red circle, but that linked to the transcript. Your message didn't appear. Websockets are to blame, probably.
is there still an issue with thumbnails on imgur?
@rlemon There always is somebody somewhere who reports it as not working.
@bjb568 There shouldn't be, but I'm still getting the bug.
8:32 PM
seems fixed on stackoverflow chats for me @bjb568 -- at least for the last little bit . but who knows what the devs are doing:P
here I am also getting it @hichris123
and it seems in so main as well
@hichris123 Your OS has a horrible kerning table for the font installed for "bjb568" in the screenshot.
@bjb568 What's yours look like?
I'm not seeing a huge difference.
We're talking about subpixel differences.
8:58 PM
on deeper look, it happens only on sites I still don't have account in, on the first login ever, e.g.
1. Visit http://freelancing.stackexchange.com/
2. Browse random question e.g. http://freelancing.stackexchange.com/questions/2279/
3. Click "log in"
4. "Log in using Stack Exchange"
4. Enter credentials, click "Log In" button
5. Confirm And Create (note the URL "lost" the original question at this point)
6. Redirected to homepage
@hichris imgur are investigating a possible cdn caching issue here — Marc Gravell ♦ 18 mins ago
And thanks for the About Me warning, big whooops on my side! :O

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