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6:00 PM
@JasonC ಠ_ಠ
@JasonC she only likes cats, not kitties @bjb568
Lol! Totally by coincidence, my cat just jumped on my keyboard and typed that.
@bjb568 I don't think so (meta.stackexchange.com/questions/237763/…) - I did do a cursory search for "fashion design stack exchange" before posting that question.
Lol! Totally by coincidence, I just jumped on my keyboard and typed this.
@bjb568 No, there isn't.
Q: How can an answer posted by a 3.5k rep user gets used as an Audit in the "First-Post" review queue?

SifuI know that the automatic system can make some weird choices on audits.. But taking a post made by a 3.5k rep poster as a First-Post audit is a little bit off the track.. http://stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/5496963 It reads : This is the first answer posted by a new user. Help...

6:03 PM
@bjb568 this explains a lot
Huh. Ok. I think that would be better than general fashion crap.
Usercards are supposed to be anonymized before audits are completed, right?
I don't really know much about fashion design but a design-oriented site does seem reasonable to me; I do know a ton of people who work with fashion on a daily basis and there's definitely a community out there.
@AstroCB Depends on the audit… (fake CV signatures are real users)
Actual sewing... I suggested that out of association but probably a stretch, and in any case a difficult topic to keep focused on fashion; could easily see it attracting a lot of off-topic questions there.
6:05 PM
@bjb568 First Posts queue? All of the ones I've seen there are anonymized (or the user has a fake low rep)
@AstroCB Yes.
@bjb568 Must be a bug, then... (?)
It really annoys me that there's so many dedicated network sites to programming subtopics. Like, I understand it completely, and it's reasonable, but it's sort of like picking all the good stuff out of trail mix then all your left with is a bowl of stupid almonds called SO.
@JasonC But almonds are good
6:09 PM
Maybe we can combine them all into a new site named StackOverflow, then rename the current SO to StackUnderflow or something.
@JasonC so all those CMS sites... they're like what, raisins?
@SantaClaus Almond factoid: Almonds are total shit. The more you know!
@Shog9 Maybe, or those little melba toast things.
I just eat all the chocolate out of the trail mix. Don't we all?
I like almonds
Almond extract is nasty though
What about almond milk?
I actually do really like almond milk.
... y'know, is this one of the few times @JasonC hasn't complained about SOA when Shog is around?
@SantaClaus that's what is known as a "misnomer"
6:12 PM
@Shog9 Do you put almonds on your BLTs?
@hichris123 I already used my snark for the week; I have to wait until next Wednesday. It's difficult.
Like "Muscle Milk"
Q: Burninate [width] [height] [stop] [z-axis] [tree]

bjb568Burninate width height stop z-axis tree. No experts, searching for the tags isn't better than searching title/body, doesn't categorize questions better.

@SantaClaus sandwiches, no. BLT salads, yes.
6:13 PM
@Shog9 Or "baby oil".
baby oil is at least oil
Lol, what...
Bum cream?
Can we please have a fire animation go over questions if you are on the page after they are deleted?
I had to delete that picture, it was too annoying to look at, mostly because of "babys". Plus, humor = 1 / context
6:17 PM
Um… stackoverflow.com/questions/25193023/… was flagged offensive and marked helpful. I just checked and it's disputed, why?
@bjb568 because the offensive flag was cleared
@Shog9 Why?
@Shog9 You know. You log everything.
@bjb568 why was the offensive flag cleared? Or why does clearing an offensive flag dispute it?
6:19 PM
@Shog9 Why was it clear? And why doesn't clearing it decline it?
@Shog9 I was cold up here on the north pole
What was it, even?
Q: Can we please stop lynch-mobbing users on the main site when they get attention on Meta?

CupcakeI've seen a few users on Meta recently who appear to be getting lynch-mobbed on the site after either posting here, or being the subject of a post. At first I dismissed it as being unrelated to Meta activity: You made a bunch of edits within the last 3 minutes, when your one downvote occurre...

@bjb568 apparently someone felt that it wasn't offensive enough to warrant locking + -100 penalty.
6:20 PM
@bjb568 declining it declines it. But it wasn't declined, it was cleared.
@animuson I'll add this to the meta.so post I'm writing.
@bjb568 Haha, don't draw attention to it!
@Shog9 Ok… Shouldn't "horrible troll, -100" be separate from "incredibly rude, but good advice"? Flags are confusing anyway…
@animuson Yes please.
Is there a collection of SE 404 graphics?
If you're looking for folks to actually think about what you're proposing, then yes. If you just want an unthinking lynch mob, then by all means just toss random, unrelated things to be lynched in one bin and let the blood flow. — Shog9 ♦ 19 secs ago
^ Ok, then.
@bjb568 how rude does something have to be to offend you?
@Shog9 What even was the post?
@hichris123 some variation on the usual "you shouldn't be programming" IIRC
Oh, was that on the keyboard question? I remember that one.
@Shog9 Depends on who it's directed to. I really don't care if you insult Java rudely.
6:45 PM
@hichris123 done, still need one more vote to close it
@Shog9 Or "how much of a wuss do you have to be" to be offended...
@bjb568 Yes, that what this site is gonna be. If you're not going to be part of it, then why care? Let them have their fun. — user3758041 1 min ago
^ Oh FSM
> This question contains content that a reasonable person would deem inappropriate for respectful discourse.
@bjb568 yeah, it's subjective. So at some point mods gotta decide how hard they need to hit someone before they'll get the message.
@SantaClaus Define respect.
@Shog9 Very hard. With large hammers.
6:49 PM
If you hit someone too hard, you can't hit them harder later
@Shog9 Yes you can. They just might not be able to complain about it any more.
@Shog9 But hammerers are fun. And large hammers are kewl.
@SantaClaus %20.
@SantaClaus Ha! Respect doesn't exist then.
@bjb568 Google uses plus (+) which I fixed in the URL seconds after saying something
6:52 PM
Ah. +s.
Use DuckDuckGo! It's better! (no spam flag plz :P)
Q: Can fire burn through a question page if the question has been deleted?

Santa ClausSometimes, I find myself looking at a question, only to find out that the question has actually been deleted since the page loaded. So, I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if the page would spectacularly catch on fire once it was deleted. Here's some mockups: Mine: Animusion's suggestion: I...

Q: Why do I keep getting my posts down-voted, when I try to ask a question referring to java?

I Don't KnowI am somewhat-new at java. I asked questions but now I'm banned from asking questions. I went over my code but I can't figure out the problem, so I ask here on the regular website, and all of my posts end up in the negatives. I am starting to think that people just like to down-vote everythin...

^ Title: Uh… because you posted it on meta?
@Cupcake done
7:25 PM
@bjb568 Posting on meta doesn't always have a negative effect.
@canon If you posted crap, yes, it has a negative effect.
Speaking of which, are you guys planning on creating a "test site" for users (with the necessary combined SE rep) for them to be able to test out the capabilities of mods or any rep level users? This will greatly help us in that we can answer questions of low-rep users without having to recall how we were at the time or create sockpuppets. In addition, this will also help prospective mods test out the mod features without having to become an actual moderator or cause disruptions on real sites. Wikipedia has the test wiki for that purpose: thetestwiki.org/wiki/Main_Pagedamryfbfnetsi 27 mins ago
^ Interesting.
Aren't mod tools classified or something tho?
@SantaClaus thank you.
7:29 PM
@bjb568 Trees are a richer subject than I think you realize. When you start to need true performance out of them, the differences between various types of trees and balancing algorithms are pretty nuanced. More than tag worthy. — Gabe Sechan 23 mins ago
^ Ha! It's the same user as the one who commented that since we aren't micro-optimizing, the sky is falling.
Rubber band balls: you play with them so much when you don't need a rubber band, then you can never find the damn thing when you do need a rubber band.
@animuson When do you actually need a rubber band?
Right now. I opened all the the stupid Preapproved Offer shit that Capital One has been sending me to take out all the return envelopes (there's 26 of them) and I wanted to rubber band them all together so I didn't lose any of them.
@animuson Oh, half way thru I thot you were going to say you don't need to play with regular balls.
@bjb568 Some. Some are very sekrit.
7:36 PM
Oh, like the big fancy ban button?
... it's not actually a button.
Here, do you want me to try it?
Just create an account on Earth Science, and we'll go from there.
@hichris123 What is it, a voice command?
You do have to click several buttons. :P
bjb568, Here
@animuson I remember a meta post where it showed options (annotating, ban, nuke, suspension)…
Ugh. Out of meta comment votes again.
@animuson Uhm... 4? 5?
7:42 PM
Wait, so if I create an account on Earth Science, and then post a bunch of spam (I have some convenient tabs still open from the drupal answers spam wave last night), then you'll delete me right?
@SantaClaus /s/delete/destroy, yes.
@hichris123 Oh networkwide?
@SantaClaus No, I'd have to poke a team member for that.
7:44 PM
user image
@hichris123 But he is happy to do that
@hichris123 Well this is no fun.
You know what? I'm just gonna print off some XKCD comics and throw them into these return envelopes.
@animuson Throw some What If? s in there too
Random poll of the day: What's your favorite kind of cheese?
7:51 PM
@SantaClaus Oh, you think that? suspends @bjb568
Well, Cupcake is alarmist, but there is also a tendency for meta to generate attention @Deduplicator. Of course, you can generate plenty of attention by posting a link into chat too, which Cupcake also demonstrated. — Shog9 ♦ 5 mins ago
Am I really alarmist @Shog9?
Good luck to whichever Capital One employee gets this one.
@Cupcake You should ask a meta question about that. Use lots of screenshots and bold.
Do you guys not like random polls?
Q: Mortarboard on persite-metas?

bjb568So I just earned the mortarboard badge on Meta Stack Overflow. Earned at least 200 reputation (the daily maximum) in a single day. I didn't earn 200 reputation since you can't earn reputation on per-site metas. The daily maximum is 0 which I did earn, tho everybody earns 0 every day.

8:00 PM
@hichris123 beat me by 14 seconds for that duplicate
@bjb568 munster. Because I'm boring.
Could you implement this in the meta badge text? — Manishearth Apr 26 '12 at 14:56
Q: Answers that use a different technology than what is asked

splungebobOn occasion on SO, I've noticed that certain users like to post answers that may solve the problem, but intentionally do it with a methodology that's different from the one specified in the OP and/or its tags. Examples: Q: How do I do such-and-such in csh? Tags: [unix] [csh] A: Don't us...

Because, you know, jQuery is the best way to do everything in JavaScript.
8:25 PM
A: Can fire burn through a question page if the question has been deleted?

bjb568http://jsfiddle.net/r470296o/ Click to start animation. Feel free to fork.

@bjb568 Very nice, I like it. If only you could turn that into a gif and post it in the answer.
@SantaClaus Seems complicated.
@bjb568 I made a few changes. Not sure if I like it better or not. jsfiddle.net/q4qb5bf3/embedded/result
8:42 PM
Hm… that's a lot of rotate()…
8:52 PM
Q: Fire the [user]

bjb568users are useless. We should burn and eat them.

@Shog9 how cached is the CB titles?
@Braiam something like half an hour
20-60 minutes, I really can't recall which right now
9:37 PM
I hate books that are only available digitally. It's just not the same as having a hard copy of it.
@animuson It's better!
@bjb568 You know he can ban you, right?
@Pops Not from MSE chat.
I'd much rather be a **perturbing problem**.
You're too smart and too backwards, respectively.
9:53 PM
Sustainable Livingsustainability.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for folks dedicated to a lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely without depleting available resources.

Currently in public beta.

^ Looks dead.
Lazy People

Proposed Q&A site for people who are lazy

Currently in definition.

I'm too lazy to post an example question.
@Jamal I see no need to delete that. It'll never make it to commitment.
I know. I just like to see the latest proposals.
@Jamal That was attempted humor, on the basis of people being too lazy to sign up.
10:06 PM
Q: Is there a statistic on the percentage of first-time questions that are deemed low quality?

user3791372Is there a statistic on the percentage of first-time questions that are deemed low quality - either a duplicate, unanswerable, mostly opinion etc and subsequently closed? I think it would be interesting to know, if only out of curiosity.

Q: Iphone phone.app for ipad

Timothy Van den BergHello is there anyone that has a jailbroken iphone with ios 7 that can copy there phone app and give me a link to download im buzzy converting the phone app to be used on ipad and ipod ,i have the mobilephone.app from ios 3 but got it showning on my ipad but it crash .so please help me i would gl...

@hichris123 He's also too "buzzy" to fix his terribly worded question.
@animuson you should be able to opt-out of receiving promotional mail from your bank.
It's probably a good idea to do it, it reduces the chance that someone will actually sign up for those in your name.
I already tried that seven times. They keep sending me crap. Funny I requested Discover stop sending me things and I've never received anything from them again.
Q: Can this bookmarklet be converted to Greasemonkey userscript?

adiI'm not quite sure how to convert this bookmarklet into a userscript: javascript:var%20multiURL="";%20$('div.titlebox').find('ul.subreddits').find('a').each(function()%20{%20multiURL%20+=%20$(this).text().substr(3)%20+%20"+";%20});%20multiURL%20=%20multiURL.substr(0,multiURL.length-1);%20window....

It's a good question, but it sounds like it's just asking for code
@hichris123 Taking a stroll through ?
@AstroCB yup.
I never made it all the way through Gold's question list.
I think I stopped on like page 10.
10:52 PM
@animuson And with the limit on votes, I cannot go through all of the pages at once.
@Jamal Well there's 200 fewer questions for you to look at now. :P
Well, hopefully by the time he arrives again, his profile will be nice and clean (or close enough to that).
I kind of hope he doesn't come back. I don't see his question quality ever improving. The only reason he's not question blocked is because he's gotten a few "good" questions out there that got a crap-ton of upvotes.
How is babby formed? — Will Mar 5 '09 at 14:54
By "coming back," I meant the end of the suspension. Maybe he'll be gone by then.
I should set a calendar event for the day he gets unsuspended.
11:00 PM
@hichris123 tomorrow, burn the
Q: How to launch an IE session using Selenium-Webdriver with Ruby?

RickI tried to find this answer through search but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I Googled this for a bit and am thinking I may need "InternetExplorerDriver", but my understanding is that this is for the RC server, and I am not using this. Is there a way to run IE natively through S...

Tagged , , and . Gold.
I wanna join! I still have tons of flags and some downvotes.
I was eating dinner.
@animuson Well, you can delete questions while eating...
Q: What are we [hacking]?

AstroCBIf a tag ever needed a cleanup, it's hacking. The tag wiki defines its purpose in a way that makes it (barely) on-topic for Stack Overflow: Activities related to making hardware and software do things they were not originally designed to do. Of the 804 questions with the tag, I have yet to...

@hichris123 he can't chew gum while walking and you want him to delete questions while eating?!
11:35 PM
Ewww, I don't chew gum. o.o
11:48 PM
It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and animuson doesn't chew gum.
Hmmm Moderators SE is like a ghost town already.
@animuson I would like to participate, and it isn't like I don't know anything about moderation, but what to ask and what to answer? Everything seems to have been asked and answered.
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