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12:00 PM
Anyone needs a SharePoint certified dev? I am pretty stuck working on a winform project + oracle.... and I am getting bored quickly. -_-
@chmod711telkitty And then some. We got the stuffing beat out of us this time. Just now starting to see power come back and it's very intermittent
Ah, nevermind :)
12:15 PM
"When you build a presenter that uses reflection to access its view AND you are the same architect that designed the view interface.... you have a problem".
@TimPost the most important thing is to keep Stack Overflow T-shirts dry and safe! ;)
Wow, Oded is on bug spree
Oh how wonderful. My code worked because of a mistake a designer consistently made. Lovely. :)
That's what you call teamwork I guess.
So now he fixed his bug and your code crashed, @Bart?
12:30 PM
@ShadowWizard wow, that is one dumb stupid user.
@MartijnPieters not stupid, KGL. There is a difference.
@ShadowWizard ... So please send them in a package at the following address. It is proved that we live in a dryer country.
To continue with his 'experiment' even after being temp-banned for the practice.
Basically @ShadowWizard. Although it was me preparing my own test-data for this particular instance. Turns out that what he did caused a data-duplication. So data was still available even though it shouldn't have been. :D
wait... that logo... reminds me of something
Anyone else find this familiar?
@SPArchaeologist I have only one, used. Tim has a big stash somewhere. ;)
@Bart self reviving data? Sounds cool.
@ShadowWizard that's are two of the tools I use when developing a SharePoint solution. The third is usually this:
oh, now I get why it's familiar, thanks @MartijnPieters!
@ShadowWizard luckily completely harmless, but wrong. Now have have to update my tools to ensure he can't do that.
12:35 PM
@ShadowWizard also called "IISRESET"
@SPArchaeologist eh, nice one!
@ShadowWizard stackoverflow.com/users/3176270/kermani thought using Stack Exchange as a social experiment in spamming was a good idea
@MartijnPieters I guess that suspension can simply be extended for a year now
@Bart Lets hope so, no lesson learned obviously.
And given the link in the question, I guess George is involved as well. Let's take that diamond away ...
12:39 PM
@TimPost looks like you can practice your sniper skills. ^^^
Stop pointing at me @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard No need for sniping. Just use good ol' BFG9k
Can't avoid it, @Bart! ^^
(Spirit Bomb could we a valid alternative if you can handle it)
@SPArchaeologist not elegant enough. Leaves lots of mess.
12:54 PM
@ShadowWizard Then, unless you have a reality bender on hand that could erase the offender from this reality plane, I guess that the only clean solution is to kill him in the past
@SPArchaeologist you know, I have a feeling that Tim can do this ;D
1:12 PM
@ShadowWizard so that was the purpose of that telephone box in the background in last year Stack team group photo?
@SPArchaeologist nah, too obvious. Tim is using a fluffy unicorn to go back in time.
Impossible. My pal Twilight specifically said that the time spell can be used only one time. If that wasn't the case, she could had saved herself a week searching for an inexistent disaster. :P
1:55 PM
I have seen hell on earth. A client server application with about 10/12 layers between the UI and the final db call... all layer are dynamically loaded with enterprise library.... also, every layer share the same interface, which is also reused by every web service.
2:06 PM
@SPArchaeologist created by a former java-architect?
Just doublechecking: User X posts an answer that contains misinformation. He's been explained why it's misinformation, and agrees that it's incorrect, but refuses to remove it because "I understand the misinformation reasoning but removing that would feel something like "hah, I was wrong but i'll just cheat" and I don't like that." Aside from a downvote / comment suggesting redaction of the misinformation, is there anything I could / should do?
@rene The truth? It was "architected" by a Ms MVP.
A: Should I delete my own downvoted answer?

Shog9Here's what I do: Upon receiving a downvote, I review my answer and ask myself, "is there something I can improve here"? If there is, and I have time, I improve it. If I no longer feel my answer provides anything useful to future readers of the question, I delete it. If I still think my answer...

Not my own answer, someone else's answer.
that post is general
2:10 PM
Oh, he just deleted it
@SPArchaeologist Ah, yeah...they are instructed to use every single freaking product in whatever problem you have....
@rene don't get me started commenting on that application. It's better for both of us. ;_;
2:27 PM
@rene Just remember the "One interface used for everything" line - that should give a good overview of the "solution". The fact that a web service accepts a Dictionary<string, object> as parameter for its method should then give the final brush strokes to the painting.
Oh my....
Very flexible...
this are the days I miss a video chat option on the Tavern. Just to see @Rene face when she read about the magnificence of the unspeakable app design.
If we would have video you would be shocked about my gender first...
Today's Listening | Jazz / Classical
@rene wasn't it established by the GraceNote lemma that I use gender specific wording based only on the user avatar? ^_^
2:32 PM
Oh, I can live with that....
that is the same reason I use "she" for telkitty.
I don't mind, it gives me nice anecdotes in case of deadly-silences ...
@GnomeSlice perfect!
2:55 PM
@SPArchaeologist well, she referred to herself more than once as a "she" :)
@rene do you have a public picture in facebook profile? I think I found a picture of yours while trying to prove @SPArchaeologist he's wrong about your gender :)
Uhhh, don't think so...
@ShadowWizard The only reasonable evidence is in my blog, the rest is a lie...
@rene couldn't find gender in your blog :(
(only your full name which led me to Facebook etc)
@ShadowWizard Was offline, sorry; (also, I'm just now adding KGL to the list of swearwords)
Didn't expect them to come back
Hebrew got a major upside: in many verbs, one can know if it's written by male or female
@ShadowWizard I can't
3:03 PM
@ShadowWizard if you take the blog entry dec 7th, 2010, The Big 5 you get an idea.
As I said all links between my name and facebook are a lie...
But yeah, easy enough to tell your gender from the small scale picture
Obviously, you're an ostrich
@ShadowWizard If I wanted to use an avatar that actually resemble me, I would have used Gabriel/Dracula from Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2.
@SPArchaeologist but then it would scare off everyone :)
3:19 PM
@ShadowWizard at least he doesn't look like MIB...
3:56 PM
Thanks for the stars! (and fish)
4:11 PM
@bjb568 ah, the talks-a-lot badge
I have one of those
So do I, but I never bothered to boast about it :-D
4:25 PM
A: Should I plug my mouse into a USB 3.0 port?

BillyBUSB3.0 is equivalent to USB2.0 + USB1.0 = USB3.0 At the speed of usb 1.0 it will support "up to" and including 1 mouse. When a greater number of mouses are needed, it is required to use USB2.0, which supports "multiple mouses". Unless you plan to add more than 256 mouses, then USB2.0 is totall...

@bjb568 Weird kind of math
Sorry you are correct, I meant to say 14 million terabytes. Not 9 million terabytes. My calculation was wrong, as I was using Windows 95 to run my calculations. Within the past few minutes I've upgrades to Windows 9 (leaked beta) and now my calculations are flawless. — BillyB 2 hours ago
@bjb568 proves him a troll, I guess
Billy B sounds familiar. Hm...
not to me
4:30 PM
@bjb568 your sock?
'Cause, ya know. Comic books.
@ShadowWizard i think you can answer this anime.stackexchange.com/questions/12870/…
I just realized the reply button is also available on hover in the right...
5:06 PM
@ShadowWizard someone else on MSO found this, this is what I was looking for:
A: How can I encourage Stack Overflow to rein in the 'subjective' vigilantes?

Yannistl;dr We already tried supporting those questions, we even gave them their own site. Sadly, it didn't work out. C'est la vie. 3 years ago, a Stack Exchange site called Not Programming Related came out of Area51, the Stack Exchange staging zone. NPR was supposed to be a site where questions t...

@Cupcake I'm going to need a screen shot of the Do you fart in your cubicle question.
@JanDvorak the spammer even bothered to leave a comment.
@Andy you'll have to ask someone who has 10k+ on Programmers :P
5:26 PM
@jadarnel27 the lack of Brown is disturbing.
anyone has a query for the amount of total votes per week or something?
Overall? or per user?
up and down votes? or some other type of votes?
overall up and down votes for all users
5:43 PM
Upvotes: https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/208830/total-upvotes-over-time#graph

Downvotes: https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/208831/total-downvotes-over-time#graph
aw...I fail at linking :(
@rene /me likes Andy better
please someone tell me that this doesn't exist anymore, lol
5:48 PM
@VotetoClose lol
@Cupcake yeah, should have known it's Yannis
@AnnaLear omg, it does exist still , and forever in my mind
you're welcome
yes , thank you , thank you very much
(also, nuke-pls)
better link, @Anna stackapps.com/xxx
@rene You win :)
rene always wins, @Andy
@Bart At some point, I have to start letting people find brown on their own. I can't just spoon feed the room all the time. You know?
And when he loses, he get icecream. How fair is that? :D
5:54 PM
@jadarnel27 Ah, "give a man brown and he will brown for a day. Learn a man how to brown ..." I get it
@Andy I stole the week diff construct from the query you provided though...
@rene you cheater!
I properly attributed in my query description!
I assume SEDE queries are also CC-WIKI? Otherwise I have to charge you for all those queries I wrote...
is not written with blood, so it's not valid :/
6:04 PM
@JanDvorak BOOM
that was fast
Am I getting soft, or is -7 harsh for a question which in the end still asks how to improve? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/265853/…
Myeah, it is harsh...
Does anyone know how often the SE Web Archive is updated?
@Bart I tried making a sympathy upvote but good thing it said i'm all out of votes for the day
6:18 PM
Thanks. I don't know about situations like these. Yes, the OP makes certain assumptions, yes he is confident the question is great when it might not be, but in the end he's still asking for help.
@rene took your query as base and did what I feel like I need to get the info I wanted data.stackexchange.com/askubuntu/query/208852/…
@Braiam These SE sites are soooo negative with all their downvotes ....
@Bart If I'm reading that graph correctly, it seems like the span of time where there was an unusually high number of downvotes and lesser upvotes, was during the Christmas and New Years holiday.
Yeah, sorry about that. Christmas makes me grumpy.
6:28 PM
ain't downvotes on deleted posts deleted from the data dump?
Guess so
@Braiam I would think so, since deleted answers are removed, so their votes and comments must be too.
6:53 PM
@Braiam If you want the actual numbers including the voting on deleted posts you need to ask the team to run that query on production...easy :)
@rene nah, no, just wondering why a 200% spike
hmm.. why was this meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/262861/… thread removed?
@VotetoClose I guess to protect the user?
> It is being handled. answered Jul 7 at 15:50 Brad Larson♦
It got to a point where it was just causing too much drama.
7:32 PM
New podcast:
Abby T. Miller on July 16, 2014

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast episode number 60, brought to you by The National Pepperjack Cheese Council. Your hosts today are Joel Spolsky, Jay Hanlon, and David Fullerton (aka Fake Producer Abby).

We’ll jump right into things with Community Milestones, but we promise to make them quick.

Puzzling is now in public beta, and it’s about puzzles.

Data Science (DAY-ta, not DAH-ta) is in public beta, and doing better than that topic’s previous iterations.

Craft CMS, yet another CMS site, is now in public beta as well. …

> We redesigned the Stack Exchange homepage… again. (The pendulum swings.) Make it your homepage! (Or don’t.)
I don't get how anyone would find this useful:
There are just so many different questions from networks you might not even be interested in.
7:35 PM
It guess it works as a showcase for the curious.
7:49 PM
A: Is it true that if someone reaches 200k reputation he/she gets a painting with a unicorn on it?

tvanfossonThe first rule of unicorn paintings is you don't talk about unicorn paintings.

Shot through the heart.
Dumbass also spelled "essays" wrong. I don't trust that spam.
He signed-up on that scam before posting...
8:04 PM
@VotetoClose We don't really like questions pointing out specific users, and this one kept popping up in the community bulletin which we especially don't want. The majority of the content in there was just gossip and guesses.
8:19 PM
SO is the featured site? How original.
"These users asked or provided top answers" You don't ask answers.
Footer contrast is too low.
Tag contrast is too low.
vote.png has ugly colors and both up and downvote buttons are pressed.
Why the grainy backgrounds?
5 links plus search in the top right is too much.
Small grey "5 answers | asked 4 hours ago" text is very hard to read.
@bjb568 The featured site is randomly chosen every day...
I'm almost afraid to approve this.
@animuson Shouldn't it be sites that need more attention?
Or are unique and interesting?
@bjb568 What happen to random?
Random is just too random for me.
8:27 PM
And a lot of your complaints aren't really about the new homepage, but about the theme, which is used on all beta sites and has existed for a long time.
@bjb568 Come back tomorrow and we'll see if we can help you ;P
@animuson Oh, then fix all beta sites too.
blog.stackoverflow.com/2014/07/… "We also redesigned the Hiring page. You should come work with us!" anchor has no attribute href.
@bjb568 Fixed.
Low hanging fruit. ;-)
Actual support ticket we just received:
> I am voted down and can't get up!
Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: stuff I write myself never gets that many stars.
Awww I'm not a problem anymore. :(
Hey now, spelling is important.
Woo hoo, psychology for the star win!
@animuson Don't worry, I'll always consider you a problem. (So does the rest of the team, by the way. Every one of our meetings starts with a "Okay, what has animuson done this time?" segment.)
Good, that's how every meeting should start.
Cutting back to two meetings a week has really extended that segment.
Some people really don't know anything about computers, but they try to do advanced stuff. Sadly, this is the result. /rant.
Or unclear.
Just about 30 upvotes away from a Mjolnir, I swear :P
@Cupcake I still have some votes left over for today ;-)
Just sayin'
Same here...
10:11 PM
This has to be one of the most controversial discussions that I've seen in a while:
Q: What's the policy on down voting previously correct but now outdated answers?

rmaddyAs we know, software changes. Perfectly good, accepted and up voted answers can become obsolete over time. Earlier today a user left a comment on one of my older answers pointing out that it is now obsolete. That's just fine. It's a good comment. But, based on the timestamp, it appears the user...

off-topic @JanDvorak. Seems to be for reproductivity.se instead
OFF = offensive
Yeah, I got that. Already flagged.
10:21 PM
@JanDvorak His request was for help with fucking "people who are assholes and idiots and closes questions" :)
oh. Not going to help him with that
Well, if I can get a badge for it ...
Should I point him out his grammar mistake?
Oh. It's gone.
@Cupcake good now? — cloud1250000 3 mins ago
Posts code in GitHub Gist and adds link to question.
10:31 PM
@cloud1250000 sorry, code must be included publicly in the question itself. See also How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. — Cupcake 1 min ago
Such fail :P
who upvoted?
Wasn't I.
I put a bounty on this if anyone wants to attempt to answer it:
Q: What are the differences between double-dot ".." and triple-dot "..." in Git commit ranges?

Pat NotzSome Git commands take commit ranges and one valid syntax is to separate two commit names with two dots .., and another syntax uses three dots .... What are the differences between the two?

10:37 PM
+100 on the table.
@Cupcake mm? what are you looking for?
@Braiam attention. Lots and lots of attention.
@Cupcake PICTURES!
Maybe I should've been more subtle with the bounty message...oh well...
@Jamal He has 220+ points in , he must know what he's talking about.
Clearly! But if this is a good way to earn rep, then I can certainly boost my own by answering such questions with yes or no (and if I get downvotes, I'll just switch to the other).
11:45 PM
"this is a good way to earn rep"... as indicated by the downvote, obviously.
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