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2:00 PM
Dear Google,

I don't know if you know, since you know everything, that when people type "how to have" in the search box, you suggest "how to have sex".... please, THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

Can you fix, please? :)

A concerned user
@ShadowWizard done
Dear concerned user.

Children and their conception are at the front of our thoughts, hence the suggestion.

With best regards, Google.
@Braiam link/screenshot or it never happened :D
@Bart O_O
@Braiam it got me curious, after a quick experiment looks like that search terms leading to actual porn are indeed removed from the auto complete. So the kids of the worlds are rather safe.
Worst thing they will learn new words or terms then come ask their parents. :)
2:17 PM
you probably can write a script to find out how google search suggest things :p
I can but I won't ;)
@ShadowWizard Wait what?
Are you sure you are a real programmer? A real programmer writes scripts for everything. They write a script to tie their shoe laces. Because scripts don't interact with the world, they model the shoe laces and the shoe and tie it that way. They write a script to make their breakfast, their lunch and dinner. They write a script that simulates sleep, because nobody got time for that...
I have a script which writes my scripts @Sumurai8. You're so old-school.
I... I... I am :( I feel old. Luckily I can write a script to get young again...
@Sumurai8 me.Trigger(new CoffeeMaking(CoffeeType.Instant, 2, true));
2:35 PM
@ShadowWizard if( CoffeeObject.milk = 0 ) { throw CoffeeMilk; } ?
@Sumurai8 nope. if (Repository.IsEmpty(RepositoryItems.Milk) { me.Trigger("ask someone to buy milk"); }
wife.Says("Go do so yourself");
@ShadowWizard SyntaxError: Expected token ")" on line 1, found "{"
if (!me.alive) { me.alive = true; world.remove(me.causeOfDeath); } // life hacks
2:40 PM
@Sumurai8 noooo, too late to fix. Fatal Error. Ca... n... t.... t...
@ShadowWizard LivingEntity ShadowWizard = new LivingEntity( "ShadowWizard", LivingEntity.Human, OldShadowWizard.properties ); ShadowWizard.run();
Guys, there is this site called askme.com, whose logo resembles SE's logo very much...
I feel dirty... having to install +700MiB of debugging symbols for chromium :(
does it come under copyrights infringement or something like that??
It has to be pretty damn similar for it to be a problem.
2:45 PM
The only thing that is similar is that they both use a speech bubble
In that case, "nothing to see here"
@AmitJoki no it's not.
@Sumurai8 Hello World!
^^ not all that original
is like trademarking a rectangle...
@ShadowWizard It works! It works again!
2:46 PM
well, got it clarified. When I first saw it, I literally thought it was SE's ad on TV
@Braiam Go and explain that to Apple :p
I recall some company trademarking the word "candy" or something like that. It was very sad.
Also, I see some tags with images beside the text... What makes them special? Some kind of sponsoring?
Hi there, I encountered an error and posted a question on SO, but today I find the error was made by a typo in code, not relevant to what I've described in that question. Now my question is how should I deal with that question?
@AmitJoki yep, could very well be
2:50 PM
Q: What do icons on the tags mean?

AndomarWhat does an icon on the tag mean, for example the "rg" before the sql-server tag as pictured below? Return to FAQ index

@Javran Flag it as offtopic > it's just a typo reason
The joy of being faster than The Bart
or just delete it if it hasn't got any attention whatsoever
2:51 PM
@Bart then why are there talks about "Specfic product tags" like SONY? Would it have been accepted, if SONY had come and sponsored for the tag?
Sony did sponsor the tag
@Sumurai8 Thanks, I've voted that off-topic.
@Javran I saw the question, you can safely delete it. 0 score answer, no upvotes.
By the way, what's that avatar of yours?
@Bart but I don't see their symbol... stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sony
It was sponsored @AmitJoki. I can only assume their sponsorship ran out
2:53 PM
@ShadowWizard an aestheticized N
@ShadowWizard Ok, I'll delete that. My avatar is made by myself, might not looks that good anyway.
@Bart what's the point of sponsoring when, the tags can be created free? As a contribution to SO?
@AmitJoki not for free, it cost money.
Money @AmitJoki
Companies pay to sponsor tags
@Javran actually it looks like the Hebrew letter Aleph (א) that's why I asked
2:55 PM
@Javran It's colorful and recognizable
@Bart @ShadowWizard I swallowed some word... Check out the edit
when I say "free", I mean, I can go ahead and create a tag "Bart"...
Which you should do
@Amit Company can buy only existing tags if it got a trademark over that word as far as I know. The point is getting more links to their products or websites.
Useless tags are being removed.
But having a tag in text, or having your company's visual identity spread across the site is bound to have some value @AmitJoki
@ShadowWizard yeah, this is indeed aleph, also the prefix of my name "JAV" and a lambda is hidden inside. I'm a functional programming fans.
2:57 PM
How much of a value this is to them you'd have to ask the company
@Javran cool, didn't know that letter got a part in programming. (Only in Math)
well, wish I could sponsor my website, which is not at all related to programming but is a social network :)
The lambda would be for functional programming @ShadowWizard.
@Bart uh, oh. lol
Though Aleph also appears in set theory I think?
2:59 PM
Is there any way of seeing the tag(s) created by me?
@ShadowWizard Thanks, you'll see lots of lambda icons for functional programming languages, because of "lamdba calculus".
Sure I did come across "aleph number" in set theory, and I think "wow I can make my avatar similar to this"
@Bart, @ShadowWizard, @Shog9 can I know all the tag(s) created by me?
Get Taxonomist badges for them. :)
Q: Can I find out which tags I have created?

Ludwig WeinzierlCan I find out which tags I have created? This would be interesting to know. The tags could be highlighted on the users page for example.

@Bart is the following mention "@Bart" considered as a bug?
3:06 PM
@Bart I mean, two mentions of a same person shouldn't be allowed in this chat right?
Not a clue. Doesn't do harm.
@Bart, so you didn't receive 2 notifications?
Didn't really notice
is there any minimum age for becoming a mod?
The minimum age for becoming a user
3:08 PM
I joined at 14... now, I'm 15. Minimum requirement for mod??
There is a 1.5k rep limit I think? But that's it
Ah no, 3k on so. 2k on other sites
@Bart well, I've completed all the prerequisites for being nominated as a mod candidate... Wish to know when the next elections will be held.. But I think, no one will interested in electing me ;)
You don't know if you don't run. And the next election will be held when it is announced. ;)
Aargh! The second statement... BTW, I wonder why you aren't a mod.. Status by preference?
Pretty much.
And who says I'd be elected if I'd run
3:16 PM
@Bart Well, I met 2 unicorns the other day
@Bart I say!
And they pointed at you and said: That person. That person will be a mod, someday
So it must be true
I already have a smiting stick @Sumurai8, so who knows
@AmitJoki you can mention even 50 users in one chat message, no bug there.
3:26 PM
like this, @AmitJoki @ShadowWizard @Bart @Sumurai8
@Braiam You evil mentioner
Stop being evil
become a unicorn instead
becomes an evil unicorn
@Braiam This is impossible. Unicorns can't be evil by design.
3:43 PM
@Braiam I didn't mention that. I was saying about mentioning the same user two or more times @Braiam @Braiam @Braiam, ....
@AmitJoki it only pings once....
then its fine.... @Braiam
@AmitJoki @AmitJoki @AmitJoki: You can ping three times to show that you really mean it
@Doorknob @Doorknob understood... Thanks..
3:48 PM
@Bart, I usually find users have a main site that is non-meta, but your main site is MSE.. Are you, in some ways associated with SE team???
Nope. And my main site is SO. I have more rep on MSE, but it's ridiculously easy to get there.
ridiculously easy? I'm finding it tough to get even nearer to 1/3 of your rep at SO :)
At the moment it will be a bit tougher given the MSO split. But other than that I can write most answers on MSE in a couple of minutes. Answering on SO often takes a bit more time and effort
@Bart ahem, I mean SO as the site and not its meta...
I know. I meant that MSE is quite low-traffic since the split. So my rep there has come to a bit of a halt as well
3:54 PM
Then again, it's Meta rep. Nobody cares
@Bart you don't care, but others around you, especially the SE team cares
bcuz, you're such a good answerer there, minimizing load on them..
Haha, I'm sure they'd do absolutely fine without me
@Bart, only thing I can say, is that you're humble
I'm pretty much the best at being humble. I humble the crap out of everybody else. ;)
4:01 PM
BTW, I'm finding fb a crap nowadays and enjoy chatting, commenting here..
Good for you. I can be quite interesting here.
by a larger margin..
Hah, that should have read "It can be quite interesting here" ...
Not "I". I'm most definitely not interesting. Ask Laszlo. :)
@Cupcake SO gets 1500+ flags/day, just FYI. And that increases each year due to new users.
@Bart You and your socks are interesting.
@Bart either way, it holds true. And who's Laszlo?
4:06 PM
Another regular visitor here
@Bart BTW I really, supported swiss to win against argentina, but you know.. Was hurt that time.
Luckily I'm not Swiss. We'll take care of them in the semi-final though. ;)
@Bart then you're German?
Nope. Dutch
The Netherlands vs. Argentina in the semi-final
I just hate Argentina and Brazil, because here, the fans of Neymar and Messi, just tear me apart for being Christiano Ronaldo's fan... and keep on arguing that Portugal is just waste and Messi is world's number 1
4:12 PM
I don't watch football at all
Haha. People get passionate about football there as well?
@Bart those exist everywhere
I guess so @JanDvorak
@Bart fans exist everywhere... for every darn thing
During the last world cup I worked in Singapore for a while, and I was surprised the locals knew more about the Dutch team and its history than I did
4:14 PM
@Bart yeah... Though cricket is first, football is occupying space..
Cricket is awesome though.
never expected that reply @Bart
As long as it's t20 or an ODI I'm in.
@Bart never thought it had that much reach... Whos your fav?
It's always fun if the Dutch team gives England a scare. And the IPL is a welcome event every year.
Always looking out for KKR, but that's mostly because of Ryan ten Doeschate.
4:18 PM
knew it.. :)
BTW, I love Arjen Robben, next to CR7 and Beckham..
@Bart Once I saw a question with "p.s there is not [tag] in SO" So, I created the [tag] and asked him to create excerpt for it in the comment.. Am I polluting the tags?
Today's Listening | Electronic / Ambient / Experimental
@YiJiang add me to the wheel of blame.. :)
@AmitJoki There is an updated version, which shows all users that are currently present in this room: jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/111/embedded/result
4:33 PM
@ProgramFOX great.. The original must be replaced with this one..
That's already been suggested, but it isn't changed.
@AmitJoki Not necessarily. If it's a valid tag that applies to a reasonable group of questions, it's just fine.
1 hour later…
5:56 PM
@Bart *ahem* it is "ridiculously easy" for Bart to get rep on MSE.
6:21 PM
You can do it @Cupcake. There's a little bit of Bart in all of you. How it got there I can't say, because that would get me into loads of legal trouble.
@Sumurai8 oh really? ;)
6:41 PM
Hmmm the CVQ is timing out...
reload fixes...
Anyone knows that dev.bonfire.stackoverflow.com is coming soon? Maybe someone knows some info about it?
Bonfire (March 21, 1983 – October 28, 2013), full name Gestion Bonfire, was a horse that has competed in dressage with Dutch rider Anky van Grunsven. Between 1991 and 2000, the pair competed in multiple national and international championships, including three Olympic Games and two World Equestrian Games. They won one gold medal and four silver medals at the Olympics and one gold and three silvers at the World Equestrian Games. Although known for having a hot temperament, Bonfire mellowed as he aged, becoming one of Van Grunsven's best horses – until she found his replacement, S...
@nicael It's not.
Oh, come on, @Bart. It's obviously not that.
Bonfire is a 5 disc box set by Australian band AC/DC, released in 1997, and remastered with a release in Digipak format in 2003. It was created as a tribute to the band's earlier singer Bon Scott and included the two disc soundtrack to the movie Let There Be Rock, some early unreleased tracks, a live recording from the Atlantic Records studio in New York and a remastered version of Back in Black. The album was originally released in 1997 with the CDs all packaged individually in jewel cases, complete with full artwork. The original issue also features a poster, a backstage pass, keyrin...
See, this is why we have you around @MichaelPetrotta. For all those definitive answers to important questions. :)
7:04 PM
@Bart We talk about a horse and show a picture of a woman...strange...
No comment @rene .... no comment ....
7:32 PM
I find it very interesting that the two keys shown are jk
7:45 PM
Let me guess... 12 hours later
Oh nvm :P
8:07 PM
Edited out of spite @rene
There, take that!
Thanks man
8:22 PM
@rene fail!
@VotetoClose Why?
you forgot to create a long no-space title for your bug question
@VotetoClose hehehe
I already had to re-upload the screenshot because I forgot the freehand red circle
2 hours later…
9:57 PM
Anyone want to flag this comment? I upvoted it when it was relevant, and now I can't flag for obsolescence.
10:20 PM
break into @Undo's house and steals the shinnies
(well 4 logical CPUs.)
@Braiam Please don't steal my shinnies! That would hurt!
I assume you're talking about a part of the human anatomy found in the legs. Or maybe you meant Shinies? :D
2 hours later…
11:55 PM
Is there anything I can use to take screenshots of long webpages?
@Cupcake Are you using Chrome?
@hichris123 Yes.
There's a nice extension I use for that, it's called Screen Capture: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/screen-capture-by-google/…
It gives you an option called "capture whole page".
I hope that doesn't have malware. I don't trust chrome extensions, generally.
But thanks for the recommendation.
11:58 PM
@Cupcake If it does... well, I have a virus. ;P
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