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12:34 AM
hey everyone, is there a post on the limit of GIF? I figured out it must be something like 2 Mb or less, cant confirm it anywhere..
@MeNoTalk same as imgur, so 2mb
@Braiam thanks, I actually never knew that imgur has a limit of 2mb, I guess I never tried to upload a larger image..
1 hour later…
1:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GEOMAGNETIC ROTATION VECTOR on pt.stackoverflow.com
2:17 AM
I've made 5 stink apps that've made me 4 bucks, including the first app that lets you draw ASCII art
I wonder why they stink :P
So... I request ideas at the local tavern
I dont care if people steal them
You left the milk out and it spoiled.
That's where the stink always comes from.
I was being metaphorical/idiomatical/is that a word?
@TheWobuffett Create an Earth Science account!
I think it's that I don't understand the iOS UI much
Then I can leave your milk out.
2:21 AM
It's a pretty awesome word, if it's anything.
Ideas that I've ruled out: Teleporter, Time machine
Aug 26 '10 at 18:14, by Shog9
Mods can also come into your house at night and leave your milk out. Some mod abilities aren't talked about much.
^ That, @TheWobuffett.
Well, when someone gets my app what makes then delete it?
... your spoiled milk?
From ads
The first one is from the past 7 days
2nd from the past year
Hmm... can iPhones intercept smells and convert them into data types?
"Is your milk spoiled" app :P
Anyway, I wish to be a millionare. Share your ideas.
I'll cut in 0% if you want
I wish an app like Instagram would suddenly be taken off the app store
Like Bump
3 hours later…
5:37 AM
Anybody think should be synonymed to ?
6:30 AM
@bjb568 Any reason why you think it should?
@Stijn Because both tags mean the same thing?
@bjb568 We have and , should we make those synonyms too? is for questions specific to HTML 5, from new tags like <header> to stuff like <canvas>.
@Stijn C is a strictly defined language. HTML is not. HTML doesn't have versions, it only has fancy icons. Browser support is all over the place.
@bjb568 The tag excerpt even explains this:
> HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language, version 5) is an umbrella term for recent web technologies. It is also the latest iteration of HTML Recommendation planned for 2014, introducing new elements and APIs.
Which is a useless metatag.
6:38 AM
Take it up to meta then.
I'm personally unconvinced.
I want more chat opinions first. I like chat.
I always upvote any questions I come across that don't seem stupid or very terribly worded. Also try to upvote newcomers' question regardless of quality. — Violet Giraffe 11 hours ago
^that makes me sad
Somebody needs to be vote banned. Is that even a thing?
Q: SPAM - please flag

user77542Please flag this question. It was spam.

it should be
7:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CANON IR 2420 L PRINTER DRIVER on askubuntu.com
@JanDvorak spam bot in training perhaps
I was asking advice on this canonical question based on this meta post which are now both deleted by the OP...
@rene oh, I can see his frustration though.
"Why don't you SO idiots just delete this if its soooo offensive to your "golden rulebook" of what is on topic and what is off topic" ... and then goes on to delete it ...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Vashikaran specialist in puna 9001340118 on english.stackexchange.com
7:55 AM
I can't read the posts but I can guess what they're about. CWs are weird, such questions are normally off-topic unless enough people put work into it. Imho SE should either provide a proper wiki system or get rid of the current system.
Starting a canonical question is a coinflip really.
Myeah, all Wikis we have are somewhat ... meh. But then to find an alternative that actually works ... not trivial.
@ShadowWizard Sure, I don't think that question becomes handy / practical but the process should really be close to what I describe in an meta post on a similar issue.
8:06 AM
Do we have a language barrier there somewhere?
I think so....
At least between the rest of the world and myself.
There is a hint of a question in there, but I have no clue how to drag it out of that one.
Found a good music channel on the tube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCQ8if9L7f_2BCTF185Cxm_yxJK3LtUrs
You might guess it is about markdown...then about an SE hosted runtime IDE or something and it ends with a touch of productivity
@Bart It is about the productivity/time schedule/planning of the SE dev team...
8:28 AM
Have you created a vertically-challenged tag? — PeterJ 9 mins ago
> You've earned the "Outspoken" badge (Posted 10 messages in chat that were starred by 10 different users).
@Shadow any news on what the plans are for lazy loaders?
tbh I haven't visited since registering :p
@Stijn On MSE?
@rene yeah
You are on top of the starboard now... :)
ahh :) not sure if that message was star-worthy :p
8:36 AM
HEY, HEY!! Stop starring random messages that are not mine!
order is restored now
Okay, carry on.
@Stijn nope, no plans. Lazy as always! :D
Morning everypony
hey @SPA
8:39 AM
Night everypony. Bai.
night @bjb
@bjb568 Yup. We still need to decide for a time-independent salute
8:59 AM
My friends have decided on "Oh, it's you" @SPArchaeologist ... well, I say friends ...
@Bart I will go for "Hi everypony". This is meta and we must never forget our alicorn rulers.
9:27 AM
Someone wants to go home early today.
@Bart looks like we pissed baba off by deleting all his precious spam
One does not want to anger the Baba
@Bart yet the spam needs to go
So inconsiderate @JanDvorak. Think of all those people with a proBlem looking for a SolutioN
9:41 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POLYNOMIALS QUADRATIC EQUATION PROBLEM on math.stackexchange.com
10:09 AM
> Hi.

I'm new in stackexchange.

This post was deleted by you.

Could you please tell me why because I didn't find any reason here ...
... or in Help Center.

Many thanks!

Amazing, isn't it? ^
Cool you have friends!
@rene -1, squre brackets
@ShadowWizard -1 typo
@rene yep maybe I should ask him to buy me icecream!
@rene cool so we're even!
10:11 AM
I suppose you now stop deleting questions from innocent new users?
@rene lol no. I actually replied to him. :)
@ShadowWizard so much more polite than the email I get from users
10:20 AM
@ShadowWizard Oh cool. Can you share your email so we can send all our questions to you?
@rene it's in my profile page on all sites (;
@Bart care to share? :D
that ^^^^
I didn't dare to ask...
By the way noticed today that badge notification got color and badge description, is it announced anywhere?
Q: Indicate the type/colour of badge awarded in the top bar achievements dropdown

George DuckettCurrently with the achievements dropdown for rep changes you see the site icon, then rep change, then a link, but when earning a badge there is a gap where the rep is for reputation achievements. I think the empty space (where the mouse cursor is in the pic below) should have the badge icon ther...

Should be tagged status-completed
10:27 AM
seriously - who wants to have a glowing skin?
@JanDvorak I do!
Well I just had the best support experience so far
Contacted support through support tickets > 45 minutes later everything was solved.
@ShadowWizard Hah, I could when I get home. Should still have them.
10:47 AM
@3ventic good for you! How much it cost, though?
Free support
@3ventic wow, cool
Well, with a purchase, but still
@3ventic yup
I don't think they have many support requests, but have 24-7 coverage
@3ventic oh, now I'm curious!
11:18 AM
not a dupe of that question anyway
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MMC ERROR IN WINDOWS 2003 SERVER R3 SP2 on superuser.com
@JanDvorak Any Twilight teenager fan? (no, not the pony, the Vampire Chronicles lame competitor)
@SPArchaeologist that would be glittering, not glowing
11:36 AM
@JanDvorak not a fan. I prefer Anne Rice, as you may have already guessed
anyway, could the Gear Second steam/vulcanization effect be considered glowing?
11:52 AM
@3ventic oh, you could have said you want some repz! :D
I'm not that concerned about repz :D
It's just that I knew the answer and the dupe didn't match it
I tried looking for a dupe though
didn't find one
@3ventic fair enough!
@3ventic how about this one? Looks like a dupe to me... no?
@ShadowWizard You just want to use your dupe hammer, don't you?
12:10 PM
@rene here's a picture of Shadow Wizard
now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go /hide from him
@Stijn yeah, he was a good student of mine.
Bit n00bish, but still
wow, google indexing is really fast
I want to find if there's a dupe of a new MSO post
top result is said post "1 minute ago"
@Stijn I always assumed he was more like this one
12:21 PM
@Stijn yeah, they have lots of respect to Stack Overflow and send their best bots to crawl it.
@SPArchaeologist thats shadow as cartoon character, but as you see, real picture is the one that stijn posted
@DroidDev I guess I have more luck then. They have compared me with Dracula/Gabriel from the Lord of Shadow 2 boxart...
@SPArchaeologist you two can be two evil friends considering your nick names. :D
@Stijn that's one of the problems :(
Are we slow on flagging/closing: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/232302/…
12:31 PM
I don't visit MSE all that often these days. Closed.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BEAL&#39;S CONJECTURE CONJECTURE on math.stackexchange.com
@Stijn tnx
12:52 PM
@ManishBot see the encoding still is not fixed :/
Can't we blame python?
@rene it will be like blaming the bullet for missing the target :D
@ShadowWizard rather, it would be blaming the gun
@JanDvorak hmm... guess you're right, gun is the language and code is the bullet?
1:01 PM
code is the shooter
the bullet would be the runtime environment.
@DroidDev Evil Genius. That would be a nice title to add to my business card.
@JanDvorak ಠ_ಠ
@JanDvorak no, I think the programmer is the shooter :)
@SPArchaeologist I was wondering of various descriptions, you might give, if somebody asked the reason for writing that.
@DroidDev Well, for one I am actively working for expanding Skyn SharePoint grasp on humanity.
1:09 PM
@hichris I'm missing something or isn't better just to have ignore case in the regex options?
@Braiam It's 123, not 1234.
@SPArchaeologist that can be considered winner
OK, just wrote a furious email to the team. Now I feel so much better! :P
now now.... what to do while I install sp1? based on the current progress bar speed I have about 2 days free....
@SPArchaeologist buy new computer with stronger CPU? ;)
1:25 PM
@ShadowWizard did something make you angry then?
@Stijn oh yeah
The sky went dark around me
@ShadowWizard those might be shadows gathering :P
@DroidDev true, they know when I need them! :D
@ShadowWizard they now. they should be feared. lol
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GGPLOT IS TURNING OUT TO BE A BLANK PAGE on stackoverflow.com
1:37 PM
@ShadowWizard tell that to M$. It is an azure hosted VM
@DroidDev Shadow(s) gathering? You mean that soon all the Shadow clones will gather I a crater somewhere near the stack headquarters and attempt to cast meteo? Must send Jeff and his Buster S then...
@SPArchaeologist I guess it is too late now, shadows have already breached into SO through that mail of shadow. As of now, they might be lurking here as well. Run for you life!! RUN!!
@DroidDev ... If it is the same for you, I will start looking for that flower girl. You can keep the giant plush mog/cat.
@DroidDev say what? :D
Needz more than giant S to stop us!
1:55 PM
@ShadowWizard Don't make me use Fus Ro Yay ^_^
@SPArchaeologist I dare you! :D
@SPArchaeologist we use the mighty power of share point, please expand its grasp on shadows for this time
Ye asked.
2:26 PM
@DroidDev It's not so simple. If you want the rite to be successful you need to sacrifice a black roster on a new Moon() night, all while chanting the appropriate mantra from the official SharePoint developer companion handbook
@SPArchaeologist can't FUS RO YAY help us with the task of official SharePoint developer companion handbook. I guess shadows must be afraid of moon. So, that can be easy, we can write a class in java to create a black roster and then wait for new Moon().
AND WHAT TO DO NOW..... my senior asked me to push a code to git after changes and I tried to push, but NO, He only gave me read access (accidentally) and now he is not in the company and might come..... I don't know when. I already wait for 50 minutes and now I am frustrated.
2:42 PM
@DroidDev Nope, for all magical hex and stuff, you should ask Twilight.
@DroidDev Ps: that is a big relief for me. We just had to use a temp visual studio online free account to store source code.... When they created our dev machine on Azure, they didn't consider the need to be able to access corporate TFS from there....
On the plus side: No new bugs can be introduced now...
3:16 PM
...and I was wondering why the language pack takes so long to install.
WHY a german pack does install "Microsoft Server Proof (Russian) 2013"??
@SPArchaeologist It's the letter e. It appears so often. Slows does the install.
3:36 PM
@SPArchaeologist because it is part of that SKU...
@rene but whyyy? German != Russian. Why does it need the proofing tools??
It doesn't need them, the setup team didn't bother separate them out as different options.
3:53 PM
@rene I can figure what they where thinking: "Should we lose OUR time to split them or make all devs around the globe lose THEIR time installing some unasked gibberish?"
@SPArchaeologist How often do you install it?
Yeah, that basically is it. I try to stay away from localized crap, mostly using en-us versions.
@SPArchaeologist If I'm informed correctly the localization teams only deliver the translated resource files. No dev is involved in the creating of those language packs, it's all done automagically...
@ShadowWizard still the editor stats, not reviewer..
It smells like such a common issue that I want to find a dupe too :|
4:09 PM
"Stack Overflow has no quality control mechanism. Period." - nonsense. That's what downvotes are for. And they seem to work pretty fine to regulate answers. — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
Hi folks!, @BillMote "code only answer" is not a good idea here. "we're working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about programming." You should add some explanation in few words what your code do and how it will solve the OP problem so that it would be good for future readers. — TGMCians 2 mins ago
See this answer : 8 downvotes and 7 upvotes
I don't know how it is possible even solution is also not very good
@TGMCians o/
rene, please see my comment there
4:13 PM
@TGMCians impressive score
seems suspicious to me
I just downvoted it
I can't see any reason to suspect fraud, just crappy voting.
yes, I just put a comment there for him so that he will write some description in his answers in future instead of "only code"
> I am trained in gorilla warfare
@Braiam That's because that guy has a chimp on his shoulder.
@Louis ohhh, that makes sense
Different one.
On the basis of the point 3 in the question. (Editing it out would fix the issue but the question would still be crap without it, so there's no point.)
5:10 PM
> I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands
> that's a lot of hands!
@Braiam Something like this:
(Those things that look like sun rays... they are hands too.)
Now that would be useful when playing Cookie Clicker
5:13 PM
Must be annoying having to carry them all tho.
5:27 PM
I'd say it's handy.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PL-SQL LEADING WHITESPACES on stackoverflow.com
-1, CV, VLQ.
6:30 PM
It's been deleted...
@Louis quote?
@JanDvorak It's gone. Something about downvoters being gremlins and social rejects.
Ooh, link? :D
oh. That's what the other comment was referring to :-)
@Louis "gremlins" is kinda cute, if you ask me :-)
@Bart I don't have the power to resurrect comments.
6:33 PM
Ah, a comment. Disappointing. :D
6:57 PM
anyone see something bad? hamwaves.com/linux.ham.packages/en/index.html#package-list (pay attention to the AU link)
@Braiam apart from the run-on sentence?
@JanDvorak yeah, I'm not sure he's referencing the answer correctly
@Braiam links to the question, it seems
also, it's loaded with his user ID
@Braiam If you are eager for the announcer, booster or Publicst badge you could ask that he adds your userid in that link instead of his...
... on what basis?
Q: How to Deal With Persistent Abuse

RUJordanI honestly have no idea what to do here.. somebody keeps making stack accounts to spam stars in chat and post offensive answers to random JS room peoples questions. It's all spam "tell kittens I love him" or even worse.. a reference to his [obvious censorship of the male reproductive organ]. Do ...

Of course I did.
Mod already seems to be active regarding that user
@Bart As I recall, this was the user who posted the rude comment I mentioned earlier.
It's been quiet lately. We could use some good trolls again
7:18 PM
it's been a while since the last sports spam
when's the next football championship?
World Cup I guess
| image = WC-2014-Brasil.svg | size = 160px | caption = 2014 FIFA World Cup logo | country = Brazil | dates = 12 June – 13 July | confederations = 5 | num_teams = 32 | venues = 12 | cities = 12 | champion = | count = | second = | third = | fourth = | matches = | goals = | attendance = | top_scorer = | player = | goalkeeper = | young_player = | prevseason = 2010 | nextseason = 2018 }} The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th FI...
oh, the facepalm-logo tournament
Which reason to close stackoverflow.com/questions/23919982/… ? "lacks sufficient information" was my first thought
the stadium looks vaguely like SS Voyager
7:21 PM
Can't we just agree on sending that cup to some country once every 4 year and just skip the whole tournament and craziness around it?
Then we might actually get it one day @rene
@rene we'd like some system in determining who's going to own it
That would be the plus side @Bart
@JanDvorak flip a coin?
Crazy idea @JanDvorak. We assemble teams from a variety of nations. We pair them up and give them a ball. Then ... wait ...
@Stijn opinion based or too broad...
if you ask me...
7:26 PM
The troll has over 5 accounts now.
Quite fun @bjb568. Following the javascript active questions now. Get myself some flag count.
user3685112 also nuked?
Myeah, they're going quite fast. The guy seems familiar though.
Meh, either they managed to stop him or he stopped.
8:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: husband wife love+91-8003230033 problem solution molvi ji on english.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: problem solution babaji +91-9636999913 on english.stackexchange.com
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a duplicate of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/214173/…enderland 8 mins ago
^^^ are we supposed to do that?
@Braiam That would work. How would I change it?
@Bart no.
Ha, Robert to the rescue
8:17 PM
How to win undeserved reputation when you are at rep 1. a) Post a terrible question, which will attract downvotes and close votes. Don't worry, you can't go lower than 1. b) Once closed, add just enough code to satisfy those who don't actually know anything about the technology at stake. c) Sit and enjoy the reopen votes and the pity upvotes on a question that has obviously been unjustly downvoted. The upvotes will increase your rep.
(Some will recognize it from earlier.)
@Louis someone please remove the double "require.js" of the title! D:
@Braiam Done.
8:43 PM
chat is broken for code anyway...
@Braiam Hmm, okay.
Oh, @rene, did you ever get the data dump into MySQL?
@ShadowWizard Can I has dupe-hammer plz?
I'm struggling with a permission issue betwen my linux box and NAS
I need some magic on the symlink I guess
Ah. I have comments & tags in a table, importing badges right now, after that I'll do users, then posts.
It doesn't help that I'm only a windows dev...
9:01 PM
@hichris123 sure, put the laser marker and hammer on its way! :)
@hichris123 you clone Stack Overflow?
@rene wizard here. What spell you need?
Permission for a linux user over an smbclient to a cifs share...
@ShadowWizard Data dump.
@rene oh, that's level 12 spell. I have only up to level 9, sorry!
@hichris123 what will you do with those goodies?
@ShadowWizard I guess I'm doomed in that case...
@ShadowWizard Not sure yet. Hopefully look for hidden spam & NAA's. Also maybe some analytics, and running whatever queries @rene wants. ;)
9:12 PM
@rene Is the issue with smbclient's own config or something more general?
I ran the smbclient as root and mounted the nas, created a symlink to that mount in the data directory of mysql but now mysql gives a err:13 (no write permission) on that directory
and the mysql user does have permission at the filesystem (at least that is what it looks like)
Can you su to the mysql user and poke the filesystem to see what you get?
hold on
@rene I'm not sure about your configuration but maybe in Unix & Linux chat they can help, maybe ask what logs you should look at (my bets are in /var/log/samba and maybe auth.log)
OK, well it looks like the mysql user doesn't have that write permission afterall...
Let me gather some evidence...
9:20 PM
@hichris123 :
import re
p = re.compile(ur'love', re.IGNORECASE)
test_str = u"love\nLove\nlOve\n"

re.findAll(p, test_str)
9:50 PM
@Braiam strangely enough if I su mysql I can write that to that symlink. It looks more like a mysql permission issue. The auth and samba logs are near empty.
10:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: XBOX ONE 100% FAILIURE RATE? on gaming.stackexchange.com
Q: How can you become a supreme leader on Stack Overflow?

user3685582How can you become a supreme leader on Stack Overflow? Is there a way to access it? Do you pay money to become that? I'm on the vergen to become one if possible! I have nerves of steel and can handle intruders easily!

@ManishBot free flags
It's closed now :( I really wanted to answer that.
11:11 PM
My Android phone takes about as long to upgrade its system as my computer at work takes to log off of Windows.
Damnit they went and changed the color scheme all around again and now everything looks different. Stop doing that Android!
iOS is better.
@bjb568 Tempted to flag as offensive.
@michaelb958 Tempted to flag as spam.
11:29 PM
@bjb568 Tempted to flag as a threat
"Don't make me turn that flag upside down!" ~ Sheldon Cooper
11:55 PM
UGHHHHHHH They brought back the annoying f****** emoticons on this version!
fills with rage

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