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12:11 AM
@AmalMurali Query done. (The blank row at the top is a grand total.)
12:58 AM
@shog another history about tags: you think dependency is a good tag when, "apt dependency problem" is the question, where apt tag already exist?
and you can have others package manager with similar dependencies problems
2 hours later…
3:27 AM
@michaelb958 AWESOMESAUCE!
@AnnaLear: Are you still around? (sorry for the ping)
@AmalMurali what's up?
@AnnaLear Any idea why this happens?
@AmalMurali somebody flagged it for closure as duplicate of another question. since you're the author, you see the banner on the assumption that it's a new question and you're looking for an answer.
I see. So that will remain until that flag is disputed/declined, right?
However... now it looks like we have an orphaned flag in the system, since the post it pointed to was closed as a dupe of yours... Circular dupes are fun!
3:35 AM
I guess the author of the closed question flagged this one as some sort of "revenge" :-P
I'll make myself a note to look into this. Certainly looks like a bug, but I might be missing something; it's pretty late here :)
@AnnaLear Cool, thanks!
np :)
3:54 AM
Any good Linux tool that supports taking screenshots and drawing awesome red freehand circles?
4:09 AM
@AmalMurali shutter?
only for browsers though
4:27 AM
@Braiam Can it be integrated with imgur?
@GnomeSlice Yep, that's what I've been using until now. But they remove the images after 3 days (unless you upload it to Google Drive, which I don't want to)
Also, their direct image URL looks crappy and is too long. I want something like imgur's.
2 hours later…
6:22 AM
Wake up everybody! It is...
You are such a killjoy :-)
Is this day going to be like this:
This is a link only answer to a very broad and/or opinion based question... — rene 48 secs ago
7:54 AM
So quiet here
I saw Anna was awake in late hour
Oops, did I woke her up with my yelling?
No rene, it was @AmalMurali fault
he directly PINGED her
Oh... I'm sorry :-(
Just kidding. I'm evil :->
8:00 AM
You are suspended for waking up an SE Dev. Your suspension will end in 2032

Amal waking Anna up in late hour

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Bookmarked 11 secs ago by Shadow Wizard

@rene Please, at least make it 2042. :-P
too late...
8:03 AM
Now THIS is evil
/me scareds away
I killed so many of them as teenager, amazing
Who called Bart?! :)
'Twas me. It was all me!
Seriously, what is wrong with all these people.
@AnnaLear: What grates against me isn't the rep, or the attempt to contribute a canonical reference post (indeed, the former is designed to encourage the latter and so both should be welcomed in this case). What grates against me is the way in which this has been done. To put at the top of the question "this is the canonical reference, close everything else against this one" and then to post on Meta to get everyone's attention... it's just... well, uncouth. — eggyal 13 mins ago
8:05 AM
Who dare summon me!!!
At this point, I'll just convert it to CW. :-P
@Bart it wasn't me, it was the Beholder ^^^^^^^
in that case....
So what's the proper procedure for converting a question into CW?
@AmalMurali Boo-freaking-hoo.
Flag for mod attention @AmalMurali
8:08 AM
@Bart I'd like to also have the ownership transferred to Community. And not receive any updates/notifications for comments on the post. Is that somehow possible as well?
can't leave him out of the discussion, can we?
@AmalMurali Then just have it disassociated from you?
@Bart Hmm. What would be the best thing to do? In your opinion?
I already told you before @AmalMurali. Ignore all the whining from others and let it be as is.
"Boohoo, someone gets reputation because he finally took action on an issue"
8:11 AM
A @Bart is never wrong.
If only that were fact
@AmalMurali I had heard the word "uncouth" only one other time in my whole life and it was in a discussion between Rarity and Alul her sister. I am seriously worried - now thank to you I will always imagine Anna as a white unicorn...
:-P just kidding
@AmalMurali Say that to this keyboard - not to me. ^_^
8:32 AM
@SPArchaeologist nah, too easy. He's cute!
I guess everyone here already saw this by now? :)
Closing voting as a duplicate requires an answer on the duplicate target but not an accepted answer right?
And the answer needs a positive score I think?
@ShadowWizard - That's nice :) But has it been rolled out officially yet?
It doesn't really tell here or here
@R.J it's available only on Stack Overflow and only by manually changing the URL so no, not officially yet
@rene this applies for all sites except MSE
In there we can close as dupe of everything
8:38 AM
@ShadowWizard - Can you give me the link to the relevant meta post? I'd like to keep track of when this goes live.
Q: Changes to "close as duplicate"

Shog9As you may have noticed, Jarrod's been hacking away at some design changes to the "close as duplicate" UI. These are the first fruits of some discussions we've been having internally regarding the "close" UI as a whole, with the goal being a smoother, easier-to-understand experience for all invol...

Q: Profile Page Makeover, Part 2: the Prototype

David FullertonWow, that took longer than expected (though right around the 6-8 week mark), but we finally have a semi-working prototype of the new profile page. Recap There’s a longer explanation on part 1 but the gist of it is this: we’re splitting the profile into two pages: An “About Me” page which is w...

From there "close targets are restricted to answered questions", and that's the SE definition of answered. An accepted or upvoted answer. @rene
@Bart Tnx!
@ShadowWizard you want something un-cute or just evil? :P
8:43 AM
@SPArchaeologist oh, good point. Can't have them both, I guess!
I'm beaten by the Oxford dictionary meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/253824/…
Myeah, it is a forum. But it's not a forum.
sure...I'll refrain from further comments...better for all of us
@Bart yeah, reminds me of a soapless soap.
8:56 AM
@rene FU-SIO-HAAAAA! (Reputation level increased over nine thousand!!!!!)
@rene not sure yet, this would be ultra silly
I assume ChrisF keeps his eyes open :-)
9:12 AM
@rene and a finger on the trigger :-D
@AnnaLear please let me know when you're around - if you got few seconds to spare :)
9:34 AM
Do you get extra points for freehand crosses and tickmarks?
With enough freehand you do at some point get full mod privileges @rene
WTF is that?
I dunno but it has to go, quickly...
Dunno, sexy avatar makes me hesitate
9:39 AM
You're easily distracted?
Nah, I'm pretty well focsquirrel
@ShadowWizard evil enough?
9:56 AM
Oh boy ...
Q: REWRITE MY PROOF!!!!!! (I know its right) :)

user49577Okay guys so Ive been working very hard at some of the questions that my lecturer gave me last weekend to do, its due TOMORROW so I need you to write this proof up for me neatly in nice "Mathematical" langauge, or so my profesor says hahaha So he wanted us to prove that P=NP, firstly I assumed ...

Can you please hurry up answering that...
Not sure if trolling...
And the whole academic world now thinks: "wait ... oh my god .... it was right in front of us all this time"
@Mat It is trolling. He must be trolling. He cannot be serious. And if he his, please check his belongings.... he must have found the Necronomicon - having seen the horror that lingers between is the only plausible explanation for such behaviour.
Love the comment @Bart
10:01 AM
Just trying to be practical here @rene. Keep the question on-topic.
From his other question: demonstrate that "n*(n+1) divided by 3 is a triangular number". " I was trying brute force but I can't finish"......
People are very serious on this site. You may not be, but if u do this kind of bullshit one more time, I swear I'll kick you out of this site personally — user34304 2 mins ago
Q: Example "bad proofs"?

vonbrandAs a sidetrack in this question it came up that it is important to have students read texts (in particular proofs) critically. As examples it is nice to have correct proofs at hand (presumably in the textbook/lecture notes), but also a variety of others: Proofs that are just plain wrong, like t...

I think we got a winner for that one :)
10:45 AM
@Bart isn't is obvious? Someone rage quitting in a very peculiar way.
Sad thing is that looks like many missed the offensive part thus is wasn't flagged as such.
@SPArchaeologist Too evil actually so it overflows and becomes good. ;-D
Your problem is probably on line 42. — Soner Gönül 43 secs ago
Oh, I'd love for the reply to be "That was it. Thanks!"
11:32 AM
@ShadowWizard forgive me for asking - So you did actually knew where that wallpaper is taken from?
An new OP to Tim Schmelter (151K)
if remove the other it will not work and you will not understand it — user3611922 6 mins ago
@SPArchaeologist no, Google did :)
@rene it wasn't aimed personally at him, the OP just said that if he will remove code, it will make the rest impossible to understand
And yes, he want us to write it for him.
Can somebody explain to me what enounced means: stackoverflow.com/questions/23515795/…
Google translates gives me in dutch something related to a dentist
i.e. "it may solve his actual problem, but it won't solve the problem he describes above"
Ok, then I should alter my comment because I really think it does solve it...
11:49 AM
@rene "uitspreken" is the closest I can think of
Ah, thanks Bart
12:29 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/23450641/updating-quiz-results-php OP hasn't responded to my comment after 4 days.
Haha "Your sample code looks pretty broken" ... I'm sure it was just a typo.
@Stijn done. User can't be bothered to clarify, we can't be bothered to try and help. :)
1:11 PM
@GnomeSlice i'm on xubuntu, that's only for win/mac :(
1:22 PM
@AmalMurali I think they have a plugin...
1:45 PM
A: Why did we bother with line numbers at all?

2spooky4u░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▐.................................................................................................................................. ░░░░░░▄▄▄░░▄██▄............................................................................................................................... ░░░░░▐▀█▀...

@TheGuywithTheHat luckily, we are not vulnerable to ASCII art
2:06 PM
@TheGuywithTheHat lol
2:33 PM
Okay @AmalMurali - I'll pastebin ALL the code and you can wade through the differences and tell me if you can see a solution :D I'll update the Post in a moment. — theclueless1 7 mins ago
/me points at OP's username
I think he's just being sarcastic.
But spot on
At least, that's the impression I get from this previous comment:
You know what, SO really does deserve the "£narky" rep due to it's "policing" - IF YOU DOWN VOTE, have the flamming guts to post a comment "why" (F* cowards). — theclueless1 10 mins ago
Oh no, Jeremy has quit Stack Exchange :(
2:56 PM
Hmm yeah, no shiny shiny
He was so kind, wonder who replaced him ):
Goodbye Jeremy Tunnel, and thanks for all the fish!
Reverse engineering proprietary file formats is just so much fun and such a good way to spend my time
Wow, yeah. That sounds like a blast, @Bart.
Luckily is seems to be fairly well structured binary data, and part of the import works. But it's an exporter we need, so that will take some doing. Gah.
@Bart Oooh, what kind of file?
3:07 PM
Mainly animated mesh data out of a proprietary garment simulator @TimStone.
Huh, interesting.
I'm writing an exporter to that format for Maya. Or at least that's the goal
3:23 PM
@Bart Well...that sounds more interesting than I expected it to be =)
Once I get it to work I might agree. But yeah, nice puzzle to solve
If you're looking for puzzles to solve, you might like this game: Hash Guesser.
@AmalMurali I expect myself to fail miserably
Oh boy, I'm going to waste far too much time on that @AmalMurali.
3:39 PM
I've already spent a lot (read: several days) of time on it.
Some of them are pretty easy. I got 7/15, but no idea about the rest. :-(
Algorithm 13 looks very easy to crack
That's because it is
@JanDvorak Yeah, indeed :-D
cracked :-)
now for the rest :-)
Algorithm 13 was sponsored by the Swiss Train Services
3:45 PM
Ha, SBB :-D
3:55 PM
@ShadowWizard Around now; what's up?
@ShadowWizard: How do you make such freehand circles? o.O
@AmalMurali Where?
@3ventic Everywhere.
4:36 PM
@AnnaLear hey, just wanted to ask if this bug is known to you? (the team :-))
Q: Tags feeling a little shy again

ben is uǝq backwardsWhen editing a question the tags are feeling a little shy and aren't displaying themselves fully. The inline tag editing does not have the same problem but the tags jump around a little as well. I'm fairly sure that this has happened before but it was fixed and I can't find the bug report. Th...

Looks minor but more and more people are noticing it
@AmalMurali Paint.NET "Paint Brush" tool, brush width of 2 ;)
The rest is probably artistic instinct
@ShadowWizard "Hey, I'm a [T]ag. I'm a bit shy but here's a picture of my junk"
@ThiefMaster So many replies to that are running through my mind, but none make it through my filter
5:16 PM
@HansPassant Nobody is explaining anything away, in fact there's a whole spec written to send over to the developers to implement next week. I'm not giving back your 500 gallon buckets, I'm going to turn the tide back instead. Getting in front of the problem is not explaining it away, I'm honestly baffled as to how you arrived at such. — Tim Post ♦ May 1 at 6:16
I'm intrigued by that comment.
I am in the close review queue and 2 consecuctive questions I have come across had comments by dejchlin "This question appears to be off-topic because it is not useful to anyone but the OP". The questions are poor, but that is not a legitimate close reason any more. Any comments on this?
Worse yet, some people upvote that comment
There are users who find it necessary to create their own close rules or manually reinstate long since removed ones @demongolem. It's annoying.
Wow. That guy is developing quite a habit of pointlessly using custom close reasons.
"This question appears to be off-topic because it is not a good question."
I've seen this once:
> This question appears to be off-topic because it's not a question
@ShadowWizard I passed it on to Jin
5:28 PM
This question appears to be off-topic because there are already a million questions asking how to debug a NullPointerException. Go read them. — djechlin yesterday
This question appears to be off-topic because it is not a good question. — djechlin May 2 at 21:47
@AnnaLear ^^^ flagable?
You didn't read the documentation, go away. — djechlin Apr 24 at 2:38
For explicit moderator attention I mean
This gentleman has apparently reached his breaking point, as far as SO question quality goes.
Yes, this answer is not useful. It encourages bad questions which leads to answerers abandoning the site as a hobby entirely. So don't answer bad questions. — djechlin May 2 at 21:45
5:32 PM
Then he should get out @jadarnel27.
"Step away from the keyboard good Sir"
@Bart Sure. I'd flag a post rather than a comment, though.
Okay, will do @AnnaLear. Thanks
Agreed, @Bart. He should take a break - and possibly a high-dosage chill pill.
A comment from 2010, but I somehow find it funny.
A Col. Shrapnel answer by any chance? — meagar Dec 11 '10 at 5:56
2 Listenings? One 1 day? What are you trying to do here?
2 listenings, 1 cup.
Also no results: 1girl10000cups, 2girls(5+3i)cups, 65536girls65536cups, or 3frenchhens2turtledoves1cup.
Https xkcd not oneboxing is a major problem, and should be given the highest priority by the dev team.
Please start a request for that on Meta starting with "Community demands ..."
Wait ... Wooble is quitting and moving to Yahoo Answers? ...
Honestly I'd rather just go answer questions on Yahoo Answers at this point. Bye. — Wooble 1 hour ago
6:33 PM
Hey everyone !
@Bart I think he's giving selfpunishment
6:47 PM
@AnnaLear thanks!
7:03 PM
That is unfortunate that Wooble is bailing, @Bart.
@jadarnel27 lets just not google that ;)
I've not interacted with him much, but he's a 30k user on SO.
The Puzzling proposal on Area 51 is only 5 committers away from beta! area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/45128/…
Is it considered spamming if I advertise Area 51 proposals that I want completed? :P
@IQAndreas no if you are not as annoying as real spam
7:11 PM
Anyone know why this user is removing from posts?
> Apple is the company that manufactures Macs and iOS devices. DO NOT USE THIS TAG!!! Use tags more relevant to the OS and device/computer you're targeting.
so, yeah, he's doing fine @Andy, through you may want to check that he really fix all the issues with the post
ie. "thanks" at the end removed, etc
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
Thursday and friday we have close vote events but....
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 7 mins ago, by rene
A: Enough fuzzying: let's let everything into the close queue and age out questions that don't reach a threshold

m0saImplemented and going live in build rev 2014.5.7.2223 on meta and 2014.5.7.1592 on sites. Expect the number of items in the close queue to drop a bit.

Maybe I should come back to the close queue. I haven't used it in weeks.
@Bart He left a message in the Close Voters room as well...
@jadarnel27 You're welcome anytime...
Almost a month, actually.
Haha, thanks, @rene.
9:05 PM
@Shog9 this is the conclusion I reached, does it need tweaks?
Any mod who can have a look at meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/253933/… ? If this hasn't already raised all sorts of flags and alarmbells. :)
@Bart Not much to do there.
Okay, good @AnnaLear. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
9:26 PM
Should there be on MSO?
@TheGuywithTheHat nah, suggested edits works fine
If anything it should be
Q: Spam from "Jamby"

AgentConundrumHas anyone else received an email from some site called Jamby? They reference my StackOverflow reputation. I assume they're not actually associated with SO, but I don't know how they got my email address, as that should be private to my user, right? Hi, I’m Gary, co-founder of Jamby. I saw yo...

If those people want to contact all users with positive reputation ....
9:52 PM
Hehe, dammit. There goes my MSO answer.
@Braiam you're kinda putting the cart before the horse, I think. My point was that tags can be related (in some cases strongly related) but can't be dependent on each other. dpkg may be related to 14.04, but they're not dependent on one another (as tags) - so don't worry about creating or enforcing such restrictions.
(If I'm misinterpreting what you were trying to say in that post, then take that as an indicator that you're not really being clear)
@Shog9 yeah, that's my point actually, that because a tag is present on the question doesn't mean that I will start adding the subsets tags for it, case: a question about "flash-player", adding the "adobe" tag.
the reason to add the tag: well, that adobe is the maker of flash player (this is the conduct I want to address)
the same can apply to apt/dpkg as package managers: because "apt" is a package manager, doesn't mean that I will add the "package manager" tag when the question is solely about "apt"
if that doesn't appear in the question, I really don't know how to phrase it
10:12 PM
@Braiam start with a problem statement, follow with examples, end with guidance
@Shog9 that will not work... I prefer that you add an answer instead then.
the "problem statement" can be dismissed as "not a problem", the "examples" can be argued or twisted, the "guidance" will be challenged, if I find a way where my words holds 1 interpretation, and just one that's the way I need to use
10:29 PM
@Braiam this is always true
It's still necessary.
btw @Shog9 can this be implemented
11:09 PM
@Braiam don't think so; not yet. Fair number of useful tags still being created by folks below 1500 - heck, [14.04] was created by someone with ~1200.
I tend to think the tagging situation on AU needs some more work before you have your bases covered there.
do you get data on the tags deleted?
the new born tags I tend to kill are created by >500ers
@Braiam eh; some. Not enough. Hard to say how many destroyed tags are created by low-rep / high-rep users.
I can do a full analysis on this at some point, but right now it's failing my sanity-check (there are 48 tags created by low-rep users in the past year still in use, some of them with hundreds of uses)
11:26 PM
is there a query available that I can check?
11:48 PM
4 out of 5 of this user's answers are pushing an open source tool for combining jars. He does not explain how to use it, just sings its praises. Is this something I should be reporting? Here's the user: stackoverflow.com/users/3014673/dobby
@Louis It definitely seems like spam to me. Maybe just flag one of those answers , and leave a custom message explaining the issue, and have a mod deal with it.
@Stilly.stack Sounds good.

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