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4:08 PM
@Joe Got a link to the question?
Q: Why HAVING clause in PROC SQL doesn't turn blue?

user2993827I am creating an output that has duplicate values, but the HAVING clause doesn't turn 'blue'. The code does what it is supposed to do though. Could anybody explain why HAVING is not 'blue' and if this is a problem? Thank you!

It's not a terribly good question
but I didn't really think it was exactly off topic, either
so just answered it so it would go away from the unanswered questions :)
@Joe I think it looks on topic and your answer is good.
K, thanks
4:27 PM
I left a comment on that question to ask any downvoters to come forward
I didn't downvote it, but I sort of understand it
I don't think it's a very good question
but perhaps it's just because I expect the SAS IDE to not be very good at highlighting things :)
Asking downvoters to explain their downvotes is sort of frowned upon. If people are going to explain their downvotes, they would have already.
Occasionally it can be a subtle way to detract bandwagon-jumpers from piling onto a question when it doesn't really deserve it.
I know but it might help to counter a few robo-downvoters
Passing users go "Hmmm, maybe it's not so bad after all."
@rene snap!
4:37 PM
@Duncan hehheh
Haha, great minds think alike.
Notice how you managed the same message with half the words.
That's definitely a good point. And your comment was definitely more constructive than most I see demanding downvote explanations, @rene.
@Duncan I'm a language genius!
It is all about tone of voice and sometimes that is hard to get right...
at least for non-native speakers...
5:01 PM
One of my coworkers is on vacation this week. In his "out of office" reply, he put to contact me if anyone had pressing issues with his apps.
Now granted, I am his backup for most apps.
But normally one puts "contact the Help Desk, and have them put in a ticket to {our team}."
Sounds like your next OO message has just been written for you
"If you have any problems with my apps, or if you need a sandwich, please contact XXXXXXXXX"
Well said, @Joe.
It's all sorts of things, but it sounds off topic to me
it's not about programming
Excel questions are only acceptable if they're about programming in excel
Macros count as programming. He does mention he wants to do it with macros.
I hate it when I make a quick swipe on a Chrome notification but Windows interprets this as a click instead, triggering the click action.
That's not a macro question
he might say 'macro'
but I don't see that as programming
as long as you cast a CV, w/e :-)
It's certainly "do my homework"
5:53 PM
Seriously. I would make out with whomever is responsible for the new top bar on the Meta Stack Overflow mobile theme.
Tongue and everything.
Luckily I'm not the author :-D
/me spins the wheel of blame to see who has to french kiss @jadarnel27
Come on down Nick!
Not bad.
The wheel could have treated me worse, I suppose.
6:02 PM
C# would just have been weird
And C# and I have way too much history to do something like that.
I wouldn't want to make things weird.
6:43 PM
Ooh new mobile top bar!
7:28 PM
Woooo double XP weekend in Assassin's Creed 4. :D
Gmail down for anyone else?
been down for me and a coworker (both working from home, so not a company issue) for half an hour
Yeah, it's having some hiccups every now and then
Not loading for me either.
@Joe sir, negative sir
Ah, back for me now
7:30 PM
of course I ask and it comes back
should've asked ten minutes ago!
7:49 PM
Should've had a V8.
8:01 PM
waits for the inevitable "holy crap, you wrote an SQL query"
holy crap, you wrote an SQL query
Wait, did someone write an SQL query?
Yeah, animuson did @jadarnel27. You know what my first response was?
8:26 PM
What's that, @Bart?
holy crap
Any devs around?
This question is currently on reddit. But the view count only increased +5 over the last few hours.
I suspect it's because it's using the link, "https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20977741/stdvector-performance-regression-w‌​hen-enabling-c11?noredirect=1#20977741"
And it's not incrementing the view counter.
@Mysticial Hrm, are view counts not being counted over an HTTPS connection? I tried removing the crap from the end of the URL and still nothing, then I changed it to HTTP and the view counted.
How does it count views?
Is it sql-side or is it something in the page
If it's something in the page, perhaps it's chrome/etc. refusing to load non-secure bits
8:39 PM
It's definitely server-side. Though it's really weird that the connection would prevent it from counting.
Als, it seems to count unique visitors only
A: How does Stack Overflow calculate the number of views in a question?

user136634I've recently investigated the functioning of the Stack Overflow views counter because I wanted to implement something similar (which I did). My ramblings on the matter are here: Dissecting the Stack Overflow views counter So, how that thing works? Quite simply, as I turned out to be. Every que...

Apparently it is, kind of, client-side.
Though that information is a couple years old now.
If that's true, then it's not a surprise
that it wouldn't work on the https
for most people, at least
Though I don't see anything in the page source with \ivc\
Inspecting the source I see StackExchange.ready(function(){$.get('/posts/20977741/ivc/9738');}); - so it wouldn't be an SSL-to-non-SSL issue.
so perhaps that's changed
err, /ivc/
I don't see that
on a page i'm looking at the source of
is it in the .js or something?
8:48 PM
No it's in the HTML source. I had to search for it because it's not at the top of the page.
It's near the bottom.
oh, wait
i'm dumb
I'm viewing source for a page of questions, not a question :)
Who's going to be the lucky 200th?
@hichris Give me a referral link.
@Undo There.
> This proposal has reached 100% commitment. We are preparing for its launch and expect to create it soon.
8:53 PM
Who is Al?
sigh I'm afraid it's not going to make it, though.
@jadarnel27 AI, not al... :P
@Undo Like the last one?
Robert Cartaino on December 22, 2010

On Monday afternoon, we unceremoniously closed down a Stack Exchange site: Artificial Intelligence.

Not that many would have noticed. It had an laggardly 83 questions in its 12 days of existence. It wasn’t so much the lack of questions that was of concern — a site can stay in beta as long as it takes — but the conspicuous lack of expert-level questions. This was also the emerging opinion amongst the users:

I committed to this proposal some time ago, hoping that this might become a site for researchers or knowledgeable academics asking serious technical questions about artificial intelligen …

For your reading pleasure.
It does have some serious momentum, though - it was proposed only six months ago...
8:58 PM
@hichris123 Morning! Looked at that code you sent (right when my son wanted to go to bed) - pretty neat
really simple to create graphs with that
@Joe Morning for you? Wow, it's 4:00 PM where I am. :P
Well, morning = hello :p
It is pretty simple code, once you get the hang of it.
Good diurnal isomorphism!
Buenos dias mis amigos. :P
@Undo What's gone on while I've been at school?
9:00 PM
Another flood of questions bulk-migrated to sd.se
And spam, I see?
What's sd?
@hichris123 only falsoe positives
@Joe Sound design maybe?
9:02 PM
xkcd.com/1321 - XKCD for the day
doesn't make it feel any less cold
gives me some sympathy for global warming though...
maybe we can up our CO2 release for a few years...
@Joe Heh. Just to make it warmer. :P
Heck, if we try hard enough, maybe we could bring the dinosaurs back!
9:29 PM
Hi all, is there a CM about?
Nope. They never come in this room.
Never is a strong word, @Shog. :P
Interesting. What other strong words do you know?
What's a CM technically ?
@Shog9 Ban. Leaving milk out (as one word). Special CM powers.
9:33 PM
@Joe Cenobite Monster
@Shog9 can you do something for me?
@Amaterasu Depends.
@Shog9 could you nuke my account here cogsci.stackexchange.com/users/4185/amaterasu?
@Amaterasu sure. Any particular reason why?
9:35 PM
@Shog9 too long to go into here
@Amaterasu fair enough. Be aware that there's no "undo" or "reactivate"; your posts and comments will be made anonymous and all other information associated with the profile on that site will be destroyed. Reply "ok" and it's gone.
and it's gone
thank you for that
9:37 PM
cookies for you
any flavour you wish!
@Shog9 Does it cache pages? I can still see it here: cogsci.stackexchange.com/users/4185/amaterasu
I can't
@hichris123 try refreshing the page
9:37 PM
Hmm, probably a browser cache.
I get a 404
Okay, now I get a 404.
I had to refresh it like 5 times. :P
I can confirm that the "obliterate user" feature is working as intended.
@hichris123 absolutely nothing. Except for me wondering if you were at school.
@Undo What, you think I have a life? That's crazy talk.
@hichris123 I know it is. But there's been a school-shaped hole in your activity, and I suppose I jumped to conclusions.
9:46 PM
@Undo You're right then. :P Yeah, no more winter break. Though tons of two-hour delays.
Start a campaign for a back-to-school-break.
Heh, I had the weirdest fire drill today.
It's like 10 out today.
So my school decided, Well, let's have the fire alarms go off a few seconds before the end of school, and that will be the fire drill for the month.
as long as they don't mind you taking off...
at my work they make us stay in the lobby during fire drills
you theoretically can sneak out but
it's frowned upon
at least it's indoors, though
How cold is it where you are @Joe?
0 ish
right now
by monday night will be -20
in chicago area
9:49 PM
I remember when there actually was a fire at my high school. Dead middle of winter. We had to stand outside for almost an hour.
@Joe This seems like very the wrong message.
@Joe I'll be -17 ish. :P
@Pops lol, yes
@Pops What, you think places should keep their employees safe during a fire?
I think they're mostly practicing our evacuating out the stairs properly
we are in a huge building (40ish floors)
we're on the 4th floor, fortunately
I have no idea what people on the 34th floor or whatever do
9:51 PM
@Joe Hmm, not the Hancock then...
No, that's not really an office building
it has offices but is actually largely residential
Huh, never knew.
Chicago had a fire a while back where people got caught in the stairwells
partially due to idiotic things like 'automatically locking doors'
and partially because people didn't know how to evacuate down the stairs properly
@hichris123 Well, sure. It's way more cost-effective to retain your existing employees than find new ones who are equally qualified.
I mean, that's just basic financialism.
@Pops What if they've got a life insurance fund on everyone?
9:53 PM
Companies aren't usually the beneficiary of the life insurance ;)
Being investigated for multiple murders and life insurance fraud tends to put a damper on business as well.
And, likely still more cost effective
it's really hard to find good employees
from my experience, if you have a 50% success rate, you're doing well
@Pops Never would have guessed. :P
But what do I know? I don't have an MBA.
9:56 PM
@Pops You never did get me those spammer stats... do your work, CM!
Though this is true too:
Jan 14 at 16:45, by Undo
The Tavern: A practical alternative to CM'ing.
@hichris123 Sorry. Right now I'm investigating the fact that a very high proportion of accounts named "hichris123" are involved in spam and may need to be destroyed.
visits "hichris123"'s profile page, confused why it's not destroyed yet.
@Pops Weird, maybe you should give me some of those posts to flag as spam.
@JanDvorak Why'd they even bother editing it, then?
not sure
but does a shitty question at best make any salvage effort too minor by default?
10:26 PM
69969 reputation. Interesting. I'm disguising my evilness with upside-down 6's.
@animuson I thought you said mods had feelings... you seem to portray that they don't. Which should I believe? :)
Evil is not a feeling?
I think more of good feelings... and evil isn't a feeling/emotion/whatever. It's a characteristic.
Enmity (hatred): is a feeling.
> earned at least 200 reputation on 101 days
I finally passed the 100 mark.
Oddly, I've never hit 200
despite being 13.5k on SO
in a year
10:32 PM
@animuson Do you want an upvote to make your numbers be weird?
I'm already rep-capped today
Could always downvote ;)
that's why my upvotes weren't working! I thought it was caching!
Hinty, look here for Q's to downvote: meta.stackoverflow.com/users/141525/…
Note: I'm not actually going to downvote. Unless you want me to @animuson. But that would be weird...
Q: When should we be enforcing the affiliation requirement?

animusonThe FAQ for this states: Post good, relevant answers, and if some (but not all) happen to be about your product or website, so be it. However, you must disclose your affiliation in your answers. I'm having trouble thinking of examples where enforcing an affiliation disclosure would benefit ...

^ Ick. Downvoted :P
10:35 PM
How about this one?
Q: Why do they allow bogus answers/replies to questions?

animusonI don't understand how saying something completely ignorant that doesn't actually attempt to answer the question is allowed to continue on the Stack network. People get hundreds of reputation by posting these worthless answers and it really detracts from the purpose of the website. The most recen...

Yeah, but then he could conceivably say I was serial voting and thump me with his mod hammer.
I'm probably making his topbar go crazy. I was doing the voting thingy where I vote and unvote. :P
I want to find a way to make that diamond thing in their toolbar flash green and orange or something :P
Maybe in an innocent-looking userscript? :P
No, that's not voting irregularities. Sorry, but you can't ban me, Animuson. :P
@Undo And it then spams the mod's computer.
@hichris123 No, then they might leave my milk out.
Making the diamond flash at random times would be fun.
10:39 PM
@Undo remind me to never install userscripts from you
@JanDvorak You're not a mod, so you're safe :P
@Undo Speaking of userscripts... :P
@hichris123 Yes, I know.
I'm packing for my AFK time this weekend :P
@Undo Camping?
@hichris123 Yah.
Oooh, we could put a little k after the number in the flag indicator!
10:40 PM
@Undo Where I'm going this weekend. :P
Todo: make a userscript for @animuson that does something useful and also adds a 'k' after the number in the flag count.
645k flags? Crap!
Just make it add a lot of zeros to the end. A lot of zeros.
6450000000000000 flags.
And now I've got to go. See everyone Sunday!
The recalc reputation button has vanished from /reputation. A few pages now say that recalc happens automatically. Just how often does this automatic recalc happen? I have a 4 reputation mismatch now (/reputation says my reputation should be 4 lower).
11:20 PM
Lol the latest ABP update completely breaks Facebook. Doesn't let anything on the page load.
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