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12:02 AM
@m59 expand the vote counts on the relevant posts & it'll lose the cached value
@9Shogsa-Shogging hmm interesting.
That's a strange behavior.
not really; the score is needed frequently, so the value is cached rather than calculated.
Sitting on the floor using my computer. Woo
Looking at picking up a Kindle Fire HDX, any input?
12:26 AM
@animuson What happened to your chair?
I'm in the process of taking apart my desk so I can start building my new one. My chair is in the hallway.
Oh. Cool! That sounds fun.
Sort of.
The new desk part.
I think taking apart the old one sounds more fun
12:48 AM
Seems like a lot more when they're not on a bookshelf.
hi guys. Today, my private information showed up for me on my profile. Is this an intentional change? I have not seen this before when going to my own profile.
1:04 AM
Holy crap, @animuson. That is epic.
@LaszloPapp: You mean information you entered? Why wouldn't you see them.. I don't think that's new...
1:20 AM
Gah.. Spent 20 minutes writing a very elaborate answer. 25 minutes after posting now and he's asking the very things I literally state in there as comments to other questions.
2 of the other 3 questions don't even make sense, yet they're the ones he follows up on
some people..
Reading is hard.
@LaszloPapp It's always been there. We just moved it to the bottom and marked it "private" because folks kept thinking it was public.
@Shog, will they ever fix the bounty comment box text bug? Anyone on it?
what bug?
When you type in a long sentence that goes past the right edge, you lose characters visually (though not really). So when you're looking at it, it looks like stuff is missing. Hard to be sure what your end result will be. No mistakes allowed.
Q: Bug in textarea in bounty creation popup

uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐNI was attempting to create a bounty for a question over on Stack Overflow and ran into a rendering glitch on the last page. After entering a sentence that exceeds the length of a single line, the popup contents scroll slightly to the right and strange characters start showing up: There is no '...

I don't think I always get the parentheses, but I always get the text messing up in Firefox.
1:54 AM
oh, I remember that bug
@colejohnson Nope. No planned work for Area 51, especially at that level of effort required.
> I am a nerd. I enjoy sitting at the computer typing things that normal people don't understand at speeds that make them jealous.
Tho'se bastard's! They didn't even add any unnecessary apostrophe's to that title!
@9Shogsa-Shogging Are you okay? You seem a little....too crazy.
@hichris123 If I was too crazy, would I have closed that question?
It's not enough to close a question once, you need to close it twice.
user image
2:29 AM
@9Shogsa-Shogging That only confirms my suspicions. You've been having too much of the Close Vote Queue lately, correct? Rehab can help.
'Shogging' sounds dirty.
@ElfSlice We're not British.
@ElfSlice only if you have dirty ears
Neither am I.
@9Shogsa-Shogging I do, I'm afraid.
An elf with dirty ears is a terrible thing.
2:31 AM
@9Shogsa-Shogging You really need to give Undo and I unlimited comment flags. And then we'll take over the world. And no rate-limiting.
2:45 AM
Yes! Shog finally got a christmasy name!
@Undo How's low bandwith internet?
@hichris123 In a motel.
Just decided to join us for the 10PM script?
Not there yet.
@hichris123 Script?
We have a script?
@Undo CV aging.
2:47 AM
CV aging is fun.
@hichris123 If you manage to get Shog (or anyone else) to give you unlimited anything, you are amazing.
@Undo Unimited hats! @9Shogsa-Shogging I want unlimited hats. Or something comperable.
Not that bad.
Not too bad.
If I don't get the Doge hat I've committed to deleting my account.
So that has to happen
I'm only like 3 times better than you @Undo
I'm only halfway to the internet wasteland, though.
2:50 AM
Are you doing your comment flagging? A day without Undo's comment flaging is a day without life.
@ElfSlice What's the Doge hat?
@hichris123 I have not been doing my comment flagging. Sorry about life.
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by fredley
@MechanicalLoon Doge hat isn't real
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Dec 18 at 2:43, by ElfSlice
If I don't get the Doge hat I'm going to delete my account.
Guess it's time then
My new gravatar with this awesome hat fits so well in this situation
2:53 AM
Maybe they'll last minute add the doge hat just so ElfSlice will stick around.
Awarded for being ElfSlice
Doge hat: delete your account because you can't get doge hat.
I dunno, they'd probably be happier if I left
Awarded for deleting your account, okay
Even better
So... tired... can't even review close votes.
Even duplicates
2:55 AM
So bored, nothing to review
Say, @9Shogsa-Shogging, what's the protocol on edits like this?
Hey guys. ElfSlice is a overrated- er, I mean highly rated member of the SE community!
(the user strikethrough'd a link and put 'dead link' or something after it)
Broken links should be just edited out imo
or fixed if possible
(just kidding with you @ElfSlice)
3:00 AM
Should I still be writing thank you notes from my end-of-October wedding? Probably not. Is anyone surprised? Also probably not.
@jadarnel27 You actually got married? :)
I'm at least as surprised as you are.
@jadarnel27 Suprised that someone would marry you? Or suprised at something else?
@hichris123 Yes =P
Definitely surprised that someone so awesome would marry me. Given my history, and general strangeness.
3:10 AM
@jadarnel27 We're all strange, so I'm not sure if that matters...
Truth, Chris. Truth.
You are wise beyond your years. Or at least beyond mine.
(I don't know what your years are)
I'm still a student, but I don't really know if I'm wise...
You seem like a wiser person in terms of brown, at least.
Well, I have more experience with brown, I imagine.
That's probably true.
3:48 AM
Silver status-completed badge! :o
Wow, nice.
@animuson Can you get a silver status-declined badge for answers with some set number of negative votes? You should add that.
4:08 AM
@AnnaLear No, I meant for Area 52
4:24 AM
Not quite...
4:38 AM
@cole Not really, no.
5:15 AM
When reviewing Late Answers, what should be done with an answer like this? stackoverflow.com/review/late-answers/3634961
It doesn't really deserve a NAN/VLC flag..
nor does it really answer the question. It just reaffirms what the accepted answer states.
I hit "No action needed", and later edited it.. is that appropriate?
It sort of seems like a fancied up "me too" answer. If the answer literally just said, "I had the same problem, and the above solution fixed it", then there would be no hesitation in pulling the NAA trigger.
However, given the complete-looking-ness of the answer, I'd say go with a custom mod flag explaining the situation.
NAA flag would probably get declined.
Not to say that "No action needed" is wrong in this situation, @JoshC. Just that, in my mind, custom mod flag is probably a better choice.
5:53 AM
@ThiefMaster: around?
@9 Shogs a-Shogging: around?
Q: Private section in the profile

Laszlo PappI have just noticed yesterday that there is a new "private" keyword appearing in the profile on Stack Overflow. Is this a recent addition because I have not seen it before. Thank you in advance!

@AnnaLear So you are saying that over the past year, nothing new has happened with Area 52?
6:16 AM
Q: how to move data from one table to another table using windows services

user3086586I created two tables and I have to move data from one table to another table using windows services does it possible.... can I use services as a communication layer between two data bases or tables.and while starting a service I am getting 1053 error how to over come that error.... can any on g...

I make table and need move data use windows services. does it possible? can use services as communication layer between two data bases or tables? and when start service, i get 1053 error, how to fix? can haz code to fix problem?
6:38 AM
Why doesn't this work? score:<-5 stackoverflow.com/search?q=score%3A%3C-5
6:58 AM
@LaszloPapp If I had known Shog9 had answered your question already I wouldn't have posted an answer :)
Anyway edited
Guessing I can delete all three comments
7:28 AM
@ColeJohnson Nothing worth reporting. We've been thinking about different approaches and checking the data we already have to see what would make sense, but honestly, other things are taking priority right now.
2 hours later…
9:52 AM
@ColeJohnson Because search syntax doesn't work that way. Help Center says you may want score:..-6 (the bounds are always inclusive).
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
could please someone of mods / SE tea, take a look at flags at Programmers? we are being under attack of the porn spam from recently created accounts - programmers.stackexchange.com/users/112413/user112408 (deleted), programmers.stackexchange.com/users/112413/user112413 (still there). Quite annoying, maybe worth a (temporary?) IP ban
3 hours later…
3:08 PM
It's too quiet in here...
that is true...
@Bart you're no fun
3:10 PM
Jeff Atwood on January 04, 2010

I noticed that the Stack Overflow question Strangest language feature has been closed and reopened several times now. The text of the question is brief:

What is in your opinion the most surprising, weird, strange or really “WTF” language feature you have encountered?

I agree this is not exactly an ideal question for Stack Overflow, per the FAQ:

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered! …

editing out useless pictures
Talking about your answer there @RyanCarlson?
For one it's pretty late. But that particular picture can be taken in two ways. "Haha, lighthearted fun", which I'm sure you meant it to be. Or alternatively "what an ass", which is not all that uncommon an interpretation for users on Meta. So best not do that.
Good point
It was actually meant to be sort of in between
3:13 PM
I get your point, and you're right. But whether or not it makes good sense to drive it home .... Just downvote if you don't think the question is all that well-researched
Right. I somehow managed to completely forget about downvoting.
Oh boy, you've got a lot to learn. It goes like this:
1. Downvote question 2. Read question 3. Wait until you can no longer retract downvote
4. Brown
Someone want to skip step 2:
Q: Up/Down buttons in question title

KvanTTTI would like to upvote or downvote some questions without going to this question, because of title and short part of description are sufficient for voting decision in some cases. I suppose to replace following old form: with new form:

3:35 PM
hi, is it just me or there was no question yet about hiding certain review queues in the review tab when the user wishes so?
3:46 PM
This Chuck Yeager hat lets me pretend I was the first ape in space. Pew Pew!
Given how that ended I'm not sure that you want to fully see that through
4:29 PM
Hi all, yesterday I noticed that adding url's to my answer changed the code in code-blocks inside my answer. Say the last line of a code-block was : alert( my2DArray[1][0] ); then it changed (seemingly randomly) to (for example) alert( my2DArray[1][6] ); This is currently the best description I can give it and I'm already looking at meta trying to find something that relates/explained this issue. Or could it be that recently something has changed and introduced this 'bug'?
Q: Adding a new link to a post messes up the code already present in the post

kiamlalunoIn an answer, I was adding some links to the documentation, after I wrote some PHP code. As result, the code was altered. Take as example the following code. if (isset($item['load_functions'][1]) && !empty($item['map'][1]) && $item['load_functions'][1] == 'node_load') { $node = $router_item['...

@TimStone Thx Tim, I'll check that Q
Yeah, the short of it is that it is an existing bug. :)
Yep, that is indeed what I noticed. pretty ([ BOFH -statement here]) bug, no existing work-around? It had me pulling my hair yesterday (especially since I just commented to another answer of a very high rep user that his answer contained virtually every possible mistake one could make).
@TimStone Thanks for saving me quite some research time! I really appreciate that! I noticed there is no answer to the Q you linked, yet I do wonder, Is there a documented 'safe' 'work-around'? I already triple-check my code before I paste it, having to go through edit-hell to keep my code correct is kind of asking much (I spent more time in fixing a correct answer then researching/formulating/writing it up).
4:49 PM
Your best option is to simply add links manually, I suppose. That bug has been open a fairly long time though, I'll see how difficult it would be to submit a patch to PageDown to fix it here shortly.
I have a feeling it's a non-trivial fix, but we'll see.
@TimStone That would be really cool! One might think the algorithm might just exclude code-blocks (and code lines between `-characters). It must use some tokenisation right?
@TimStone and by manually you mean the [text](url) format?
Yeah, the problem is mostly that the editor piece is (mostly) unaware of the parser behaviour, so it doesn't have the context to make smart decisions most of the time.
@GitaarLAB That or just doing the [text][ref] with accompanying [ref]: url bit yourself.
@TimStone deal, I understand. So in short, currently the best advice is not to use the url-button in the editor (would make a great temporary answer to the question you linked, better than nothing).
I'm at a mall. The Saturday before Christmas.
That sounds more like a "farewell" than a "bye"
5:12 PM
@TimStone: are you by any chance typing up a (temporary) answer to that Q, or shall I do it (if so, shall I link to this chat and that you are looking into a possible patch)?
@ElfSlice No onebox? Wow.
Bandcamp doesn't onebox anyway
Ah, I was going to say...
5:40 PM
@TimStone: I added it as an answer (for now), so it might help someone (and not be tucked away in this chat). Again, thx for the help and I wish you the best of luck with the patch!
2 hours later…
7:28 PM
Gah, I don't like trying to help a user out and then discovering something that might well end up harming them.
Aaaand confirmed. Gah. Well, I'll be off pushing an old lady into a hedge or something, to complete my day of evil.
8:23 PM
Q: Merge [bad-request] into [http-status-code-400]

abatishchevPlease merge bad-request (its wiki): HTTP status code 400, implying the request was not understood by the server and should not be redone without modifications. into http-status-code-400: The HTTP response status code 400 Bad Request Which is a member of big tag family, e.g. http-stat...

i hope it's fine to post it here, once :)
8:34 PM
It's so frustrating when the OP doesn't put in the needed specifics to understand his requirements.
3 hours later…
11:08 PM
Ah, glad the OP was at least active and clarified. Job Done.
A: Calculate number of consecutive dupes in a column backwards from cell

Lance RobertsThere are many ways to do this, here's a simple way. Note that the code assumes values starting at row 1, modify to suit your requirements. Public Function ConsecutiveDupesToCell(w As Range) As Long Dim newcount As Long newcount = 0 exitloop = False Do If w.Offset(-newcount, 0).Value = w...


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