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12:07 AM
mmmmm garlic bread pizza is amazinggggg
12:54 AM
I'd normally ask if you brought enough for the rest of the chat, but I had sushi and fried ice cream, so I'm good.
1:16 AM
woo I'm half-way to Epic on meta ^_^
1:45 AM
OH I was like how the hell did I get 115 rep in like 15 mins since last time I checked O.O I forgot I answered a bountied question
Woooo that puts me past Rebecca!!! dances
2:24 AM
How can a user with 1 Rep can Comment on other person's question ?
@animuson nothing a little update statement can't fix... whistles
@Lucifer: It was converted to a comment by a moderator. It was originally posted as an answer.
oh , okey
does 10K rep allows you to view such information ?
You can see the deleted answers on a question, so yes.
ok :)
5 hours later…
7:48 AM
wow who voted to undelete: stackoverflow.com/questions/5182185/…
@Flexo The question?
@TimYiJiang the deleted non-answer
Hmmm, don't see any undelete vote, but I'm only 17k
@TimYiJiang: Yeah, you have to have 20k to delete/undelete that post. But it shows up in the 10k tools under the recent undelete votes. :)
I wonder if the owner of the post is allowed to cast an undelete vote if it wasn't deleted by a moderator? Anyone know?
7:58 AM
the owner of that post was showing last activity before it was deleted
8:26 AM
@animuson No, but this one wasn't deleted by a moderator. If the community deleted your answer, you can vote to undelete, but it's not binding like when you deleted it yourself. Either way, it's not the owner's undelete vote here; looks more like an accident.
8:45 AM
Interesting. SO user #1 "no longer work[s] at Stack Exchange, Inc." yet can still act "at the developer level" :
A: Can we put a moratorium on the Great Tag Cleanup of 2012?

Jeff AtwoodI cannot agree even a little that library is a worthwhile tag. The way I judge tags is to look at the newest 50+ questions with a tag, and it's clear based on doing so that this tag means nothing to askers, it is just a word they slap on questions when they somehow vaguely relate to "libraries" i...

Could make an interesting IT-administration question, that
how so?
Well, personally, whenever I've left a job, my login access and so forth is generally revoked. More quickly the more access I had.
When was the last time you left your post as the CTO of a company you co-founded, but still were counted as part of the team and were still holding "much literal and figurative stock in the success" in the company?
pretty much never :)
hadn't seen that team link, thanks
but still strikes me as slightly unusual. The rest of that quoted sentence (and the sentence before it) too. Anyway.
my main point is that it's not an IT administration question
if your opinion is Jeff shouldn't be allowed to do these things that's a different point
9:15 AM
sorry, I was unclear, all I meant was I can see it being a head-scratcher for some junior IT operative scrutinising access logs a year or two in the future
9:37 AM
A: What can I do when getting "Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"? (the answer is here, in this post)

Mr ListerThe accepted answer is not quite correct or up to date, being over a year old. So here are some notes that may clarify things, based on my own experiences as a bannee. "Why this message" Implies that you are using the site as a help forum, not doing any research yourself, or not bothering to wr...

I was about to comment asking him to just edit the original answer when I realized its been locked
Couldn't we "comment lock" the answer instead of locking it out of editing?
That said this isn't actually a good answer
10:07 AM
Please see this question having 4 reopen votes. Can this question be opened?
Q: Why aren't notifications not given for all received badges?

Somnath Muluk Possible Duplicate: The new notification system didn't notify me of my Investor badge :( Yesterday, I have received two badges: Revival, and Self-Learner. I received a notification about the Revival badge only. I have not received the badge notification for Self-Learner badge, m...

how is that not a duplicate?
Bacause this answer was saying notifications are not received if you are not expecting that badge i.e You havn't got that badge any whereelse
that's not what that answer says
but I see how you're misunderstanding this
I'll edit it
Yes surely...And morely can you add for which badges the notification is not given?
And I was thinking that question said about only investor badge. And my question was asking for details about which badges don't give notifications. That's why I assumed it is not as duplicate :(
@balpha: And what does mean veteran-worthy? English is my 3rd lang. I don't know it.
10:22 AM
see my edit
@balpha: Though it is not clear for which badges I wont get notifications?
Nobody ever cared :) And regarding "my question was asking for details about which badges don't give notifications." -- that is not true. You added that after the question was closed. If you edit it such that that's the actual question, I'll reopen and answer.
@balpha: Do you meant to change title now? What should be it's title? I have edited title after that I got 4 reopen votes.
10:47 AM
never mind, I'll do it
2 hours later…
12:47 PM
Hey! Hey. Hey.
What's going on here?
1:42 PM
I cannot decide if I should downvote this answer. I feel bad downvoting low-rep users, but he hasn't exactly responded to my comment so far =/
Also, all 5 or 6 of his most recent answers are code-only, or links to jsfiddle.
Hello Guys
How can we create a new tag?
@Dharmendra You need 1500 rep to create tags on Stack Overflow.
1:59 PM
@jadarnel27 Thanks :)
@Dharmendra No problem at all.
1 hour later…
3:09 PM
Anyone here?
3 hours later…
5:48 PM
How much rep is needed before the community wiki checkbox can be used on an answer or question?
@DavidManheim For answers, it's 10 reputation.
They took away that checkbox for questions, so you have to flag it for moderator attention if you want a question converted.
@jadarnel27 Thanks. That answers the question... (the pun, it hurts!)
@DavidManheim Ha! =P No problem.
The only CW stuff should generally be on Meta anyways. If you feel you have a legitimate SO Q that should be CW, let someone else review your idea first.
6:34 PM
@jcolebrand I was planning on posting first, then waiting and suggesting Wiki-fying it if others thought that it seemed useful.
Anyone who is an SQL expert, and wants to look at the answer I provided and see if they can think of anything to add? I'm trying to build more canonical answers to SQL questions: stackoverflow.com/questions/11299217

 The Heap™ – Consultancy ©®

General on- and off-site discussion for dba.stackexchange.com....
You're in the wrong place sir.
@DavidManheim So the general thing is, if you're going to self-answer, then self-answer (there's a checkbox before the post bit) but very very few Q need to be CW. Ever.
... which is the reason why the checkbox on questions was removed
because it's usually a case of YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG(TM)
@balpha oh was it? I've used it in the recent past ...
or do you mean the CW bit?
yes, the CW bit
I thought you meant the jeopardy flag for a moment
Aye, I knew that's why that was removed.
Speaking of balphas.
6:44 PM
Have you got three-ten minutes to look at that chat login on iOS Chrome with me? Just let me try again, and tell you what I'm doing.
we're about to make dinner, so I'd rather move that to tomorrow
I'm glad I'm not the only one whose natural reaction to being mentioned is to get shifty-eyed and ready to run away.
@balpha aye, that's not an issue.
What time? GMT specification is fine
Q: Validating URL with cgi

David ShochetI need a regular expression that would let me validate Url. I found this one: "^(http(?:s)?\:\/\/[a-zA-Z0-9\-]+(?:\.[a-zA-Z0-9\-]+)*\.[a-zA-Z]{2,6}(?:\/?|(?:\/[\w\-]+)*)(?:\/?|\/\w+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}(?:\?[\w]+\=[\w\-]+)?)?(?:\&[\w]+\=[\w\-]+)*)$" But my problem is that besides regular urls, I...

6:47 PM
@jcolebrand just ping me when you see me here
@balpha aye
7:02 PM
@Flexo I don't get your comment about CSI:Miami.
That regex doesn't appear to be wearing sunglasses and making bad puns.
they got GPS coordinates from it too later :)
@Flexo I have a 358 IP address subblock.
I use .42.x.y for my living room sensors, .23.x.y for my kitchen sensors, .16.x.y for my bathroom sensors, .15.x.y for my bedroom sensors, .8.x.y for my roof sensors, and .4.x.y for my TV
@Flexo Haha, that is awesome.
@jcolebrand Hey. Quit ruining our fun with all your reality.
@jadarnel27 oh yeah, it's nothing to write a VB app that will take a IP address and map it to a specific car license plate, via reflections from a hubcap, sunglasses and camera lens
@jadarnel27 a) that was a LOST reference, b) no IP address anything goes to 358.
@jcolebrand Hahaha
@jcolebrand Oh. I've never watched Lost. My bad =)
I'm always a fan of the way people in movies and TV shows are able to "enhance" images over and over again.
7:16 PM
@jadarnel27 you should ...
And each "enhance" requires more furious typing than the previous.
@jadarnel27 do a youtube for VB gui
@jcolebrand LOL I had completely forgotten about that.
8:21 PM
@jcolebrand Haha, that site's pretty fun. I like it.
3 hours later…
10:58 PM
Robert Harvey explaining the Question Ban to a user
Once upon a time, we allowed people to ask whatever they wanted, and let the closing system take care of it. We created the perfect world, where no one suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster... No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. — Robert Harvey 11 mins ago
11:50 PM
Trying to run Windows XP inside Windows 7 inside Mac OS X so I can use my scanner.
Because it comes with XP drivers only.

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