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4:00 PM
You could also use "poke."
poking is more like inviting
That's poking
Throw A SHeep
Fingernails onna blackboard
4:01 PM
no idea how to poke, it doesn't show up on the user profile box thing
Poking is so wrong...
If you want to poke some just type @Name
@lance to invite someone to a room, you have to be in that room, and they cannot be in that room
@georgemarian but it feels so right
@shog9 At least in the sense of getting someone's attention...I always think of the wrong thing when I see it.
4:02 PM
@balpha so, get a room, then poke?
@lance since you are only in this very room, you don't get that menu item
@shog9 I do it whenever I can, just not on the interwebs.
Like a my GF's best friend poked me on Facebook. No way I'm poking her back.
I always though "poke" was a synonym of "annoy", is it ?
@holyvier Well, poking someone in the side is annoying. Which is why it would only be done among friends.
@georgemarian Well, that's out then; no friends list on SE.
Q: A "Friends List" on StackOverflow would be nice

Chris PietschmannI think it would be nice to have a "Friends List" on StackOverflow. This would allow us to be able to follow the Questions and Answers that are posted by users that we want to watch/monitor. I suggest it be implemented in the same fashion as DotNetKicks.com; where you can add someone to your "Fr...

Huh, [status-declined] is not red in chat.
4:09 PM
@populardemand That was in reference to RL poking, of the non-euphemistic type.
@georgemarian I was intentionally ignoring that.
@populardemand Yah, well. My sound still doesn't work in Chrome.
@populardemand Well, fine then.
@georgemarian I use Chrome and I have sound. V 5.0.375.126
@populardemand Yah, it was working earlier. I dunno what I did to break it. I'm on 5.0.375.125
4:12 PM
@balpha I had AdBlock installed, thought that could have been it. Disabled it and still no dice.
Hmm...I guess I could be more explicit w/ the plugin rules, maybe that's it.
Do you see
Any js errors?
Q: Highlight inserted comments when 'show x more comments' is clicked

Lance RobertsOften I read through a comment thread and then see that there were more comments. When I click on that link, it opens them up and inserts them in time order, which is where I'd want them to be. BUT on a busy thread I have no idea where the comments were inserted and I have to scan them all if I...

Ok, Chrome officials sucks donkeys.
So, I added a more explicit rule for plugins than then google's weird wildcard style. Somehow, that disabled the JavaScript rule added through the interface itself. I had to use the same explicit domain name inorder to get JavaScript back. =/
@lance pretty sure that's a dupe
4:17 PM
Ok, that fixed it.
That's effing ridiculous. I can see the plugin rule being necessary, but the weird crap regarding the rules/wildcards is just unnecessary. It's like they sat down and said "how can we make this more complicated than it has to be?"
Does anyone know where Jeff wrote about people not reading instructions, even the markdown help on the Ask Question page?
My Googling abilities are weak, it seems.
hmmm, ok, I'll find it and put it on the bounty list, sure wish I could queue bounties
@Lance if you were replying to me I think it was a blog post.
ok, found it, and voted to close as dupe
@Popular, no I was replying to balpha
@lanceroberts ...HA HA JAY KAY
Never mind, it was on Coding Horror: codinghorror.com/blog/2009/10/treating-user-myopia.html
4:26 PM
@shog, was vgv8's last edit good?
@shog, or was Jon B right?
@Shog9 ok, the grammar and english in general was bad, but it was the right action to take?
Ah, back to that. I'm against those edits, as they changed the meaning of the post.
Granted the original post was mostly noise, but that's not really a reason for that sort of edit.
@jjnguy Nothing wrong with clarifying the problem, so long as he sticks to that.
He's seems like I was in my first year of calculus, lost and just not getting it. (Ended up with a math degree, so there's hope).
4:35 PM
Still think the lousy english is a ruse...
Can you bold or italicize on chat?
@lanceroberts no, such formatting is impossible
thanks for the info
may we have colors as well ? so we can all go back to the glorious era of mIRC scripting :)
4:37 PM
@stefanoborini Oooh! Oooh! Marque!
in Chat feedback, 7 hours ago, by Jeff Atwood
short version: IRC sucks, kthxbye
Huh, you can *mix and match_ underscores and asterisks.
@jjnguy same problem as comments on SO
Well, you can mix and match one.
4:39 PM
@Shog9 Ok, how did you do it?
Ok, It is possible, kinda...
remember this room?


Playing around with formatting
Touche @balpha
Oh, hey, a sandbox.
@balpha Remember the "move messages" feature?
13 messages moved to Sandbox
I certainly do
4:43 PM
I'm gonna need to get a real chair soon. By which I mean a really expensive chair.
Why? What sort?
I need one of them fancy, super adjustable ergonomic jobies.
i.e. $800-1200
A memory foam pillow on a $25 task chair just isn't cutting it.
Something about having grown up on a farm and playing Diablo 2 'till yer hands seize up just didn't agree with my body. ;)
Just work standing up for a while... Does wonders for yer back
Not so much for yer feet. ;) That said, I have been considering one of those long neck keyboard trays for exactly that purpose.
ah, but then you have an excuse to buy better shoes... ;-)
4:51 PM
I will be off to the pool to get horizontal soon. Just too freaking hot to get much accomplished.
I know nothing about GeekDesk other than they advertise on SO, but... what more do you need to know?
GeekDesk eh? runs off to google
Ouch. That's around the same price as an ergo chair.
Ah, interesting. Motor driven, goes up to standing height.
But, I would still need an ergo chair. Gah, I need to IPO a startup already.
Interesting I was just look for the Geek Desk website yesterday but I couldn't remember the name! Thanks!
LOL One of the popular tags suggested by delicious: wishlist.
Hurrah! I'm helping!</zoidberg>
5:01 PM
" Zoidberg.... You all still have Zoidberg!"
Ok, the need for a space is rather lame, though understandable.
Speaking of ergonomics, this looks interesting. senseboard.com/product.php
@georgemarian If that works it's spectacular, but I have no idea how it could; it seems like people type differently enough to fool it
@michaelmrozek It supposedly works quite well, if you can touchtype correctly. I'm guessing it may have some training type of thing to it.
I'm failing to find one of the ergonomic chairs I was considering, since it had a tailbne cutout in the seat. Apparently, I failed to save it to delicious.
@LanceRoberts Jeff deleted the Cletus goodbye speech?
5:16 PM
well, he came back, didn't he? :)
"seen Mar 22 at 13:00"
He hasn't really been all that active, and if he felt like it cletus could have deleted that.
he came back briefly to, um, participate in the moderator elections, and then again to ask a question about the big rep recalc
Jeff can't (shouldn't) unilaterally delete things that question his authority.
5:20 PM
but there's still the whole "RIP" bio message, so...
@devinb well, obviously he can, and feels he should...
5:35 PM
Oi! Barkeep! Another round!
... well, if nobody's around, then nobody will mind if I just walk around back and raid the pantry myself.
the barkeeper is on vacation IIRC
in Chat feedback, 21 hours ago, by Chacha102
anyway, I'll talk to you all next week
Open season!
@balpha what happened to the more rooms page? :)
@nickcraver ?
@nickcraver hit refresh
5:42 PM
@devinb, yep, but I put it in the Archive post
looks all weird here, could be chrome 6 beta caching things again, lemme check
nm....and damnit chrome
blame Diago
got a screenshot?
Yeah blame
Actually. Hold on. What am I being blamed for?
you caused Nick's browser to cache CSS, causing the "rooms" screen to lose the boxes
must've been you, otherwise why would you be returning to the scene of the crime?
5:45 PM
I had the same problem today
But they were fine after a refresh
actually most of the CSS stuff today was Jeff
just saying...
I have on the other hand not been able to favorite a room unless I am in it.
Huh, that happened to me earlier too. I just figured the page didn't finish loading properly.
@balpha If it can't be blamed on me it must be Jeff
5:49 PM
as if the stackexchange portfolio of sites wasn't enough to distract me at work, now there's a chat room...
@diago you're right, that got broken. fixed in the code, will be fixed here in a minute
p.s. this chat room is like a browser stress test. IE is struggling just to switch of/on this tab. :)
I can't get to chat at work :( And I am only allowed 2 hours internet access a day
Sad panda
@Fosco what IE version? IE8 is pretty fine with it
it was struggling earlier today, and as soon as I said that I switched around and it's ok... sorry.
5:53 PM
At least it can't be 6. It didn't have tabs
@fosco making IE struggle to run web apps is like making a baby struggle to retrieve the candy you just took from it. Easy, sad, and mean all in one go.
@diago favoriting rooms from the index page is fixed
it's beautiful, though :).. the chat room functionality.
@balpha Sweet :)
@Shog9 yeah hehe.. I hate IE.. I am just forced to use it at work.
5:55 PM
I tried using opera for the chat for a few hours and try to fix some... things. You learn to love IE after that kind of experience
Yeah.. it kills me how some act like Opera is the greatest.. That title belongs to Chrome!
@balpha The best way to debug Opera is to get the source code. For the browser.
@balpha It's called "Stockholm Syndrome" - you just haven't spent enough time in Opera yet...
Control Panel -> Add/remove software -> Opera. That's the best way to debug Opera.
What's so bad about Opera?
I used it as my primary browser for a while, it worked pretty well.
5:58 PM
It's different
@PopularDemand Sure it was on your desktop and not your phone?
I use it on my phone, but that's different..
I had to give up on Chrome, it kept my hard drive working too hard. They may have fixed that by now, but I'll let them fix it some more before I try it again. (It also had install problems).
ACtually it amazes me that their phone version is not that bad
@Diago, yes. I've never used an Internet-enabled phone, I can't justify the expense.
5:59 PM
They only seem to get it wrong on the desktop
@populardemand Fair enough then
@Lance try again man... there's no better browsing experience.
@lanceroberts I love Chrome, the only reason I am back on Safari is the reader button
My favorite new toy.
@lanceroberts I'm disappointed by chrome's odd wildcard syntax for javascript/plugin rules. Not to mention the fact that the rules must match between the two. I had to enable plugins for the chat domain (which makes sense), but since one rule was explicit and the other used a wildcard, it diabled javascript. =/
Lets's see how this preforms in IE6
@Fosco, I don't find Chrome to be any better or worse than FF. Different, but not better or worse.
6:02 PM
@devinb not at all, if I remember a screenshot I saw correctly
... not well.
I'm dissappointed that Opera Mini doesn't work for SO. I'm hoping someone comes up with a Blackberry browser that will do SO good.
Your screen shots are correct. You can't see anything
Some of us have MultipleIEs installed.
Let's see how well chat works in IE3.
@balpha I'm able to type messages in a message entry section that looks completely correct.
6:04 PM
I want to know how chat will work in Netscape Navigator
but the right column is splayed out beneath. And there is a vast amount of whitespace above.
And at the VERY top, all the messages are piled on top of one another.
Anyone got Lynx?
@devinb It's Jeff. He's messing with the CSS as your typing :)
@PopularDemand Ooh Oooh I do
well, if you give Photoshop to a stone age cave drawer, don't expect to get something pretty...
@Diago Jeff is creating user specific CSS? I'm honoured that he selected me first!
@balpha your standards of beauty are too high.
6:07 PM
I'd say, don't expect to have your computer in the same state as before
@devinb, looks like you guys are having fun with all those title edits and rollbacks
@lance I'm done. They can go nuts. I tried twice. :)
"Windows Internet Explorer [Version 4.01 -ed] has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
I have been advised to restart my computer.
I noticed @Ladybug Killer just put a [status-completed] tag on a retag-request I took care of, but he's not a mod, have they enabled the red tagging for anyone? 10ks?
@Popular it still haven't told you to throw your computer in the garbage
6:09 PM
IE 5.01 also fails.
@Lance link?
Q: Retag questions [visual] [basic] -> [vb]?

HoLyVieRSome Visual Basic questions are tagged with [visual] and [basic], which just seems to be a mistake. Should we retag those questions to [vb]?

A: Retag questions [visual] [basic] -> [vb]?

Lance RobertsI think we'll have to go through those so that the versioning gets done right, i.e. vb6, vb5, vba, etc. I certainly agree we don't need that pair of tags on anything. EDIT: OK, I took care of them all.

@lanceroberts You missed a Bill The Lizard edit...
What @Shog9 said
6:11 PM
What @Diago said...
LadyBug just rewrote it
I guess IE3 is too stupid to know it's supposed to crash?
@Shog9, thanks, I did.
@Popular does it display anything ?
@PopularDemand Can you actually get past the Google Search page with IE3?
6:13 PM
Screenshots will be up later in the day.
@balpha is there a plan for the "more rooms" link to not open in a new window?
@populardemand (Once you remember how to take screenshots in Windows 3.1)
Like I said, MultipleIEs. I'm using XP.
it was still just the print screen key, i think.
@balpha it was all caching, I'm downgrading to chrome 5 now, this caching is really unbearable as a web developer, Ctrl+F5 breaking is killer
6:16 PM
@PopularDemand XP out of choice or need?
@diago Need.
Not as far as I know. Management wanted target=_blank @fosco
@balpha It's handy that way
@Nick there was some StackOverflow question about this stuff.
hang on
k, brb downgrading to stable real fast
6:17 PM
@PopularDemand Ouch :(
@balpha ok thanks
Q: What's the difference between hit "F5" and "Ctrl + F5" in browser?

Morgan ChengIs there any Standard for F5 and Ctrl+F5 action in browser? I once did experiment in IE6 and Firefox 2.x. The "F5" will trigger HTTP request sent to server end with "If-Modified-Since" header, while "Ctrl+F5" doesn't have such header. In my understanding, F5 will try to utilize cached content as...

@diago Do I really need 7 at work, for development?
The "accepted answer" has 12 upvotes.
the highest voted has 118
Although I do use Vista at home by choice.
I own a copy of 7 but have no problems with Vista, and if it ain't broke....
6:19 PM
Vista!... 7 is such an upgrade.
I won my copy... signature edition of ultimate... sadly, it has Ballmer's sig instead of Gates.
@devinb Now there's a populist.
@Populist: Indeed. And it's such a good answer too.
Yep, that was a good answer.
Ahhh 5 works correctly
I wonder if it's outdated. But I don't even know how to run that test, and don't have the resources for it now anyways.
6:25 PM
Ctrl+F5 has always worked in every browser, but there are more cache changed in 6, I'm not sure what they're up to. You have to recache in that tab and then reload, usually manually going to the specific resource and hitting F5, then it'll work...but only for that tab, all others are still from cache
When you're trying to update some CSS sprite maps...that's all kinds of fun
Some browsers only support Ctrl+R
Q: multiple identity decision chain during editing

vgv8I am confused when my post is edited by someone especially under multiple personalities/identities. If my post is edited and I want to rollback the changes, what should I do? To enter into discussion with all editors (this seems strange to me because nobody discussed the changes with me, as th...

At least he has a name now!
anyone up to the task to open a chat room with that guy and try some explaining?
And suspending won't even help
@balpha Erm..... :( I am sure my wife just called.....
6:31 PM
I'm sure he'll get it eventually...
And whatever it is she needs, I'll do it
i'm going to need to create another account if i'm to convey multiple personalities correctly
Not sure how to invite.
@balpha That sounds rough. I already had a good chat with him last night/this morning
6:32 PM
10K+ SO users and one person can't get it right
@jjnguy I'm serious -- I don't think he's evil-meaning or anything, but all I've seen so far is that the Meta way of explaining things won't work
note to self: backup extensions before downgrading
i was under the impression google would leave them be
Kara did say she believes there is a language barrier
@balpha Well, i posted a link to the chat in the comments
@diago it's behind the language moat, guarded by the language dragons, encircling a huge gleaming city of language berserkers
6:45 PM
@devinb Should that be migrated to SU, at this point?
@Popular what?
the ctrl-f5 question?
The browser question
@Popular No, It is related to what is actually being sent by the browser to the server. As such, it is more relevant to programmers than to end-users
Mmm, fair enough.
I just tried to star @jjn's deleted message; it brought up the "can't perform this action" bar but the gold star icon remained.
see if it's still there
i don't see a star
6:52 PM
@jjnguy My precious chat history! Yeah, F5 wiped it out.
there's a known bug with the gold stars
@balpha That enough of them aren't on my posts? Agreed :(
Sorry. Harder to search for the in-chat bug reports.
I don't know if it's ever been mentioned
but it's known to me :)
6:54 PM
@balpha you should report all known bugs to marc. He's the developer, he'll fix it.
Feature-request: better API for @balpha's brain.
my brain API uses linux sockets -- not compatible with .NET, unfortunately
Your brain has sockets in it? You should see your healthcare provider about that.
eh, balpha: looks like the "starred" list doesn't recognize replies...
@Popular, if he doesn't live in a place of universal healthcare, that would be expensive.
Wait... Germany, right?
6:58 PM
I forget. Jeff publicized where you live at one point.
It's not a secret -- it's in my profile
Dammit, when I was in Switzerland, this German guy was going on and on about his healthcare.
Well... you should at least stick some good runes/materia/gems or something in there. (Depending on your personal video game history.)
devinb, I concede. This guy's totally not trolling
Q: when can I start editing (to know it is not a waste of time)?

vgv8I'm confused. What is the sense of wasting the time for editing, when your post or the whole discussion can be deleted? For ex., having read that moderator Kyle Brandt wrote: "I will ask Jeff later about post deletion" about my post Why was my account closed in SF? [closed], How to determine ...

7:09 PM
Well... it's a distinct question?
I'm trying to find it in my heart to write a non-venomous answer.
Not hitting submit until the question's mostly correct the first time I guess is a no-go?
Does anyone here know how to do statistical analysis?
Can we determine if he's Evan Carroll?
Sounds like a job for statistics.stackexchange.com!
vgv8 is pretty funny... for very difficult values of funny.
7:22 PM
I am in love with jQuery and I don't care who knows about it.
@Fosco I don't want to have to be the one to tell you this. But I've been seeing jQuery all over town. Seriously. She's been with everyone.
@devinb " SHE "!???!!!???!?!!!??!?!??!?!!!!??!?!
@Popular what is your objection?
@Popular are you uncomfortable working with women?
@devinb lol
@devinb I thought jQuery was a dude!
I mean
7:26 PM
@devinb It's something that is rather unusual.
@Popular That's rough. You though "he" was the one, didn't you.
I sympathize.
@holyvier Depends on the office.
Men anthropomorphize technology and electronics to be female all the time..
@devinb ...yes. And I would have felt better if you had said "I empathize," to be quite honest.
beggars can't be choosers..
Much as I would like to, that is a particular past-time I don't partake of.
7:28 PM
@devinb So far there is 1 girl in my course at college and no girl where I work for my internship.
@holyvier Switch to Social Studies.
@populardemand We were all young once :)
@NickCraver nope
@nickcraver Indeed.
Are you sad?
Didn't he had over 30 reputation an hour ago ?
@HoLyVieR He was boxed for a week
7:49 PM
@holyvier Suspension = artificial lowering of rep to 1 until end of suspension.
nah, saw that coming
ya, that's true
@Nick who didn't ?
over/under on puppet account creation?
<---------- (@HoLyVieR)
I'll set it at 25 minutes
7:50 PM
@MarkM Under please
@MarkM Over, way over
was he active at the time of the ban?
im taking over, hoping that he's out to lunch
or drooling on himself
@markm You're taking guesses about when he'll create a sockpuppet?
did the avatars change in here?
they look sharper or darker, or something
7:52 PM
@Popular - ya, a new one
I know he has others that have already been banned
@markm Aw. You ruined my punchline.
@nickcraver Inactive users' avatars are lightened.
@MarkM: He did mention living in a TZ of GMT+6; that would be like 2 AM now.
I know about the fade...but the active ones seem different
@Piskvor Are trolls nocturnal?
@MarkM they sure are.
7:53 PM
@MarkM They go where the need is
@nickcraver You're right!
I just flipped back and forth between two rooms, and they are darker in here.
Well, the tavern is well lit apparently
@MarkM: Well, you have cave trolls, and bridge trolls, and various other species of trolls, not to mention assorted troll half-breeds. Can't really tell - not enough data.
so Marks question has been closed as vague? :)
@Fosco :(
7:56 PM
@Fosco: Not yet - I hope that he'll be more specific.
wow the SO guys just found a new way for me to waste MORE time at work. wasn't Stackexchange enough
@Fosco you are all oppressive and do not understand my meaning. shortly I will add all of the thoughts that come into my head onto this specific post, so please make sure you scroll up to check
(although I was thinking of "belongs to trolloverflow" ;))
Did I do a good troll impression?
@MarkM No, no troll impression is a good one
7:58 PM
IQUnderflow.com imo
trolloverflow = craigslist rants and raves... scary
a site just for tolls
@MarkM :)
trollOverflow would be funny just to see 'migrated to trollOverflow' on the other stack sites
well there is testtest.stackexchange.com where you can troll as much as you want
I wonder if we can migrate question to that site
@HoLyVieR: Not really, trolling is - for all intents and porpoises - a performance art. Trolling where nobody cares is only partial, an incomplete troll.
8:01 PM
It seems like this should be a bit different: something.stackexchange.com
like the "create it" link should go somewhere
@Piskvor it can be Troll Trainning Ground then.
Troll training ground is slashdot.org
You know you have serious problems when you have to check your SO profile to see your age :(
@DiagoIf you can't remember your age, just go with 'old'
1 hour later…
9:11 PM
Man, I leave for an hour and there are only 22 messages when I return? Don't you people not have better things to do?
I left for an hour and there was one message when I returned
9:36 PM
@michaelmrozek I feel your pain. But, you know, less intensely.

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