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2:00 PM
Having $(...).function($(...)) just looks silly
@jadarnel27 Nice DP I like it :)
@Dharmendra DP?
Display Picture(DP)
@YiJ which one?
12 mins ago, by Manishearth
$("thread").append($("Does anyone feel it strange that three people came to complain about suspensions simultaneously?"));
2:03 PM
What does appendTo do?
@Dharmendra It's usually called an avatar. In this case, SE uses the company Gravatar to display the avatars, so you can also call them gravatars
I know that, anyways thanks. :)
@yij Ok, I see
@Manishearth Like append, but reverses the subjects so it's the caller that is appended to the element selected by the selector string passed to appendTo
It's easier to understand than to write about, eh
@Dharmendra Oh, gotcha. Thanks.
My face finally did get stuck like that. I should have heeded my parents warnings.
2:05 PM
Aah, I got it
needs to spend more time reading the docs and learning new functions
@jadarnel27 Its really funny. I like it. Seems you are also a funny guy :)
Read the tag wiki - I wrote half of it, allow me to do some shameless plugging :P
@Dharmendra Yes, I'm hilarious. My great sense of humor is only surpassed by my humility. And good looks.
@jadarnel27 Pffffffft
2:09 PM
But mostly the humility. I've pretty much perfected that.
@YiJiangsProble_ =)
Bye leaving now.
and silence fell upon us as order was once again restored to the tavern...
Oh no! Quick, somebody suspend me so I can moan about it
/suspend YiJiangsProble
Hmm. Didn't work.
/suspend YiJiangsProble!
2:17 PM
Use the backslash, Luke!
\suspend YiJiangsProble ?
Man, I'm so sorry for the account called YiJiangsProble.
@yij imteresting read--I learned a thing or two
@tim force-lift?
2:18 PM
he he made you look
unintentional Eddie Izzard reference :P nice...
@YiJiangsProble_ Also, how did you know my name was Luke? I've been telling everyone it was "Josh".
@jadarnel27 Use the Luke, Josh!
It seems Ben Brocka is now playing the role of @TimStone.
It appears you are channeling the spirit of Tim Stone. See You got your double encoded space in my tooltip. Oh those SE devs, will they ever learn =P — jadarnel27 58 mins ago
2:35 PM
You can bring a horse to water but you can't teach it how to fish.
Pffft, he's got the money to buy Stack Exchange pens. Show off :P
I'm sure that given enough time spent on youtube, you'd find a horse that knows how to fish. The question is, would such a horse be self taught?
@TimPost Clever Hans!
@yij ha! I got them for freeeee ! :D
And a nifty clicky sharpie
Q: Awesome package from Careers 2.0

RocketSo, I got home yesterday, and found a mysterious package waiting for me. I opened it up to be greeted by a very fancy Careers 2.0 box, with the phrase "go forth and be awesome" on it. Inside this box was a Stackoverflow branded portfolio. It came with a copy of my Careers 2.0 résumé, a copy of...

2:43 PM
And a tshirt wit a mexican hat :p
I also got a package the other day and I thought it was from Stack Overflow... Then I realized that I had been spending too much time on the site and the logo was just burned into my retina...
To be fair, it's mainly because of the fact that free shipping is UNSUPPORTED here. I mean, if I can get them from my local stationary shop I'll get them in a heartbeat. Hmmm... time :D
Haha :p
It takes only 1.7k reps on Physics to get swag!? Man...
Guess I'll just have to shell some out for it :/ oh well...
2:46 PM
You know, mexicanhatquestions.com is not such a bad name for Physics.SE ;)
I want to post an answer saying "not me - sympathy votes anyone?"
Just had to share this. A great answer.
A: search all tables, all columns for a specific value SQL Server

Cannuck FanMay you enjoy a long, rich and beautiful life for this code which saved me a whole lot of aggravation! And may you get laid like a bandit. I mean it!

but I will do no such thing...
A: search all tables, all columns for a specific value SQL Server

Cannuck FanMay you enjoy a long, rich and beautiful life for this code which saved me a whole lot of aggravation! And may you get laid like a bandit. I mean it!

haha - flagged as too comical ;) hehe
2:55 PM
@yijiang you forget that upvotes are hard to come by on Phy.SE
The "Late Answers" review tab has become my new favorite place to hang out. I went through half of my flags in the first 10 pages this morning. And I think that was all for new "late answers" within the last 12 hours.
I have the unsung hero badge there, so I know :)
@Lix Woah, that's nice.
@Lix oh, they already sent 'em. It's awesome!
@yij then again, I was there for a little more than a week and I was eligible :)
+1. StackOverflow == Get Work Done. CompSci == Talk about Getting Work Done. TheoCompSci == Talk about a Turing Complete Machine Accomplishing this Task in O(lg unicorn). — sixlettervariables 12 mins ago
3:09 PM
abort() works on getJSON(), right?
nvm .. stupid variable scope
@tim - $("#timP > div.last_question").abort();
that seems to work retroactively...
2 messages moved from Town Hall Discussion
@RobHruska Oh, you reposted in here, whoops. :P
@TimStone - Yeah, I went to the wrong room up front. They both started with a "T", and I can't be bothered to read past the first letter. tl;dr
When you ping a Tim, you just don't ping .. you actually pingadingdingding.
(one ding per Tim)
3:19 PM
You'll have to excuse @Lix and @Manishearth. That have an odd obession with just using the first three letters to ping people. Or possibly an odd aversion to their tabs keys.
ManishEarth even made a userscript for that =) Reply links in comments - lazy version
I love pressing shift-tab in chat .. it's like playing laser guided reverse tetris.
I can understand @Lix, everybody else pings him also using only the first three letters of his name.
Hahaha, I have never done that before. Awesome.
@jad Only on mobile. I don't like writing the full usernames, takes too long.
3:23 PM
Otherwise I use autocomplete/reply buttons like any other normal person ( ahem @Lix)
Five stars in five seconds wow that was fast!
@RobHruska I would like to request all @Tim to change their name to Tin just so this would rhythm
Rin tim tin? I may have found my new Meta name.
Quick, everyone change your name to Tim to see if the Redis server explodes
3:27 PM
Tim Yi Jiang? That works I guess
It will also annoy the heck out of the usuals who want to ping me.
Sound like a deal!
@yijiang why do you have an underscore in your username?
See, this is why MSO should not be turned into a SE 2.0 Meta
Yep :)
TiManishEarth also works
TimeToBlowUp also
3:29 PM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

PekkaMeme: Porblem, Halting Issue, Pro-blem, pr0blem Originator: Unknown Cultural Height: TBD Background: Late 2011, the SO devs decided to add a filter to question titles blocking (among others) the word Problem. Even though this change undoubtedly managed to block a lot of crap (if just for a sho...

I'm totally running for mod on the new SE meta when it launches
@TimPost I think it should be comprised entirely of Tim-named moderators. Just because.
@TimP (happy?) Sounds like fun.. Not that I'd get elected..
@TimS Name everyone Waffles
3:32 PM
@YiJiangsProble_ Do it
@YiJiangsProble It's your inbox man ..
@Yijiang DO IT DO IT DO IT
@TimPost Wait...couldn't it be our inboxes too? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?
3:33 PM
I should get the peer pressure badge for this
Changing your name is like entering a wireless mobile contract. Once you do it, you immediately regret the long-term commitment you've entered before you can change it again.
@Tim we're screwed, all of us, and I had nothing to do with it.
Oh my.
3:35 PM
@jad your turn
(of course, it's easily reversed. Magic "copy to profiles" buttom)
Jumps on the back of the train OH HEY GUYS!
this must have been what my mother meant when she talked about "peer pressure" :)
@Tim welcome to the club. All of you. PING!
3:37 PM
I wish I knew a social anthropologist though
Of course, now all of @Lix's comment replies are broken
It's unfortunate that the change doesn't show up on the LHS of chat.
Hmm.. MSO doesn't use the main chat parent user, so it should
3:39 PM
Q: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/

Tim Yi JiangOn this frabjous day, our community manager Rebecca Chernoff has graciously allowed all of us *1 to be her for one day, and one day only. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/ A userscript dedicated to making all of you Rebecca Chernoffs. Reall...

@jad you probably know step two of that one:
Sorry, I mean @timjad
Who feels up to posting "we're all Tim \o/"??
Great, now that all of you will get copied on every comment I receive on Meta, I trust you guys will just handle things.
@TimP comments aren't the issue. The Tavern is
"Tim jadarnel27" is our most active user
Of course, it rolls up :/
3:48 PM
@TimPost I'll take care of business. And by "take care of business", I mean that I'll respond to anything directed at you with "Yes, Tim Post says that sounds perfectly acceptable."
@jadarnel27 That should actually just about cover it.
First comment as a Tim:
Not all questions have accepted answers. — Tim ManishEarth 1 min ago
My God. It's full of Tims!
we need more tims
We need an official MSO policy on addressing Tims
A: Showstopper bug: MSE+MathJax unusable for 2 months with Chrome 17,18 (latest)

Davide CervoneI am still unable to reproduce the problem that you all are having. I seem to be able to type answers for five minutes of pretty much constant typing in Chrome 18 on Windows 7 with no sign of a crash. I'm wondering if there is some other common factor among those who are experiencing the proble...

This bug is interesting - the implication here is that somehow Chrome's sandbox is failing because of MathJax, somehow
3:52 PM
Don't understand this definition of the electorate badge:
Electorate Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions.
25% of 600 question votes are on questions. Gee whiz.
@Moshe You have voted on 600 questions and have less than 2400 total votes
it's not 25% of 600
@moshe of ALL votes
Scales up from there, of course.
@moot got it after a reread.
3:53 PM
I wonder if anybody understands the description the first time they read it...


35 mins ago, 33 minutes total – 78 messages, 9 users, 27 stars

Bookmarked 7 secs ago by Yi Jiang's Proble_

Doubt it
25% of ALL the votes!
vote on all the things!
So now basically, the wheel o blame can just blame @tim ?
3:55 PM
Pretty much. Hang on...
Welcome to my world.
@yijiang hey, I.ve had that problem on Phy.SE as well
Hrump, my name doesn't seem to have synced yet
I'm still seeing only one or two tims - needs more F5
3:55 PM
I think it's 'cause I accidentally closed chat several times. My LHS name is showing up correctly now.
@TimYiJiang I just did it manually
but it apparently didn't take
Q: This description is unclear

MosheI was recently awarded the electorate badge, and I took a look at the description: Electorate: Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions. It sounds, at first glance, that we are awarding 25% of question votes which are votes on questions. What?

@TimManishEarth Does it cause the entire browser to crash, or just the tab?
Oh, yes it did
Takes a hard refresh of the chat page to see it
It's all @Tim's fault
3:57 PM
This is... amazing
@TimY all Phy.SE tabs. Whever a site goes crazy on Chrome all the tabs for that site die
Q: Clarify Electorate badge wording

Gnome"Voted on 600 questions and has better than 3:1 answer/question vote ratio" is the current text. "Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions" is my proposed text. (Or should it read "or less"? I'm still not completely sure what is intended.) "Better" in the origina...

I want double digits in my inbox when I wake up. That's an order.
I'm still not being pinged
@Moshe It used to be even worse! :P
3:57 PM
@Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim
@TimManishEarth You're name's changed for me
@Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim @Tim
Nice. I got all of those.
@TimManishEarth You know that only counts as one
3:58 PM
@Tim Bits
So. Many. Notifications.
3:59 PM
Huh? You ain't seen nuddin yet @RobHruska
@Tim e to ping @Tim
We should totally invent Tim chess
@TimPost @RobHruska? You must mean @TimRobHruska.
@mmyers Just use @Tim. It's easier that way
Apparently my F5 key doesn't have enough power behind it. I'll work on that
Much better
4:01 PM
@TimP leave rejoin
1. @Tim knight to @Tim bishop 3d
They fixed the "copy to all profiles" name change feature/bug!
Is it a @TimStone or a @Tim Glass chess set?
4:02 PM
@Moshe why are you still without a certain three-letter phrase at the beginning of your username?
so it looks like most of my accounts are going to be named "This Site is a Forum" for the next month...
@moshe :D
I would only have to add two letters. Besides, my old online handle was Quarl. Yes, with a Qu.
@TiMoshe sounds strange
Tim Moshe perfect!
Does anybody know if there are any private betas active at the moment?
4:04 PM
@ThisSiteisaForum chemistry I think
There will be a double layer there.. Since if anyone acts smart and uses @TimM, both of us will be pinged
@awoodland It went public yesterday.
Chemistry I think .. but it could be public by now
@ThisSiteisaForum I see Chess on A51
@awood not anymore :D
4:04 PM

Beta Q&A site for serious players and enthusiasts of chess.

Currently in private beta.

Yep, public
@TimYiJiang Ah, thanks.
@Tim to f5
Since Chemistry didn't exist when I switched my name, I can use that account to switch it cross-network, and then use a new Chess account to switch it back in a few days. Problem solved.
Rather surprised that wasn't merged with BCG, but I guess chess players don't like to associate with the common rabble.
4:05 PM
@Timmyers yeah.. Sort of like TP.SE
There are 53 chess questions on BCG already
@mmyers Well, that's only slightly less than what's on Chess.SE.
All I did was leave this room unattended for a few minutes... look what you guys have done... and yes... @timA @timB @timC @timD @timE @timF @timG @timH @timI (to name but-a-few) - I'm talking to you!
@TimLix your turn!
4:14 PM
I will not give in to @tim pressure!
Pro tip: Always include @tim somewhere in your message, even if you're not talking to a @tim.
This ensures your message gets the attention it so rightly deserves.
@Timjadarnel27 It's good to be First Tim™
first @tim for me was TheIncredibleMachine...
@Lix I remember that game, had a good @tim e playing it.
@TimStone I'm sure it is =D
4:18 PM
@timr - I es @tim ate that I wasted many hours on that game...
By the way @TimStone, how often do updates get pushed out for the Data Explorer? I have yet to see that feature-request you completed on there. (I imagine the answer is "when waffles has time", but thought I'd ask anyway).
@timr - for future reference - words containing tim
@Timjadarnel27 Basically, yeah. I haven't talked to him in a few weeks, but I'll try to catch up with him soon and see what's going on.
I have some more features that should have been done two weeks ago, but I've been a bit overwhelmed recently. :/
ugg... it really is full of Tims...
@TimStone That doesn't sound like fun. Thanks for the info, though.
57 mins ago, by Tim Post
Quick, everyone change your name to Tim to see if the Redis server explodes
@Zypher came to investigate our antics.
4:25 PM
I'm going to take this opportunity to point out I had nothing to do with anything, ever (and for once, it's not a lie!)
Heh, hadn't seen that before.
@timSite - some one on the dev team can see into the future ;)
@TimStone well that doesn't mean much
@Timjadarnel27 you don't have to worry about me, it's @RebeccaChernoff that you REALLY have to worry about
4:29 PM
Uh ohs.
oh now you are in trouble
Quick, get out of here @Tim. Get out while you still can!
shakes her head and wanders out
4:33 PM
@RebeccaChernoff We're all Rebecca Chernoff @Tim!
@rebecca change yours, too!
/mutes chat nofications.
The great Timpocalype of 2012 is upon us...
This is getting old already. >_>
@TimSiteisaForum This is my life. ;_;
4:38 PM
Lets bug balpha to make chatmessage replies for @timFoo morph to @Tim
Thankfully he's on vacation.
@TimSiteisaForum Fortunately there are only 29 days and 22 hours remaining (unless you use a sneaky underhanded trick to change your name ahead of @tim e)
/leans forward
Ooh yay. Android update.
hopes it doesn't break his Droid X2
I am saying this to clear notifications because I'm lazy.
4:47 PM
@TimPost ...because just hitting escape totally wouldn't have been easier...
@RebeccaChernoff NOW YOU TELL ME.
5:02 PM
Hey, it's @RebeccaChernoff!
You mean Tim Rebecca Chernoff
@TimYiJiang Information overload brain explodes
@TimYiJiang Again?!! And no black theme :|
@Shog9 There is..it's just...not accessible for some reason.
Switch to mobile view, scroll to the bottom, switch to light on dark, and switch back, heh.
They're still rolling it out it seems
5:16 PM
It's also on the "Main Menu" panel, which I didn't know was a panel until I clicked on it.
Comments aren't turned on for instance
Apparently it also responds to delayed mouse-over.
@TimStone oh, good
Not a fan of the "NoticiaText" font used for the headlines.
What spawned this global change-our-names-to-Tim idea?
5:21 PM
I suspect it was some form of contagious dementia , but I'm not sure.
Why was I not invited? :o
@TimManishEarth I've never played the flute before, but your two questions on Music.SE look very similar to me. Are they the same question, or am I missing something?


2 hours ago, 33 minutes total – 78 messages, 9 users, 27 stars

Bookmarked 1 hour ago by Tim Yi Jiang

@animuson Come and join the party. There is something seriously wrong with all of our brainz.
I wasn't wholly responsible for this madness
5:26 PM
Sure. But you definitely started it.
@Moshe Hmm, we'll need to agree on a suitable tag. is too long.
shawarma module
mmm shawarma...
Hmmm, I just realized that Still Alive has been playing on repeat for the past couple hours...
6:27 PM
Hi :) Is there someone here who can help me with a serial upvoting issue? I followed the link from (I believe) MSO. It said there that someone could tell me if the same person did a serial upvote on me.
@RebeccaChernoff: It's for you. :o I wonder if she's nice enough to check like Shog is.
@Slytherincess: Chances are that it will get flagged. That pattern looks like a clear-cut serial voting case.
@animuson It does, doesn't it? So bizarre. I just don't want to get in trouble :/
Don't worry, you'd only get in trouble if it was you making the upvotes. ;)
@animuson Indeed it was not! :))
:o Woohoo my PayPal funds are finally available! goes and spends them
6:34 PM
I will just do a watch and wait and will stay in touch with the SFF mods. Sorry to intrude, but thank you very much for the advice :)
^ what's that?
(and why is it dominating google hits for "site:chat.meta.stackoverflow.com" but 404ing when I try and join)
@Lix See you this summer, btw.
I extended my ticket.
@awoodland Uh... that was me. I set up a chat room that would feed from Stack Overflow's RSS feed. It eventually "froze" from inactivity, making it invisible to users below 1000 (?) reputation, but Google hasn't respidered them all to unindex them.
the transcripts work still too
I don't remember my original reason, but it had the effect of creating Google-findable links for all questions, including deleted ones, which was kind-of nice.
6:48 PM
@mos - cool man, I'm in TLV pretty much always... and you have my email :)
7:02 PM
@moo whats wrong?
Killing mother and father, and in court, pleading for mitigating circumstances because you're a parentless orphan. That's wrong.
Uh, writer's block. Or something.
7:22 PM
@Timootinator I have immortalized your uneasiness. Take that!
It took me 20 minutes to decide on a word to describe the ":/" emoticon.
@Timjadarnel27 Bell's Palsy
@Timootinator Ah. That also explains what's going on in my gravatar.
I was quite drunk when that picture was taken (if you can imagine).
I genuinely don't remember why I decided to make that face though. I think it was the excessively bright flash on the girl's camera, but I'm not sure.
7:43 PM
Somebody actually flagged you a while back to complain about the "disturbing" picture. I think they had the impression that you were trying to look menacing or something.
That's so epic.
Has someone flagged me to complain that my sunglasses are on my nose the wrong way? o.o
@mmyers That is hilarious. Thank you for sharing =)
7:44 PM
(hope I didn't just violate the mod agreement)
I miss my sunglasses.
The last time I saw them I remember wondering about whether to take them with me through the airport or not. I don't actually remember what I decided.
8:20 PM
I never realized how big camels were until right now.
So tag wikis require approval to edit below 20k, but the privileges pages don't...
Are edits manually reviewed by staff before they're pushed out from meta, or something?
@TimSiteisaForum Yes, I'm 98% sure I've read that somewhere.
A: Privilege page updates not being pushed to the rest of the network?

wafflesNot strictly a bug, you just need to ping waffles to get updates pushed. I always review the changes prior to pushing this across the network, it is too risky to automate this. I just updated our templates, will be pushed tomorrow.

A: Typo on 'Edit Tag Wikis' Privilege Description Page

wafflesI'm working on sorting this out. This is actually caused by 2 things: I have to manually sync the privilege wikis on meta to the local repo on a regular basis, till they are stable. There is a really nasty serialization bug with the persistence of privileges in our cache. This is causing much...

@Timjadarnel27 I was looking too, these are hard to search for. :P
8:32 PM
You found a better result than I did.
@TimSiteisaForum Agreed =) I found the one you found, but I knew I had read an exact explanation, so I kept looking.
8:52 PM
Did the new community bulletins disappear, or did I just forget where they are?
A: Where'd our community bulletin board go?

Rebecca ChernoffThis was an error with a new check added to the code recently. It's been corrected and deployed. The community bulletin is back in its rightful place in the sidebar. (:

@TimSiteisaForum Nice find! It's still not back on Stack Overflow, but perhaps that has not been deployed yet.
For the life of me, I cannot figure out why that white space is there between the menu bar and the background gradient for the next section.
It should butt right up against the menu bar. Blegh.
9:33 PM
@Timjadarnel27 Top margin on the Log In header?
9:56 PM
@TimStone I feel sort of foolish right now. Thank you =) It's been a long day.
I just hadn't explicitly set h2 to have margin:0, and so the default 15px margins were showing up.

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