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12:57 AM
Q: Really long profile picture disappears from the user profile page

Tamás SengelI noticed that the new profile design keeps the access ratio of most images, so I got curious, made a 40000x1 PNG and set it up as a profile picture to see what would happen. This happened.

It brings up a good point
There was another one recently, but I think it's been deleted (and wasn't quite at that scale)
"Doctor, it hurts when I do this!" "Don't do it!"
OP chose an extreme example, but their point is still valid. Previously, extra long pfps were squashed down to not take up extra space. Now, they aren't, and if you have a weirdly long pfp, for whatever reason, it takes up a lot of space
1:40 AM
@Dudecoinheringaahing it's still squashed down
And I bet the wierd aspect ratio plays a part
2 hours later…
3:23 AM
@Feeds "Those owned by our community" .... I've literally not recognised one name there :(
4:02 AM
@Feeds I thought shouldiblamecaching.com is owned by SO?
or at least, created by one of the dev back then?
3 hours later…
6:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ouch... that burned! :P
@Tinkeringbell :D
@MetaAndrewT. I believe it belongs to Tim Stone
I thought will/won't owned it, tripleee pays for the domain?
At the very least, Tim Stone maintains the code
I didn't know
1 hour later…
8:02 AM
@Luuklag answering as a comment, tsk tsk :D
@JourneymanGeek Is a link really an answer? ;-)
@RyanM :D
It is slightly less likely to go away, but that's the simplest answer
That's by far the weirdest question I've ever seen... someone that doesn't know you apply for jobs?!
'register for an interview'... well I hope there's more needed than just registering...
@Tinkeringbell \o/
Apparently the work here page is too well hidden
I somehow don't think that user needs the 'work here' page though XD
8:12 AM
Who knows, maybe a future superstar CM might find out it exists through my post :D
Sounds pretty dystopian to be honest XD
@Tinkeringbell the most generous interpretation would be that they didn't fully realize that SE is just a regular company
That's a ... very generous interpretation indeed.
I mean, everyone can edit posts by anyone else. Who says we're not doing something crazy like all users just vote for the CEO
The total cluelessness would match the sloppiness of the post, that's true.
8:28 AM
@MadScientist Jon Skeet suddenly finds himself with a new position.
9:02 AM
@MadScientist Well - most companies don't announce filled roles, or that specific new staff were active in community
The emphasis on "foo is familiar with the network" might confuse someone not familiar with recent history, both public and private, and stuff folks in the community ask for/about in context.
Consider comments like...
Congrats and welcome.... Just out of curiosity, are these paid positions or volunteer? — JosephDoggie Aug 5 at 13:01
And I've been confused by job requirements in the past as well
9:16 AM
@Tinkeringbell quick question...
"Use gender-neutral language where possible, in line with the Code of Conduct." in the edit reasons...
what gender neutral language did I miss? :/
I don't see any
@JourneymanGeek I replaced a 'he' and a 'he/she'
@JourneymanGeek link only answer =/= answer ;)
9:43 AM
Q: How can I be part of the Stack Exchange team?

RamyaWhile I am learning more and more about SE site, it is more interesting, exciting and admiring. I am fall in love with this site slowly. So my specific question regarding this is, How can I be part of SE team if I am interested to work with your team and for your organization? I am a web develop...

I guess that's a dupe, but I like my answer
@JourneymanGeek Dupe-close, then merge the answer ;)
eep, merges ._.
I've done one before, it's not nearly as scary with questions as with tags :)
And I think the newer question is for all its flaws, more detailed/general
It is a bit different I guess, the newer one mentions a CM post and the old one just talks about developers.
9:55 AM
I distinctly remember another one too :D
@Tinkeringbell When the mages that summoned you to a different world feels like they have to apologize for dragging you in the middle of the battle with the Demon Lord and you reply that anything is better than where you lived before.
@JourneymanGeek Maybe it's better to find that one then, and close as a dupe of that ;)
10:10 AM
Hi @JD-Stack
Hello :)
@Tinkeringbell Well - its not exactly a uncommon search term, and a very vague memory of this
Yeah, can't find another duplicate either. Oh well.
10:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell I always assumed Shog just had two droids a droid and a walking trashcan visit him one morning.
I may be jinxing it, but... it's been 2 days since I've had an empty spammer backlog... what's up with that? xD
spammer taking vacation? (woot!)
10:55 AM
@JNat @Luuklag is having a vacation ;)
@JNat Mostly spammers with few sites
I mean, I'm not complaining :P
@JNat OK, since you are bored, wipe these users: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....
(Cont, I blame multiline not formatting links): Then just open the users page ordered by creation date and continue from there.
When you finally get bored, use the free time you now have to develop some basic profile spam filter before someone notices you are free and puts you to work on something else. :P
@SPArcheon I'm actually pretty busy with other stuff xD are these MSE-only spammers, though?
@JNat To be fair, profile only spam. Still poison google search but not as visible as actual posts.
Anyway, it won't be much, but I promise you a free upvote if you implement the filtering and then post an announcement on Meta : P
11:05 AM
@SPArcheon I don't think this is accurate. I don't think those get indexed
@JNat Possible, now that you mention it Shog once said something about no-index on profile pages.
so I'm gonna go back to my other stuff and leave those be until they post actual spam ;)
unless any of 'em had something offensive or problematic in any way?
@SPArcheon I kinda miss the old thing where they'd periodocally reap unused accounts
@JourneymanGeek Like we all wish Youtube would do?
My youtube, and twitter are strange bubbles of civility :D
11:14 AM
@SPArcheon Also, noted. Keep the door closed and require a 'I am not a Robot' captcha for both the doorbell and unlocking it :P
@GWarner Youtube is busy finding new ways to make some watch-worthy content unfindable and promote viral trash instead
@JourneymanGeek isn't this thing in place: meta.stackexchange.com/a/310516 ? I have the feeling a lot of the spam profiles on Stack Apps do get cleaned after a year.
11:41 AM
@rene my insurance scammers are still around so no
@JourneymanGeek Any scammers that don't meet the criteria here ? :D
@SPArcheon I think that one may have a developer story?
I just created a blank one too, and it looks similar: stackoverflow.com/users/story/6380541
@Tinkeringbell seems they have an empty story page like most new users, so I guess that means no story.
Compare with someone like
11:56 AM
@SPArcheon I dunno. There's a comment asking about that already... I guess there's a difference between "developer_story _is _null" and "developer_story.empty?"
Mine is no longer null (it was before) and now it's just empty.
@Tinkeringbell well, not to be evil, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone managed to build the developer story as a Schrodinger cat...
does not exist until someone observes it.
Yeah, basically.
so, first time someone browses your profile, it is created for you.
First time you open it, you get all sorts of prompts to fill in stuff. If you leave everything blank and just click 'done'....
You get an empty developer story
@Tinkeringbell Nononono, I was suggesting something far worse. First time anyone looks at your user story, it gets generated as empty.
12:05 PM
Developer's A/B Story?
@Tinkeringbell they don't meet any afaik
12:31 PM
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶) on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by SPArcheon
will have to go for this one since the parrot refuses to use her spar time to knit crochet some for SE next swag
@Tinkeringbell :P
wait... fixed.
(please don't mind the typo)
Good morning/afternoon/evening. I hope everyone is having a good week.
1:03 PM
I just love accepted wrong answers
1:16 PM
@SPArcheon the answer was so wrong that it helped me most ....
@Rosie the coming days will bring sun instead of the occasional rain, so the week can be salvaged ... How is it going where you are?
@SPArcheon My favorite ones are the ones with a comment from the asker stating that it doesn't work.
@rene "I looked at the answer and suddenly all what I shouldn't be doing was clear to me"
@SPArcheon Honestly that sounds like a great answer, a lot of senior-level engineering is knowing what not to do.
2 hours later…
3:27 PM
To any resident mods: Second-time offender spam account: meta.stackexchange.com/users/1051801/eva-smith
4:09 PM
@rene it's a heatwave here the next few days. Some rainstorm at night but it's not cooling things down. :(
Its 28.5in my office
with Aircon Running
At midnight
is the aircon pointing in the right direction? /s
the coils are... apparently fragged and need replacing
But apparently our client hasn't oked the funding, and this office is full of vendors
meanwhile, down here in the south, spoiled by every place having great air conditioning and never having to deal with the heat
the tomatoes on my balcony do like the heat however
4:25 PM
@KevinB Most places are fine. Just this....
tbf, the AC unit has gone out here at the office a few times over the past decade, and that certainly was awful
4:41 PM
@rene What's there to salvage? The rainy days were perfect! :D
Ha! I still have some work left to do on the roof. I prefer it to be dry ....
5:01 PM
Ahhh. Okay, you can have Saturday :P
After that, predictions are we will get rain again :)
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Best of luck in the Drones and Model Aircraft Moderator Election!
5:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell yeah, Saturday will be "klus" day ...
Huh, just realised there wasn't a new question yesterday. Is Philippe stopping doing them / doing them less frequently?
I assume he is still recovering from the response over the last few weeks and then realized he had actual work to do, not just answering wild ideas from us ;)
Actual work? You mean his job isn't to listen to all our crazy ideas 24/7? Preposterous :P
quite the opposite
6:15 PM
@rene I will be doing absolutely nothing Saturday, except having a drink and too many snacks... okay, maaaaaybe a looooong walk. This week was crap, and I need a big, big, big cheat day :P
2 hours later…
8:22 PM
Mod and Staff labels have gotten some changes:
8:33 PM
oh wow that's so much better
@RyanM upvote my comment if you want to express this
@Dudecoinheringaahing they will still be happening, the current one just delayed a tiny bit
@YaakovEllis Done :-) thanks to all of you for taking the feedback into account!
@RyanM definitely a team effort on this one
@KevinB good luck
9:37 PM
@YaakovEllis The blue for the mod badge clashes a bit with the blue background the post owner gets in comments. Not sure if those are supposed to be the same shade of blue, or if some parts are not in a common palette yet
But the less intense colors are a definite improvement
10:07 PM
Should'a used the pointy diamond:
10:34 PM
@Ollie but is bluetooth and wifi ready? oh wait google assistant is a bluetooth and wifi equipped device?
i thought it was that cute intern from HR
11:11 PM
The Terminator, downvoted for COVID video:
@Rob The third comment mentions/draws parallels to Nazis. Fun :/
Yup, he really got bombed for promoting common sense.
Americans being told that "freedom" doesn't mean "absolute freedom to do anything you want" ...often has that reaction, unfortunately

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