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9:07 PM
Is there a way to see the results of your chat flags?
@Ollie not that I know of
I'll tag-search before making a question...
@Ollie nope, just assume it gets done.
There's one here, but that was asked 5 years ago.
@rene I... don't want to do that.
@Ollie then don't use chat flags. Use normal post flags instead. Clumsy for the mod but gives you feedback.
@Ollie why?
9:13 PM
Sorry, rene.
@rene command failed ;)
it worked for me ;)
@Luuklag I'm not a bot!
@Ollie thats a very bot thing to say
9:16 PM
@Ollie That's what a robot would say!
*throws Captchas at @Ollie*
Great minds, great minds...
Alright Splevacus
@Luuklag Whose?
@Spevacus *throws a green monkey at @Spevacus*
Spevaucs now.
@Ollie the saying goes: "Great minds think alike"
But really, I'm not a robot.
Then why don't you have the Not A Robot badge? ;)
9:20 PM
1 Spevacus moved to Trashcan
@Spevacus Community stole it. Go look on SO.
Were getting lowercase table headers: meta.stackexchange.com/a/357019/361484
*Doffs hat to Sonic*
@Spevacus You can use _*insult*_ for that too.
9:24 PM
Awesome. They look okay with allcaps, but it was a bit weird for them to, out of the gate, forcibly be allcaps.
Hello. Anyone here using a mobile device? Sometime in the last hour or so the title text in the mobile site view went from its usual colour to black, so I can't see which questions I've visited. Eg, astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions which is a beta site, with generic colour scheme. I'm using the Samsung browser (which uses the Blink engine). I also tried it in Chrome. Does anyone else see this?
visited questions for me look no different from non-visited ones, in mobile chrome ios
Astronomy has a dark font it apperas, for me it's also hard to distinguish the colours on the mobile theme. Switching to the responsive design makes the title text more blueish, instead of greanish. But still difference are small
Oh, ok. The difference wasn't much, but just enough to be useful.
9:37 PM
yeah it is really subtle, if you look closely I can still see it
I use the full site responsive design on some sites, like MSE, but for most sites I prefer the mobile (when I'm on my phone) & only use the full site for stuff that's not available on the mobile site. But even on MSE I have to use mobile for the profile page, since it's unresponsive & almost unreadable.
First thing I do when I go to a site on my phone - scroll to the bottom and switch to full site.
@Catija same here, really can't stand the mobile theme
Luckily my phone lets me zoom in quite easily (I guess most phone's do btw)
I switch back & forth a fair bit, but mobile is my default mode on most sites, apart from Meta.
1 hour later…
11:03 PM
@Tinkeringbell But not staff with diamonds. --- In JG's question about SE employment advertising there is no requirement to be 18 years old, and the law in India specifically allows persons under 18 to work in their family's non-hazardous business;
so it's odd that moderators must be 18, or that persons under 18 are occasionally exposed to offensive content (that it's not veted first). Rule first, peddle forwards and backwards later.
@Ollie You have an URL for your flags in chat.
11:33 PM
@JNat Cross-site spammer, one example; more than 2 dozen edits to their post and keeps linking to yolosite.
Or did you already review that, Rob?
You could click on [MS] and then (halfway down the page) click on the red spam flag link 🚩
I... don't see it. Is it really obvious?
More than one review is not only OK, but desirable. Please read everything carefully and review correctly, if you don't understand something or there's something you should do but cannot then skip; that won't count against you - incorrect actions do count, eventually.
@Ollie I can see it:
@Rob Nope, nothing. Also, it gave me multiple entries for that report.
11:48 PM
Sometimes it's not present, on other posts, but you can click on "View on site" and then flag it on the site as a regular spam flag. - choose the last entry, or the first to see the unedited trigger (if you are curious).
Of course, you only would flag if you agree; and accept the penalty for your own mistake. Never be influenced by others to vote a particular way - but if they are a senior member warning you that you've made an error you want to be careful to accept correct advice, as all report feedback is subjected to review and incorrect actions are invalidated.
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