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3:14 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I've been told there's also a "don't talk with" order. Thank you for not forgetting.
3:28 PM
Soon "Don't acknowledge"
3:38 PM
@mag I'm not sure where you think we'd get that authority. SE needs the ability to remove who they perceive to be bad actors on their platform. The notion that "final say" should go to the community is laughable. Even if it did, we're not the community anyway.
3:54 PM
(Unrelated, mentioning this only because Animal Crossing was mentioned some day ago: you can now have an animal villager of your choice follow you around in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.)
(for "only" 3$/MONTH)
Pocket Camp is the mobile version, right?
That's cheap :P
they took the most asked for feature since the first gamecube game....
and turned it in a feat you get from a monthly subscription fee.
yeah well 'if people want it that much, we can earn money off of it' :P
3:57 PM
the other plan is worse.
Basically, you subscribe to a monthly gambling service.
Oh that's going to be interesting...
about 8$/month to receive 5 free lootbox each month.
@Tinkeringbell If you are thinking what I am thinking, that already happened.
EU got mad?
The game is banned in some countries because of gambling laws.
3:58 PM
but it happened far before now
this new subscription thing has only the potential to get more countries mad
Hmm. I think it's still playable over here, even though there's been attempts to classify lootboxes as gambling and thus illegal.
nope, it is banned in some EU countries
PRNG, the root of all evil.
Belgium, to be more precise
Yeah I thought that was yet another EU crazy thing, but it seems it's country specific.. who knew! We can be crazy without needing the EU.
4:01 PM
oh, well.... removing what basically IS gambling for digital prizes from games kids play.... it is pretty welcome IMHO
Yeah, I personally never had much with lootboxes either (unless they yielded big prizes :P)
ohhhhh wait there is more.....
Yeah, dinner ;) be back later ;)
There is a big prize that you can win by paying us FAST
Win an awesome Pocket Camp Club (paper) Bag
@Hitodama I read about the 2 seperate subscriptions you can have
I mean, as far as mobile games go thats tame
4:08 PM
@mag "tame"
have you seen some mobile games
there's a whole industry around optimising for the most amount you can frustrate players to spur their gambling addiction and milk them for their every dime
gotta give marketing guys recognition though
"we were asked to only spend 0.30€ per winning user. the hell can we do".
@mag as I said, the 8$ is basically just 5 cookies lootbox. The inventory extension is useless for now since the base inventory is already 2k items.
the other one... the only nice part is getting your favorite villager to follow you. The help they give for now seems not to be that good - at least from what reddit says.
Obviously, the fact that now you can pay to cut build time and pay to get free mats/resources could also mean that a big nerf to free players is just around the corner
right now, they only saw the helper help on the Giroid hunt event....
I would wait to see what happens with the gardening event.
That is the most annoying one, and it would be the most easy one to nerf to make the helper a necessity.
That said, as I said before, it feels uber lame that Villager Followers after being an asked for feature in basically every AC game have now been implemented as paid subscription service.
I hope that at the very least the feature will be kept in some form in the Switch real game
4:15 PM
companies milking their users is not new, but it's always sad.
Just make a game people want to play/be a part of
then don't over-complicate/ruin it
@CptEric as I said, the only "nice" monetization I saw in a mobile game so far is Castle Cats.
For two reasons: first, part of the moneys go to cat shelters.
Second, they now have made a very smart move.
Started selling plushes
Nintendo could do that too if they were smart
just partner up with some company like 4DE and start selling villager plushes directly from the game
i don't game on mobile so i can't judge on that, but as ex-part-of-the-problem-as-game-dev, i'm sorry there's so many C-level decisions ruining what was a quite nice industry some years ago.
design by committee... focus groups... total loss of creative control/authorship
it's a pity
@IamMonica the point is that even then, they optimize for gambling when most of the players already are angry about cookies lootboxes. Yep, I know they are fishing for whales there, but they probably have in their hands one of the few games where people would actually buy other forms of merchandise..... and are wasting it
In Japan, the Nintendo Tokyo store is already selling AC sweaters, mugs, and so on....
Make those available everywhere FROM the game itself
it is not like Nintendo would lack the distribution chain to send those around the world.
4:27 PM
/me recalls the /pizza command in everquest
and then I think they added it to WoW.
@Hitodama yet here i am, waiting for Dragon quest XI on 3Ds
@djsmiley2k-CoW never heard about it. Did it actually call up for a real life pizza delivery service?
it only opened domino's webpage
@CptEric that is Square fault (or probably Sony giving them free hint money) , not Nintendo.
4:29 PM
nah, it was a distribution deicision by nintendo, they did release it on japan
NEW YORK — Demonstrating a deep understanding of what its computer-gaming audience, Sony has built the ability to order pizza into its latest online multiplayer game.

Type the command "/pizza" while playing Everquest II, a fantasy game with 330,000 active players, and get the Pizza Hut Web site, where you can place orders for delivery.

Chris Kramer, spokesman for Sony Online Entertainment, said he believes this is the first time a game accepts orders for real-world items.

Sony plans to integrate the pizza function more tightly into the game, so players can charge pizza to their monthly g
@Hitodama :/
@MonicaCellio how are things outside of the whole SE/Modship/Litigation stuff?
@Raedwald brews a cup of earl grey tea for @Raedwald
4:30 PM
@Raedwald No such command 'pizza'.
"accepts orders for real-world items". opening a website might be KPI material, but it's not a placed order...
@CptEric not exactly , as far as I know the thing was cut off Square side because reasons. Nintendo actually had to work to get the Switch version done and then they managed to at least include the DS version in the Switch game.
Also, this is probably the reason the Switch only features weren't backported to the PS4 version as far as I know
Nintendo probably managed to make them exclusive since probably they were the one paying for those.
(so now you don't have a definitive version of the game since the PS4 version has superior graphics but less content)
Kills per iteration? o.O
that's a nice way of naming it, but nope. key performance indicator.
4:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell Transparency causes bushfires, and opacity causes bushfires. I don't think there is a conservation law for outrage, but it certainly has a lower limit.
"don't run with scissors" seems to be a good advice in any situation.
@CptEric lol, I know what it is :P
@IamMonica No such command 'die'.
@CptEric I think that Castle Cats somehow manages to give you the ability to buy the plush directly in game. I THINK
4:49 PM
@IamMonica No such command 'killallhumans'.
what's castle cats about?
nope, sorry. It is indeed a site.
but it is tied to the game, and the game users are probably the one most probable to buy the plushes
they are cute, i give them that.
4:53 PM
@CptEric just one of the random mobile games I know about. Usual average gatcha style game, but at least less evil than others based on what I saw about them.
@rockwalrus-stopharmingMonica I bet by now there's been research on online communities and outrage... Including outrages based on partial data or personal interpretations of things...
"The rise of victimhood culture" touches that a little, how outrages quickly develop in current days... but not exhaustively. So I don't feel comfortable making any definitive statements on that...
Funny you should mention that. I've been reading this paper recently. It's not directly on point, but the citations could be a useful starting point.
@Tinkeringbell Future title: "Online community outraged by outrageous study on outrage in online communities before realising they read it wrong."
I bet there'll be one of those ;)
@Tinkeringbell Byline: "Study authors outraged at misinterpretation"
5:01 PM
@rockwalrus-stopharmingMonica I'm not very familiar with Kialo, but it looks interesting. I might kill some time with that this weekend...
@Rubiksmoose Future works: Defining outrage.
'A study of outrage culture' XD
on a side note, at least Castle Cats cats are cute.
I'd call that animal mistreatment...
Kialo is really the opposite of SE in essentially every design decision. SE focuses on narrow, technical questions, while Kialo focuses on broad, subjective questions that are supposed to be phrased as yes/no questions.
@Tinkeringbell I would call that Sailor Kittymoon
5:08 PM
@rockwalrus-stopharmingMonica Oh, it sounds like I might refer all the 'is she interested in me' guys from IPS SE over there then! :P
@Hitodama Poor kitty.
@Tinkeringbell That's certainly not what Kialo was intended for, but it fits the format quite well and wouldn't get removed. Getting people to actually answer could be challenging, but that's the asker's job.
XD I was just kidding ;)
It sounds like a challenging site to moderate though...
Especially if I get it right that moderators basically have a different role than on SE (here, we listen to users first, like have them flag stuff and such... while I get the impression from the summary that on Kialo it's much more self-initiated?)
@Hitodama kawaii!
@Hitodama you're not kidding!
@bobobobo Soundtrack :P
5:27 PM
put a spider in it
Give it to McGiver
@Laurel sorry if the image in that post was offensive .. it was meant as comedy and to make the point. The "sexy" goddess was just the first image of a "goddess" that came to mind.
It's zombies... they lack the brain capacity to realize it's not a weapon. Outsmart them.
show them how it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold - their heads will explode!
To be honest, I wonder who lets their zombies roam free unsupervised... or what did you do that someone would set a bunch of zombies on you?!
5:34 PM
@bobobobo For clarification, that image wasn't what I meant by "interesting content."
@Tinkeringbell Flagging is still a thing for Kialo, but moderators are chosen per-question, not per-site, and are expected to have a very thorough knowledge of the discussion on that question. On the other hand, Kialo has very granular tracking of which changes you haven't seen and a "Guided Voting" mode that makes making sure you've seen everything in a discussion very easy.
6:34 PM
5 messages moved to Chimney
7:11 PM
@Rubiksmoose That reminds me of the Monty Python Right-thinking people sketch.
@PM2Ring hah! I had forgotten about that one.
@Rubiksmoose :) Some Monty Python stuff hasn't aged well, but I reckon that one's timeless.
@PM2Ring Oof yeah some of it has aged very poorly.
8:25 PM
Ah... It's too tiny to be that on mobile ;)
Heck, I had to zoom in to it a ton on desktop to tell.
9:18 PM
@Tinkeringbell I noticed that you crochet. I wrote a Python program that prints crochet patterns for spheres. I copied the notation from a website, but I don't know how standard their notation is. And I don't know how good the patterns are that my program generates. :) If you can run Python, I'd love to get some feedback at some stage... See gist.github.com/PM2Ring/924b71c2c40728e7e1183de62b53a882
@PM2Ring I can probably figure out how to run Python, then check ... Spheres are notoriously hard though! ;)
@Tinkeringbell Thanks! To run the program, just do, eg python crocheted_sphere.py 20 in a terminal, and it'll print the pattern for a sphere of 20 rows.
They are spheriously tough.
(I don't crochet, just can't resist puns)
I wrote my code by "reverse-engineering" the 2 patterns on craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=341241.0 My program should be at least as mathematically accurate as those 2 patterns. And the spheres on that page look pretty good to me.
@Rubiksmoose I don't crochet either, but I can do chain stitch. :)
9:42 PM
You did kinda reinvent the wheel though... There's already a site out there that does this ;) I've used it before for a snowman pattern.
@Tinkeringbell Ah, ok. I wrote that code 8 years ago for a friend on a now-defunct science forum. She pointed me to that craftster.org site. She originally wanted to make a bigger sphere than those 2 patterns, but changed her mind before I finished my program, so she didn't end up using it.
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10:50 PM
what happens in happy hour
11:01 PM
About to fly away - see you all later!
11:24 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW 🦗
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