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5:08 PM
Trust me .. no surprises here ...
@rene As long as that also means no negative surprises, I might not be too disappointed ;)
Oh, not sure if that is part of the contract ;)
Daily ping dose for @M.... never mind...
@Mithrandir why hath you forsaken us.
There you go, shy guy
@Sha already convicted me of a crime I didn't commit with ping of the day
It's not my fault @Bart's stick is a really good backscratcher.
5:22 PM
it is always your fault. There is no opt out.
My preference was sticky top fault not left fault navigation.
silver singles ... they found me ...
Makes me think it's some kind of old people dating site :P
Oh hey, it is!
le sigh
Good name :D
@rene Why are you all of a sudden sighing in French?
5:34 PM
To give it some importance ...
All sighing French people are old obviously, that's why
@rene How does that give it importance?
6:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell because it is French!
Ah. That makes no sense.
@Tinkeringbell because Macron
2 hours later…
8:13 PM
How did we end up with so many new accounts created on this site?
When I created my previous account in March 2013, it has ID 215114, then my new (current) account I created in December 2017 has ID 377214.
I also created a (now-deleted) alternative account one year ago in September 2018, which had ID 401442.
i mean
Now we're in the 600000+ range
controversial posts showing up in the bulletin certainly help
8:15 PM
200,000 new accounts created in just one year. That's more accounts created than the 4.5-year period between my previous account and my current one
Then, in the 9-month period following, less than 25,000 accounts.
@410 Have data on MSE account creation by time period?
a quick sampling of "new" users shows a whole lot of fake spam accounts
as opposed to accounts actually used solely for spam?
because those get nuked
8:33 PM
@KevinB Deleted users still increment the user counter
there are 16 pages of new users just for today
which, wouldn't include deleted spam accts
the majority of them have no activity
i don't understand why it would be surprising that there's new users
That so many are joining meta.se, might be a messaging problem
but again it could just be curiosity around recent featured posts, and then "Joining" to hide the annoying banners
9:25 PM
annoying banners, such as the front-page ad that supposedly nobody actually sees anyways?
@JohnDvorak There are only two things that are hard in IT: Cables, drivers and off-by-one errors...
@JohnDvorak meta.se doesn't have a front-page ad similar to so
It does however have a "Sign up to join this community" banner that takes up 50%, plus the GDPR banner, leaving only ~ 40% of the screen for the site
less on tablets, I presume?
9:31 PM
i'd assume
@JonEricson yup
I'm looking at jumping and I'd estimate I need 3 to 6 months to find one
10:14 PM
Spam? Probably spam.
Who else cares about MetaSE, anyway.
I like the snake-like graph for Math: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/268232/…
@410 uhm. We do
10:38 PM
Okay, a dozen or two non-spammers as well.
Q: What's responsible for the increase in the number of accounts created every week here on Meta Stack Exchange?

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogI've noticed that since the past year, the number of accounts created on Meta Stack Exchange every week has increased noticeably, and has sustained a much higher rate than it has sustained for the previous years. Here's a query and a graph: Historically, the rate of account creation has ...

So fun question....
How do we separated the bots from the meat?
@JourneymanGeek You cook it
11:09 PM
We kinda like the meat live and wandering around in this case
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