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1:14 AM
It's the most Jimmy Wales time of the year.
1:58 AM
That meme could use some different composition.
2:22 AM
The browsing experience of the [stackoverflow] tag is terrible... and I believe it is a mistake to have the single word [stackoverflow] serving as a synonym for for a [stack-overflow].
The issues have been laid out in this question:
Q: Remove tag synonym [stack-overflow] -> [stackoverflow]

EtherI see that stack-overflow is now a synonym for [stackoverflow]. I strongly object to this, as historically: [stackoverflow] means the site itself (indeed almost all questions with this tag have been migrated to meta) [stack-overflow] means the stack overflow exception, as in numerous languages ...

Rather than ask the same question again, I tried to give it a "bump" by opening a bounty on it.
Which is about to expire
That didn't seem to work so well. The question has seen no added activity.
3:20 AM
Ahoy hoy
hey, it's that guy, from the chat just now
Oh, it is? Where?
chat went well, I thought. Always fun to see how folks' opinions differ on mod-issues
You can tell right away who's speaking from experience and who's just trying to sound good
Fair enough. And how controversial some people will be...
@Shog9 How bad was I?
3:26 AM
@Moshe How bad were you? Way to set yourself up...
@Shog9 Heh, I know. Better: How was I?
Honestly, I really didn't read other candidates answers much. Mostly in the luls between questions... (as I was a reasonably fast answerer out of the group)...
(not that that's good or bad, just sayin)
Ok, struggling with C++ homework. Wow.
@Moshe Honestly? You came off like you haven't spent very much time moderating yet. Which is to be expected, really. How long have you had 10K on SO?
@Shog9 Not terribly long. But - I'm willing to learn - where did I go "wrong"?
3:30 AM
@Moshe More time spent in the 10K tools (or the new review screens) and I think you'll have more perspective on some of those questions.
@Shog9 Yeah, I've always found the candidate responses very telling. I'm sometimes sad to see that that doesn't always appear to factor into the actual elections, but what can you do?
@TimStone Just like real life... ;-P
@TimStone I lost anyway. Just going to hit the mod tools and hope for better next time.
Unfortunately so :P
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by ircmaxell
Oh, and I gained +2 points in the polls since the start of the town hall... #worthit
3:31 AM
I gained a vote as well.
3:57 AM
@TimStone I think debates and things like that can never help a candidate. It can hurt them significantly, but it's rare that someone gains anything significant (aside from taking what others lose from being hurt)....
That's true. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing though, since voters need to make a decision about who not to vote for as much as they do who gets their vote.
In typical politics smear campaigns make this a pretty revolting process, but luckily we don't have anything like that here.
quite fair
@TimStone "What would you do if a user started revenge downvoting you for a mod decision you made?" "Well, I would leave a comment telling ircmaxell to cut it out..."
I only revenge up-vote people. So if you want me to cut it out, I'd be happy to :-X
1 hour later…
5:28 AM
5:41 AM
Heh. Over a year later, finally an accepted answer: programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/1059/…
@jcolebrand Nice.
9 hours later…
2:41 PM
Q: google docs like javascript spreadsheet

user907339I need a javascript spreadsheet that allows copy/paste from an Excel/Open Office document, like google docs does. Any suggestions? Greetings Andreas

Can we close this? My (very old) close vote still hasn't expired yet
3:07 PM
wrong room
4:00 PM
Hey, @Diago. What brings you back to The Tavern?
@PopularDemand Boredom
So nice to feel wanted.
@PopularDemand Lolz, yeah, yeah. As if you missed me :P
@Moshe Nope.
Of course! These kids in here now, they don't know what the old days were like!
4:04 PM
@PopularDemand I miss those days. When we still needed to ask permission just to be able to use bold and italic
Or when we abused the tag system in chat just to get Marc and co worked up
And you couldn't do that and stick around. You had to run, or mean ol' Mr. Balpha would come yell at you.
Oh yeah
The days he tried to ban me and my moderator status used to override it.
These days I hardly have time to do anything on SE
poor guy...seems very angry.
Q: Should I be able to close the "cast your vote gold bar"?

abelitoFor the past couple of weeks, I have been really annoyed by the "Cast your vote in the Stack Overflow 2011..." banner that has been sitting at the top of the page. I realize that this is a community site, and that just voting would very likely get rid of the banner, but shouldn't I be able to ign...

I feel like every discussion about "important system messages" needs an obligatory rehashing of the great Steve Jobs tribute debacle of 2011.
4:14 PM
Actually that is a dupe, if I could find it :P
I can't understand why those bother people so much. I don't even notice them half the time.
I tend to agree with the Popular opinion.
@PopularDemand Agreed. It's not like they are intrusive or anything
Nah, @MichaelMrozek already found the dupe
Beating me to the punch shakes fist
4:17 PM
You're just lucky Grace Note wasn't on the case, @TimStone.
4:46 PM
Pops misses you, man. Pops misses you a lot
Psh, I only mentioned Diago four times this year.
I only miss Diago, at most, as much as the average Diago.
Diago should stop Diagoing so much Diago Diago for the Diago.
We're discussing infinite sets in Math class.
Its brain warping.
Can we get a mod to merge the tag into , given that I don't think SO has any other types of elections?
5:01 PM
@Moshe Please elaborate... (but not infinitely)
@YiJiangs独角兽 Anyone have a good reason not to do this?
Maybe, discussions that don't directly involve elections on SO?
SE elections?
@Shog9 Nope, make it so.
I mean, does anyone actually see any difference between the two?
Annual elections of benefits for my MSO health insurance?
I don't see people using one to talk about SE elections in general and another about SO elections specifically
If that's the case they can just use with the election tag
5:23 PM
@Shog9 It's sometimes nice to be missed.
is talking to himself.

 The Overlook Hotel

General discussion for writing.stackexchange.com. Writing exer...
@Diago I miss adding missing apostrophes on your posts... Does that count?
@Shog9 Lolz. I doubt you have the time to these days. Also I don't post that much anymore.
5:31 PM
True on both counts :-/
I am pretty sure by the end of next week my SE days will be over. If my upcoming schedule has anything to do with it.
new job?
<darthvader version="5.0">Nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!</darthvader>
No, company restructure. They moved 2 of my colleagues and handed their work to me.
The only way I can leave my current company is by finding a job in the US. Which is apparently quite a task if your a South African :(
There are South Africans who aren't doctors in Saskatchewan? :O
I learn something from the internet every day.
Incidentally, I'm in the middle of a company restructure, hence my slight excess of time at the moment.
5:39 PM
We have been going through one for almost 5 months
My manager was moved to another division today, after I spent 2 months fighting to stay in his team
@mootinator I'm confused :\
I see Jeff's back from leave.
@Diago That was my only exposure to South Africans growing up. A doctor (always from SA) would move to my hometown, work there for about a year, then leave. Something I never really fully understood.
@mootinator We had a medical exchange program at the time.
@Diago Ahhhhh....
Doctors in SA are either working for the Government and making no money, or do private practise and ends up owning a game farm and stopping after 5 years.
It's an epidemic
They should bring that back, doctors have gotten a lot worse here since then, lol. :/
5:45 PM
I'll stay quiet on that topic. It took me close on 10 years to find one I trust.
And he now owns a game farm.
I now have the choice between guy I went to college with and may or may not actually speak English
The first can be embarrassing, the latter, well... also embarrassing.
Embarrassing situation all round.
6:02 PM
@shog9 - we were deciding if one infinite set can be larger than the other. That's impossible because you can add numbers to one set and then add "matching" numbers to the other set and then you add matching numbers to the other set and then add more to the other set...
1 hour later…
7:33 PM
I thought that only moderators could see custom ("Other") flag reasons, but I just saw one in the 10k tools.
Is this a bug or was I mistaken?
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 14 mins ago, by random
You closed a question. That OP later finds your home phone number, calls you up at 3am and asks for you to clarify the reasoning. How many days should they be suspended?
@JeremyBanks That isn't a normal off-topic/migrate flag?
@mootinator stats.SE isn't a flaggable migration target from SO.
@balpha As many as it takes for them to come groveling back, offering gifts of food.
7:37 PM
@JeremyBanks Ah yes, assumed it wasn't from SO. My mistake.
It seemed like a good off topic question for math.SE =)
Yeah, I did check to see if it somehow got migrated to SO, and that was a leftover flag
because that also seemed likely to me.
Q: Custom flag reasons visible in 10k tools

Jeremy BanksI thought that custom ("Other") flag messages were considered a safe way to communicate with moderators, because they were the only ones who could read them. Going through flagged posts in the 10k tools, I just saw this: There's no indication that the post was migrated from somewhere that this...

7:50 PM
Probably Regex.Match(@"^Belongs on .*"); :P
8:37 PM
@balpha Defer to other mods. You guys disagree?
9:24 PM
@Moshe Wrong answer: The answer is: Until three days after they're dead. At a minimum
Ok, so who here does Python?
@jcolebrand I once wrote a web scraper for a job interview?
Sounds about right :p
Oh, also a script to parse an XML configuration file and output javascript statements which generate html.
Wait, no it wasn't that simple.
I have a feeling I'll manage to get along. I happen to know a couple places to turn for help ;-)
The javascript statements were part of a C cgi/bin.
9:41 PM
@TimStone Don't do it, Tim! Those aren't chocolates!
crackin' good job on the THC transcripts, @TimStone, @RebeccaChernoff
@Shog9 wanna do the second digest? (;
10:00 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I wouldn't even think of spoiling your beautiful creation with my ham-fisted efforts!
oh please, feel free!
No, no... I appreciate your generosity, I do... But the unspoken fear, the unseen biting of the lip, the unheard worry in your voice... They steel my resolve not to intrude upon your creation, no matter how tempting it might seem.
@Shog9 do the digest!
crosses fingers (;
Your selflessness is admirable, but no, I cannot think of it.
goes to create a trello card for @Shog
10:08 PM
Yeah that'll work
10:39 PM
Um, is it just me or does the "blog" menu item replace the "chat" one in the header on Meta.SO?
Every time there's a new blog post my chat link goes away for a while it seems
Yes, that's correct
That's intended behavior?
...why? I guess it avoids shifting any items aside, but removing another menu item doesn't seem like the best solution
There's not a lot of space up there for additional links for certain people.
Or at least I think that was the reason given last.
10:44 PM
That was the reason given
Also to highlight the new blog posts instead of hoping for people to see them at the bottom without cluttering everything
I can see it going it for the first time it pops up (when you see the new tag) but it seems to stick around for a while.
I'm pretty sure that's a systemwide thing based on the date of the most recent post to the blog
and if we do blogoverflow and prove that we can keep the blog on dba.se, we'll have the same behavior when we post a new blog
@jcolebrand Ah, I guess that makes sense then. I've noticed most of the things like edit count are hard-cached
@BenBrocka It'll be a link to the blog for 24 hours following a new blog post, then it reverts to linking to chat.
I guess chat's pretty rarely used. I noticed the Talkative badge on SO is rarer than Unsung Hero...
10:51 PM
On SO moreso than on the other sites
one thing is that on the smaller sites it tends to offer a sense of community, in addition to faster solutions
I've never gotten answers so fast as I have on SO...assuming there's a reasonable solution anyway
Hence why chat is rarely needed ;-)
True...plus we don't even have the sidebar "X people chatting now" box on SO like the other sites
(BTW the X people chatting is totally misleading)
Oh well, time to head home. Thanks for the "fast solutions" =)
11:30 PM
Hullo all.
Long day.
I've adjusted my sleep schedule, so I'm kinda tired now.
Good deal. Now you sound like a student.
Until this weekend when it magically reverts
Hah, but it's already week #2.
I've made it through one weekend.
I realized that after N o'clock, I'm too tired to be productive so I just go to sleep instead of sitting around until 2am.
Now I'm up because I have things to do and so I don't start getting up at 4 by mistake; I'm keeping my schedule sane.

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