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Not about Stack Exchange Network software Pre-Image of a simple closed curve under a holomorphic function?‭ - Yee Neil‭ 2018-12-21 04:40:34Z
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Not about Stack Exchange Network software Windows 2016 Server Core Login Issue‭ - Mayank‭ 2018-12-21 05:32:49Z
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9 messages moved to Chimney
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Looks like TGIF, but maybe not...
Oh, it is. After this I'll have two weeks off :D
My leave got approved.
I basically am off all the way from the 16th of jan. will be in india all feb.
The hilarious thing is I have no idea how that affects my mod coverage capabilities in jan ;p
8:24 AM
You're supposed to be here :P
Unless SE approves your leave too :P
Yes, all leaves from SE users have to be approved. Please allow for some backlog, they are 6 to 8 years behind ...
It's not that easy once you become a mod. :P
@Tinkeringbell true but more predictable hours ;p
Just hand me the diamond ... nobody will notice you have gone, promised ...
@rene Kay. Go have fun! :P
8:31 AM
suspends all users ...
That works, if you want to have a quiet christmas holiday :)
stille nacht indeed ....
@rene I don't want a lot for christmas .... all I want for christmas is you. There. Self-confidence down the drain ;)
8:34 AM
heh, @rene I went through your list of tag edits.
._. I'm a little sad people focused on the tags to the exception of other fixes ._.
I'll see if I can reduce your sadness in the future
posted on my answer to that post.
I'm going to wait a bit, see some reactions and see if we can get a post to co-ordinate these things.
I want to wait past the holidays though - I'd like to get a bit more input
I honestly think nothing needs to be done
Compromise! The fine art of making sure everyone is equally unhappy ._.
I love chat, but there's a few issues with co-ordinating things here IMO
at the same time, the SU model of "one meta post per tag" feels dumb here.
on the gripping hand, front page floods are a pain for people who use the site like I do
8:47 AM
Well, if it needs to be organized on MSE so be it. None of those involved in that Q/A will ever take on a clean-up. All they care for is an undisturbed front-page so they can discuss matters on fresh posts.
I still think that is the real problem, not if a slightly useful tag got removed
Let's have MSECVR...
Let's not, that causes even more group think
and is even less visible and obscure for irregular MSE visitors
What bothers me most is the notion that when you're "in the tavern" you're not part of the MSE community, somehow.
Even the suggestion is rude
But nobody seems to be bothered by that
Well no
We're core users sure - but its really hard for people outside that group (or even in the group) to keep track of decisions
Tag cleanups are an epic pain in the rear.
@rene Nah, that's the wrong way round. When you're "in the tavern", you're part of a subset of the MSE community.
Do you really think the clean up of gets any better with my MSE post: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/316429/is-limits-useful-as-tag instead of having it decided here? Except for visibility?
8:55 AM
@rene visibility is pretty much the one arguement against doing things on here.
There's discussion, there's something for us to point at...
Heck: why don't we even add: tag clean-ups have to pass through the tavern chat room and be backed by an MSE post.
Would be nice but that puts a lot of power in tavern regulars.
we already have, like it or not
@rene better? Not. Needed? Yes.
That way those ranting about "us" doing things in the dark won't have any argument.
hmm, sad but true
8:59 AM
So we agree, no ice cream!
@rene wrong, we're part of MSE community, but grouped in a place where only few visit.
Wait... we agree to disagree on this one? ;)
that said.... adding a bounty is borken omg halp
9:02 AM
Question ID is lost.
Q: Eeeek! Can't start a bounty on any question

Shadow WizardTrying to start a bounty, on any question, results in this: Please fix, in the dev tools I noticed a POST request to non existent URL.

what is that freehand red circle creature...
Free Hand Red Sad Smiley
Incoming wave of same bug reports in 10... 9... 8...
Too bad no bug hammer yet...
So... it would be interesting to see what happens during whole weekend without a single bounty placed in SE.
2 reports, not so bounty-worthy bug...
@ShadowWizard nothing, wouldn't have won a bounty either way.
How the Grinch Stole Bounties?
@andmyself found him!
9:28 AM
Is there a feature comparison list on MSE for the mobile-apps? I'm thinking of an extensive list of all features and then markers if that feature is available in the iOS or Android app?
@rene not that I know of. But what for?
The apps will most likely shut down at some point, think that this is the first year we don't even get a hat for using the app.
There always used to be a non secret hat for posting (or commenting?) via the app.
@ShadowWizard to help non-app users like me understand the differences between the two. See that question you just dupe hammered
@ShadowWizard yeah, that is also true
@rene hmm... well, both got feed, not sure if the iOS app let you customize it.
See, that is what I mean.
Feel free to start such a question, I'll fill what I know.
9:35 AM
Feed is generated by SE and stored on the DB, at least that's why I remember when I cat with Kasra on the deleted/frozen "SE app" chat room
(apparently my previous message doesn't quite make a sense, because I'm drunk due to the medicine...)
You're getting drunk on doctor's orders? :) Nice!
(Get well soon too :) )
9:54 AM
@ShadowWizard probably nothing
@andmyself you should answer questions high
(TRAD: today is Dalek Day)
It's also the first day of winter :D
@Tinkeringbell yep, will have to go hanging icicles around the city during the weekend
I found two duplicate questions on SO, one from 2008 and one from 2009, both with a lot of votes. Do I VTC as duplicate or is a merge preferred for such a case?
VTC and raise a mod-flag. Mods are needed to do merges anyway.
10:09 AM
OK will do, thanks
10:24 AM
@Stijn do both have lots of good answers, that are not found on both questions?
10:44 AM
@rene hard to tell :P the answer in essence is very short and simple, but both have more than one answer. I haven't flagged for merging yet, wanna wait for closure first. This and this question.
I guess what you're saying is, if both have good answers but they're not posted to both questions, then a merge should be done? And if it's just the same answers, simply VTC as duplicate?
yeah, that would be my take on it
I think dupe voting is all that is needed here, no merge needed
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/158066/… Haven't seen either question, but if what rene said about both having answers the other already has, merging might be declined...
11:10 AM
@Stijn sounds right to me
11:25 AM
Drat, I still do't have a gravatar image option.
11:44 AM
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1:02 PM
Question. Is @Glorfindel a bot or he really spend all the day refreshing the main meta page?
He is simply too fast :P
1:23 PM
@Derpy or he's a bot
@ShadowWizard looks like the bounty bug is sorted
@Derpy nobody is named Glorfindel. Just a random jumble of letters. Clearly a bot.
@Bart I always though he simply Miss Spelled the name of that old 007 movie.
He's the next step in human evolution
His brain has developed neurons specifically for each screen, and he has 10 screens in front of him
great. Now I have LOTR themed lyrics to gold finger running through my head
1:30 PM
Do you expect me to talk? – No, Mr. Bart, I expect you to die!
2:05 PM
@JourneymanGeek yip
A: Eeeek! Can't start a bounty on any question

TarynThanks for reporting this. It has been fixed across the network now and you should be able to add bounties until your heart is content. Thanks to balpha who smashed the bug very quickly.

So, bounty for that answer? :P
2:36 PM
@Tinkeringbell ^
Ugh... cats
@Tinkeringbell ok
@Tinkeringbell ^ better?
@Derpy Too pink :P
3:08 PM
@Tinkeringbell What you have against the Pinkie One?
31 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
@Derpy Too pink :P
3:29 PM
Try... pink parrot?
(Courtesy of @pinkparrotsf)
That's a juvenile?
um... look more carefully... :P
Sorry. My glasses fail to do their job right now, what am I looking for?
a white, oval thing... sort of
Oh, but those can be faked easily :P
3:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell ^
Looks more like an off-topic question to me?
Boooo, deleting it before I could vote
Yeah, off-topic programming question.
Nuked it as such. That wasn't spam
@Bart Oh I'm sorry. You weren't marked present yet!
3:38 PM
@Tink thanks for marking my flag as helpful! ;)
Shh! Next you know I'm being accused of favoritism!
@Tinkeringbell are you sure? the link seemed somehow suspicious. Didn't click it to be fair.
@Derpy Yeah, googled the question and opened the link after that. Link is dead, and the question is about replacing part of the link with a phone number stored in a database.
so... over the place we call Charcoal HQ, we have a rule: a mod's decision is right by default ;-)
3:52 PM
@EKons Stupid rule.
Mods should be open to feedback as much as anyone else.
actually, there are often disputes about what is the right call to make in a certain situation
sometimes, the consensus is "custom flag and let mods decide"
Oh, but that's different from 'mods are always right' :P
That's 'if you're not sure, ask a mod' :P
not always
sometimes, the reverse also happens
i.e. mods getting in touch with CHQ
Anyway. I don't think it was wrong to ask if I'm sure it's not spam :)
3:55 PM
oh, that was totally right
actually, I've seen one mod who has been way more open
(i.e. the mod themselves asking the community)
It often works ;)
Google translates relatively well :)
Yep, it does :)
> It discourages having to deal with the guy who does not know Portuguese
if only you knew that was from your comment after Google Translate...
4:25 PM
Finally free from the advent calendar updates!
@Tinkeringbell you should not see any more autoflags.
@Derpy Hahaha it's okay, there was just one ;)
(or maybe a last one if I make a last update on Dec 27 to post a final wrap up.
anyway, probably not going to win unless either:
a) miracle
b) I go for the lame move and summon the whole LoE playerbase to vote....
c) JNat has to buy more than 25 watches
@andmyself waffle docet.
@Tinkeringbell I wonder if trying to use something more similar to mod election infrastructure could work.
What, a contest where first everyone uploads submissions, and then people can pick first, second and third choice?
4:41 PM
@Tinkeringbell basically
and would also prevent the "fastest gun" problem
also the 'primary' phase
basically: declare contest start, give users ability to submit their idea.
then, after a week or two open voting phase
that way, you would probably avoid the "first one to vote wins" problem
4:53 PM
btw @Tinkeringbell, just raised a flag for an offensive user profile deletion.
and with this one I think i will have to go for now. Later :P!
@Derpy We have a quarterly contest like that on Mi Yodeya and it seems to work well.
5:10 PM
@Alex There was a similar contest on M&TV but it has stopped.
There only Favorite Questions and answers, Solving monthly unanswered quesstions challenge.
@NogShine Indeed, the one on Mi Yodeya credits the one on Movies & TV as the inspiration.
@Alex Oh, M&TV took inspiration from SFF I guess.
@NogShine But the one on Science Fiction & Fantasy is just any post that you liked, no?
And no prize.
@Alex Ohh
A mod was generous and gave away bounties worth 500 every quarter.
Now, the contest has stopped but he is giving bounties of his choice. Now he is Ex-mod
@NogShine On Movies?
5:15 PM
That's how it is on Mi Yodeya as well. One of the moderators sponsors a 300 bounty to the winner.
Plus, there are occasional topic challenges. There is an Aviation challenge going on now. You can participate.
6:05 PM
Y a-t-il any limitation between two elections?
I don't think so...
Q: operating binary numbers

Fever Prince/* i am trying to get a binary operation input(example: "1001 + 1010 ") from user and give output "1001 + 1010 = 010011" but this is only working for addition only but i want this to work for all operations(* , / , - , +). help so far my code is: */ include include include include int m...

Hey who you calling "include"?
maybe some automated job can be created to detect blatant OT on MSE, but je ne pense pas
6:38 PM
@ɪBᴜɢ It's called a mod ;)
> NEW AUTOMATED PARROT 6451!!! Only 60 seconds to remove the junk, 99.9% accuracy! Buy now for only 99.99€!
7:33 PM
@Derpy Looks like someone else got it before I got back to my PC. Enjoy your weekend!
@EKons :( I'm not a 100 percent accurate?!
@Tinkeringbell No that's only Dettol
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Goes to change name
8:53 PM
Why's that NSFW?
9:04 PM
@Tinkeringbell I didn't want anyone on work being confronted unexpected with a huge selfie
oh, is it that suspended Twitter account selfie again?
I have no clue what you're talking about
is it a black man's face with a light-colored wall behind?
Hi maybe one of you knows whether it is intentional that the bounty award button is bold when not hovering but not bold when hovering? Otherwise I would post a question but maybe somebody knows that it is
9:08 PM
pretty sure the opposite should be true, I've awarded a couple of bounties in the past
@EKons That's happened before? I'll keep it in mind :)
Some of the URL design in the SE network is absolutely horrible
@Tinkeringbell it was in an answer, but yeah
@PrincessLuna what for example?
9:11 PM
Over on GDSE, some links look like plain text
Nov 7 at 14:39, by Shadow Wizard
WTH?! Flagged as abusive, same as gibberish answer.
(very scary warning)
(Gonna grab some screenshots, one sec)
@MEE here's a side by side comparison of GD.SE and SO: i.imgur.com/xPFtPhB.png
Aside the pretty horrible inconsistency between the links, the color makes it hard to tell it's an actual link. In that placement it looks fine, but it also extends into the reputation tab
For context, deleted posts show up with plain text instead of a URL. So if I i.e. lose rep because a post is deleted (maybe doesn't apply to 10k+), the text shows up as black. On GD.SE, it's hard telling apart links from non-links in that tab
@EKons oh, this one was a different guy ;)
@PrincessLuna ouch that looks pretty bad :(
especially with the inconsistent colors; some links are blue, some are a dark grey (that's pretty close to black)
Here's another example:
The one on the bottom is a link; the one on the top is not
(also GD.SE)
As I suspected, links are present for 10k users, so I can't show what it looks like on SO
But it should be pretty close to here on meta, where it's pretty obvious to spot the difference
2 hours later…
11:00 PM
gulps oh hey the beer is cheaper now...

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