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12:17 AM
source ~/.winterbashrc
sudo vim /etc/defaults/winterbash.d/01-hats.rc
python3 -c 'from winterbash import hats; print(hats.HATS)'
sudo sh -c 'cat /dev/hats > /dev/sda' :)
12:48 AM
Why are my questions apparently preposterous
Better than postposterous surely?
What would that mean...
After the end?
The twilight of murder
1:13 AM
@Asadefa that word! It may mean exactly what you think it means!
Also - vtc too broad.
2 hours later…
2:54 AM
I thought I had said "Morning!"... but apparently I got time slipped... :/
3:18 AM
morning morning morning
3:45 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ both will work
4:44 AM
I though I will get Rubber Ducky hat for asking question about ducks but I didn't got
Ideally, you won't ask a question if the Rubber Duck is successful
5:50 AM
@andmyself I aksed about another famous duck
Q: What is the inspiration for Ducky Momo?

Ankit SharmaAfter going through the question about Mr.Slushy Burger and “Hey Ferb” song? from Phineas and Ferb I realized the show is full of so many out of universe references. And one of the major recurring part of the show was Ducky Momo: Does Ducky Momo have any inspiration from out of universe existi...

6:34 AM
Umm... mobile data is faster than office's internet? ._.
6:57 AM
Someone is probably downloading... Something. ;)
> אנחנו שמחים לעדכן שהחבילה שלך עברה לחברת השליחויות UPS.
> החבילה תגיע ליעדה בתוך 10-14 ימי עסקים.
Let's see if Google can translate it...
> We are happy to update that your package has been transferred to UPS.
> The package will arrive within 10-14 business days.
Mate.SE is on its way...
7:54 AM
@Asadefa they are not. Your edits are.
8:20 AM
@Tinkeringbell Tink? Is that you? You're in a cage! :D
@ShadowWizard I can stop winterbash now. I got a hat that complements my avatar :P
but no waffles!
I am looking for 007, Brunhilde
8:47 AM
@NogShine think both are explained in the list?
Oh Brunhilde isn't even secret. :)
I think Red Baron was a super secret hat when first introduced, as in nobody was able to find how to get it.
Let's see...
eh, nope. Memory failure. lol
Brunhilde is my favorite because it inspires me to participate on multiple sites
007 because it discourages comments and encourages answers. I don't like comment like answers.
@NogShine +1
@NogShine 0
Like that.
So.... maybe it's about quick edits...
@Mithrandir Out of curiosity, why did you choose "blatantly off-topic" as a close reason on this question?
It's an old SO-specific question from the MSO days, and I selected "specific site", which is what we generally close these with. Also, it's not blatantly off-topic.
8:58 AM
'cause I'm keyboard-only and pressed enter instead of down, because closing from the queue is not the easiest thing to do without a mouse
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog while I agree, what's the point of closing such questions after so many years? It's not like they'll get new answers, and it won't result in migrating them to proper place.
Better just leave them alone.
@ShadowWizard It was in the CV queue and I cast the final vote. Also, the close voters were all reviewers, so the user who you should really be asking that to is the close flagger.
I don't go around and look for them actively, but when one's brought up to me, I will VTC it.
@Mithrandir Is your mouse broken?
Yes, and has been for weeks.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog well personally I'll just skip it in review. Looks like someone with low rep just flagged it, as the first close voter is @Mithrandir and he also did it from review. People with low rep often don't really know how the site works.
So even voting to Leave Open is legit in those cases.
@ShadowWizard Well, then, it's ironic that we give lower-rep users with a long history of helpful flagging the ability to add 100 questions to the CV queue, whereas users with 3k+ rep can only add 24 (or 50 on SO).
@ShadowWizard Yes, I proposed that idea back when the CV queue was being deluged with such questions (provided they don't have recent activity).
9:06 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog can't you cast a flag after using all close votes?
@ShadowWizard Nope.
hmm.. so that's not good indeed.
@Mithrandir fr. for god's sake could someone mail mith a mouse? ;p
A close flag automatically turns into a close vote, which won't work if you're out of votes.
@JourneymanGeek it's not a hardware issue
@JourneymanGeek it won't help, the computer itself is the problem.
9:07 AM
plugging in an external mouse hasn't helped
He needs a new computer. :D
Yeah, a new laptop would be nice ;)
or a driver issue.
I've seen some straaaaaaange things
@Mithrandir Out of curiosity, is it really difficult to get a mouse where you're from? I have three spare wired mice laying around at home, and I recently obtained a wireless mouse from my local Fry's Electronics for just $3.
9:07 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Its not the mouse
@Mithrandir make some wish list on Amazon and people might donate. :D
so... let's try...
No, it's not that hard to find a mouse. Finding a new laptop, on the other hand...
@Mithrandir Maybe do some digging and ask a question on SU?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog no it's not hard, they sell them even in super markets. :)
9:08 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Dec 6 at 14:52, by Mithrandir
@ArtOfCode Here's a deal: You buy me a working laptop, I clear out review. :P
@Derpy heh, so balpha didn't ban you after all? :P
I wouldn't know where to start, @Sonic
@ShadowWizard But those have heavy markups, at least here. You'd expect to pay around $20 for a simple wired mouse.
@YvetteColomb Nice to see you here again :)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog nah... here we can find really really cheap mouse, e.g. mdyo.co.il/a.aspx?t=4&a=5176 ($3.7)
@ShadowWizard Is it wireless?
9:11 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog wired, optic
> The hv-ms675 is black-red, very accurate, the USB connection (1.5 meter cable). Two buttons and a life cycle switch buttons over a million clicks.
@Mithrandir Did you try asking Peridot?
(GT of description)
@Mithrandir Does your computer support Bluetooth? If so you can try a Bluetooth mouse. (I purchased one a while back because I didn't want to have to plug in a dongle)
@Mithrandir ._. Steven Universe reference I guess
9:15 AM
No, there's no Bluetooth... and if plugging in a USB mouse didn't work, I doubt that would, either.
@JourneymanGeek @Tinkeringbell Ehy! Let me at least flag the spam before deleting it! :P
@Derpy naw, that's smokey
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ty
@Mithrandir can you plug something else to the USB?
9:19 AM
e.g. a flash drive?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yup, this will tell if the issue is the USB port or not
Maybe the USB driver is borked somehow
If I plug in the mouse, it works the same way as the trackpad - it can right click and move the thingy around, but not left click.
@Mithrandir Did you try a different mouse?
that's strange
9:23 AM
@Mithrandir but if you put דיסק און קי (USB flash drive aka "USB stick") does it work properly?
If the driver itself is borked, you might be able to update it and fix the problem.
Probably. I don't have on hand to test at the moment. I confirmed the mouse, in general, works - it works on other people's devices.
When plugged into my computer, it works exactly the same way as the built-in mouse.
that's strange... is there an app that might be hooking/intercepting left-click?
I haven't got the foggiest idea
@andmyself mouse also can't move which is worse
it simply stopped working one day
9:25 AM
@Mithrandir Windows has a setting where you can switch the mouse buttons as a sort of "left-handed" mode...what happens when you try that?
oh wait it can move.
Try a Winter Bash mouse:
I don't know, I'm not on Windows.
Ubuntu 16.04
9:26 AM
@Mithrandir if you're on linux, try a livecd to confirm something isn't borked on your specific setup?
Q: How do I swap mouse buttons to be left handed from the terminal?

FookraaI am left handed person. Therefore I want to interchange the typical mouse buttons for right and left clicks. I want to do this via terminal. May someone please suggest the command for it? Is it possible to interchange these clicks at the login screen also? I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

could try that, i'll dig it up
9:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek Kernel/driver issue?
or X
Its the simplest thing to test, assuming you have boot media on hand, since you're working off a mostly unmodified, known good setup
If the right button starts to do left clicks when left-handed mode is enabled, it's a hardware issue; if instead the right button fails and the left button right-clicks, it's a software issue
user image
^ @Tinkeringbell
At this point, I can imagine an automation to convert image-to-knit
@andmyself totally didn't do that
9:40 AM
@Derpy next challenge: knit my avatar. ;)
@Derpy That one is really good!
^ I need this action figure ! :P
That one is just weird ;)
@ShadowWizard actually, I'm thinking oh Shog's head instead...
Super sayan 4 Homer Simpson?
9:45 AM
@Tinkeringbell wait.. something was missing!
Nah, I like Derpy's one better :)
@ShadowWizard -1 not green
Your circle isn't round enough :)
@Tinkeringbell because you're not round enough there isn't enough vertical space! :P
9:47 AM
@Derpy if you add that to the knitting post, I'll upvote it ;)
@ShadowWizard think your avatar is a little too complex. Can't really knit anything too big.
@Tinkeringbell the Tinkeringbell? Ok
@Derpy true. ;(
@ShadowWizard you don't have anything simpler at hand?
like, my avatar...
@Derpy I'll check my phone and see what pictures I took.
9:53 AM
@ShadowWizard the three colors of shadowy wizard
Maybe revert back to non picture avatar? hmm...
Horrible idea of the day: Zalgo Hat - awarded for using Zalgo in a post
and automatically gets suspended for 1 day
> GM_addStyle(".content { overflow: hidden; }");
GM_addStyle(".content:hover { overflow: inherit; }");
Still have the "anti-telkitty" greasemonkey script
Weird, she was mentioned in Den earlier.
9:57 AM
Winterbash down again
Up again
Like a heart beat...
Internet office is down again -_-
Time to find new ISP?
@AnkitSharma not down... but very laggy, yep.
9:58 AM
the hats on chat are breaking my brain
@ShadowWizard Not for me, snowflake not coming and page getting tiemout
Come to think of it, not seeing hats on chat for now...
And they forgot to give me Brunhilde
took me a moment to work out that wasn't an easter egg everyone found at once
10:00 AM
I refreshed and all the hats vanished
Yeah no hats on chat
Winterbash is down, it's end of the universe. Run for your lives
self-describing hat
It's up now but no Brunhilde
I guess [never mind, should not guess]
10:06 AM
Guess guess
I got rep cap on movies and travel and 152 rep on bricks
So I should get it by now
somehow got propeller, the parrot post may be involved
Oh, I feel dumb. There's upload function on Knit Overflow...
Ohh me neither
So who will knit my face so I can see it whenever I open the winterbash page
the avatar?
10:12 AM
Nah my real face ;)
I can't knit :'(
@Derpy cheers!
Uff forgot to change avatar
@Rob impressive! :D
10:15 AM
You get 50 ShadowCoins, @Rob. ;)
@AnkitSharma knitting your face sounds painful
May I have them at the Bank of Meta?
@Rob it's not secure enough, in the wrong hands it can ruin the world!
@JourneymanGeek sound fun to me :p
10:17 AM
And for my new avatar and scifi name have to blame @Mithrandir
@AnkitSharma why you hide your SF&F account?
To keep some mystery
And it's my experimental account for my new avatars
@Derpy any guess for that hat?
Ah bother. I need to take a train to work and looks like it will be crowded
10:29 AM
postpone your travel to after rush hour ....
Naw.. can't get to work on time otherwise
@andmyself I've said it before... my current hat is perfect, no need to go and try to find another ;)
It's a little over an hour
@AnkitSharma the propeller? May be something related to getting a set amount of rep in a short time
I am confused
I got ti but don't know how
Anyways my ducky got ducky hat so all fine
10:44 AM
..... Train breakdown down the line....
@JourneymanGeek wait, are you in the Netherlands?
@JourneymanGeek closing as dupe of channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/…
We've ordered buses to transport you to your final destination however none of the bus companies we rang have buses or drivers available now. Thank you for travelling with us, enjoy your stay on this train ....
10:49 AM
need to find some not-too-complex pony fanart to use
@rene Ugh. I remember the time when there was no traffic around Zwolle in any direction... And they couldn't find enough buses/drivers to pull off such a massive operation...
@rene no
@ShadowWizard sadly too common
5 minute delay it seems
Start running then! ;)
Naw. I actually left with a big buffer in case
Big buffer??
You... put this... in a bag?!
11:02 AM
I left early lol
So buffer shouldn't be too big.
@Tinkeringbell yeah, I recall one time around Eindhoven (I was in Weert) were they found one bus. My colleague and I decided to go for dinner first to wait for the chaos to subside but that one bus literally stopped in front of us, opening their doors so we got in as first ... didn't let that opportunity go.
@Derpy as master hat hunter, did you notice any hat with two versions this year?
Google estimated travel time was an hour and 10 minutes. I budgeted an hour 40
Taxi, or... bike
11:10 AM
@ShadowWizard ? you mean like the sun/moon or the blue/gold dress meme hat?
nothing similar yet
@ShadowWizard not yet
@andmyself Taxi probably cost lots of money with no refund.
@Derpy yup
@AnkitSharma :(
Were they secret? (sun/moon and the blue/gold dress hats)
@ShadowWizard they always come later as secret hat
Keep patience
hmmm good good
11:13 AM
Remember one had a really complex and neat algorithm to decide which version is given.
Something really crazy.
Found it!
A: Why are there two different hats for "Where in the World"?

SklivvzI could explain this to you but it is actually Quantum Mechanics. The hat type is not assigned until someone gets it. Maybe you are interested to read the implementation details?

@rene I once took a regular lijnbus from den Bosch to Eindhoven that way ;) full to the brim, but I had a seat XD
@ShadowWizard one of the biggest wasted opportunities in SE history
Should totally have been a Schrodinger Cat thing
Ohhh kkkkk
Train stopped 3 stops early so I need to switch trains
@Tinkeringbell nice!
11:50 AM
45 messages moved to Chimney
12:09 PM
@Derpy did you get any further in your chicken hunt?
@Derpy and I think alike, apparently.
Little joys of programmer life: out work-order forms are named "Fertigungsauftrag" which had been abbreviated to FAG by the non english speaking head of IT
now to explain why we can't call the form that because of international customers...
12:41 PM
ok, managed to slip Zhūangzi in a reply about MLP.
I think this alone deserves a custom made hat.
@Tinkeringbell huh? No lijnbus in Den.
@ShadowWizard den, not Den :P
hmm.. but @rene is sometimes @Rene and he still responds. :D
@Bart none. But I noticed someone posted a list of failed attempts on the chicken-question on meta
@Magisch just translate the term to whatever language the head of IT does speak. This should suffice. :)
12:50 PM
@ShadowWizard all gone ;)
@JNat thanks!
I just ate wayy too much lunch
I see everyone is busy contributing to their waistline
Wait, I ate a lot of lunch too
@ShadowWizard to prevent this in the future we'll use 's-Hertogenbosh (and 's-Gravenhage) going forward (/cc @Tinkeringbell) ....
@Tinkeringbell What did you have?
12:53 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I'm only adding to my wasteline
@Magisch Lunch :P
@Tinkeringbell very specific answer I see :p
@rene You probably do need to overeat anyway. Pollinating in winter is hard work
We went out to a nearby restaurant, and I ordered smoked salmon on bread. But I got multiple really thick slices of bread and I guess more than 1 salmon :P
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ true
12:55 PM
@Magisch It's the seeds the road runner never finishes
They'd fill Grand Canyon probably
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ but you do things to burn this down.... ;(
@Tinkeringbell you could take some in a bag, you know. For tomorrow. ;)
@ShadowWizard I ate pretty healthy food anyway
Round about 350 grams of low-fat yogurt, a can of tuna fish, and 150 grams of white rice
1:00 PM
Round about 600 calories.
Everything was boiled. Except the yogurt obviously. No oil
@rene no idea what it means, but if you say so... so be it! :P
I didn't have the oil in the tuna fish can
@Bart at this point, I think that the chicken things ends at the youtube video, otherwise some staff member would have left a comment about it. Only @balpha knows for sure though.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ 600 calories of food without taste. What a waste. ;)
Now the cake you're having isn't going to count as a meal and it's going to have about the same calories, if not more
1:01 PM
@Derpy yeah, I ran out of ideas there.
THAT, my friend, is waistline contribution
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ nah, it's small-ish.
Unless you skip dinner
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ never
@ShadowWizard 300-400 then?
1:02 PM
I sometimes skip breakfast or lunch... never dinner. ;)
Still, a bit of dedication can gain you a pound!
@ShadowWizard healthy all the way!
With all the sheckels and your weird candies
Well, not weird. Only weirdly named
How can Arabic and Hebrew both be semitic and Hebrew be so weird?
Actually, it's half a slice of such a cake:
@M.A.R. ^
Got it for free from the restaurant for buying a meal.
Only real programmers eat loading bars.
@Bart probably just a weird form of Rick Roll Troll. I can totally picture them thinking "you wanted an easter egg, we waste your time by making you jump thru links while raising your expectations and all you get is a troll video"
1:05 PM
OK, time's up for me. Nap and studies await! Ta
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ because you're not used to it! :P
Jon's office will freeze again any moment now.
@bart no hat, so have a shirt instead.
(unfreezing without posting anything is enough for one day only)
Who is bart? @derpy
@Derpy :D
1:12 PM
@ShadowWizard someone who seems to be far less competent at nitpicking that you are :P
@Derpy Thanks! :D
I think the only one better than me in nitpicking is @M.A.R.
@ShadowWizard @JohnDvorak . The real nitpicking master is John.
Oct 19 '16 at 13:29, by Derpy
As Abdul Alhazred recorded in his writing, Jan is now just a puppet in the claws of The Owl, who is one of the many physical manifestations of the Great Unspeakable One, Gram'mnarh Nazgoth
@Derpy only grammar though, no? Don't think he watch names.
Plus, he's even less active than our three kidneys boy! :/
@ShadowWizard sleeping in R'lyeh
Anyway beware with balpha, using wrong case with him might get you in trouble. ;)
1:19 PM
balpha roars but usually doesn't bite. He will get annoyed, edit the message but most of the times stop there, unless you keep doing that on purpose.
Shog9 is worse. He usually first bites, then bites again, throws you in the fiery pits of SE lava-powered geothermal energy production stations and only then barks. ^_^'
@AnkitSharma he has gotten better though. Back in the Nes Castlevania days he used to petrify you on touch, usually as you were going to jump over a pit...
@Derpy roar and no bite you say... like that ferocious animal?
@Derpy improved medusa?? That's neat.
1:28 PM
woof woof arf.
That's a tiger? ^
its a cat.
All you need is a box
cat does no woof
unless he's sick
furballs can do weird things to cats too
1:30 PM
and our local cat is MIA...
Sep 3 '14 at 14:33, by SPArchaeologist
@bjb568 Just boot up an emulator and set it to play castlevania. Every time someone plays castlevania and enter a room with the flying medusa heads, @Shog9 is bound to be there, floating amongst them.
@ShadowWizard lol
@Derpy sure, but those petrify on sight, not on touch. ;)
@ShadowWizard in the game, they petrified you on contact.
@Derpy so the game is wrong...
flagging the game
1:32 PM
They still are the most hated enemy in game history alongside the cursed Eggplant Wizard from Kid Icarus
Next thing you'll tell me beholder cast Light from its main eye.
As if it's a mere flashlight.
@Derpy sure, protecting from real medusa is as easy as always carrying a mirror...
@Derpy you played this one?
Without mirrors in your inventory, better Flee.
@ShadowWizard that doesn't bring up any specific memory
must fix hair lines.
1:51 PM
@Derpy Krynn?
@ShadowWizard never had the opportunity to play any of the Dragonlance games back then
And the only one I actually saw in some magazine was Heroes of the Lance.
Which for some reason I never actually saw on sale.
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