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8:01 PM
@Shog9 Maybe it'd be better if you changed your order of operations and wrote the answer before you change the status? I know that's your habit, and that's why I pinged WELZ to undelete the question (in Charcoal)... but I don't think everyone's aware of that?
Unless you have a specific reason for that order of operating.
@Shog9 added in your links to the question to try to get to the crux of the matter.
@Catija I write an answer first if I think it's going to be a long or complicated answer. Otherwise... If I get distracted and can't answer until later, at least the status tag is there.
Distraction? What's that... :P
(even then, I try to retag just before posting the answer - otherwise folks clicking the "modified" link from the question list get taken to the question and not my answer)
That makes sense.
8:05 PM
But yeah, in this case it took me like 3 minutes to write the answer. That shouldn't make a big difference.
If he hadn't posted a comment griping about the decline I'd have just shrugged and moved on.
That wasn't really griping, was it?
He said "cheers!" :D
Wasn't that a depressing comedy from the '80s?
It's also a cheery British way of saying "thanks".
them brits & their ironies
And the font for Cheers is very different.
8:07 PM
Was it depressig I really don't remember I was young
I was young too. Perhaps that's why I found it depressing.
"Oh, so that's adulthood, eh? Sitting in a dark bar while an unseen crowd laughs at you."
Bunch of people in a dark bar drinking... eh.
Wish I was instead of worrying how FP really works
Granted, pretty accurate... But not exactly inspiring.
If I've learned anything from Paul Graham, it's that the way FP really works is ditching it and paying other people to write software.
Just like learning
8:17 PM
Well... See... we've clearly got our own version of Cheers right here in the Tavern... Dark, moody bar, regulars... occasionally drinking... less frequently amusing. Sounds about right.
though I think I will buy a bottle of wine instead
there are
Looks like "Coffeehouse on the Meta"...
(night! zzz)
sidenote: Coffeeshops in the Netherlands seem dangerous O_O
@SensibleAlexander considering I have been acquainted with a Dutch flower, I don't think anything or anyone in Netherlands is not dangerous
9:01 PM
sd f
9:14 PM
Smoke Detector Fail?
the sd means you're responding to smoke detector f means false positive.
9:28 PM
@Shog9 lol...
9:53 PM
Yeah, I too thought it was Internet slang. For telling me otherwise, credit @ShadowtheHedgehog
@Catija isn't it fp?
@RougetheBat shorthand.
I don't like Internet slang, so I prefer not to use it. But every time, I get a stern reminder from my friendly archrival.
10:06 PM
@ShadowWizard What?
@RougetheBat Is that a question?
10:12 PM
Am I missing something here ?
@rene heh, it's NAA
@Ano it is an answer to a question
10:15 PM
@RougetheBat Remember the last time we were playing this, and someone interjected in the middle of our little [status- conversation?
10:33 PM
@Ano gentle reminder that stickers payment is due before end of UTC day tomorrow :)
... or else someone will knock on your door with a giant S ... wait ...
@ArtOfCode Do I check the box to indicate I'm paying for a good or service?
@Ano no you don't
@ArtOfCode But I am...why not?
@Ano because we end up paying fees for something that can happily qualify as a donation
10:37 PM
@ArtOfCode Yeah, I realized the fee's extra if I uncheck it, versus deducted if I check it
@rene ...sledge hammer to claim it
@Ano Cheers :) Don't have access to my PayPal account right now to confirm receipt, but you'll get an email as soon as I do
a.k.a. "it will be out in the next build"
We've got a user needing account mergers:
You should create an account, and ask for your existing accounts to be merged. It looks like every time you posted, you created a new unregistered account (maybe you're rejecting cookies?). — user2357112 4 hours ago
Q: Stockfish blunders away a piece

LarryUsing stockfish_8_x64 with Arena 3.5.1, I see a weird pick by Stockfish. Start here: White, Stockfish, to move. It plays bb6-g1,losing the bishop and the win. Also strange: the same engine does not make this weird move in the Tarrasch program. Playing with KBN against K, I've seen Stockf...

(as soon as the user creates a proper registered account)
10:49 PM
Do we know how many unique users have done 1 or more close vote reviewtask on SO? Based on this I'll get approx. 500,000 users (the count(*) times 5) but that is inaccurate, I don't know by how much.
@rene giant sticker?
Morning. I guess.
Dog woke me up at 5.30.
In revenge I have turned all the lights on in my room after I brought him walkies.
@JourneymanGeek yes, morning. Time for me to head to bed. You take over here?
@rene 403,925 Custodian badges have been awarded for the Close Votes queue. (Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be queryable in SEDE. Maybe it's available via the API?)
That seems to be a [big nope](api.stackexchange.com/docs/….
11:09 PM
@rene i suppose.
Might be feature request fodder.
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