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12:09 AM
Twitter shares soar on first-ever profit
Is it me or tech companies are in herds trying to make a profit since the end of last year?
A large percentage of the big tech sites are running at a loss in general, not necessarily since last year
YouTube is yet to make a profit, AFAIK
not necessarily true - apple and microsoft have been making profits most of the years for a 10+ years
... "a large percentage" doesn't equal "all"...
In fact, "a large percentage" implies that that not all... so ...
HP is making mostly profit as well
12:21 AM
Oo Tech site, lol
12:50 AM
@TelautonomousKitty internet companies have always been trying to make a profit.
and users often go "noooo you guys should run things for free" and they get sneakier and sneaker. See facebook ;p
1:24 AM
@Rob IIRC YouTube's been profitable for ~5 years or so, they just never made a point of correcting the common knowledge that they hadn't been profitable.
Hmm, interesting
2:08 AM
@TelautonomousKitty @YvetteColomb ^
2:19 AM
I ought to chat more outside of Root Access, and get back to posting on the main site.
apparently trick your chicken to play piano is a thing recently :p
2:35 AM
This comment might feel condensing, but if the designers have time to change SO 404 & error images, how about other sites' site design?
(and oh yeah, morning with ALS Herbal therapy)
"We're sorry..." "Our systems experienced an error while processing your request. Rest assured this isn't your fault – it's a problem on our end. We've logged the error and will look into it as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you'd like to provide more information about this error, you can do so on Meta Stack Exchange."
Five hours ago, I flagged this question asking it be tagged . Three hours ago, it was tagged, but the mod didn't dismiss the flag. Should I retract it?
If the flag no longer serves a purpose, sure.
@if.... But it was valid at the time...so shouldn't I wait, so a mod eventually marks it as "helpful", so I score a helpful flag?
This was the only option back before flag retraction was implemented.
@Ano I personally feel flags are fire and forget
so... just let them deal with it when they choose to
2:50 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well; just wanted to make sure that the community's attitude didn't change while I was away.
@SensibleAlexander You know where the priorities are...
@if.... at the moment, enterprise.
@if.... Yeah, judging from the image, SOBotics chat room...
@Ano If the flag is no longer valid, I don't see why you wouldn't retract it. Helpful flag statistics are just a number. Not worth wasting moderator time over.
Which I actually mind less than some of the stuff that happened with careers.
2:52 AM
It's only sensible that SO should have a carefully designed 404 page (good riddance, an ugly program)
@Rob but my cabbages badges!
@SensibleAlexander condensing?
a flat robot ... lacking depth thickness
also as an optimist - its a relatively minor/quick thing. As a pessimist, meh
A flat robot would encounter greater wind resistance unless walk side ways ...
so, from physics point of view, the most stable position for a flat robot is actually laying on the ground
3:03 AM
@Rob It counts towards being able to make more daily flags...
If you're already blowing through your current flag limit, then you'll reach the cap in no time anyway
@JourneymanGeek just as I thought, I missed something, should be "condescending" >_<
No staff here...
This was fixed soon after I reported it, but no one came to add a red tag.
@iDebug Yes, there are staff here, otherwise there's less of a chance that my flag would be dismissed shortly after I made my first message above.
@iDebug I flagged that one as well.
@TelautonomousKitty most users on SO are programmers, not engineers, not scientists nor designers :p
3:15 AM
@SensibleAlexander "not...or", or "neither...nor"
thanks, English is hard...
"not engineers, scientists, or designers"
3:28 AM
Wow, elite EL&U users...
I'm just an elite ELL user. :(
And I'm just a lowly ESL user :(
I abuse the english language ;p
@SensibleAlexander which kinda indicates, to me, a certain degree of tunnel vision over certain aspects of SO ;p
3:45 AM
Still needs flags (poker): poker.stackexchange.com/a/9635
A: Running Programs As Root In Non Root Shell (Powershell)

Jesam_11!!!WARNING!!! IMPORTANT! In order to avoid getting banned, We developed an AntiBan App. It will protect your account from getting banned and you will receive the resources and game keys/cards within few minutes. Remaining time: 00:04:32 © Copyright. 2017

Will AntiBan App help a spammer not get banned?
I didn't have a poker account.
@if.... maybe if he ran his own app....
Is there any point in reporting that, once more, the Ask Ubuntu pseudo-Canonical topbar fell out of sync with the actual Canonical topbar at ubuntu.com?
4:00 AM
I get the feeling this topbar won't survive the upcoming topbar redesign.
We should have a sticky bottombar instead
Open any SO question (not the front page) in incognito window, and you'll get one.
@if.... I'd report on Meta.AU anyway
@if.... But it's pink :D
Turns out it was already reported: Topbar design is out of date by Tim... and I even answered that. shrug
4:47 AM
Is using SE's imgur as image hosting not for SE-related purpose... abusive? (hypothetical question)
Q: Potential to abuse Imgur?

Deltikstack.imgur.com was created to avoid link rotting of images. Images not uploaded with an Imgur Pro account may be kept for only at least six months unless there is one view of that image per six months. Inferring from the Stack Exchange blog and Imgur's upgrade page, images at i.stack.imgur.c...

(That said, Imgur has since discontinued their Pro offering and remove expiration, so there should be little reason to specifically choose SE Imgur over normal Imgur)
@if.... It's there because of the special partnership with Canonical. (Otherwise, AU wouldn't exist.)
I think the pages should be updated to no longer say that Area 51 is not the only way by which new sites can be created. AU, Ask Patents, and CS50 were sites created after Area 51 was introduced, but not created through Area 51.
By the way, what are the criteria for "hot meta posts"?
A: How are the contents of the Community Bulletin determined?

Shog9The rules are as follows: If there is a community moderator election, a link to it appears in the bulletin. Events can be created with a start date and time, an end date and time, a simple title, and a link to something somewhere on the network. Current or upcoming events are listed, with those...

@SensibleAlexander Suggested an edit for searchability.
Also, can someone please confirm the accuracy of this answer? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306019/…
5:42 AM
@SensibleAlexander ehh. If its the occational link you're not going to get a angry CM bursting down your door with a weaponised giraffe...
5:54 AM
falcon heavy ... not
if you want to mass produce any weaponized animal, chicken is the best option ...
6:26 AM
@JourneymanGeek <3
6:51 AM
8 messages moved to Chimney
7:10 AM
This was already covered in the FAQ; just made some edits that makes this more clear.
ehh. I looked at the FAQ. Then looked a bit more, and found Jeff's amswer ;p
darn my lack of unlimited spelling corrects ;p
7:27 AM
Unlimited Blade Spelling Works
I kinda liked the term autoaward but I'd grant you that
and meh, could leave it in the queue, might as well let folks work towards a badge unless I happened to check ;p
8:01 AM
@JourneymanGeek I know you don't usually like this type of ping, but since you answered the question here, and since I edited it into the FAQ, can you use Chaos Control on it?
Absolutely not.
If you want to close something, you should do so yourself ;)
@JourneymanGeek I already RC flagged, Glorfindel commented that it's now a dupe since it's in the FAQ now...and Shadow and rene are out now.
The flag was marked helpful as well
So, here's my two fundamental problems
1) I answered it, and I kinda like my answer
2) Pinging people to do one hit closes you can't feels like its doing an end run around the proper, organised civilised way of doing things.
You're essentially doing gold badge closes by proxy.
@JourneymanGeek As Glorfindel said, "it's not a shame having your question marked as a duplicate."
I'm disinclined to even do those on purpose on other questions
Cool. You can close vote it then.
I'm not.
8:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek So then why are Shadow and rene OK with such pings? Why don't they raise a "fundamental issue" then?
@JourneymanGeek I don't have enough rep! RC flagging is the best I can do.
@JourneymanGeek Plus when the policy is to close questions as dupes of FAQs if it's answered in the FAQ, I don't see why you don't play along with that policy.
Do you disagree with it?
@Ano not my fault
@Ano whose policy?
A: How does Meta Stack Exchange work?

PopsVoting Like normal Stack Exchange sites, Meta Stack Exchange allows members to vote on questions and answers. For most posts, votes reflect the perceived usefulness: well-written, well-reasoned, well-researched posts tend to get more attention and more upvotes. Highly-voted and frequently-linked...

Wasn't me who added that text; it was Pops
Shadow and Glorfindel abide by that policy.
You look like a meta-policy police now...
@SensibleAlexander Asking follow-up questions and responding to statements is not necessarily arguing. I don't see why people always mistake it for such.
Probably that's why I don't think I can't communicate with you well because personally, the way you're asking for clarification looks pretty aggressive to me.
(but possibly that's just me, not everyone else)
8:17 AM
@SensibleAlexander I'm not aggressive, just direct. Occasionally I can come across as aggressive, but I'm working on that. (Note: I realized that that first message up there can be a bit offensive, so I retracted it.)
One time I had a teacher whose teaching methods were not too great, so I went up to him when the only other person in the room was another teacher, and told him what exactly he was doing wrong, in my opinion. That second teacher called me in, and told me that what I was doing was "offensive" and "rude". So I stopped doing that. But...
@Ano I don't understand where it says you need to constantly badger people about it.
Later on, he was having some trouble teaching, and asked me why I wasn't telling him what he was doing wrong. I told him that teacher 2 told me I was being rude when I told him exactly what was wrong in his teaching, and he said he doesn't consider it rude and he actually prefers it when I do that.
See, I'm like "ugh, people are too hasty to close" privately
I mean, the clearly lost folks? Sure
@JourneymanGeek Okay, that's how you feel. Can we agree to disagree?
I'm not telling people not to close
especially as dupe
8:24 AM
@Ano based on the outcome, it seems that was just one of the many that somehow thinks that "questioning authority == rude == need repression"
@JourneymanGeek Do they feel badgered by it? You may feel badgered when I do that to you, but what do the others really feel? They may actually be fine with it.
but I feel that you're far too aggressive about getting edit accepts, and closing as dupe. Maybe you should actually work towards those badges, and vote on your own volition, like everyone else.
@Ano you'll always find one person who's fine. Dosen't mean everyone is.
@JourneymanGeek I'm sixth in the quarterly rep ranking. You don't think I'm working towards it?
@JourneymanGeek How are you supposed to know? I knew you're not ordinarily OK with Chaos Control pings because I asked you.
Now, lets talk about organising closevotes. I do it when stuff is explicitly off topic
I'm not fine with calling closehammers those either
and except in exceptional circumstances, I don't really want to be told what to do with my closevotes
(there's a reason I don't, for example, ping people for OT close and delvotes)
Nagpur spammer again. Makes me want to go there again.
8:38 AM
.... seems that the user account spam topic has shift from car insurance to pills&drugs.
Which is probably even worse.
@Derpy erf. I do wish there were better tools do deal with those.
There's no real way short of mugging a mod to get those removed
and even then, sometimes we need CM assistance
8:56 AM
There was a previous report of bugs in the bounty dialog for IE11 users; I can't find it. A dupe was posted just now.
either you open up the ability to vote for deletion of profiles that
a) have been create in the last 7 days
b) didn't post any content yet
c) have no rep
or I don't see any possible solution
the staff is currently in a situation that makes impossible for them to be reactive to this type of problems
even if you try to contact them, the flag/mail will probably be processed in about 6-8 something.
@Derpy its just as much a problem for CMs mods tho
That said, if anyone want to try and make a proposal for implementing a "profile review queue" I am in.
@Ano I found it and have voted to close
If they fear it can be too destructive, it is not necessary for the profile review to end up in the deletion of the account. It could just switch the avatar to a gravatar, change the username to a generated one and hide the profile info.
9:11 AM
@SensibleAlexander I wonder why that didn't show up in search results for "ie11 bounty"
I also RC flagged it.
@ShadowtheHedgehog That avatar is from Seattle, right?
@Alisha Hello, E-123 Omega, @RougetheBat's robot
@Ano How can I //help?
@Alisha Proof that you are a robot
@Ano How can I //help?
###################### Help ######################

==================== Commands
//ping         | Pokes someone
//unlearn      | Forgets a taught command
//alive        | Used to check if the bot is working
//about        | Info about me
//declare      | Changes a commands status. Only commands available on the site can be edited
//summon       | Summon the bot to a room
//rankdebug    | Debugs ranks
//save         | Saves the database
//random       | Generates a random number
//WhoMade      | Gets the user ID of the user who created a command
9:15 AM
Enough with the sonic refs already
11 secs ago, by Rouge the Bat
Enough with the sonic refs already
I'd love to stop, but I can't until the 26th
@RougetheBat I never stop
I just keep running
even while you chat?
@RougetheBat What?
9:21 AM
Do you run while you chat?
@Derpy I'd settle for a way to flag em
@JourneymanGeek you still need someone to process those flags.
ya, true, but I was thinking elsewhere too
and lets be realistic here - we'd either need MSE mods or CMs with enough free time/the inclination to do so...
Why would a dedicated flag option be any different than using a custom flag on one of your post and asking for the account removal in the custom message?
@Derpy cause its simpler, from a moderator perspective? ;p
(aka I'm somewhat lazy)
9:24 AM
I mean, they had no time before, they wouldn't have time after.
@Derpy I don't really think it makes sense to have single site tools - so I'm thinking of if I used it
Not like the "Delete" button on Wikipedia's Main Page
Either you find a (safe) way to automate the process and delegate the work to power users or I fear that simply giving the flags more visibility isn't going to work.
@SensibleAlexander That's impossible now
a safe way would be to make it a 30K multi user operation with some flavour of review afterwards.
but user deletion is messy and very hard to undo
9:27 AM
some sites struggle to have 10k + users.....
so... not naming any names, lets say a mod's really tired, and accidentally deletes the wrong user...
I'm told its a pain
Lets say X number of users decide they don't like @Ano for example
then go delete him...
@JourneymanGeek What?
@ShadowWizard I can't find the post which you used your dupehammer to clear the pending CVs.
that's going to be a monumental mess
@JourneymanGeek that's why I suggested an user controlled way to "anonymize" an account, not a way to delete it.
9:29 AM
We'd need someone to fix it. Then check why. Then...
Meh, not a huge deal, since most of my contributions were anonymous
@Derpy anonymisation is complex too.
unless you mean resetting profiles
10 flags to remove the avatar and profile info. Nothing more.
@Derpy any mod on a site they have an account on can probably do that.
Do we have any form of mechanics in place to automatically destroy spammers?
9:31 AM
@iDebug Nope. Any form of automatic deletion was removed when they stopped culling accounts.
@JourneymanGeek and you have to ping the mod, wait for him to delete etc etc etc.
@iDebug nope
@iDebug its mostly manual.
So SO's being able to keep spammers away is only because there are more mods?
Around 20 mods.
@iDebug in a sense, our mechinary for dealing with spam posts is excellent
spam profiles hasn't really been in the radar till relatively recently, certainly not in huge numbers.
@JourneymanGeek Mech-canary
9:32 AM
There are occasionally mods complaining on MSE that the list of users to destroy is too long.
@iDebug My several thousand spammers... eh, not sure even I have users bored enough
@iDebug SU used to merge spammers into a single Deposit user, back when it was possible for mods to merge users.
@iDebug bingo
back when... It's no longer possible for mods.
because operations on accounts are complicated...
9:35 AM
Yeah. So there's nothing mods can do except leaving them alone, into the oblivion...
Most sites have around only 5 mods.
and in the meantime, the Google spiders are starting to think that SE sells car insurances.
... which, IMO, is a bit too many for Android.
@Derpy No. We do currency exchange and stock exchange.
@Derpy Reminds me of Stephen Leppik.
@iDebug well in theory, if I was really bored...
10:03 AM
@iDebug what pending cv's?
@ShadowWizard I guess it means: user with gold badge close then reopen the question instantly to remove the pending CVs
nightmare idea of the day: Dream Simulator remake made by the developer of Yume Nikki...
just like what mods have done some time on MSO to clear controversial CVs
@Derpy real nightmare: Yume Nikki was inspired by Undertale
@SensibleAlexander remind: you were the one asking for this.
Jan 19 at 15:16, by Sensible Alexander
Ugh... Yume Nikki's discussion forum on Steam is a trainwreck
10:15 AM
a) Uboa - basically Gaster/Mistery Man appearance is based on Uboa from Yume Nikki in a way. And both seems to be far too similar to that character from Spirited Away.
b) this.
There is the manga version
10 volumes.
10:46 AM
"Saw a pending proposed edit that just fixed minor grammar issues. Was going to skip it, then I noticed the original poster was @JourneymanGeek, one of the many alcolites of the Great Unspeakable One, Gram'mnarh Nazgoth. I immediately approved the edit"."
I'm sure its spelling issues
My grammar is fine
...only the fading souls who have been tainted by Gram'mnarh Nazgoth corruption feel the urge to distinguish between grammar and spelling errors.
It's a grammar tissue...
@Derpy if you must be pedanic, you must be right.
11:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek and now I am thinking about how to use the "pedanic - Sanic" rhyme in order to annoy @Ano
@Derpy What?
@Ano He was thinking of using the 'pedanic - sanic' rhyme to annoy you
@ShadowWizard I remember seeing your comment saying you cleared the close votes from a post with your dupehammer.
It was yesterday and I can't find it now.
old meme, I don't know how it originated.
11:05 AM
@Derpy Whenever someone mentions me without asking me an actual question for me to answer, I always respond with "What?".
@Ano really?
probably linked to the whole "are Sonic arms supposed to be white / blue" argument
@Derpy I was once able to prove that I too had blue feet
Doraemon the Hedgehog
@Glorfindel You edited 20+ posts, bumping obsolete info to the front. What was it?
11:07 AM
@iDebug Removing meta tags. And also allowing me to find a new bug.
@SensibleAlexander First Google result:
Why not Angry Birds or Crazy Dave?
Also, for a nice trivia, always remember that Sonic way of running with extended arms behind his back was basically started by Arale chan. So, both Sonic and Goku basically copied Arale running posture... with the only difference that for Goku now this is canon.
Never mind. Found it.
Not a duplicate at all, used hammer to clear pending close votes. — Shadow Wizard Jan 5 at 14:59
Q: Is clearing pending CVs with diamond power / gold tag badge power considered abuse to the system?

iDebugRecently, I saw a moderator on Android telling folks to stop voting to close a question. The mod was clever to find out that the question is actually on topic, and I added that the title was too attractive to the close votes. I then asked the moderator if he could clear the CVs. @DanHulme Can...

11:29 AM
(message conflict) @iDebug Is that an accepted practice, to use Chaos Control to clear pending close votes? Can't that also be done to clear votes for other reasons?
11:40 AM
I told you, I found a bug because of @Glorfindel's tag removal:
Q: Nondescript error message when user without enough rep to create tags attempts to use not-yet-removed tag with zero questions

AnoNote: This is not a duplicate of Suggesting an edit on a 0-question but listed tag without the tag creation privilege triggers a server error, as the server error has since been fixed. As of the instant this question was posted, the tag enhancement has zero questions, but still exists in the sys...

@Ano This is unlikely to happen often.
@iDebug I just wanted to beat @alexolut to it.
@iDebug A bug is a bug.
11:56 AM
do users get an inbox notification when they are rate-limited or post banned? Here is recent MSO question. The OP seems to suggest they didn't see anything but when they posted on MSO they were no longer rate limited as a mod confirmed that.
So if it is only a banner they indeed wouldn't have seen that.
@rene They probably hit the rate limiter, but didn't think of posting a question until after the rate limit had already expired.
@rene That's right.
Ok, that could explain some of the confusion
2 hours later…
2:06 PM
@SensibleAlexander aaaaaaand, in a somehow odd and worrisome turn of events, a few hours after mentioning a "3d Yume Nikki" remake, I discover that's going to be an actual thing.
(and obviously, seems already doomed to be nothing like the original work)
2:31 PM
@Ano that would already be abuse. I do it only rarely, when it is clearly not a duplicate, so instead of waiting until it gets closed then reopening, I use the hammer to close and reopen in the same time.
Last time was long ago so don't remember what question @iDebug was referring to. SEDE got queries to search comments though.
@Derpy VR not supported. Disappointed.
@SensibleAlexander probably "mostly but not completely unlike original Yume Nikki". This is more disappointing.... especially if you consider that someone out there will then actually think that this "remake" is the original product.
> that would already be abuse. I do it only rarely.
> I rarely do what would be abuse.
Beware, @ShadowWizard, for Gram'mnarh Nazgoth interpretations of user messages are always in "use strict;" mode, leaving no space to the poster obvious original intent.
I may have missed the obvious original intent entirely...
2:44 PM
Wut? There's intent in the first place!?
I wish I knew. @Derpy seems to.
(know, not just wish to know)
@JohnDvorak Am I wrong in assuming this line was meant to point out that strictly speaking Shadow had just written out that "he rarely abuse the system"?
You are absolutely right about that part. Now, where's the alternative interpretation that you speak of?
Rarely abuse is not cool... should abuse more often.
Now, since I somehow doubt he meant to write "I sometime abuse the system in order to avoid waiting" but probably meant something more like "Strictly speaking clearing CV by using hammer would be an abuse but sometime I have to do it to clear up the mess" I made the joke.
As it is said, it is not the weapon that hurts people but the one wielding it. You can clearly say that wasn't the original purpose of the hammer, but I think that Shadow message implied that the purpose somehow justified the how, and that is lost in that excerpt.
That said, you are all free to agree or disagree on that point. Personally, I can live with it if the hammer is used just for that.
There are far more system abuses that are probably more worthy getting the few drops of staff time that we have at the moment.
2:56 PM
@Derpy nope. Abuse is closing as duplicate a question with off topic close votes then reopening. If there are only duplicate close votes, using the hammer is just shortcut to save time since I can do it anyway when question is closed.
But it is also rare and I did it only few times...
Hammer bros
(don't worry, I'm drunk right now)
@ShadowWizard I don't think that is the case then
@ShadowWizard and that only demonstrate that "I do it rarely" wasn't refereed to the abuse but to something similar you don't consider an abuse. :P
@ɥʇǝS not only you can, but you are also "Ping #1 default autocomplete offer"
3:48 PM
Anyone have an egg, a scale, and a moment to help me out with something?
I'm also in need of a duck, a hose, and a shot or two of bourbon, if anyone cares.
@ShadowWizard a random ping indeed :P
@TimPost - I got some eggs, a scale, and some alcohol; Bit short on hoses and ducks at the moment...
also greetings after 4 or so years :P
4:05 PM
Chocolate egg?
are you folks preparing an Easter event?
I'm trying to get the average weight of what people call a "large" egg
so far, it's everywhere between 65 and 85 grams
Certainly not an ostrich egg?
^ the Community Director doesn't know how to use his own site :P
(sorry, this was a too good opportunity to pass out...)
A: Converting between Egg sizes

joyjitEurope From http://www.egginfo.co.uk/page/eggsizes: |-----------------------| | Size | Weight | |-------------|---------| | Very large | >= 73g | | Large | 63-73g | | Medium | 53-63g | | Small | <= 53g | |-----------------------| USA From http://www.georgiaeggs...

^ table markdown D:
also, it is clear by now that they are baking some cakes and plan to eat all of them themselves, without sharing any with us poor regular users and ponies
4:35 PM
@TimPost I get between 60-70 grams (more were closer to 70). Had about 8 eggs in the fridge :)
@TimPost In shell or contents only?
@Lix danke! Running average is about 68 right now.
@Catija in shell is fine, I just need the average of a few "large"
Ah. I'm at work right now :( But I use "large" eggs... worth noting that "large" in the US is "medium" in the UK. Also, I think the age of the eggs matter... older eggs lose moisture.
A: small, medium or large eggs

Martha F.It depends on the time of year (and, of course, sales). One book I read said that since many chicken farmers raise extra birds to be slaughtered around holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are the big ones), often they'll have shortages of smaller eggs (which often come from smaller ch...

@Catija More than half a gram, typically? Anyway no rush
4:48 PM
More recently, this one discusses the size differences:
A: How much do egg yolks and whites weigh, in grams?

StephieThe rule of thumb to divide an egg is: 60% egg-white 30% yolk 10% shell So it depends on the size of egg you use (note that the size definition varies between countries). Example: For a 60g (middle of the weight range) European M / American L egg, that's 60*0.6 = 36g whites and 18g ...

@TimPost Not sure, that'd be an interesting test, too...
@TimPost NP :)
@Catija Yeah, I have that, but I've got recipes being tested by others where the dough is just too wet (usually off by 1 egg, or what turns out to be one yolk, all using US L / UK M eggs). So I'm just rewriting them to go by weight instead. Just a project I'm doing with friends for a cookbook similar to the Mennonite community cookbook.
@TimPost 68g average for an American "large" egg? Really? That seems really far off of the standards. :/ You should ask in the Frying Pan, too... we're all tickled you chose to pick on us for your announcement.
5:52 PM
@Catija hahah I will drop in. I honestly didn't think it would be in any way complicated :)
Was someone really able to submit this suggested edit? I wasn't. meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/56358
6:17 PM
@Catija Turns out Shog suggested that edit: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306804/…
Doesn't make it valid. It's a test.
6:53 PM
@TimPost I have two eggs that "expired" on the 2nd - 60g, 64g. 7 eggs that "expired" on 10/28 (don't ask) - 52g, 56g, 58g, 3x59g, 60g.
Same brand/type. Farmhouse, cage free, brown, grade A, large.
The expired eggs go in the cake for that one person you hate?
How insulting is this, explaining what I say. As if my comments can't stand on their own.
7:11 PM
@rene I need to throw them out but I want to time it so that the trash is picked up the same day... but Andy puts out the trash and I forget to remind him... and then three months pass.
@rene That's not at all clear to a new user; to them, it just looks on first glance that you're linking to a totally unrelated post. I'd recommend saying something about caching in your comment in addition to linking to that.
@Catija I didn't say it was valid; otherwise I would have overridden that rejection rather than make another edit.
I simply said, Shog suggested that edit. I said nothing about validity.
@Catija Why do you want to time that? Your trash collection is just like mine, where you put it into a large can and then put it curbside, right? Can't you just put the old eggs into a bag and put that bag straight into the can?
7:27 PM
@Catija imagines a place full of trash that got forgotten... ... poor Andy ... ;)
@rene Who's Andy?
@Ano meh, on Friday this is much more fun and I get something to whine about in chat.
@Ano I don't know, we never met
Oh, wait, I see...
@Catija Who's Andy?
I guess the postman ...
@Ano The person who takes my trash out...
7:30 PM
Do you employ a lot of people?
Just Andy and the maids.
But the latter only comes once every two weeks.
Fortunately, I don't have to pay Andy for his services.
@Catija Ah, now I get it.
I may hope putting the trash outside comes for free ...
Especially since he makes 3X what I do.
It is a highly qualified trashman
7:34 PM
Overqualified, one might say.
I figure that we can give the job over to Bennett in a few years ;)
@Catija Your avatar
> The small creatures in my profile image are my son, Bennett, and my hippo... Hippo (he's the grey one).
make it a family business
20 mins ago, by Ano
@Catija Why do you want to time that? Your trash collection is just like mine, where you put it into a large can and then put it curbside, right? Can't you just put the old eggs into a bag and put that bag straight into the can?
@Ano I thought you lived in a dorm...
7:39 PM
@Catija At home in San Diego...
The real reason is that I keep them for science experiments just like this... I don't know. I have a toddler... taking the time to do anything is a miracle.
@JNat Can you confirm the email send here is legit?
I thought users on SO didn't get 100K swag?
They absolutely do use google forms to collect address information for swag, though.
@Catija There used to be a unicorn painting for 200k+ rep users
@Catija I'm not sure what the status is of that swag.
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