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12:37 AM
ruby or python?
I know it's a rather random question, but ...
1:21 AM
Sleepy morning...
I'd say
I read the sitename as overengineering.SE
@Telkitty Python, because I haven't tried Ruby
1:46 AM
@CrazyIvan Waiting on my ED response to see if I need to fill out more...
I would say python if not:
CocoaPods is built with Ruby and is installable with the default Ruby available on OS X.
having caught the conversation regarding... question wizard?.. time to bash the spam!
To me, Python reads like English, and Ruby more like Japanese.
and C++?
1:58 AM
Ruby characters (ルビ, rubi) are small, annotative glosses that are usually placed above or to the right of Chinese characters when writing languages with logographic characters such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean to show the pronunciation. Typically called just ruby or rubi, such annotations are most commonly used as pronunciation guides for characters that are likely to be unfamiliar to the reader. == Examples == Here is an example of Japanese ruby characters (called furigana) for Tokyo ("東京"): Most furigana (Japanese ruby characters) are written with the hiragana syllabary, but katakana...
(C++ == medieval torture device)?yes:no
@Telkitty *too *much *pointer
@AndrewT. Ah, that explains it. I must have tried a different kind of ruby.
Just a mix up.
2:02 AM
Wow... wiki-in about the programming language, the creator of Ruby was Japanese...
though the reason was apparently unrelated: birthstone (obvious)
@Telkitty the medieval period is considered to end somewhere around 1500 AD, so... No. It's clearly a modern torture device.
2:19 AM
What do you mean? Modern people are more civilized, physical tortures evolved to mental/psychological ones ...
but they are still turtles tortures
Oo BTW, I found an article on wiki about feral chickens:
Feral chickens are derived from domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) who have returned to the wild. Like the red junglefowl (the closest wild relative of domestic chickens), feral chickens will take flight and roost in tall trees and bushes in order to avoid predators at night. Feral chickens, like the wild red junglefowl, typically form social groups composed of a dominant cockerel, several hens and subordinate cocks. Sometimes the dominant cockerel is designated by a fight between cocks. == Locations famous for feral chickens == Bermuda Islands Niue Fair Oaks, California, United...
the only place mentioned in Australia is only about 20 minutes drive from where I live atm ...
@Shog9 thanks for helping me defeat my online enemy
2:30 AM
feel free to call my cyber foe a pervert
if they're online, then by definition they are a pervert
that's why The Internet exists. To house all the pervs and keep them busy doing virtual pervy stuff.
of course Dutch, hence the accent.
The only user returned when googling "stack exchange users" was... Jon Skeet (who else?)
3:04 AM
Math stack abcya?
ABCya.com, L.L.C. (also stylized as ABCya!) is a website that provides educational games and activities for school-aged children. The games on the website are organized into grade levels from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as into subject categories such as letters, numbers, and holidays. Additionally, many of the games meet standards associated with the Common Core State Standards Initiative. == The ABCya Story == ABCya.com was founded in 2004 by Alan Tortolani, a public school teacher whose school district did not have any additional funding to purchase new software for h...
Unrelated to math.se but it would be nice to migrate some stuff there.
Hmm... only Jon Skeet appeared on Google, and he's working at Google... wear tinfoil hat
@CrazyIvan alas, I don't think borging them quite meets the SE business model
(and historically IIRC they've only swallowed up another Q&A site once?)
@Stijn in theory I think its all the same code base.
@CrazyIvan I think most of chaos left or got converted into vanilla, orderly community managers.
(we vaguely still miss aarthi ;p)
@alexolut hm. Some people don't have titles - some are in past tense...
though, I suppose a good chunk of those reading (former) would look bad
3:51 AM
anyway, close-worthy for many reasons: too broad, product recommendation...
3 hours later…
7:00 AM
26 messages moved to Chimney
@rene Yes.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username, blacklisted user: Is it possible to export/import type definitions in Hopper by Nigger on reverseengineering.SE
2 hours later…
10:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek someone don't have even a real name ... but a painted feet
@alexolut oddly that's fine for a (ex) cm
@JourneymanGeek but not for DBA?
@ShadowWizard SRE uses real names it seems :p
Don't ask me why. :p
oh BTW
Sep 13 at 18:43, by balpha
Now, people uppercasing the "b", I'll never get used to.
@Journeyman ^
Oh lol.
11:05 AM
it's like calling Bart... @bart. It's just horrible.
Will fix that in a Bit
@JourneymanGeek I already did. :D
Ahh. Ok
You didn't get notification because it's minor edit. ;)
@JourneymanGeek well @bluefeet can't use her real name, it will be... too major change. Things we never knew about will fall apart. ;)
@ShadowWizard errr ;p
11:09 AM
Same for Grace Note.... plus nobody even knows her/his real name...
@ShadowWizard WE ARE ALL DOOMED!
@ShadowWizard that's one of those mysteries that I think SE absolutely should keep mysterious.
@ShadowWizard oh, his name is known. Her gender is a bit of a mystery
@JourneymanGeek or like Yi once said...
Nov 20 '10 at 10:44, by Yi Jiang
We're all doomed!! Doomed! I'm telling ya!
(sorry about the mistakes, kinda distracted with a rebuild that's going strange)
@YiJiang that is very true, to this day! :D
@JourneymanGeek very true!
@JourneymanGeek really? What's the name? (and it's "her", proven. I think.)
@ShadowWizard nooooo
@ShadowWizard Grace is a Chris.
Its mentioned in their CM announcement
11:12 AM
@ShadowWizard BTW ... are usernames casesensitive while pinging?
@AlExOLuT maybe
@AndrewT. I had no notification
@JourneymanGeek LOLLL.... Chris what?
Robert Cartaino on August 10, 2011

You might know Chris better as “Grace Note,” the moderator extraordinaire on our Gaming Stack Exchange.

I appointed Chris to a pro tem moderator position nearly a year ago. I wasn’t an avid user of Gaming SE, but I was continually amazed how often Chris’s name kept popping up in our moderator chat room. Chris was quickly becoming The Person to quote when you needed a clear, compelling explanation of how this community-management stuff should work. Even in our meta community, Chris was earning a ridiculous amount of rep in a short period of time. You should read some of his posts because it’s really good stuff. …

duuude. You should know this, Being the database of SE and all that ;p
@JourneymanGeek oh wait... for some reason I always thought it's a fake name... don't remember why though. lol
11:17 AM
Well, it could be ;p
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching email in body: Style.css file is not showing in Drupal 8 theme by Kishan on drupal.SE
@JourneymanGeek this reminds me...
@SmokeDetector ignore just crap, no spam
@ShadowWizard Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
11:33 AM
@ShadowWizard just wait
@ShadowWizard I always thought Grace Note was a real name
@Stijn lol... no, that surely is not a real name:
A grace note is a kind of music notation used to denote several kinds of musical ornaments, it is usually printed smaller to indicate that it is melodically and harmonically nonessential. When occurring by itself, a single grace note normally indicates the intention of an acciaccatura. When they occur in groups, grace notes can be interpreted to indicate any of several different classes of ornamentation, depending on interpretation. == Notation == In notation a grace note is distinguished from a regular note by print size. A grace note is indicated by printing a note that is much smaller than a...
@Grace love music, hence that name.
and game
11:38 AM
gaming, yeah
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Email in answer, blacklisted user: LTC to BCC transaction shows confirm but still not recieved by James on bitcoin.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, +5 more: tophealthydiet.com/adrena-thrive/ by julio faye on physics.SE
@Shog is also a gamer!
Q: How can I make Left 4 Dead 2 stop giving me a female avatar in online Campaign play?

Shog9Playing on XBox Live. Keep dying. Lousy teammates won't revive me. But that's not even the problem... I KEEP GETTING SPAWNED AS A GIRL! It's starting to give me a complex. Please, make it stop...

today i chanced upon a series of fake SE's at google.com/search?&safe=strict&q=questionidea.com
contains everything we have.
exact copies.
has all the SE's like blender, IPS and whatnot.
11:45 AM
@NVZ there are hundreds of those
Q: A site (or scraper) is copying content from Stack Exchange. What do I do?

PopsSince day one of Stack Overflow, all content posted on Stack Exchange sites by their users (i.e. you wonderful people) has been provided to the whole universe under the CC-BY-SA license. For my fellow non-lawyers, that license basically means: Anyone can use any Stack Exchange posts at any time...

Yup ^
At some point they asked to stop posting new ones, and just email the team.
okay, i've reported via "contact us"
12:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Got blushed or blushed by user66215 on ell.SE
Apparently someone on the Microsoft Visio team once decided that 20 undo steps ought to be enough. :(
12:50 PM
@Stijn so can't undo more than 20 steps back? Nice.
oh wait
> You can set the maximum number of units on the undo stack (20 is the default) on the Advanced tab of the Visio Options dialog box (click the File tab, and then click Options). If the number of calls to the Undo method exceeds the number of undo units on the stack, no action is taken and the Undo method raises no exception.
Oh, that's rather odd UX :p thank you, I'll change that
The maximum number is 99 still, but it's a whole lot better than 20
Why max out at 99? Do they have to fit into a signed byte or something?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Como eu posso ler um arquivo Json usando C#? by Renan Aragão on pt.stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector f
1:14 PM
@ShadowWizard both gone now
@rene good!
@JohnDvorak probably fit into a very small textbox, or just a whim of the developer
"What maximum to set here? Hmm.... should I ask the manager? Nah... let's just put something."
makes sense, given that most managers hate you if you want to know something
Then if there are enough complains from clients (in Microsoft case it's minimum 1000000 people complaining), they will consider changing it.
That's, in a nutshell, how big companies work. ;)
1:24 PM
So we should be happy SE is not big.
Anyway.... today I just realized something about my country. Rain is so rare here, that when it finally arrives, our radio stations put rain songs.
Today is one of those rare days when it's raining.
@ShadowWizard heh. Its probably not just size
Not surprising, the only questions from role playing site that reach HNQ are about personal conflicts/issues, which might better fit IPS.... ;)
Q: Our GM won't let us affect the story; the more I play the less fun I have. What do I do?

Nagromxela XelaI was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or anything on a GM situation. My current GM is running a campaign and it is very video game/anime like. It started out super fun and the deeper we get the less fun I have. The reason is, it feels like GM is telling us a story but we cannot in...

People live trainwrecks
People love to read about other people problems.
1:32 PM
@JourneymanGeek oh in this case it is. It's linear: the bigger the company (in terms of money it makes, not employees), the less it cares about its clients/customers.
@ShadowWizard Rain songs?
@ShadowWizard SE's probably in the "teenager" phase tho
@rene this one wasn't in the radio, maybe next time it will rain, in 6-8 weeks... (or next winter ;))
I think we have less than 10 days with rain during whole winter here. (that is during a full year.)
I hear something something about Trump and Yerusalem, but doesn't know about the detail...
1:35 PM
@AndrewT. it is super simple: Trump might declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
That is it.
Now the impact won't be so simple and can't be predicted.
Those words he might say might be stronger than 100 atomic bombs.
Out intelligence claims there won't be any big impact or violence but it's bullshit. There will be, and lots of it.
Oh well... hopefully we'll survive, as always. :D
oh well...
So if you won't hear from me (and others from Israel) in the near future... you'll know why. ;)
1:49 PM
The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is a public law of the United States passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. It was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the Embassy of the United States in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999, and attempted to withhold 50 percent of the funds appropriated to the State Department specifically for "Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad" as allocated in fiscal year 1999 until the United States Embassy in Jerusalem had officially opened. The act also called for Jerusalem to remain an undivided...
@CrazyIvan yeah, well, after today's speech it might be updated. Or not. :)
@rene random pic of the day?
@ShadowWizard just my eventful view from my apartment ...
1:56 PM
@rene poor pole...
@ShadowWizard that face...
@AndrewT. yeah, they get hit often but I never saw it like this before
@AndrewT. it appeared when searching for random pic of the day. ;)
@rene oh lol.... would be better to have the context before the picture, otherwise it's, well, just a random pic with no way to know what you meant by this. :)
As for the pole, well... guess it happens to the best. Or the worst. :D
Custom close reason: chat message lacks context.
How would a closed chat message look like? @Cra
2:02 PM
Does a bear clean a window if no one is there to see it?
@JourneymanGeek of course not. When he's alone he'll just fall asleep. In this case, literally. o_o
☓ 1 message was closed
@AndrewT. hmm... with link to history/revisions? ;)
Sounds fair. starting a new feature request
that's called "censoring" :v
How come no pinned messages?? @rene
2:04 PM
↑ pin this
@AndrewT. maybe new 30k privilege then... Censor Chat Messages. :D
@ShadowWizard nobody was funny for the last few days
We miss @Bart I guess ...
@rene but there were few pinned messages, pinned less than 2 weeks ago... ?
Was there some angry diamond around clearing all dem pins?
Too bad we don't have pin history. :(
Last pin was about "Turkey hat"
deleted messages do turn up in history no? ;p
2:10 PM
@ShadowWizard the bear cleaning the window is pinned
@JourneymanGeek nope, only if you scroll upwards while actually in the room clicking "load older messages" again and again until you reach it. It's not listed anywhere and not part of the transcript. (maybe for mods it is?)
ahh ya, there's that
@rene yay!
2:39 PM
@m0sa year later, any chance for some quick fix? — Shadow Wizard 20 mins ago
Tooooooo quick
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body, potentially bad keyword in body: What is"pronunciation" by Usman Roman on english.SE
I think SO could benefit from open sourcing parts of the code, so many tiny bugs that could be fixed via community effort.
But it'd probably screw up the business model of SO.
@Stijn well, kinda maybe...
Its probably possible to throw together a SE clone
catherine: did you really copy the entire original answer word for word from "two scoops"? — Aaron Hall ♦ 1 min ago
The hard part to me is building and maintaining a community around the site (and SE's done great in some places, and less so in others), and working out a revenue model (which SE has been talking about a lot).
2:47 PM
@AaronHall IANAL but that sounds problematic
also, posted 4 years ago
is OP still around?
@JourneymanGeek Last seen Feb 12 '15 at 2:12
I don't expect catherine to respond, no matter how nice you ask ...
Maybe contact the book's authors and ask if they object against the content. If so, delete it.
He tweeted about it.
Seemed a little complainy
I'd delete it then. What do your fellow moderators say? :)
2:53 PM
Not much. Thought I'd use you guys as a sounding board.
I think the slightly problematic part is that its the selected answer
and as always, stuff like that is always best handled quickly
That's not too worrisome in my book.
ok, I'll do a delete.
There, maybe 4 years later, but within 24 (~12) hours of coming to our attention...
Now maybe someone should make a community wiki or something to recapture the material donated by neuronet.
Well, the idea being if its quick, you can use it as a teaching moment ;p
Maybe we should get one of those plagiarism services to screen posts as a demonstration, like those prover/test programs run on open source software...
@AaronHall kinda surprised no one's built one on SE as one of those "ugh I need to code a thing" thing.
3:05 PM
@AaronHall let me understand... we are not allowed to copy from external sources any more, even when giving attribution? That's very drastic and will be fatal blow to SO content. Only few people will bother to sit and spend hours on writing everything from scratch. You really better start a MSO discussion before going and deleting highly upvoted answers just because they quote external source.
If the original author has a problem, they can issue DMCA form or whatever it's called.
No new policy here - plagiarism is copying without attribution.
But there was attribution.
@ShadowWizard attribution is necessary but not always sufficient
@ShadowWizard Not in the post as it was accepted and stood for the past 4 years.
3:07 PM
@AaronHall so what? Someone fixed it.
SO should be about content, not people.
If your answer is a few big quotes vs something properly paraphrased, the former can be seen as plagurism, the latter might not
that edit would have been appropriate for a community wiki. In any case, feel free to write a different answer.
I won't, just upset that you damage SO contents without thought, that's all.
No wonder people are upset at SO, now good answers disappear, just because they were copied from a book.
@ShadowWizard I'd have done roughly the same
I still remember that I got warned on MSO when replacing a copyright image which someone's mad it's posted without attribution permission with self-made image.
3:11 PM
If it's new answer that didn't get much attention yet then fine.... other answers might still arrive. But old answer, which got good reputation? I'll never just delete it out of whim.
> Do not copy the complete text of external sources; instead, use their words and ideas to support your own. And always give proper credit to the author and site where you found the text, including a direct link to it.
@ShadowWizard that was not good reputation - it was bad reputation.
I kinda think @AaronHall's in the right here.
Moreover, I got warned by SO mod that the correct way is for the author to file DMCA
@AaronHall no. It helped people. It was marked as good content by the upvotes. Bad reputation is downvotes and flags.
3:12 PM
Q: Dealing with a claim that a post on SO is using copyrighted content without permission

trejderThis (a bit surprising) answer to this question has just popped in my review queue. The question contains a photograph and someone stating that they are the photographer posted an answer demanding that the photo is removed. How should I react on similar claims, that question is using copyrighted...

If you have a revision that is acceptable (and not just an annotated copy) and want to post it as a community wiki, feel free to do so.
@AndrewT. not really related, and if anything supports my own claim here. The copied content was left in place and got sealed confirmation from Tim Post, senior SE employee.
(the image that someone claimed it's his.)
Based on @AaronHall new (for me) logic, the whole question would have been zapped.
Since there's now somebody disagreeing with deletion, perhaps @AaronHall you should undelete the answer and ask on MSO.
Dealing with plagiarism is hard :\
@ShadowWizard I actually support your viewpoint that the answer shouldn't be deleted, unless the original revision was really a plagiarism (then that's a different case)
I'm not undeleting it for the following reasons: 1) It was a wholesale copy from the source (as I understand it). 2) Even with the revision, the original author was unhappy with it. 3) An acceptable revision can be posted as a community wiki or someone can post an answer that correctly cites the material, and it can go through the voting process, and the user who creates legitimate content can get credit. 4) Plagiarism is a very serious issue, and undermines our reputation to let it stand.
1 hour later…
4:31 PM
@Stijn meh, it's OK, just a bit misguided maybe ....
It is an answer to a question. Not sure if it answers the question ...
@rene sure, its content isn't wrong per se (I did read it :) ) but it's a bit over-the-top as a response to the question, imho
@Stijn what the hell...
I can't tell if that's a foreign speaker struggling with the language... or a native speaker struggling to sound intelligent with ineffective overcompensation.
prose equivalent of r-dropping?
4:47 PM
left a comment
thanks, I suppose that's a better response than mine :)
Is DILEMMA #2 supposed to be a poem? Suddenly it all makes sense...
Oh </sarcasm>
On each attempt to read that post, my mind skitters in confusion around the clumsy ruin of that language... and I give up.
yeah, edited in the grace period
I bloody well know what it read initially ... ;)
4:58 PM
lol <- don't shoot
5:41 PM
startups.meta.stackexchange.com/a/349/12265 is that spam or just .. uh ... almost-spam?
6:49 PM
oo one noline
7:22 PM
You used to be easier to talk to, Smokey.
Keep contradicting me like this, and I'll ignore you.
7:34 PM
Q: People that disses everything

Jonathan IronsSimple but first, read from the start to the end For some damn reason, people disses my decent questions for NOTHUNG Can you admins/mods do something for this by montiroing decent questions and kicking the asses of the people (Llamas ass) that disses for fun or for that "Critic" badge ? (I Will a...

It seems Smokey is one of those people now.
@ShadowWizard unfortunately, no. I posted that on behalf of someone else.
7:52 PM
An idea: Posting Stack Overflow Questions as a Service.
Something like a paid support channel where a customer explains his problems in some arbitrary, barely comprehensible way, and the support person extracts a reasonable question and posts it on SO.
8:07 PM
Downside: they'd either cost a fortune or quickly go out of business
8:23 PM
By the way everyone, sorry if Smokey acts a little weirdly/differently over the next few days, we’ve just done a massive refactor of our chat system and we’ve encountered a few bugs that we weren’t anticipating.
Sigh ... It has its own will and you have no way to stop it, correct?
Prepare for the end
Don’t worry, it’s been slowly undermining us over all these years, nothing's different about that :)
Now that someone mentioned it, intags:mine search page does have that annoying tag cloud on top...
Moar custom CSS rules...
8:34 PM
@CrazyIvan "I am talking about people that disses good questions like this Can a F-35 shoot while hovering?" Awesome.
Q: I can Rickroll Stack Exchange, and so can you!

Ilmari KaronenWhile testing the YouTube video edit preview feature for the next version of my Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP) user script / browser extension, I stumbled across an interesting input validation bug. Specifically, when using the long-form URL syntax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIDEO...

@CrazyIvan I fixed this
sorry that was on me
3 hours later…
11:21 PM
The sticky review bar (with review action buttons) shrinks in width as I scroll the page. Distracting. Repro?
20 messages moved to Chimney
Seeing it in LQRQ at the moment.
@CrazyIvan no repro on SO for me
Probably my userscripts again. I keep throwing CSS rules in, the design team keeps tweaking things, everybody forgets what those rules were even for...
there've been two fixes for other scrolling issues with review in the past day, so I'm guessing one or both broke your styling
11:53 PM
Unborkified by unhiding the topbar on /review pages, seeing as the review bar now depends on it.

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