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12:16 AM
> You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal: except my diamond, except my diamond, except my diamond.
(Hamlet is no longer a mod on Literature, which came as a surprise considering he's the most active meta user)
3:13 AM
you beauty ... my favourite bird at the moment ...
demonic looking bird
you're looking for... demonic animals now?
Opting out of "we really like this job for you" is easy. What I really want is opt out of "we really like this app for you" on mobile web.
3:29 AM
If I don't use it by now ... I will never never never use it.
@Success can you imagine an apex predator with a fluffy bunny as pet?
well, with its red eyes, fluffy bunny is also demonic :D
pink eyed*
4:23 AM
Yo SE Shinobis o/
(nobody responses because Shinobis don't reveal their existence)
Finally I deactivated my fb account, uninstalled all mobile games. :)
Now I feel like I have nothing to do left.
4:49 AM
I am not actively using any social network account, I have 9+ unanswered head hunter messages on linkedin & I don't know how many on twitter ...
How do you avoid that ?
TEACHZ ME!!!!!!!!!
But for some reasons, I do have a busy social life this week - BBQ organized by some bushwalking buddy, dinner with some long time friend, relative visiting, bushwalking with national parks association, talks about apps. Some days, I need to see 2 people on separate occasions.
5:10 AM
@Telkitty social real life is ok, social internet life is not.
@Telkitty I saw some of your apps on Play Store, but I believe you developed many more?
5:31 AM
I only have 3 android apps & 4 ios apps
I worked on some clients apps but they are not listed under my biz
also sold 1 to another company
5:50 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I love real life and I love internet... but for optimum comfort, I would like a well balance between the two :p
6:13 AM
speaking of which, I did develop a few more which never reached the market ...
7:07 AM
14 messages moved to Chimney
@Telkitty why was that?
7:46 AM
@Telkitty Checked your apps.
looks good
But you can work on UI
That part needs improvement.
8:25 AM
You down voted the apps?
8:47 AM
anyone willing to suggest a no-adware ftp client?
@Derpy filezilla
@rene .........
and if you don't need anything fancy with ftps or sftp, the plain ftp tool in windows will work. You have to add the feature though.
@Derpy what? did they do ads now?
@Derpy no ads for me: i.sstatic.net/WVvYe.png
@rene you mean the same filezilla that is distributed thru sourceforge and whose authors replied to users asking to move to a different distribution platform with what was basically "what about you moving to a different place?"
9:03 AM
@rene the "offer enabled" installer does indeed include multiple things that most security suite recognize as malware. It is the default download option. A no-installer version is also provided but I don't know if I really want to trust it. Browsing the forums, it seems that many users that had problem following the installation of the "ads enabled" version were greeted with "not-so-nice" replies... so I would prefer to avoid the tool if I can.
I assume winscp isn't any better then ...
How about write your own? github.com/sshnet/SSH.NET I used that library to do ftp/sftp/ftps connections from c# code.
FTP is not extremely complex ...
@rene winscp had bundled OpenCandy yep. Don't know if it was ever removed.
that said, IF I read the forum correctly the author of winscp basically replied to users concern about OpenCandy being potentially dangerous and performing actions without user consent by asking why they assume winscp doesn't do the same, so....
@Derpy I came to loathe sourceforge
I hate that every other site these days has to push their own installer service complete with ad and trackware onto you
@rene thanks, was already browsing those. Sadly, most just suggest filezilla
yeah, or other alternatives that are probably worse.
@Derpy did you check if the commandline tool on Windows isn't all you need?
9:38 AM
@rene yep, probably will use that one.
(But.... thinking about it, wasn't the windows built-in fpt client only available on Windows Server?)
@Derpy on which version are you?
On my Win10 box I have ftp on the commandline
@rene as I said, I had to reply based on my memory. But yep, it seems it is available on every (recent) Windows version. In some case you may have to enable the feature but it is there.
I could also copy @JourneymanGeek and use cyberduck
which seems to care a little more about not-being bundled with a bunch of malware
@Derpy yeah, it was a feature you needed to enable but that no longer seems the case. Your memory served well.
10:20 AM
Cyberduck is very polite nagware. But works ok.
@rene lol I would never do that :)
look all the designers in the eye run: $ cat *.css > shame.css push to Master go home
11:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek ?
11:41 AM
@Derpy there's a reminder to register every time you start it, dismissable to not show up until you upgrade to the next new version
12:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, +1 more: More About Leptigen »body slim garcinia :- by Wasing milly on drupal.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching product name in body, pattern-matching website in body: FXM Male Enhancement dependably, cut social affiliations by user261257 on apple.SE
the "get registration key" banner on the top right? Well....
1) it is a static banner on the tool bar of the main window of the tool. No blink. No pop-up. No splash screen. No animation.
2) it is about the product I am using, not about a product I don't even have installed.
Seems bearable.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, +2 more: x4up.org/hca-slim/ by jane cambride on astronomy.SE
12:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Macbook Air - with Ubuntu 14.04 how can i take print screen, page up/down cause there is no keyboard button by Rup Kumar on askubuntu.com
1:02 PM
@SmokeDetector no flag on this one? spam? NAA?
@Success I don't think that is spam
how about the second link? probably NSFW
Oh ... I didn't scroll that far ...
I checked the phonenumbers and addresses. The two sites don't seem related
Nor do I see how the OP might be related to them
So it is had to call out for spam. And when in doubt we better not use redflags
1:17 PM
@Success custom mod flagged and left a comment
1:49 PM
@rene One was going to be featured and promoted by a cloudfunding site when the site first started. But I was going to construct the house on my land.
I spent quite a while on that app (ios + android + server side)
@Telkitty I thought it's "crowdfunding" by someone with rhotacism... but it works either way :|
2:04 PM
@Telkitty In a way, that correction to your post was crowdfunded
2:40 PM
Hi @Shog9, could you please help us in here ?
thanks in advance :)
yep, I'll have a look later
@Bebs I was going to suggest better tags but I just learned there are almost no tags to choose from ... :-/
Just a bad habit, no offense ...
@rene, you mean metter tags in my meta post?
@Shog9 thanks!
@Bebs yeah ;) like or ...
non exist on that meta :)
@rene I guess I could create them
2:47 PM
Only if you have tons of questions that will get tagged with it
@rene but I don't think it is really necessary
yes indeed
I think it shows how spoiled I am with being solely active on MSO and MSE
@rene, you are only active on metas, not on actual sites?
2:53 PM
well, yes, on SO
but MSE is my highest rep site.
Are review warnings work as all-or-nothing, meaning either everyone sees it or nobody does?
@Desire yes, all or nothing, assuming you mean what happens in the topbar and in /review
That's what I thought. When one more item is the difference between "nobody really needs to look at review" and "everyone should go review", finding the threshold for small sites is tricky.
Yes, no matter how you look at it, it remains tricky
If there was an activation function that determines the probability of alert being shown as a function of queue size... then there would be more confusion on meta about what the alert means.
3:17 PM
We can let an AI algorithm to continuously handle the threshold based on daily average of reviewers, the review items, the timing, etc, etc...
Remember when it seemed that by throwing some data in Vowpal Wabbit the quality problem would be solved?
Speaking of sciency data things: happy birthday to Project Reduplication of Deduplication!
(announced 2016-10-26)
3:34 PM
Considering current review state on SO, I think the red-dot reviewer thingy will always be on? That almost always distracts and misguides me thinking I have unread notifications :/
3:47 PM
Then again, nothing you were doing on the site could possibly be more important than reviewing....
4:13 PM
Huh, since when "all queue" (or /review) page shows real-time reviewers...
@Desire see... the success of that is predicated on perpetual training. Which doesn't happen when the person who creates it leaves the company.
Was just talking about this on a call; soliciting volunteers to take a machine learning course and try & revive that.
@Success it always did ... ?
@rene apparently I haven't noticed it since I joined SO/SE ...
@Success shortly after it first rolled out. Geoff, one of the initial developers of /review, was also heavy into the real-time update system.
annoyingly, it doesn't update the counts
true dat
4:24 PM
@Success we used it in the Closey bot to watch for SOCVR regulars starting reviewing and then track their progress
but it is fun to watch during peak review times (or now, when the hot light is on)
@rene ah, neat!
user image
I'm in Dunkin Donuts land... no Krispy Kreme around here.
they're only good when very, very fresh
4:26 PM
@Shog9 too many carbs
can't compute
Every time I've had american bread or baked goods of any type it just tastes like cake
even the bagel with cream cheese on it tasted like cheesecake
I waited in line at 5AM to get a t-shirt and free donut when one opened in my hometown. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of trying to compete head-on with three established donut vendors in the area and are now defunct.
@Shog9 Just like review tasks
@Magisch KrispyKreme tastes like sugar-and-fat soaked cake.
when fresh, they exude a yeasty aroma and practically dissolve in your mouth
@Shog9 Do you guys over there just not digest calories?
My weight can't afford eating donuts literally made from sugar and even more sugar
@Magisch This isn't the sort of thing you'd eat a dozen of every day
Or at least, shouldn't
But for a special occasion...
4:31 PM
Not even a dozen, it sounds like one of these is easily 500+ calories
or they're candy-like small
@Magisch about the size of my palm
which isn't a reference point that has any meaning to you, but it was handy
I've seen your palm
> it was handy
You had a public hangout after one of the town hall talks
thank you, I'll be here all week, try the fish
4:32 PM
And walked around your porch and garden
I always wonder @Shog9 when you're in here just casual like, is that on your free time?
Or work? Does a clear distinction even exist? Do remote workers clock in at stack?
it's "winding down from a meeting before another meeting"
4:35 PM
I always have this impulse urge to ask staff things when I see them here but I realize y'all probably come here to avoid pestering for a couple of minutes in a busy day
Never could get the hang of Thursdays... doubly so when they were full of meetings?
I'm perfectly adept at ignoring people even when they're right in front of me
@Shog9 I've noticed that, multiple times
Contributing to stack is a lesson in waiting stuff out :p
Is there a chatroom for winding up before a meeting?
Now that Mos is defunct.
4:38 PM
... yeah, because the Mos culture was exactly what one needed right before a meeting... :/
Mos was usually the windup in the meeting
How many meetings do you guys all have
it's most of what I hear people complain about
Maybe I'm just unimportant because I have like 2 a week tops
"Hey folks, we interrupt your discussion of critical issues affecting thousands of people for yet another melt down involving about a dozen SciFi fans"
@Shog9 at which point does annoyance turn into apathy?
4:40 PM
@Shog9 You could probably go to a half dozen and still be right.
Do you just manage your stress by aggressively not caring
there's only so much you can be legitimately concerned about at any given point in time. And... it's not very much.
I struggle with apathy
realistically, there's always plenty to get wound up about. Gotta try & pick something you can actually have an effect on
4:42 PM
I'd like to care less because caring a lot is draining and stressful
it's good to get up and walk around a lot. Do something with your hands. I don't think we're built to think properly while sitting idle.
at least... I'm not.
I usually get up and make more tea when I'm stuck on something
Which leads to me consuming medically concerning amounts of tea
when I worked in an office, I'd just leave during the day and wander through the parking lot, neighborhood, hike through the hills nearby... Makes it a lot easier to filter through conflicting priorities.
@Shog9 Your bosses let you do that?
Now, I can just wander around my yard, clean up the garden or garage, do up some dishes
@Magisch they pretty much didn't care if I got my work done. Which tended to happen more often if I wasn't perpetually at my desk.
4:45 PM
I have to be sneaky making tea since we're technically only allowed to do it during break
It's not like line work in a factory where 20 people gotta stop if one person has to use the restroom.
doing anything that isn't obviously working on something will probably get you yelled at if a boss works by
@Shog9 My company has mostly employees doing very repetitive / accord work and the bosses have internalized this and think it applies to knowledge workers too.
So the productivity metric is just "how often do you look busy when a boss walks by"
yeah, that's a crappy way to manage
I have a feeling you wouldn't like it here
I have a feeling I wouldn't stay employed there long enough to dislike it
4:53 PM
Do you speak your mind a lot
because one of the bosses here is very sensible to have his ideas criticised. And by sensible I mean if you want to keep working here you generally don't and just nod and hope he doesn't talk to you often
> Withdrawing in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.
(Apropos of some SE sites)
@Desire How about an election instead ?
They have got 11k users
> When a site starts to consistently receive 10 questions/day, we’ll consider it for graduation. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/257614/…
Tor is at 2.7
The total number of accounts ever created is pretty much meaningless, since the vast majority never did anything and will never do anything.
2.7 questions/day?
@Desire True
5:49 PM
Woah that's a good number of SE sites
Is there any SE site which gets closed later because of inactivity/no-moderation ?
test success
hmm... all SE sites suddenly become so heavy that I can't open any...
@TheLittleNaruto Depends on "later". Search site:https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/ "closed after" with Google.
The outlier is Startups v1, which was "closed after 1176 days in beta".
5:57 PM
I see
welp, accessing SE through SE Android app on same WiFi doesn't have any problem... making it my PC's problem only...
may be, "killing browser" should help ?
If possible for anyone, do participate for this proposal: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/109951/sanskrit-language
Apparently, SmugMug holds the second place with 512 days. Never heard about that site.
The rest were under a year, notably Astronomy v1 338 days, Literature v1 269 days, Theoretical Physics 233, Economics v1 206.
Apparently loading all.css is taking 2 minutes over (and not yet done!)
brb killing anything
6:02 PM
@Desire and after that many days, it got closed.
A proposal takes huge time to qualify for beta already
and after that if it gets closed, that's not good.
If nobody uses the site, there is not much lost anyway.
Who is developing for, or using smugMug these days?
But guys who put so much effort to make it a success, they'll
@Desire I don't even know about it.
Anyway, the last time a site was closed was September 2015, the site being Arabic Language. Two years went without a single closure.
@TheLittleNaruto Area 51 says smugMug had 0 users with 200+ rep. Nobody put very much effort, it seems.
6:08 PM
Speaking of Arabic, I love Arabic music. for example listen this music: youtube.com/watch?v=ICUb7y1QCXs
@Desire In that case, it is fine.
But my point is still valid that the people who would have initiated it, will feel bad if a site gets closed
Time to sleep now.
Night! o/
The most recent Random Cup At Stack Exchange (2016-02-16) is weird. Is that really in an office?
6:24 PM
@Desire Yeah. That couch migrated around NYHQ for a while, though. In that photo I think it's somewhere up on the 28th floor still.
@Desire You don't have couches in your office?
@Desire 15,000+ accounts created on Super User during the past 10 days.
...most of them spammers.
@SmokeDetector This one got sorted out, I retracted my flags.
@Shog9 AU probably has more
6:35 PM
not in the past 10 days
only 4500+
SU has been getting slammed
But we don't see those... SpamRam block or keyword block?
blacklisted URL
they're not even trying to post anything, just trying to put spam in their bio and website fields
What process creates the blacklist?
6:38 PM
shameless charcoal plug you'd like some help with that?
+1 an efficient process.
Bhargav is already tracking 'em in a chatroom somewhere
Drupal has really fallen off lately
Visible spam over 30 days, AU dominates by spam/non-spam ratio.
6:39 PM
Geoff noticed this a few days after it started and pointed out that my url-shortener blacklist only covered post bodies... So now it's universal on SU.
Is your big voting apocalypse on SO coming along shog?
I guess eventually they'll stop and we can delete a big ol' pile of accounts
@SmokeDetector f
Or do you want to make it less apocalyptic
before deployment
@Magisch yes, in terms of me trying to get the rest of my backlog cleared
I expect to be rather preoccupied with meta complaints for a little while after it runs, so...
6:40 PM
Meta is gonna be on fire for weeks after that
Oooh...are we calling it the vote-calypse?
@Shog9 I'll make a deal with you, Shog. If no one complains, I'll post a complaint so that you don't feel unwanted.
Suddenly I lose like 400 reputation or something
aww, you do that? For me?
I don't know if I've been targeted actually, since my query ignores higher-then-low rep users
And I can take solace in that I annoyed nudged someone into doing this sooner then they originally planned to
wait, suddenly that doesn't sound positive anymore :p
there's a reasonable chance you will gain rep on SO
6:44 PM
@Shog9 I haven't actually got that many downvotes, tbh
cast or received?
I scrutinise every one I get since it doesn't happen often.
Sep 8 at 12:09, by Michelle
I have a hunch that the 1008th appearance of that domain in a post by a new user will be spam as well.
But it never came.
6:46 PM
I'm a boring guy writing boring unremarkable answers that are mostly not remarkably bad enough to downvote, and sometimes decent enough to get a couple upvotes
And then there is this one answer about what a float is that somehow got 54 upvotes
My present account on SO received 4 downvotes. The previous one got 1.
Only three users received 2000+ downvotes on SO: S.Lott, Jon Skeet, and YCS. Query
... but that excludes deleted posts.
@Desire Why so complicated?
You group votes join on posts join on users with no subquery
Not my query
6:57 PM
I considered PostsWithDeleted but it doesn't have owneruserid for deleted posts, so can't help match votes to users.
Does it have ownerdisplayname
because you could match that
Id, PostTypeId (listed in the PostTypes table), ParentId (only on when PostTypeId = 2 (answer)), CreationDate, DeletionDate, Score, Tags, ClosedDate
How does the URL blacklist work? I was able to post this on Ham site:
7:07 PM
Maybe it's because I have > 1 rep...
(from a phone in case of insta-IP ban)
7:31 PM
@Desire I think the association bonus kills it. The assumption is spammers don't get to 200 anywhere?
Hmm, I got an announcer badge: meta.stackexchange.com/help/badges/74/announcer?userid=158100 There was something about cross-sites sharing that was no longer detected so I can conclude me sharing a link to that post on MSO gave me the badge? Or did my non-existent Twitter account tweeted the link?
I think that when they went to https it made it impossible to ignore links from within the SE network.
ah, that was it, yes. HTTPS has broken more then we could afford.
A related question is why we don't see "http israel big market dot com" in posts instead.
I'm curious if it's some sort of ban that doesn't just trigger a red pop-up at question submission.
7:47 PM
You mean the HTTP POST simply works and send a 200 OK but due to the spam link it never makes it in the posts table and due to that we never see it?
Just a guess. It's either that or spammers are dumb or lazy and don't try to work around the ban.
I think they are more interested in number of sites tried vs. number of successful spam posts. It is much quicker to give up and try the next wordpress blog then to work out how this system works ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Where can I find a good online thesaurus? by Kent318 on writers.SE
8:48 PM
Q: Goodbye to everybody!

JoshI have asked to delete my accont on ELU. I want to thank all the users who’ve been genenuily friendly to me, and also those who’ve have been waiting for this moment for long. Goodbye !!!

Is this the record rep at time of deletion? 147 k
Woah... crap.
Now we just need to get Jon Skeet to delete his account.
9:04 PM
I guess it is too late to ask him to transfer his rep in bounties?
9:31 PM
That would take a long time.
And it looks like one can't add bounties using SE API, so writing a bounty-setting bot isn't an option either.
9:48 PM
Hm. I created a brand new account, which successfully posted (again on Ham.SE) with a link to israel big market. Smokey caught it. No blacklist noticed.
10:01 PM
just shorteners blacklisted
10:15 PM
Ah, that blacklist. Then the disappearance of israelbigmarket is just a coincidence.
clearly, the israel market has tanked
So those 15,000 accounts just wanted to put some shortener URLs in user profile? So much effort for so little.
Considering those aren't even linkified.
> Pity on the whole thwarts the law of evolution, which is the law of selection.
10:33 PM
@Desire yup. Completely pointless.
But at least the usernames are entertaining.
A Very Trite Fable The Legacy, Too Funny to Fail The Life an, Grace Jones Bloodlight and Ba, Bes and the Beshies, Islam and the Future of Toler, Miss Christmas, Rites of Vengeance, Beyond Skyline, Secret Superstar, Free Take Your Marks, The Perfect Christmas Present, Everything is Wonderful, Same Kind of Different as Me...
Hi guys. I'm to lazy to find the questions. But on Stack overflow I'm nearing 2k rep. Now excluding the fact that theres been previous bounties awarded by me. I don't think its fair on others that I'm nearing another permission set.
The simple fact is I've been on SO a long time.
and not been active for most of it.
Most "Rep" is from one or two questions probably 1, that demonstrates a bikeshed problem.
How is that a review of how the community "trusts" me?
its not.
10:49 PM
Life is unfair.
I think the rep situation is broken
Suggest some good answers I can award bounty to.
Yeah I know thats why I said I was too lazy to look for the questions.
It can't be just me that feels unfairly rewarded.
I just want permission to downvote anything above that is abuse of the system.
By all means, downvote all the abuse.
But consider keeping your reputation above 2000 anyway.
10:53 PM
Reviewing suggested edits is a drag.
sorry badly spoke. Any permissions I get above the down vote permission is an abuse by me of the system.
Meh. So because you're feeling unworthy, two users will have to spend their time reviewing every edit you want to make.
Its probably close to a decade here with only ~=2K posts
is that how that works?
When you are under 2K, you are welcome to edit posts by other users - but it does come at the cost of the time of other users, who review such edits.
so I should ignore the edit queue then?
10:56 PM
We're not talking about the same thing here. My point is, it's good to have more people with edit privilege, who are also generally sane.
Being on the site for several years and not having quit or suspended or banned is a sign you are mostly sane.
Yeah but the rep is meaningless. I think years ago I tried to get rid of it.
If that was the case you should use that as a metric not rep
Sorry in a bad mood supposed to be working and well I'm on SO instead
its midnight.
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