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9:02 PM
I would probably go to NYC. It is fun there.
Meetup locations move closer and closer to HQ: San Diego -> Philadelphia -> NYC.
I went to SF by invite, but there were not enough to prove myself not to be a robot :(
I believe it's just a team meetup, it's not the yearly meetup
I'm gonna crash the heck out of it.
Maybe I'll streak through the restaurant.
@TravisJ It gets old fast.
@JasonC - Naww, tons to do
9:07 PM
Like smoking PCP and mowing people down in Times Square. Wheee!
Was that too soon
Why are all of your suggestions nefarious?
Woohoo my first SO badge, bronze [python]. Only took 80 answers to get 100 total score.
@JasonC - Yeah, I got the reference.
I meant the fun stuff though, not the evil stuff. Like any of the MET places (the cloisters are cool), the park (bikes or a little boat on the water), any number of hidden food places, little italy, a pickle from a barrel, the statue of liberty, coney island, nyse, empire state, playing chess in wash park, the UN, the new trade tower area, speakeasy's, normal times square stuff, renting a small boat for the hudson, seeing a ball game, madison square garden, etc etc etc etc (tons to do)
For tourists
9:22 PM
@TravisJ That's all true.
I'm a big fan of the bike trails myself. And the west side trail goes past the cloisters.
I have been trying to buy a used bike, but it is hard to find a good one
The problem that seems to be common among folks living here is eventually the crowds get to you. All fun things but, ugh, 100000 people with cameras in a 2 sq ft area.
But there's tons of not crowded stuff to do too.
Yeah, crowds can be annoying. My wife loves disneyland though, and I have been to a lot of large pop centers, so they don't really bother me.
Chess in the park is pretty isolated. Until you start beating all the locals.
There is a lot of truth to the Zoo York shirts though
(for ref, disneyland lines are ridiculous, like 2 hours long for one attraction)
"zoo York" was a pretty good Paul oakenfold track
Insofar as it's hard to ruin Kronos quartet
+1 for lmgtfy.com - most people don't bother asking again! — Matt Feb 12 '13 at 21:34
9:30 PM
Do all the same cross site everything restrictions that apply to a new browser window / pop-up also apply to an iframe?
It's a separate permission afair. iframe content allowed or some such
I guess what I'm getting at is, if I wanted to implement the se oauth authentication crap in a userscript, which I can currently do with pop-up windows, in, say, a nice looking iframe-based overlay instead, could I do that?
@Gerry Ah good info
SE sites don't allow being shown in an iframe.
I hate the API auth system for scripts so much
9:34 PM
In theory, that could work, however, you wouldn't be able to communicate with the frame programmatically without taking very drastic measures.
@Gerry - You can bypass that
I guess what I am getting at is, it isn't worth it.
Well right now the strategy involves adding the /oauth page to the userscript match pattern and intercepting it right there.
Maybe that'd work in an iframe too
Are you trying to script entering your credentials?
It would be so awesome if SE made a nice little api auth thing in the StackExchange JS object for userscripts to use.
I'm trying to authorize a script-based stackapp.
Scripts have to use the desktop application flow from api.stackexchange.com/docs/authentication
9:37 PM
all they need is an fkey
@TravisJ Not me. Maybe you can...
No you need the whole thing to get an api token
Open pop-up to auth page, get their permission to add the app, read the api key from the oauth confirmation url that ends up in that pop-up. It's a pain.
Esp if you need to do things that require a login.
ah, hm
It's a pain in desktop apps, too, because you have to make a boilerplate window with an embedded browser control to do all the auth in. And it always ends up looking sketchy as hell, too.
Actually I asked on ux about that once, heh. Got some good advice.
@Shog9 How familiar are you with the sites' css structure? I'm a little stumped with a problem with one of my scripts.
not intimately familiar, behind occasionally relying on it for userscripts
9:49 PM
Actually I wonder if this is an appropriate MSE question
Well, this script I have draws borders around the score boxes in the related links in the sidebar. And I used the text color of the box for the border color, to make it look good with the box and match the site theme.
But it doesn't work on SO, UX, and a few others where the text color on some of the boxes is too close to the page background.
Do you know if there's another common element on the site that I can pull a border color from to get a theme-appropriate border around those boxes with good contrast?
On /question pages
Plus I can't do any real logic like "check if color is too close to bg color" because it turns out converting css colors to usable values is a nightmare.
not off-hand; find one & steal from it.
I would tend to assume this is a problem in the old top bar too, @JasonC - plenty of folks who (for example) don't check their inbox regularly. But review was a textual link (+ indicator), and now it's just an icon. So is help. So is the sites menu (plenty of questions about that already too). You'll note in Kurtis's answer that the change had essentially no effect on the links that were already icons, but hurt "help" (the link visible to the most people) pretty significantly. — Shog9 ♦ 1 min ago
@Shog9 ^ That's what I'm saying!
That's my point I guess.
Oh well, at least Documentation has its own button now.
@JasonC yeah, I wasn't disputing it - I was suggesting that this is probably a bigger problem than just review.
Oh, yeah.
It definitely is.
10:03 PM
Solution: replace all icons by text, but in Japanese so it fits.
I mean... Wasn't like folks were reading help that much before anyway (IIRC, more folks found their way in via the link on the close banner than via the top-bar). But if folks aren't finding their inbox...
But if I could only pick one of those buttons to focus on it'd be review. Plus I didn't want to get all sidetracked in that question.
I ran into at least two people on MSE, too, that didn't find the nav dropdown, with end consequence being that they didn't realize individual sites had their own metas.
Yeah, and there again I suspect the old layout was already sub-par.
Like, I vaguely recall watching traffic fall to meta after we killed the main top-bar link, but no one really cared.
10:04 PM
You mean the old new layout, without the "meta" link in topbar.
Right, the old new "black" layout.
Yeah the "black top bar". Or the "trendy top bar"
We could call it the Jeremy T topbar. (He was its PM asaik)
(we also killed bulletin visibility for anon users about that time, which probably hurt traffic significantly as well, so hard to know what to attribute it to)
Which, annoyingly, grew on me. But I still like that the new one went back to the light theme, although right now I'm using a narrow black style just to make it clash less with the other sites.
10:06 PM
@Gerry yeah; he... Did not like meta.
Job requirement for all PMs: must love meta.
By that criterion, @Shadow should be a PM.
10:24 PM
@JasonC $('.post-tag').css('background-color')
10:51 PM
@Shog9 I'll do it the next time I run into it since the problem has corrected itself so I can't take any screenies. This is actually the second time it's happened to me.
@Gerry hah. Shouldn't it be?
... I'm not awake yet
11:51 PM
@JasonC Some of your close vote data collection may be relevant here: Is there hard data on close votes? by apaul34208 on worldbuilding.meta.stackexchange.com
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