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3:06 PM
@Moosebot are you aware that Shog might not like you?
Now that's a smart bot.
heh, I wonder if moosebot is anything like aibobot
(my spare account. Used at a previous workplace with dodgy PCs, and for testing.)
^^ Traffic to Politics. Currently the visits and questions per day are nearly the same as for Worldbuilding... coincidence?
3:09 PM
also, I had trouble convincing people I was not actually a bot
@zaq yes?
Except Politics is still in beta.
So yesterday I made a phone call to inform about a house up for renting, it had only just been put online. I couldn't make an appointment yet, they'd call me back as soon as possible.
Today I saw the price has changed from 625 to 675 euros per month -_-
Been on the hunt for months so I can move out of this tiny apartment and it's just so exhausting to deal with all the shit that goes on
@Stijn I got this response several times when I was on the hunt for an house I already sold that particular house now 21 times, in the last 15 minutes. But that was mid 90's
3:29 PM
Come to Geneva. There you go to a great place to rent. They ask you if you like it. And if you do, you can put your name on the list ... skipping the first 3 pages of people who have signed up already.
@Bart ouch
How can you ever find a place then
Or do people live like bums while they're on the waiting list :p
I got lucky when I found my place. But I know people who want to move and have been trying for years. It doesn't help that the UN is there as well, and that they pay 50% of the rent for employees. Meaning prices just go up because all of a sudden 2k in rent means you can actually afford 4k.
I'd really love to move, but it would just take a shitload of time and effort
(And of course the financial sector here has no problem with the prices either)
A couple I worked with actually hired a company to find them a place. They ended up spending 5k to find an apartment.
yeah, that is crazy, Amsterdam is getting like that once more
4:08 PM
I just voted to close this. Isn't the system supposed to upvote Pekka's comment for me, instead of posting a new "possible duplicate" comment?
@Stijn pekka deleted his comment
@Shog9 I refreshed the page because that's what I thought, but the comment is still there
@Stijn No, I mean he had two comments - one where he just linked to the dup with its title, and another added automatically when he voted; he deleted the latter.
Ah, I see
anyway .. I just hammered it ....
4:13 PM
Let's not automatically like comments Pekka leaves. Before you know it he'll sell genuine comment likes.
Make an FR ...
Got to love Joe Blow. Grumpy and abrasive as ever :D
Let's call it supportive and move on
Google should have an option to filter out hot air blog posts
basic software for winfows
4:23 PM
I'm trying to research zero downtime database migrations on big data, and so many articles are "it's easy, do X Y and Z, all done!"
That is the default marketing slogan
I hear the server-less cloud-based approach is the go to approach
I agree. It basically eliminates the big, only giving you only the data to deal with
We're being helpful
About as much as those articles :)
4:30 PM
@ShadowWizard That's useless, I don't think anybody of the dev team would want to waste time on that.
more waffles
So late ...
Mmmmm waffles.
Wait that's the name of my new dog, I don't want to eat her
@bluefeet a freudian slip...
4:40 PM
God, now I'm hungry
for puppy?
When hungry Bart eats anything
Ooooh, damn you
I still have an hour and a half to go, and nothing to eat
Or do you rather have an dropje
I seriously think the lack of a hot-sort is a serious problem for Stack Overflow.
4:44 PM
What is that? select id from posts order by score hot
Sorting by votes makes no sense when some answers have been around nearly a decade, but are getting much fewer new upvotes than newer answers.
I think we have had this discussion before?
It's a simple fix - introduce a new hot-sort tab that sorts by net votes over the past year, and let it be opt-in.
@bluefeet Does SE have any experience with database migrations on lots of data and no downtime? If so, I might post a question to MSE about that. I'm particularly interested in handling unexpected interruptions on datasets with up to 100 million records
@Bart deja vu?
4:47 PM
deja deja vu
@Stijn <shrug>
@bluefeet You're a dev, you ought to know :p
@bluefeet that is hopeful ;)
@Stijn not a dev.
Oh, I thought you were part CM, part dev
4:48 PM
squeaks wheels
It's just that it'd be a bit silly when the answer from SE is "we don't do such things" :p
So I want to make sure before posting
@Stijn sort of. I write sql and stuff as a part of being a CM
@Stijn did you check Nick's blog: nickcraver.com/blog/archive
@rene not yet (although I'm an occasional reader), I'll do that now, thanks
I think the TSDB is considered big data, not the stuff that is in the sql databases
4:53 PM
@rene TSDB?
Time series database with the logging from across all layers/platforms
My biggest complaint re #stackoverflow is not the political posts of the CEO - it's that great new answers are sorted below crappy old ones.
@AaronHall so you're suggesting to make Active the default sort order?
9 mins ago, by Aaron Hall
It's a simple fix - introduce a new hot-sort tab that sorts by net votes over the past year, and let it be opt-in.
ah I missed that
could be worth considering
4:56 PM
chat moves fast.
I was going to suggest you finally make it a proposal. But then again, chat history shows that I was fed up and made that suggestion in July of last year as well.
I'm not confident in getting a decent reception on meta posts. But this is a super-reasonable suggestion, it shouldn't get me tarred, feathered, and rode out of town on a rail... should it?\
Even if it does end up like that, who cares. You win some, you lose some.
I don't like my track record, I'm not exactly a people pleaser.
Hi everyone. I had a couple of questions about certain sites on the Stack Exchange network.
Can I ask them here?
5:05 PM
Ask and we'll tell you
OK. I was wondering if there are any news on Programming Puzzles and Code Golf getting a site design. We graduated about a year ago
Q: How long is it before we get our own design?

Mark YisriWe have exited beta now, as far as I can tell. However, the site looks identical to most beta sites. When will we make our own design?

6 to 8 years?
Particularly a comment by @JonEricson
> As I mentioned in the post, Code Golf is not exactly a traditional Q&A site. Currently, another CM is sorting through the list of community-requested features to see which we can impliment. Obviously, any new features that get created might influence the final design, so we're holding off on doing that work until we know what, if anything, might get added.
^ @DmitryKudriavtsev
> This server could not prove that it is meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com; its security certificate is from *.stackexchange.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Learn more.

Proceed to meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com (unsafe)
chrome ^^^
5:10 PM
OK, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
I don't want to disappoint you but at least one designer recently left the company so that wouldn't help the backlog of sites that wait for designs either
@AaronHall the https situation is still "in progress" so to say
@Bart Quick off-topic question: Is your profile picture related to a certain Quora user
@DmitryKudriavtsev now I'm curious, but no. I don't use Quora, so I have no idea who you're referring to.
5:19 PM
Wait, you aren't Cody Gray?
Hey, is there a way to search for questions that I asked and answered myself via the search bar on the top of the page?
I don't think there is a self-answered search option, no
that ^
Is that something that can be done via the Data Explorer?
5:23 PM
Thank you both!
@Shokhet you could do it with a sede query though, if you don't mind missing results from the past week worst case. I'd throw one together for you but on my phone.
@JasonC Thanks for the offer :)
I've never written a query for SEDE before (doubt I know where to start); I'm looking for a prewritten query now
Lol I need to just stop chatting on my phone. The keyboard hides the current messages. I'm always one step behind.
5:27 PM
@Shokhet try this one: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/626221?UserId=578411 but use your own userid (and change the site)
@rene It worked! Thank you so much :)
Did you just write that now, for me?
@DmitryKudriavtsev hah, don't know her. But excellent taste in glassed I'd say. :D
@rene That was so nice of you! Thanks :D
Quora is way too strict when it comes to BNBR. We should definitely invite pseudo @Bart to the SE network. We're less strict ;)
5:39 PM
> My answer to "Is kidnapping a woman in order to have a child justifiable?" was reasonably respectful until it ended with, “Shame on you.”
@Bart I chuckled at that
... right ... I may stay away from Quora
6:07 PM
Lost your nail clippers? Use a belt sander. Life hack!
Doesn't involve wetwipes. -1
6:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: How does Internet link bonding work? by Megha Sinha on superuser.com
6:40 PM
@rene Want a quick and easy (minimum) 25 points?
Q: Is there a SEDE query that finds all questions that I asked and answered myself?

ShokhetI'm looking for a particular question that I answered myself, because I want to find a meta-discussion in the comments about whether that's okay (spoiler: it is). Has anyone written a query that will find those questions for me?

7:07 PM
Collect your points. Thanks again, @rene! :D
you're welcome
7:24 PM
@ProgramFOX well, there's something similar with @xkcdBot which posts a daily onebox... is it open source?
@xkcdBot help
@JasonC hey! How's the PM doing?
@rene were you serious? lol
@AaronHall did you check your MSE login? Is it really different?
@ShadowWizard I already thought of giving you an headstart. Didn't expect you to bail out ;)
If that's the case you can just add your main login to MSE, use it, and it should auto link your accounts. I think. @Aaron
@Magisch can you check what is answered here in relation to The Workplace. It doesn't feel right.
@rene bail out? Cody? confused
@ShadowWizard oh sorry, I didn't click to where you replied to. Well, no in that case I wasn't.
7:29 PM
@rene the answer author has 11 rep there and member for 6 days.... guess he doesn't really know the site.
@rene oh lol. So what did you think I was referring to? ;)
The SEDE query?
I'm just not good with cursors and conditions in SQL, etc.
I did those a lot (stored procedures in various projects), but don't really like it.
@ShadowWizard that is why I like this one. No more cursors
@rene temp tables... also something I still got to learn about, used it once or twice but without really knowing what I'm doing. :/
Just too lazy and not motivated enough, I guess.
@ShadowWizard technically I can get rid of those as well but it becomes rather messy in that case
@ShadowWizard privileges differ per beta/graduated site and IIRC can even differ per site.
I think either zaq or shog mentoned that once
Obvious example: on Meta Stack Exchange, creating a comment requires 5 rep
Downvotes are available at 100
Totally arbitrary, doesn't match anything else
@Shog9 as it turns out, I was kinda wrong about this.
7:44 PM
Ok, I'm going to incorporate that /privileges endpoint
@Shog9 did you mentally block that you had 1337 waiting messages?
@ShadowWizard Yeah, I don't know, I don't think so.
I did check the page, though.
@rene no, I've just gotten into an unconscious habit of clearing them.
Which the new topbar arrangement has temporarily thrown a wrench into
Are there more unconscious things that you might have been doing lately, like declining feature requests? You can't tell, right?
Everything seems to work right now (except SO chat at work - which I've mentioned to @Shog9 on 2 occasions prior, this being the 3rd) - and I don't mind the status quo too badly, so I'm going to let it be for now.
8:06 PM
@ShadowWizard Yes... but at least, that is much more useful than a daily "brews coffee" message. If you want to spend your time writing such a bot, go ahead, but I don't think any Smokey dev is going to code it, or accept the code if you write it for us.
> This site can’t be reached

The webpage at https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/6/python might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
8:22 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Terminal login hangs by Robin D on apple.stackexchange.com
9:04 PM
@AaronHall exit the tunnel, duh
@rene huh, so it's possible via API but not SEDE?
@ShadowWizard I have updated my answer here. It now includes the privilege table per site
@Patrick did kind of SEDE with API as backend, no? Maybe it can be used for that...
@ShadowWizard yeah, I don't recall if he did the /privileges as well
@rene nice!
The last 45 minutes of that implementation went into getting the &^%$#@! CSS right
9:06 PM
@ProgramFOX oh well, @rene and @Bart won't have their morning coffee so easily. If they'll become grumpy, I know who to blame.... :P
or at least not 100% broken
"become grumpy" ... yeah, that ship has sailed
Tavern on the Grumpy
@rene whoa. I also hate CSS, spent half a day this week on something REAALLLLY stupid. And didn't get it solved. :/
@Bart do I sense tone of grumpiness here? :D
@Shog9 hopefully not too many chat pings? ;)
9:09 PM
@Bart hey is this you? ;)
Glasses might match...
9:48 PM
@ShadowWizard nope. You're the king in that arena:
Chat user     Pings and Replies
------------- -----------------
shadowwizard 12603
nickcraver    9247
deanward      6981
des           5183
hynes         5088
adamlear      4906
kurtisbeavers 4487
shog9         4479
max           4397
(top 10, last 365 days)
Congrats @sha you're at the top of an list from the employee that handouts networkwide suspensions as an hobby ...
@rene until then, something to boast about... ;-)
10:05 PM
So thanks @Shog I am honored! :-D
12604 ...
these are small numbers compared to the top chatters on either of the other servers of course
But, still kinda interesting
@Shog9 challenge accepted! Who are those top chatters and how many pings? ;)
Also, who is des? This one?
Des ♦, Honolulu, HI, United States
1 1 2
Not a single post...
> 9981 all time messages
yup, she is the one
Over half her messages are pings and replies. Nice.
checking self
94329 all time messages
Only 13% pings and replies.
10:20 PM
@ShadowWizard you know that table is pings/replies directed at you, not from you...
@Shog9 oh. huh. oops. lol
I blame WAG
I guess a ratio of "talks vs talked at" might still be interesting
@Shog9 why FOX9000 isn't there? He should have tons of pings and replies too...
oh, last 365 days
If you'll check backwards, Mr. @FOX will also be in top 10.
@ShadowWizard for the past 365 days, he's #13
For all-time, #4
@Shog9 yup, makes sense.
in Shadow's Den, Aug 13 '16 at 5:47, by Shadow Wizard
=== Word Association Game Leaderboard ===
1. FOX 9000.........................29403
2. Shadow Wizard....................17572
3. DroidDev.........................11446
4. ProgramFOX........................4665
5. rene..............................3698
6. CRABOLO...........................3100
7. Frank.............................3082
8. SPArchaeologist...................2859
9. SilentKiller......................2786
10. MysticMagicϡ.....................2441
11. berserk..........................1953
10:24 PM
All-time meta-chat top-10 pinged:
Chat user             Pings and Replies
--------------------- -----------------
shadowwizard          50613
nickcraver            42428
petergrace            38154
fox9000               32994
shog9                 30784
droiddev              26545
adamlear              26489
davidfullerton        25000
balpha                23156
kylebrandt            20832
@Shog9 are those only pings that turned into notifications? Or all pings?
@ShadowWizard ALL pings
every time someone @-mentions you in chat, even if you immediately clear it
every time someone replies to one of your messages
Cool, is this available somewhere for us mortals? :)
doubt it
kind of an odd stat
You and your magic tools.... :P
10:26 PM
(note that rchern is still #12 on the all-time list...)
heh, @David is at 25k exactly, he should throw a party.... :D
@Shog9 who's rchern?
@ShadowWizard I'll ping him to let him know . . .
Why am I not in any of these top 10 lists?
@JonEricson no!!!!!
@ShadowWizard ):
10:28 PM
@Oded you can always join WAG, it's only matter of 2442 words and you're #10
@Oded haven't done a top-10 deletes crap before it even ends up in my feed list yet
I demand a recount!
(MysticMagic has left ages ago and @ber no longer playing...)
Or an alt-top 10-list
@Oded we didn't want to tell you but now that you brought it up: you're not that popular ...
10:29 PM
oh you're too cruel @rene
@Oded here's the top alt-10 chat pingees in the past 365 days:
oded                 2903
gregbray             2874
rene                 2864
kirtithorat          2803
mattsherman          2797
jnat                 2775
willcole             2762
alexwarren           2725
stevetrout           2639
hairboat             2585
@Shog9 that's... unexpected.
10:30 PM
yes ....
I trust in this alt-list
@Shog9 what's "chat pingees"?
@ShadowWizard people who are pinged
targets of replies or @-mentions
...terminology here leaves something to be desired
@Shog9 what the difference with the other list?
Targets of ping.
Ping targets.
10:31 PM
@ShadowWizard it's an alt-10
what do people want from those ping targets?
Dunno why this reminds me of the fork handles skit.
ohhh, Rebecca! Now I get it.
and we didn't even have to wait until... Friday
@Shog9 it's Friday here. 34 minutes into Friday.
10:33 PM
oh well
while you're in the future, roast some coffee for me so it'll be ready by the time I wake up
@Shog9 I can, but someone here don't want to automate the coffee...
@ShadowWizard brews coffee for @ShadowWizard
He's already on his weekend. No work for the Wizard tomorrow.
@Oded well, I have to make schnitzels, take the kid from school, etc. Full time work. :P
Yeah yeah
10:38 PM
BTW, after using it for quite a while I can say that I don't dislike the new top bar @Shog, though I still prefer if it won't be sticky. So, looks like you were right, it's not as bad as I thought it would be.
@ShadowWizard the only way it could possibly be really bad would be if it had an envelope on it.
@Shog9 hey, I liked the envelope! But maybe I'm just being nostalgic.
Don't be silly; everyone who liked the envelope rage-quit after we removed it. Every single one of them. Thus, the only people left using the site are those that hated it.
Same for folks who hated the not-quite-black top-bar.
@ShadowWizard there may be some news about that tomorrow.
"Twice as sticky, twice as white"
10:42 PM
In the words of Kaylee
I miss the fake specular highlights that were so popular back in the early 2000s. Apple used them in their chat, Cingular (now AT&T) used them in their ads, Windows XP used them on everything...
Everything looked like it was made of plastic, and shined to a glossy finish
there's some nostalgia for ya, @ShadowWizard.
Q: Would like a histogram option added to Stack Exchange Data Explorer

clearlightLooking at the Help link on Stack Exchange Data explorer, I don't see any way to create a horizontally scrollable histogram. I want to develop queries that could let's say, show how many votes I got for answers for various tags at various points along a time scale for example, or even for specifi...

@Oded it is going to blink, right?
And scroll from the right to the left. Marquee should have never been removed from HTML.
+1 for that
Bonus for @rene is that every link on it you click will take you to SEDE.
10:47 PM
You think I'm joking?
Anyhow, off to bed, to curl up with a fresh copy of Refactoring.
sleep well
I thought I just said that.
10:56 PM
@ShadowWizard The thing that really sold me on stickiness was when I switched to another site and realized that to get to the bar I'd need to scroll all the way back up the page. It was maddening.
11:08 PM
@JonEricson what site? Just ask in their meta to add a sticky top bar... ;)
(and see the solid stream of downvotes... :))
@Shog9 yeah, I didn't really like it, but accepted that's just how things look, and will keep looking. Surprised it changed.
@Oded hope you mean turning off the stickiness?
oh, oops.... don't want to interrupt Oded in the middle of curling up...
@ShadowWizard Judaism was the one I noticed on. On that note, I think it'll be trickier to make a nice sticky bar on other sites than it was to make the black bar look good. Ask Ubuntu is a potential nightmare.
@JonEricson that is true. Don't envy the designers...
11:37 PM
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